January transfer window 2016


I’ve heard a lot about Patrick Roberts. He’s burdened by enormous expectations, compared to the greats since shortly after his 17th birthday. Manchester City moved 2 starts and 17 substitute appearances into his Fulham career – £12m on the basis of 399 minutes football.

He’s here to force his way into the team between now and the end of the season, and be ready for the European challenges ahead. I think we’re going to enjoy watching this lad.

We saw around 80 minutes of Erik Sviatchenko on Sunday. As I said yesterday, he’s probably our best defender, not that that is taking enormous liberties. In Virgin van Dijk we managed to recruit a dependable defender who wasn’t scared of the ball, and was first to organise those around him. If Erik’s near that standard, he’ll do well.

Ryan Christie (20) is a No. 10. We need a No. 10. He’s 12 years younger than Kris Commons, the only comparable player in the first team squad. Kris has been our MVP for more seasons than anyone else currently on the books, but we’ve been far too dependent on him, which has become acutely evident recently, when he’s out injured.

There’s an argument that we could have done with another No. 10 during our European campaign but it’s far from clear Ryan would have got his chance. We’ll see a good bit of him before the end of the season.

Many of the things I could say about Colin Kazim-Richards I alluded about Carlton Cole when he signed. He’s a physical presence, not easily intimidated, should be an effective foil for Leigh Griffiths.

Colin joins with an actual rap sheet. Online comments yesterday recalled the reaction the day Griffiths signed. At the time I wrote that it’s important for Celtic to affirm positive values in Leigh’s life. The player hasn’t looked back, he’s every inch a positive role model. It’s now important the club and Colin work to ensure a similar result.

Aidan Nesbitt (18) is also a No. 10. He’s the player you’re most likely to hear development and youth coaches talk about. The next stage of his development required him to play against men. Four months in the Premiership playing for Partick will achieve this.

Farewall Nadir Ciftci, who is off to Turkey until the end of the season. I described Nadir as less like a Ronny Deila player than any other I’ve watched and known Celtic to be interested in. He has a touch and is a better player than we’ve seen, but he was built from different material than practically all other Deila signings.

Last month’s business will hopefully mean we have a settled and secure defence for the qualifiers, something missing at the beginning of this season, something missing on Sunday afternoon.  The Kazim-Richards signing could go a number of different ways.  The player will get his chance to live up to his own expectations.

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    “A lovely spring like morning here in Central Scotland.Someone posted yesterday that Celtic had a first team squad of 40 players now if that is correct it is ridiculous as it means we have nearly enough players to play four different first teams .”



    It’s not true.



    Wiki has 38 players listed and when you remove players who play for the youth team or on loan it’s about 28

  2. “Celtic had a first team squad of 40 players now if that is correct it is ridiculous”



    Joe fh,



    I agree.



    But it’s not correct.




  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Auldheid spreadsheet reflects only numbers and a guestimation at a few imponderables.


    The claim that economics have caused the downturn in season ticket is simply guess work and can be as easily attributed to the reduction in quality on the park, in fact I’d claim there is more evidence that the quality of the park is a bigger reason for the fall in season tickets than the current economic climate, people need to use their money more wisely and paying the same money for worse quality is no something people are enticed to do. In short, had the quality been kept at a par then the crowds would have stayed. There is zero evidence to say this is wrong, pushing the argument is like the meeja pushing a lie IMO, push it long and hard enough and it will become accepted truth.

  4. Not likely we,ll see the new bhoys tonight . Maybe by the end of March going by past experiences . I remember when celtic were the top team , they identified a player to enhance the team , bought said player and put him right into the team . Changed days right enough . Tonight will be a tricky fixture for the bhoys , and with a man hand picked to do his best to assure the league isn’t over by mid February , it could be an uneasy night for the club and fans .

  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I wouldn’t pay much attention to clowns who try to discourage you from voting, its only jealousy because they’ve never had an independent thought in their lives. Too stupid by far they are.

  6. Oh dear there’s that rigged vote add on again about fan ownership, it’s like a Sevco AGM lol. You can vote as many times as you like, you don’t even need the graveyard votes, unbelievable . But I suppose someone is trying to prove a point whether it be rigged or not :))

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    MurdochauldandHay & Wee Oscar on 3rd February 2016 8:44 am Why was the league sponsors ladbrokes putting out tweets that the Celtic manager was about to lose his job ? –




    Remind me – who does their PR again? :-)







    Quite right,fellas. Time we stopped standing idly by while everyone trashes us,secure in the knowledge we are right.



    Silence hasn’t worked so far. Time to fight back. And fight dirty,no prisoners.


