Hummel, Elite, rescind Newco agreement, start proceedings


Hummel UK and The Elite Group issued a statement today noting they were rescinding their agreement with Rangers FC [sic.] with immediate effect, “due to the club being in material breach of contract.”  They add that they have commenced legal proceedings against the club.

The statement reads:

“Hummel UK & The Elite Group was proud to have entered into a supplier agreement with Rangers Football Club in good faith in March 2018.  We saw this as an opportunity to work together for the benefit of the club, its supporters and the Hummel brand.

“However, despite being given warranties and assurances by the Rangers board that the club was free to enter into their arrangement, it transpired that Rangers had previously signed a conflicting agreement with a third party.

“The club has therefore been unable to fulfil its obligations to Hummel & The Elite Group, which would have included the creation of a Hummel branded area within the Ibrox Megastore, along with crucial marketing activity such as perimeter advertising, player activations, and promotion on the Rangers FC website.

“Hummel UK & The Elite Group has nonetheless made payments to Rangers totalling c. £2.5m and supplied kit worth approximately £1m.  Despite doing all of this in good faith, we are now facing some public statements from Rangers which are not correct.

“We have been unable to find a way forward despite making repeated efforts to reach out to the club.  It is with regret that we have therefore rescinded our agreement with Rangers FC with immediate effect, due to the club being in material breach of contract.

“We remain willing to try and resolve matters with Rangers FC on an amicable basis.   Contrary to reports, Rangers is not owed any further payments from Hummel UK & The Elite Group at this time and we are disappointed by Rangers’ decision to commence legal proceedings in respect of these issues.  Those proceedings will not result in any payment to Rangers and are an unwelcome and unnecessary distraction for the club, its fans and Hummel.

“We have now begun our own legal proceedings against Rangers which we are very confident will result in a positive outcome so we can all move forward.”

This afternoon, Newco Rangers online store’s is selling Puma produced replica shirts from the 2017-18 season.

Next week, I plan to discuss financial matters with significant consequences for Newco.  They should not get too excited about the prospect of two Scottish entrants to the Champions League in 2021.

Also, I have had the statement since before 10:00 this morning (been in meetings since).  Curious that it has not been carried by the mainstreams.

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  1. enjoyed that …0–2 final score ….



    smiley good wans win through agin the Huns fae Hamburg hail hail Sankt Pauli thing




  2. TURKEYBHOY-I have two mates in particular who when ever you question the going ons at their club it always reverts back to ‘BJK’ it never fails.Two decent guys normally but they have certainly been brainwashed into thinking it’s only Celtic that had this shame despite the evidence out there saying otherwise .

  3. mmmmmmm so now you all ken … lalochezia (stress relief through swearing)




    smiley”feck sake braw” abidy kens that thing




  4. Just watched the clip of our ghirls scoring the last minute winner just loved the collective instant celebration, really impressive. Settling down to watch a bit of egg chasing. The Italian Anthem is almost as bad as the English one, The French is the best & the singing of the Welsh crowd particularly at home is brilliant.


    Ireland’s Call is a pain in the ass.

  5. Sean Thornton,


    Just being persnickety but the phrase is Hear Hear, Apparently originated from British Parliament debates where Supporters of some Member on his feet speaking would shout Hear Him at the Hecklers.


    Absolutely useless information I know but I’m bored at the moment. That’s my excuse anyway.

  6. !!BADA BING!! on 22ND FEBRUARY 2020 2:03 PM


    New review of James Keating’s ban .




    Rhetorical question only.



    Every club/player has had some instance of unbelievable panel decisions but has had to accept because there is no right of further appeal.



    Every club/player will have some instance of unbelievable panel decisions in the future ….. what happens from now on?

  7. TOFFEETIM on 22ND FEBRUARY 2020 12:57 PM


    David 66



    Yes wee Jean Jk my wife’s auntie also.



    Agree totally with your sentiments always a smile and loved a wee sing song. RIP wee Jean






    Toffeetim – We must know each other….



    D. :)

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Macjay1 at 1:52pm – agree 100%






    Shouldn`t really need to be said .



    Thanks .




  9. Just scrap the SFA now, refereeing must be transferred to a competent alternative association or federation, as does the review of decisions, they the SFA should also be kicked out of IFAB, if ever their was an organisation that is self serving it is it, stop cooperating with them until a professional independent organisation can run the game and apply the rules for all equally.

