Ivorian link at work again, this time in Athens


With three deals done, the pace of transfer activity at Celtic appears to be approaching relentless.  The Ivorian link will have been at work again, as news that we are interested in Olympiakos full back, Omar Elabdellaoui, testifies.  Celtic coach, Kolo Toure’s brother Yaya, spent half a season at the Greek club before leaving last month.

Signing players is always a risk, so getting a first-hand insight into how a player performs from someone who has worked with him daily for the last six months is a huge advantage.  Bear in mind, Elabdellaoui is just one of the right backs Celtic are considering.  This one could run a while.

Reports from the US that we have agreed a deal to sign 22-year-old left back Andrew Gutman are amusing, mostly as he was being trailed as a signing elsewhere in the city.  Great to see that as well as using our Ivorian links, we have plenty of connections at Scotland’s smaller clubs.  If he arrives, hopefully Callum McGregor will not see more action in that position.


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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 13TH JANUARY 2019 4:59 AM



    Up my alley indeed.



    I was there that day.



    First goal


    Greig whingeing at swalex who was apparently designated to guard big Billy.



    Second half , swalex tries to stick the heid on Bobby ( curled up winklepickers ).

  2. 50 shades of green on

    69 cup final, I can still see Big George taking the baw aff ” the greatest ever ranger “, I was only 8 going on 9 and still remember that game well, yet I have to bloody Google last seasons results against the copycat club, or should that be dobilgangers.



    Morning Tims….

  3. 50 shades of green on

    Click bate sites have James Forrest on Klopps radar……



    Geese peace ffs, unless he wants to swap him for Sallah.




  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    50 SHADES OF GREEN on 13TH JANUARY 2019 8:18 AM


    69 cup final, I can still see Big George taking the baw aff ” the greatest ever ranger “, I was only 8 going on 9 and still remember that game well, yet I have to bloody Google last seasons results against the copycat club, or should that be dobilgangers.





    Join the hen`s memory club .



  5. morning bhoys from a very cold Cheshire, that was my first game against thems, remember my old man giving me the biggest bear hug,,happy memories.hh.

  6. 1969 Cup Final.



    A walk in the park against a shambolic Deady Bears who were strong favorites to win . A tactical masterclass from Jack Stein .



    Hitched up from London on the Friday . Nice man in a Ford Capri gave me a lift all the way from Edgeware to Ballater Street . Bought me breakfast , bought me lunch . He was a London residing Bluenose going back to Glasgow for a Cup Final he thought was in the bag. I told him not to count his chickens . Hey Ho !!!!

  7. SOT


    old fella that drank in my local, sadly passed now, who was in same lodge as Jock always referred to him as John



    If you navigate to my facebook there is a pic of my capri, only sold it a couple of years ago




    I don’t do Facebook . Strong memories of my brother getting my computer geek son to hack my niece’s Facebook account in order to show her how easy it was to do .



    Saw a very nice /well maintained Capri in Gela a few weeks back .. They sold well in Italy.

  9. Dougie, Dougie, Dougie


    Red Card, Red Card, Red Card


    Foul, Foul, Foul……


    How long are we going to put up with this nonsense?


    I’ve been reading John James the last couple of days – some unbelieveable stuff.


    I was further subjected to this farce when I viewed Paul Larkins, Anyone but Celtic last night.


    Surely someone at Celtic cares enough about this national disgrace to ensure that this can have no part in civilised society?


    The world may be changing in terms of discrimination and bias, where it becomes more and more unacceptable, but it doesn’t seem to be happening in this case.


    I believe there is a meeting this week where representatives of our club will sit down with refereeing officials and members of the SFA.


    Don’t miss the target and hit the wall – The whole of Scottish football is dependant on a way forward.


    Do it.

  10. SoT


    When I was down in NYC in the late 70’s, an American wearing a Stetson and smoking a cigar, when seeing my Celtic tap, mentioned the big man.


    Pretty sure he called him Jack also :-)

  11. After a quick and fairly promising start to the January transfer window, things have stalled slightly and worryingly so. Particularly in the search for a quality defender.



    In the priority list I would put a right back ahead of a centre half.


    The reality is both Benckovic and Boyata will be away come end of May. At which point the acquisition of 2 replacements will become paramount.


