Inexplicable talk


There can be no doubt that Brendan Rodgers has played his cards very publicly this week.  I don’t know the ins-and-outs of it, but it cannot be over losing a player he could not promise a starting position to.  I’m not buying that, there has to be something we are not seeing.

We have a modestly important league game tomorrow and a hugely important Champions League qualifier on Tuesday, so between now and Wednesday, at the earliest, it would be preferable not to allow this week of internally created negativity to drag on into yet another press conference.

We are also trying to convince Dedryck Boyata and Moussa Dembele to sign new contracts.  You and I know that talk getting in the way these objectives is as inexplicable as it is indulgent.


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  1. Paul rarely if ever engages in debate on here anymore. I remember the early years of CQN when if you responded to his points in the first 20-30 mins he would be happy to engage in some conversation. Not now.


    Today’s piece is perhaps the worst bit of PL spin we’ve had on here. Paul is telling our manager to shut up.



    A sad day for CQN.

  2. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Let us get ready for the game in hand tomorrow.Let us thrash these hammer throwers.Let us prepare for the


    Greeks next week.Let us do that.Let us be ready for the challenge,a lot of people out there do not like us,they


    are envious of our success,jealous of what and who we are.Let us face them.We know who they are,so let us take care of them and thrash( on the park ) them.



  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I wasn’t fussed about McGinn, but Brendan clearly wanted him and the deal was there to be done. Wasn’t exactly a bank-breaker.


    The way I see it is Mourinho will not be at Utd this time next year. He only got one big signing. Maybe they are holding it back for the next guy.


    That next guy could be Pochettino. That would leave an opening at Tottenham…..


    Brendan hasn’t been sounding happy. Maybe just me but didn’t sound mad keen about Arzani. Maybe wanted Roberts back?


    Anyway, the next three weeks will be crucial re CL and signings. Aside from McGinn, we should have had at least one defender in. We knew about the World Cup. There was no need to gamble with our CL campaign.


    Hope it’s all a storm in a teacup, but if we don’t get a couple of quality players in I don’t think it will end well.

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Those guys running Man U are clueless. Just get them in; a few days of feel good headlines are eorth their weight in gold.





    I thought BURNLEY78’s attempt at impugning BR’s integrity was appalling.



    Enjoy the BV wi the troops!




  6. Time to put down the guns before we all get hurt. Don’t think anybody is helping the club just now. board, manager, fans to the happy or fans to the shaft. Or putting out articles which appear to pick sides Paul!!


    Please, please behave responsibly around this explosive time.


    We all could get seriously hurt by reckless action. And there are plenty out there keen to light the tourchpaper.



  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on




    Alas too late. The ‘reckless action’ happened days ago when our manager went public, gave the media a stick to beat us with and divided the support.


    As an aside,the heated driveway barbs aimed at PL are fairly pointless and ridiculous.



    What a man does with his money is his own business-within legal constraints,of course! Even I’ve never used that particular ‘weapon’ to beat him with.



    Equally,it should apply to BR’s budget. Players identified and within the allocated budget should be signed. PL should not be final arbiter on whether or not the player will fit into the team,or is valued at more than he,PL,thinks he is worth.



    Stick to what you are good at,Peter. Cos you’re no bliddy good at poker or Championship Manager.

  9. Just read the article.



    Did McGinn ask for the promise of a starting place ?


    Does any player ask for the promise of a starting place ?


    Does form not matter any more ?



    Brendan & the suits need to man up and get the differences sorted behind closed doors. I think Brendan’s pissed off at losing McGinn and rightly so . I don’t think his method at showing displeasure or the timing of it was beneficial unless he thought Boyata was going to be sold .



    Conjecture & confused CSC

  10. 67 European Cup Winners on

    I have accepted and respected Paul67’s relationship with the club and PL


    From this relationship we on CQN get a better more reliable news feed



    Today CQN just lost its soul



    To suggest BR needs to sit back and accept his lot is a very poor position to take



    A strong manager is critical in building a successful team



    Asking him to be a puppet is just pathetic



    Comon Peter you are better than that




  11. angelgabriel



    Brendan & the suits need to man up and get the differences sorted behind closed doors. I think Brendan’s pissed off at losing McGinn and rightly so . I don’t think his method at showing displeasure or the timing of it was beneficial unless he thought Boyata was going to be sold .