    Ok,fellas. Here’s the rules.



    No-one is allowed to express,or ask for,an opinion until it has been cleared by The Great Oracle of All Things Celtic.



    Stick to that,we’ll be fine.

  10. Greenpinta


    While auildhead figures do have credibility. He has missed out some crucial points


    1. The money available for CL has increased significantly since the time of mon


    2. Martin platini gave Celtic and other clubs in same position as us a helping hand in the champions route to the CL


    3. Those teams we are up against have significantly less income than us


    4. We are obsessed with the money ball players. One of our Chief scouts let it slip a few month ago that in last few years, we have only been looking at players with sell on value in two years to EPL. Yes two years. Talk about developing a team is nonsense



    Point 4 is the main failing of our club in last 3 years. PL is obsessed in finding more vics to the determine if the team


    To go into CL qualifying last year with boyata who had hardly kicked a ball in his career for a first team was shocking



    It is not how much money we spend , it’s the way we spend it


    Can we just have the same policy as Molde , Malmo and Maribor and legia


    Then we will compete and get the CL money again


    We are in serious financial trouble if we don’t reach CL as the family silver has been sold to make up for the loss

  11. Jfh,



    But I do agree with the idea that less valuable members of the playing staff should be cut and replaced with less but higher quality. Simples :)




  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on 3rd February 2016 10:01 am



    I think it’s also fair to say that football is a luxury and I know if things were getting tight for me, it’d probably be at the top of the list of things to cut. I can sit at home and watch nearly all games for free and I’ve plenty of other past-times that I can enjoy at much less costs.



    You can’t prove your claim any more than any other.

  13. Tonight is going to be a battle. I really hope Brown is fit and in from the start.



    I would like to see Brown, Bitton and Johanson sitting in front to the defense. I know I am going to get slaughtered for Johanson but Sunday apart, against Dundee Utd and St Johnstone I thought we were starting to see something like the player of last year, i.e. winning tackles and driving forward with the ball and not giving away stupid fouls and passing to opponents.

  14. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Dinosaurs, goats and vindictive Masons trying to run the game of football in Scotland.



    Summer football, Celtic would be breezing into the CL proper every season.



    Nepotism is alive and well – funny how the Masonic parasites only ever employ their incompetent pals to positions of authority, in organisations that don’t actually belong to them, like the SFA.



    Any ordinary, genuine business those crooks get involved with – they inevitably run said business into the ground, particularly when the government funding ceases.



    Corrupt fraudsters the lot of them.



    Good luck to Ronny and all the players.



    Celtic for the victory, Celtic for the title.




  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on 3rd February 2016 10:01 am



    The tone of that last sentence is a bit more aggro than I intended.

  16. Quick question,



    can anyone confirm if the game at Dens Park is still on next Tuesday night?


    Been on the club site but says PP, dundee’s site says tbc.



    Reason I ask is that im working down south and if the game is on that will influence where I stay, as will try to get close to a CSC to watch it, if the game is on.



    Cheers for any info.






  17. BMCUWP



    Ha Ha!



    I forgot I’ve made his posts invisible!



    It feels like the old great Blog!



    Is he spewing the same pish?



    No, don’t answer that because I DON’T CARE!



    Hope you are well Buddy!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I sincerely hope the Ryan Giggs rumour is just a bad joke. I don’t imogen it for a nano second.



    1. We have a manager


    2. He has proven himself not worthy of a position of authority at our family club. He has crossed the line.



    I believe actions speak louder than words, tweets etc. his actions have damned him.



    In my opinion, bu, neiit,, nein, la, nahin, knong, Naw, no. Never.



  19. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    It really is getting ridiculous.


    That stuff from Radar you posted was pathetic. You would almost think he wanted Aberdeen to win the league!

  20. Token Tim,



    I’m positive it’s off due to our cup game being Sunday.



    Cup takes precedence




  21. Tony Donnelly ………….”if Aberdeen get anything get anything out of this game it will because of a phallic symbol in a black outfit” you have me cracking up here with laughter. Brilliant.

  22. PHILBHOY on 3RD FEBRUARY 2016 10:38 AM









    Ha Ha!







    I forgot I’ve made his posts invisible!







    It feels like the old great Blog!







    Is he spewing the same pish?







    No, don’t answer that because I DON’T CARE!







    Hope you are well Buddy!







    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/january-transfer-window-2016/comment-page-19/#comment-2767727



    Another one who has my posts blocked ( allegedly thank you Jesus ) but just can’t resist to swing on my coat tails, I love it.

