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Champions League match day six was a dead rubber, I wasn’t at the game only watched on TV, but two days on I’m still full of the emotional thrill of the occasion.  With that in mind, the thought that today will be the players final training session before a league game tomorrow illustrates the challenge for Brendan Rodgers.

The players put everything into the game in Manchester, they were visibly flagging near the end.  They will also have shared the high of the occasion.  Bringing that all together to face a team who have been planning nothing but how to frustrate a potentially lethargic and distracted Celtic for a week and you have a game punters would generally avoid backing the favourites in.

News that James Forrest’s hamstring isn’t causing too much concern is welcome.  We’ve all been there.  You feel the twinge but it’s not enough to stop you, so you carry on.  James has more experience of injury than most footballers, as a consequence it looks like he left the field before a “tightness” became an injury.  He was a loss to the game but rather that than a loss to the season.  This counts as very intelligent play.

I’d be reluctant to press James into action tomorrow, especially as it gives Gary Mackay-Steven an opportunity to revisit Firhill, where he scored 37 seconds into his Celtic debut.

Directors’ Box hospitality auction ending soon!

At around 12:18 this afternoon our Directors’ Box hospitality auction in aid or Mary’s Meals, courtesy of Intelligent Car Leasing ends.  Money raised will go towards our seventh school kitchen across Malawi and Liberia – just incredible.

At the Celtic-Dundee game on 17 December, you can win:

2 seats in the directors’ box

Champagne reception
5 course meal in the Walfrid Suite
Fully expenses bar (pre and post-match)
Half time snacks and refreshments
Car Parking
And a match programme

This is a genuine experience of a lifetime, which you can bid for here on ebay – for another few minutes only.

Many thanks to Intelligent Car Leasing for making it possible.


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  1. So the auction is now a competition.






    A competition open to those who have the means to participate.



    I guess the prize came with stipulations that the less well off supporter could not have the opportunity to win via the means of a raffle at say a £5 or £10 a head.




  2. Good grief!



    I never thought I’d see the day: the mighty Awe_Naw stooping to podium chasing.



    Whatever next … ?




  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    CRC shares his birthday with Joe Miller


    Scorer of winner in 89 cup final v deadco….

  4. Sad to report that Greg Lake has died at the age of 69. May he Rest in Peace



    Keith Emerson also died this year by his own hand.



    ELP was one of my enduring favourite bands.

  5. Awe-Naw on the Gold Podium??



    We’ll never hear the end of it…..






  6. Much brighter and much more pleasant in East Kilbride now. Agree with the comments about the auction. Would be interested to learn if there was any stipulation that it had to reach a certain level. I personally think there’d have been more raised via a raffle. No point in me going on to an auction and bidding say £50 when I know that that’s going to be nowehere near enough to be the winning bid.

  7. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I have just spent the last hour and a half reading back.



    Amazed that Davidopolous seemed to miss such an obvious opportunity for some pun action on Hamburgergate………….


    ………… I thought he would relish such an opportunity, but maybe he is in a pickle and just cannae cut the mustard ;)

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Good posts on the songs. Refreshing to read your valid (IMO) contribution, and a welcome change from from very invalid (IMO) comments on the suitability of Mark McGhee as a future Celtic manager.



    HH From an old Jungle footsoldier.

  9. Hunderbirds are Gone



    I would like to refer to the honourable gentleman to my post at 9:43 am on 7th December 2016:



    “A Celtic fan that threw a burger at a horse? That takes the brisket. He made an absolute foal of himself – he’s clearly not stable. It’s a real patty as, in the mane, the rest of the support were maginificent.”



    Miss? Pickle? Mustard? Indeed. Harrumph.

  10. Afternoon all.



    What’s the latest on hamburgergate?



    Although I hear that the horse involved in the incident is in a stable condition!



    Coat on!




  11. I see the auction ended at £580 – too rich for me but congratulations to the winner



    Would have 100 tickets at £10 or 200 tickets at £5 be sold – not sure




  12. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Apologies, I missed that one.


    Lettuce just leave it there then :)



    Aff oot, back in 40 minutes or so

  13. ..



    At least with the Auction if You Post the Highest Bid You Win and Your Cash goes to a Good Cause..



    It’s a Long Time since I wore Riggers Boots but seemingly CQN Raffles don’t Have Warm Balls..









    Summa of OilRigged’N’GreasyPalmRafflesC(QN)SC

  14. ..



    JUDE2005 IS NEIL LENNON \O/ on 8TH DECEMBER 2016 1:09 PM








    Can I ask Why..? And Why You are asking Paul and Not CTV..?




  15. Personally I wouldn’t pay a 1p piece to sit in any directors box although I would have bought a raffle ticket at £5 and passed prize on to someone who does not have the same distaste for our Capitalist that I do if I won. I’m pretty sure a lot of bhoys n ghirls on here would have liked the opportunity to compete in the competition (as the header states) for these briefs if they had the finance to. It seems only the select few who are lucky enough to have no issue with affordability are the only CQN’ers able to enjoy such a day. Yes it may reduce the finance going to Mary’s Meals but it might be worth rewarding those without the means who most likely have supported Mary’s Meals over the years to have at least a fighting chance of winning these types of prizes on occasion, with a wee bit of loyalty. Even if it is to a slight financial disadvantage on the odd occasion to the charity who will still benefit on an ongoing basis in both this and future events.



    And I’m pretty sure 100 tix would have been sold at a £5 with a cost to the charity of £80.




  16. PS. for the avoidance of doubt I have no issues with those who can afford to enter such auctions as i am sure thay have earned their wherewithall through hard work etc. I just don’t believe these occasional opportunities for these one off experience should be closed to a select few who blog away their lives on here.



    MWD clear as mud eh!?

  17. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Good shout by Joe on CSA about the use of pyros at the game on Tuesday.



    Whilst we can debate and agree/disagree on the songbook, I don’t know anyone (apart from the zoomers who use them) who would think they were a sensible addition to the atmosphere.



    Apart from the obvious physical dangers of setting them off there is no consideration for anyone around them who may have asthma, allergies or any other difficulty with their breathing.




  18. MWD



    Agree completely!



    Auctions don’t suit me because if I told my misses I’d bought 2 tickets for a fitba match with hospitality for £580 she would rap me.



    Err, when’s the next auction bhoys?

  19. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Afternoon Celts



    Be happy to meet any Celtic supporter


    However, Directors


    Nae time for any of the charlatans


    Secret handshakes all round with Tories and a Lord who serves the Crown.


    No Thanks




  20. VFR



    The old pyro/asthma debate has been done to death on here.



    I used to be asthmatic but I’m all right now.

  21. A hospitality in the Walfrid for 2 is £600 incl vat – so £580 just about the money



    mild here – just saw a butterfly




  22. News Item on BBC NI about Jim MC Cafferty an “ex Celtic employee” currently living here charged with Child sex abuse from 2011 to 2015.


    Date he left Celtics employ…1996. The Club more than the heinous crimes he is alleged to have committed is becoming the story. Shame on them.


    To be fair to the reporter outside the Court she did say that he had been a Youth Coach at a number of different Scottish clubs.



  23. Charity auctions work by people with a bit of money showing off how much money they have to other people with a bit of money by spending way over the odds for something because it’s for charity.



    The concept doesn’t really work on ebay.



    It looks like someone has bought something for less than it cost the donor to provide.



    No harm done, but maybe an opportunity squandered.