    I have a feeling that this will be sorted out as you suggest. It was unfortunate that the situation arose in this way and has continued to rumble into today. It will require de-escalation from both sides. I actually that this had started in Brendan’s presser yesterday, but this article seems to have kept the issue going.



    This has to be sorted and I think it will be. The reason I think this is that both sides have a lot to lose if the situation isn’t resolved.

  12. Silver City 1888 on

    As for Brendan saying we are weaker, how many times have we heard similar from opposing managers, usually in Europe, just before their team gives us a lesson in football. Mind games may not be the sole preserve of our competitors.

  13. This is all just utterly bizarre.



    If the board have managed to rile BR into considering his long term future then it is the most needless and stupid act of self sabotage imaginable.



    The events of the last few weeks have been absolutely mismanaged, there can be no doubt about that.



    BR has accumulated such good will among the support that he could have used his position of strength to argue for more funds publicly, but he hasn’t done that in two years. He speaks out about missing out on McGinn and we brief against him??



    To the BBC !!



    Utterly bizarre and needless, I just hope it blows over.




  14. Now this is just my opinion ,Peter Lawell and Dermot Desmond need to hand the reins over to some forward individuals ,its been a well run club,but it still has a lot of bad habits still going on inside Celtic Football Club,so who could take over from them 2,and have we money men ,to take on this role,and personally I would like to a hands on man rather than a billionaire who is rarely seen inside Celtic Park,and I don’t see him putting his hands in his pocket, I’m sure the fans have contributed more than him,OK he might have put a few quid into Lennox town trading centre,etc ,but even Brendan had as for some upgrades there,which if im right still haven’t been fixed,so in my opinion Dermot Desmond hasn’t been the man to take our club forward, Time he walked away.

  15. Ladies, Gents and Comrades all.



    Our manager has spoken in public. It’s totally reasonable, expected and frankly part of the game for us to discuss and subsequently agree or disagree.



    It’s not about taking sides although the MSM will happily portray it as such.



    Like many if not most on here , I’ve been and will be a Celtic supporter from cradle to the grave. God willing I’ll be at Paradise after all our current custodians are elsewhere.



    HH and COYBIG who are proud and honoured to don the hoops.



    Ps; Just for a mo forget the merits of the John McGinn transfer debacle. The blog has been invigorated with some quality posts. Many from lurkers who begin by stating :- I don’t normally post, however———–

  16. Bring on the Edinburgh Huns


    Let’s get behind Brendan and the bhoys.


    We owe Levein and his hammer throwers a doing.



    Mon the hoops



    D. :)

  17. fourstonecoppi on

    So, it looks like “Brendan Rodgers won’t be here for 10 in a row 10 in a row” if what i read is to be believed. It may well be the same for me after 56years of watching’ the ‘Tic’. Totally scunnered BTW.

  18. Well when you read things on CQN that Celtic will win the Title Forever. Somethings not right in denmark. Someone let go of that power trip.


    There’s now have a justifiable reason for a cracked crest.



    You could actually sense it on Wednesday at the game.



    Someone has dropped the crest and it’s entirely self-inflicted.



    Fail to prepare prepare to fail. That’s the Celtic club over the last 6 months. We, as the manager stated need progression, not for self, but to reach the golden egg laying Group-stages.



    Those “quality” additions would have taken months to engineer.



    We are a shambles and will be left scrabbling about attempting to get players not required elsewhere.



    Can’t believe I’m writing this after two trebles. But someone at the club is culpable. We’ve seen this behaviour before, well before Brendan came.



    Here’s Rodgers stated aim “Champions League and trying to compete. That’s the overall objective, to be competitive at this level”.



    Interviews at the time included quotes that the hierarchy at the club fully backed his statements.



    9 months to prepare for the objective of being competitive, even progress towards.



    How and why give the success have we failed so miserably ?



    Not a happy Tim this week – Not happy at all.