  23. traditionalist88 on




    The reason we expect to be able to qualify for the CL say 2/3 times in any 5 year period is the new Champions Route, which leaves us playing the likes of Maribor and Malmo in Play-Offs as opposed to the likes of Arsenal.



    Is it next year we lose the seeding for the play-off round? It is then your analysis will certainly become more apt.



    So what are we doing about it? Theres been a few positive murmurings that the bigger clubs in the smaller leagues will be accomodated a bit more when it comes to CL qualification. Then there was mutterings that there will be automatic places for the likes of Man Utd and Milan. The next CL TV deal is due to be signed in 2019 I believe so if there is nothing to balance things out a bit then it’ll be 2022 before we can realistically hope for change.



    Paul67 has stated that a legal challenge is an option open to clubs like ourselves as the big money leagues are a closed shop. When does this become a viable option, assuming its the last resort?




  24. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    “You can’t prove your claim any more than any other.”



    That is exactly my point, neither can Auldheid or PL prove anything, it is very simply opinion, Auldheid has provided figures that back their suppositions but they still do not prove they are correct, PL makes an argument at board level that makes sense but has no evidence to back up the argument just his opinion and a general consensus around the table that everyone needs to buy into the big lie, we need reduce quality to survive.


    You might indeed give up going to games if money is tight, but that’s you, you can only speak for yourself.


    You’d think if money was tight people would give up luxuries like fags and drink but we both know they are way down on the list of many people to be giving up.


    Celtic supporters will turn out if they think there is something worth going to see, currently there is not a lot worth going to see as the quality is not there, provide quality and the support will grow, people will sacrifice to make sure they get there, we know this about the Celtic support.

  25. Geordie Munro @ 1041hrs,



    That’s exactly what it will be! Should have realised that myself.


    i noticed on the sky sports footy app it said PP but with ficxture clash mentioned.


    The EK game will explain it.



    Thanks though for the heads-up. Appreciate it.



    Oh well just have to watch West Ham v Liverpool cup replay instead either in hotel or boozer as opposed to watching the Hoops in the company of fellow Celts. Nae difference…..






  26. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    What I trying to say is this – See if I was a Mason whom ran my own successful business – there’s no mission am I going to employ an incompetent,slack-jawed dimwit just because the clown happens to be a member of the same Masonic lodge as me.



    Because the monkey is going to cost me money, that’s why – money out of my own pocket. And that would inevitably lead to bankruptcy.



    However, if say I am employed by government in a position of authority – I’d make sure 20 fellow Masonic wasters from lodge got a start in said department of civil service. They could sit and do the square root of nothing all day, play patience on the computers or flick snatters at one another. Probably even promote a few of them sure why not?



    The money isn’t coming out of my pocket, why should I care – free drinks at Christmas.



    Government will foot the bill, well the ordinary working person’s tax deductions will subsidise the corruption.



    There is no such thing as a victimless crime.




  27. How about we forget about the champions league and just dominate domestically whilst looking for other avenues to make our millions?


    That way no pressure at the beginning of the season and no disappointments.


    Build a team to dominate at home then decide when we are ready to take on the rest of Europe.


    I know it may sound daft but we have been beating ourselves up for years now whilst giving the media more and more ammo to dish out at us.


    Send out the young kids in the cups and concentrate on the league.


    We might even find that we have the odd player within the ranks we can trust.


    CQN would be a happier place if this were the case.



    10 in a row or Champions league qualification? Serious question Bhoys.

  28. PL General consensus has no proof?


    What like the fan ownership Survey That’s on here every day is a slam dunk 100% proof?


    Do you know how silly that looks? Seriously?





    Fine and dandy,mate. Thanks for the asking and I hope you and yours are the same.



    The good thing about The Great Oracle is he doesn’t realise that his preening obnoxious behaviour isn’t just making him unpopular,it’s doing the same for the opinions he holds.



    More power to him,I say…

  30. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on 3rd February 2016 10:50 am



    Of course but for the sake of the discussion let’s divide those that have left into 3 and make them even. Those that left due to quality, those that can’t afford it and those that simply decided they had better things to do. I know that the reality is that each individual is a mix of all three.



    Each group represents about 4k ST holders based on current numbers vs peak – that’s about £1.6m in revenue for each group. My question is would spending an additional £1.6m on the team return the ‘lack of quality’ group?



    I suspect not. I think it would need the whole lost £5M to bring in the extra quality and I don’t think we’d sell out season tickets. Nor do I think that level of spend on the squad would guarantee CL football.



    As a club we are just on this horrible knife edge that’s almost rags or riches.