    However for the home straight of this current campaign, Boyata, Benckovic, Simounovic, Ajer… if we run with 2 from this 4, then I believe we are covered for now.


    The merits of letting Boyata run his contract down, is another debate entirely. I don’t agree with it, and I will also question his full commitment as we enter the final couple of months of the season. Goes without saying he’ll be looking to avoid serious injury that could scupper any potential transfer move.


    But back to the right back position. It is critical we sign someone this window. From Athens to Rangers, Michael Lustig has become a target. When we lost to Hibs, it became public that opponents were deliberately targeting our right hand side. Every team believes they can get joy from playing down Lustig’s channel. This must be addressed. It is as important as being season defining.

  12. Ruggyman


    Think we need at least one CH now to have him settled for CL qualification – sorry for being presumptuous.


    Didn’t Hibs target the left back position as Izzy was pushed too far up the park at Easter road?


    I’m a big Lustig fan and just trying to shift some blame :-)



  13. south of tunis



    Rangers were “strong favourites” to win the Scottish Cup Final in 1969? Not with the bookies they weren’t and more important not in my book. We won the League Cup Final earlier that month, winning 6-2, had just won the League for the fourth time in a row, and were unlucky to be knocked out by that year’s European Champions AC Milan. Sure Jimmy was out, but eight Lisbon Lions weren’t plus the Holy Goalie, Jim Brogan and Big George. Did they have fake news in those days? I guess they did.

  14. Paul67 et al



    I see sometime favourite on here Shane Long got his goal for Southampton yesterday, his first in over nine months. The thing is though, apparently, his last four goals have been scored for four different managers! Not prolific it has to be said, but if consistency is what you are looking for, Shane’s yer man!

  15. Bada Bing


    Agree, need a centre half, two even better if Boyatta and Benkovitch leave in summer. I mean , will there hearts be in if if they are for the off!!!!



    Ralston to me anyway has the makings of a very good player.




  16. KINGLUBO on 13TH JANUARY 2019 12:30 PM


    A brilliant choon, by a brilliant singer, just loved her.




    Coincidentally I was playing a 60s girl mix (listening to music that is :)) last night and her Brand New Key was on it. I never realised her surname was Safka.



    Anyone know when the team come home?



    Just wondered after seeing it suggested that Bayo was in Dubai yesterday.

  17. Both goals scored against Celtic at Easter Road came from Izzy being missing at Left Back! por cierto.

  18. prestonpans bhoys on

    We played with three at the back at Easter Rd, a new formation and we had plenty of time to practice it after the Thursday euro game?? aye right, baffling decision



    “baffling decision”



    One of many this season, unfortunately, por cierto.

  20. I’m hopeful that it’s gone quiet as we are after a sought after player and not some hasbeen that nobody wants a la Stevie Gee’s all stars.



    I’m not hopeful that Ralston has what it takes in a half season we need to win the league.



    Hope we complete on a RB and CH with Boyata hopefully off.



    Spend the cash Celtic.

  21. Prestonpansbhoys


    You are correct and maybe posting Izzy missing is a wee bit harsh.


    Hibs targeted an empty space was probably the way it should have originally described.


    Baffling indeed, Kieran out, will be a massive loss for us.



  22. So now we have to get another 2 CHs in this window.H,mm,if no one leaves,that then gives us 6 CHs on our books.Who plays?Do we let our 2 present CHs sit on the bench,as presumably,they will not be as good as the two new guys that we will have to spend around £ 25 million on to improve on the aforementioned players.Or,do we tempt two CHs into the club,spend this money,and tell them they will warm the bench until next season.A sure fire winner for me.Sure they will jump at the chance.What about Ajer?Will he go back to the reserves,along with Simo?


    This is the problem with just bumping gums,while head is engaged in fantasy.We all know we have a problem the way things have worked,but talking bollox wont help.

  23. prestonpans bhoys on




    As baffling as playing your most creative midfielder at full back, been some barking mad away formations this season.

  24. Celtic mac 12.27



    Every time I feel I am getting over it so.eone goes and mentions it……A.C Milan….prati,….




    If only,it would have been ours…..,they were a good side tho.


    Hope your good




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