  20. Greenpinata I agree with most of your points, but some on here have an agenda.


    They probably were Celtic supporters at one time or another, but dearie me going on about £49, Big Mark McGhee, The Jungle, the good old days and other tripe about conspiracys as to why our board don’t want to win 10IAR, give me strength. They have made mistakes yes but for goodness sake.



    We have 2 very important games coming up and to debate about.



    H H



    D. :)

  21. What is the Stars on



    Thats possibly the first sensible post I have ever seen from you



    Totally agree

  22. As a Celtic supporter all of my life, I have seen this movie over and over so I’m not sure what this article hopes to achieve.



    We are not a stupid set of supporters.



    I, like most fans, will be behind the manager. Not an overrated bean counter who thinks he knows football.



    Obviously the fannying about with McGinn and Cristiano Piccini have cost us 2 players who could have made a difference last night, and its clear to me that Brendan is unhappy we didn’t close the deals while we were too busy haggling over a few hundred grand.



    If we lose the manager due to lack of ambition on the boards part, we’ll be back to where we were when Deila came in.

  23. Listen guys , you are missing the bigger and most important question……..




    does this have any effect ……ALMORES CAFE !!!.

  24. We all read what we want to read.


    just in fae the pub. Read Paul67 leader.


    What I read is that BR wants more than an Aston Villa player he wants to keep his talented team together. That takes serious money in wages. And he is saying that this should be a matter that is dealt with in house not in the meadya. We are not sevco.



    Paul67 having his own opinion, on his own blog. Shocker. Negatron get yersel help man. You will burst a blood vessel.



    Just another episode in the long history of CQN of bed wetters throwing the towel oot the pram. Hope you will be happy when Celtic beat AEK.



    Hail Hail

  25. Rarely post , just back from holiday and hoped for few decent signings .



    Instead ,very concerning events over these last few days.



    Classic Celtic , if Brendan walks , scunnered won’t come close to how the support take this one.



    Still Mark McGhee is out of work.

  26. Get Boyata back in the team tomorrow. Hearts new centre forward Ikpeazu looks a bit of a beast. Tomorrow’s match ain’t gonna be pretty but I would very much like Celtic to hump them…




  27. Paul Brennan and CQN has been my prefered source of Celtic News for a decade or more , I respect Paul’s relationship with Peter L and it has provided an insight to the workings and strategies of the club which we would otherwise struggle to find . Today’s post from Paul has an arrogance and dismissive attitude towards our manager which is hugely depressing ……..Brendan will stay for three seasons and not the five he should have stayed for ……..Good luck Mr Lawell you have met your match and finding a replacement of equal quality will prove difficult ……or maybe Dermot will bail you out again ???

  28. mullet and co 2 on

    I was going to post a mocking satirical piece but this article deserves some analysis and questioning.



    At a base level there is no explanation or opportunity to debate the two growth agendas we are presented with.



    1. Stick to the plan as it has become known



    2. Go with Rodgers plan to grow the value of the squad and have a better chance of qualification and earning coefficient points and therefore increase turnover.



    Rangers return and Rodgers arrival took season tickets back to pre 2012 levels. Since then the wage bill has gone from £30 odd million to £50 odd million including executive bonuses. The wage to turnover ratio has remained the same due to Champions League income and season ticket sales as well as associated commercial deals.



    Now, we have at least £30m in the bank, have spent net £5m at most since Rodgers arrival but at the same time have a squad value that has boosted due to Champions League success and EPL related inflation.


    Tierney -£25m at least


    Boyata – was worth £10m but now probably £6m with the EPL window shut.


    Dembele – £25m


    Rogic – £15-20m


    McGregor – £15-20m


    Forrest – £15-20m


    Sinclair – £10m


    Edouard – £15-20m



    The list goes on and even fringe players are now worth vast amounts more.



    That is the fale safe from risk. However, we are being asked to accept stadium lights, a hotel and other improvements.



    I will be interested to see what exactly the turnover is now and the wage bill. We may have increased wages for new contracts for Tierney, Rogic and Edouard as well as some outlay for Arzani but what is that total increase versus the net outgoing salary?



    Armstrong, Sviatchenko, Roberts.



