Ivorian link at work again, this time in Athens


With three deals done, the pace of transfer activity at Celtic appears to be approaching relentless.  The Ivorian link will have been at work again, as news that we are interested in Olympiakos full back, Omar Elabdellaoui, testifies.  Celtic coach, Kolo Toure’s brother Yaya, spent half a season at the Greek club before leaving last month.

Signing players is always a risk, so getting a first-hand insight into how a player performs from someone who has worked with him daily for the last six months is a huge advantage.  Bear in mind, Elabdellaoui is just one of the right backs Celtic are considering.  This one could run a while.

Reports from the US that we have agreed a deal to sign 22-year-old left back Andrew Gutman are amusing, mostly as he was being trailed as a signing elsewhere in the city.  Great to see that as well as using our Ivorian links, we have plenty of connections at Scotland’s smaller clubs.  If he arrives, hopefully Callum McGregor will not see more action in that position.


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  1. ‘GG



    An easy win for the Pats. Up here on Cape Cod everything stops for the game. Was at Gillette Stadium three weeks ago. What a place! Huge car parks and tailgate parties everywhere from before 10.00am for a 1.00pm kickoff. Then the huge shopping mall as well as Toby Keith’s Bar which holds 700 people.


    The strange thing about that game, and all cold ones, is that the crowd are allowed to stand for the whole game to keep warm. They are sitting until the game starts then stand until half-time, sit down, then stand for the rest of the game. They, apparently, keep warmer that way. The wind chill was down to 11f.


    Would we be allowed to stand all around Celtic Park? I don’t think so.


    Apparently Belichick said at half-time “off to Kansas next weekend” Imagine if Brendan said that at half-time in a quarter-final.



  2. Thanks Bateen Bhoy.


    Just trying to regain some strength now that off the air machine.


    Stairs still a problem, and obviously being coherent on the board.


    “‘Twas ever thus.”

  3. WHAT IS THE STARS on 13TH JANUARY 2019 8:28 PM





    ALMORE on 13TH JANUARY 2019 8:33 PM


    Ruggyman: Fans’ café beside the Superstore?





    Very good ghuys hh

  4. Go tell the Spartim on

    Never liked the Pats even before they were good it’s just something about teams in blue white and red and cheating that sticks in my craw

  5. celticrollercoaster on

    ‘GG on 13TH JANUARY 2019 10:07 PM



    Great to see you posting. Hope you are well?







  6. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Marrakesh Express on 13th January 2019 9:21PM



    This was well said.





    Referees. The current uefa hierarchy for our lot is as follows; Elite – collum. Premier/category1 – beaton, madden. Category2 – clancy, dallas. Category3 – robertson, walsh.



    Why are the champions of Scotland repeatedly refereed by non uefa standard lunks; thomson, muir, mclean etc etc?





    Lack of education. Barney Battles’ birthday is a day to celebrate his brilliant life. Shame on Jim Craig and The Celtic Star today. Clickbait junkies. What will they have to say on 17th February.

  7. On the Boyatta thing. A couple of comments tonight really sum this place up.


    “Shocking mismanagement by PL,letting him leave in the summer for nothing”


    “Would not liked to have seen us if PL had taken the £ 9 million on offer,shocking mismanagement,right enough.


    Best damned if you do,damned if you dont ever.


    Just shake my head sometimes.

  8. Pete


    Radio Kaos is one of my favourite albums ever.


    Who needs Information great track. Magical


    Roger Waters CSC

  9. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on




    Wrong, by my thinking, to headline the loss of a Celtic hero on his birthday. The time to mourn his loss is 17th February.



    I wouldn’t expect internet bampots to hide behind – my article, his headline.



    Barney’s graveside was cleared from the Dalbeth undergrowth by the praiseworthy Celtic Graves Society.

  10. Garry,



    It is a great album, my weeist big Sister got it and it has some awesome tracks on it.



    I reckon Celtic are gonnae up the gears away from Home now.



    Last game we got beat by the Established – a long time to digest what really went on there.



    Bring it on. 8 will be Magical.



    I hope you and all yer crew are well.

  11. Regarding Liverpool, bidding for James Forrest,he has been with Celtic since a young boy,so say Liverpool want him I say let him go,but I reckon Celtic should put a price on him ,say between 9 and 12 million pounds, especially when you look at the money Southampton paid for Virgil van Dyke,from Celtic,then they transfer him to Liverpool for 50+ million,then there is Robertson who went from Dundee United to Hull,then to Liverpool for a pretty penny,so no more cheap sale’s ,I’m sure it would be a good move for James Forrest,if the rumours are true,

  12. Pete


    Hope you are correct in your assumption that our away form will improve. I have been to majority of our away games so far this season. Only enjoyed 2. Dundee and Hamilton. We were poor the rest.



  13. Timbhoy2,



    I would be surprised if Jamesie left Celtic now. He has played some brilliant fitba this Season but noone ever knows anything.



    I think your valuations are way off howevaaaaaah. :)) It would be £20M+ starting point as he is contracted to Celtic for a while.

  14. CNN or CNA ?




    Reasons why the Founding Fathers chose to seperate Church from State,


    Meanwhile,back in the UK,50 non-elected C.of E. Bishops influence Laws for those of us they dont represent.


    Benjamin Franklin and Co.must be spinning in their graves.

  15. TURKEYBHOY on 13TH JANUARY 2019 11:18 PM


    On the Boyatta thing. A couple of comments tonight really sum this place up.





    “Shocking mismanagement by PL,letting him leave in the summer for nothing”



    In other words,well done Peter for losing our club £10 million..probably suits you better

  16. Garry,



    Need to get me and GordyBhoy along as well to get the wins. Nostalgia!!!!



    The Celtic players will be hurting – I have no doubts about that.



    A long time to get that last wan oot the system.



    And noo we have a run of Home games. ;))



    It is my feeling that Celtic have been Driving with the brakes on this Season so far.

  17. GG I’m a 4th Degree KoC and 40 year 3rd Degree, I’m also a Secular Franciscan so my views on abortion are in line with the church’s.



    My contentions here with Petec claiming the trumpet is a good guy as he’s pro life, IMHO he’s no even a christian. Its all a con game.



    BTW Tom Brady’s a cheat, ben affleck or no, so I’m supporting the Chiefs, anyone with a quarterback called Patrick deserves my vote.

  18. Tontine Tim,



    HH Bro, yer a Genius of that there is no doubt.



    You are right that Trump isnae a good role model for anyone. He is a President not a Holy Man. You may be right that he is playing up to the evangelical crowd in the US. I’ve put Dr Futures blog on here a few times – he is likely the biggest critic of the evangelics kicking about today.



    It is my own opinion that Trump is, whether he realises it or not, that he is curtailing abortions and that is by the people he is surrounding himself with. He is mega flawed, almost as mega flawed as me.

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