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    Bang on mate. El Hamed a far better right back and frimpong far more effective up front



    Would mean taking off mr undroppable

  2. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Forrest and Taylor looking promising on left. Combination leads to Eddy half chance

  3. Dexter P. Bampot on

    All danger so far this half on left. From Taylor in particular.



    Eddy being crowded out every time. Needs some help.

  4. A bit more promising this. Eddy with another wee spin in the box.



    Then another move see us, eh, cross to a Killie player.




    Of course it’s a factor…………….but Lenny will blame the pitch.



    Jeezo it’s no his fault!

  6. TinyTim on 9th August 2020 5:42 pm



    Elyanoussi is a luxury player.





    I think that’s being kind

  7. We don’t have one player ,who is having a good match.



    The quicker we get Griff back ,playing in a partnership with Eddy the better.



  8. Eduard upfront. Forrest and ellanoussi wide does not work



    Proved away from home in oct and nov last year



    Stop this Neil

  9. Typical trying to walk it in against 11 behind the baw….we need to, and shoulda started, 3-5-2…mon tae fuk Lenny…chamge it up

  10. Rolling_Stone on

    60 minutes in with 9 on the bench and a possible 5 substitutions and we haven’t made a change.



    Our squad depth is either negligble or Lenny thinks this performance is going to get us three points.