    I’d hazard a guess at a huge hike for Tierney but the total increase being £60k including on costs. Remember that those increases will only be since they were signed so should not show in this coming set of accounts and would only be for forward projections and monitoring. So an additional £3m or thereabouts. But we take off about £30k to be on the safe side per week for the trio that have left. So net salary increase for players is £1.5m.



    If you look at projecting turnover on a Europa league qualification and assume the 5m net spend over 3 years continues in proportion then we add another £2.5m to expenditure and drop turnover to what? See later…



    There will likely be a further increase in player and coaching staff bonuses for this last years treble and further progress in Europe but how much was that and I assume that shrinks again should we not qualify for the Champions League. So would the net increase in total salary this year drop back down and negate the increases from this transfer window so far?



    Europa League income should be roughly a quarter of earnings from the Champions League so £12.5m including match day sponsorship etc. Our base turnover should be in region of £80m including new sponsorships player income increased ticket prices etc.



    If wages return to a lower level there is still a risk that we breach a higher wages to turnover ratio than the 60% ceiling the club look to be comfortable with.



    However, with 30 odd million in the bank and players who could be traded we could manage that risk.



    What is the return on investment on the stadium lights?



    What is the return on investment on a hotel?

  29. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The Boards business is the stability of the club.


    The manager’s business is to get the best players he can and build a successful team.



    If both are doing their jobs properly, there are bound to be some points of conflict.



    There has to be a compromise of both objectives.


    That’s what makes for a vibrant, successful club.



    There are no rights or wrongs in the present hyped up “hair line fracture”.


    The media are feeding of the permanently disgruntled faction of our support.



    There is no Us and Them in our club as we all are Celtic.


    Each component part needs the other ; Board, playing staff and fans.



    Without any one part, we are nothing.

  30. mullet and co 2 on

    That post considers the generalities of managing risk in the very difficult environment we operate but doesn’t touch on the small possible monetary movements in offering another £400k for McGinn two weeks ago or increasing his salary on offer by £3k per week at that time or how much McGinn then becomes worth as a saleable asset to Celtic.

  31. I must admit that it has been a bizzare couple of days on CQN.



    The majority of posters rarely believe unsourced stories by SMSM; however, Chris McLaughlin’s “Celtic insider” piece is now more relied upon than the 4 Gospels! He took info (if he was ever truly given it) and spun it to suit his own agenda. As have all the others after yesterdays press conference:



    Record Headline – ‘Terminado’ Brendan Rodgers wants his Celtic ambition matched or he’ll quit



    Then the article states (my bold):


    When asked is it would be over at Celtic if he stopped pushing for progress, he said: “Yeah. My job is done then. Terminado. Gone. But that’s the challenge. You have to test yourself to the limit. You have to be courageous as a club. It’s a joy to work here. I love my life here and enjoy being the manager here. But it’s no good if I just sit back and get comfortable. Being comfortable is the enemy of progress.”



    He goes on to say:


    “I have a huge respect for the board here – absolutely. They have run the club strategically very, very well. Me coming into here and what I have seen in the past couple of years, I have real good relations with every one of them. There is not an issue there at all. My focus is on doing the best for Celtic.



    So straight from Brendan Rodger’s mouth: there is not an issue there at all.



    He has point blank denied there is any issue and that he (along with the board) want what is best for the club; he doesn’t want to get complacent; and if he does, he will be gone. That, to me, doesn’t seem like a manager saying “the board haven’t backed me and if they don’t, I’m off.” Quite the opposite in fact!



    It seems like we want to make it hard for ourselves as a support.



    I slated James Forrest for his piece yesterday and compared it to Level 5; the end of Paul67’s piece today is like Правда and is disappointing. However, what’s more disappointing is how too many Celtic supporters are buying into the SMSM attempt to destabilise our Club. Are we really that short-sighted?





  32. mullet and co 2 on

    As a Celtic supporter putting hundreds of pounds into the club I would encourage our manager to raise more questions.



    The board need to be honest about detailed plans and stop treating fans like illeterate and innumerate mugs.



    I still have a strong smell from the boards involvement on resolution 12 and serious questions on conflict of interest with Man City.

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