  10. PHILBHOY-hi mate,all good here thanks.The 3grand kids loved it but it was bloody freezing.It was magic just seeing their faces when they met the characters especially the youngest (3yrs old).Looking forward to the game tomorrow ,I know it won’t be as Baltic that’s for sure 💨❄️


    Cheers mate,have a good weekend 🍀

  11. Great Try Scotland. Very enjoyable game so far.


    Made absolutely sure the ball was well secured in his hands as he dived over.

  12. Any updates on the accuracy of the Hummel story? Here’s hoping it’s true as it will ensure more court cases for years to come.


    AT’s documentary is going to hurt our club, that cannot be doubted. It will be all over the media the day after it airs as the papers can then report on the programme itself rather than doing the legwork themselves. He himself likes to be the centre of the story, as we saw with the RTC, so I would expect some sensationalism too.


    His tweet on the club’s silence suggests the club has not co-operated with him. Maybe on advice from lawyers, who knows. His tweet also suggest he will say it is a problem across football but we are the club that is going to be hung out to dry.


    What a sorry mess this whole scandal is. So many perverts who have evaded justice over the decades, so many victims who have never been heard or compensated.


    My only wish is that the investigation is fair, that the victims are looked after and that the perpetrators are punished. If people within Celtic were involved in covering anything up then the club should not shield them from scrutiny.

  13. Whatever about the accuracy of the Article. The Huns are clearly in dispute with Elite just as they have been with Sports Direct, not a great C.V. as they go hunting new Sponsors,


    Scotland another touchdown but this one disallowed for a forward pass in the build up.

  14. DeniaBhoy on 22nd February 2020 2:44 pm



    ‘His tweet on the club’s silence suggests the club has not co-operated with him. Maybe on advice from lawyers, who knows.’






    If there are insurers involved then Celtic will have been advised to say nothing.



    It’s a complicated mess and the Club might not be in a position to take the initiative, even if they want to.



    I reckon some, but not all of the victims may have a stateable legal claim against Celtic FC, depending on when the abuse took place, and what Celtic’s directors knew or should have known at the time.



    I’d hope that Celtic could find some way of compensating, in so far as that is possible, all of the victims irrespective of actual legal liability. Putting such a scheme in place when there are insurers involved will not be easy.



    It’s important though that things are put right, both for the victims and for the good of the Club going forward.

  15. ERNIE



    It’s important though that things are put right, both for the victims and for the good of the Club going forward.





    So we are guilty then.



    Thanks for that.

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Just scanned Phil MacG’s latest.



    Decent Twitter sources but I think he has erred when he suggests UEFA will give Sevco cash for winning the first leg.



    Prize money only awarded for match results in group stages.



    Later prize money based on progression.



    Think we should be grateful though to Sevco.



    A win means coefficient points.



    Celtic will benefit next season.



    So will Sevco – if they haven’t violated UEFA FFP of course.






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    To the general public , compensation implies guilt.


    And that is precisely how the gloating MSM will report it .




    No doubt they’ve violated FFP. The question is will they get away with it…

  19. Killie will be down having exited the Cup, but the manner of the defeat will have deflated them. And they played 120 minutes too. Tomorrow should be straightforward…

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 22nd February 2020 3:09 pm


    To the general public , compensation implies guilt.



    And that is precisely how the gloating MSM will report it .









    Fiat justitia ruat caelum.

  21. Phil bhoy – I think we’d see Ntcham or Biton taking Broonies place. We have christie and Rogic to play in the number 10 role if Ntcham is moved back one.



    Interestingly, some of the best football we played last season was when Broonie was injured and we had to change up the midfield.


    He’s been different class this season but I have been worried about Broonie playing too many games. I thought he should have been rested against Clyde, but clearly he’s felt up to it and has wanted to play. He looks fitter than ever but wear and tear is a thing….




    I don’t think Ntcham is very physical and Biton isny at all.



    Worries me a wee bit, so I’d like to see Soro make his debut.



    Celtic Park with 60,000 cheering supporters, what can possibly go wrong?




  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    PHILBHOY on 22ND FEBRUARY 2020 3:12 PM





    Ex gratia payments could be made.




    A voluntary payment where no guilt exists.





    Where no ADMISSION of guilt exists .



    Weinstein style payment ?


    Would not wash in the court of public opinion .



    A charitable contribution OK. Would have to be as part of a larger grouping . Not just Celtic.