King adherents reaffirm their faith despite every counterfactual


“Time has now been provided to allow Mr King to take the steps that will be required for him to arrange for Laird Investments (Pty) Limited to make a code compliant offer for shareholders’ shares”.

Translated: It’s a fair cop.

The former statement was made on Newco’s website by court order yesterday to confirm Dave King would comply with the Takeover Panel’s Code and earlier court findings.

This offer to shareholders will see some of the club’s founding fathers cash in their chips and ponder the wisdom of their six-year investment.  Allegations of their involvement in organised crime may, or may not, be valid, but the club will soon be more concentrated in the hands of Dave “penniless” King than ever.

Getting the money out of South Africa will involve a tax consideration.  The entire exercise will cost money that would otherwise be available for investment in the club, not to enrich early-investor shareholders and the South African Revenue Service, but the court has had its say.

As ever, this finding in favour of the Takeover Panel was delivered in language consistent with “favourable settlement” phraseology.  “Time has now been provided”, suggesting what happened at court last week was the spontaneous creation of time, not a clear instruction to perform against deadlines.

The ref flags are all there, we are clearly in Trump/Brexit bombast territory, where the adherents reaffirm their faith despite every counterfactual and the rest of us roll our eyes and wait on the inevitable consequences. It is a successful leadership strategy, if lacking in a long term survival plan.

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  1. I’m sure the workers of General Motors who got laid off this and saw their plants closed down believe that Trumpton is “doing his level best” to keep his election promises….



    In fact he promised them more jobs and new plants, I wonder why he did that?




  2. TET-is it the one that a cheeky wee upstart pain in the arse start a fight in an empty hoose is heading its way?????

  3. Why the eff is this site calling the huns rangers, why not have the league table with the truth, huns, cheats, liars, scum, tax dodgers, sevco are all more appropriate that rangers ffs.

  4. TET: I worked in a five star fine dining restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona in ‘84/‘85. Some of the staff there couldn’t believe it when I told them that U2 were not a british band but an Irish band who all attended a school just down the road from where I lived on Dublin’s nortside.



    Fake news is just a modern term for propaganda.

  5. There is an Irish bar at one of the corners of Wenceslas square, with numerous TVs showing sport




    There is a also a small sports bar, just off Wenceslas square, which will show the world famous Celtic game if you ask


    Sorry can’t remember the bar name

  6. Canman


    Aye, I know, it just bugs me ;-)






    I knew a teacher from New York that believed that you could get a train or drive from Ireland to the States, he asked me how long it took me to get there, that is gospel, seriously !!!

  7. What is the Stars on

    There is no such thing as global warming.


    Trump has kept is promises and America is booming


    The socialists have destroyed Europe.


    The things you learn on CQN.

  8. Now ( 3rd attempt as page keeps reloading)


    One of the biggest impacts on Climate change


    ( setting aside the recent fire in California) – has been De-Forrestation, trees are huge absorbers of Carbon from the environment



    A current concern ( and far play to this Scottish goverment which has just published a very good report on impact) is the stupid drive and reaction to the Blue Planet on Plastics


    Yes single use Plastic is a concern




    Moving back to glass or tin/aluminium will increase The carbon footprint by at least 40% drastically increasing Capacity Climate change


    The world needs to invest in recycling material als effectively


    I have seen some phenomenal inventions using recycled materials, if only countries would invest is strategy

  9. Incidentally recycled Plastics are currently more expensive than using Virgin plastic materials


    There’s another issue to be resolved

  10. TET: ??



    When I worked (and paid taxes) in restaurants as an Irish wetback in the US I was often asked “what brought you to the US?”



    I always replied: “Would you believe, Delta Airlines?” That always added to the tip.



    When they asked me “Are the Irish still killing each other?” I always responded: “Are people still walking into McDonalds here and killing the customers?



    Didn’t do much for tips but taught people to think before they spoke.

  11. SFTB @4th December 2018 9:18 pm


    made me smile


    hope not offended


    reminded me of the Hitch (Christopher)


    wearily explaing, but gently theory to creationists


    hasta pronto


    bis morgen

  12. Forget about double trebles and 7 trophies in a row tonight in the checkstrade trophy vale 4 Stoke 0 – ok it was their under 21s but 8,000 fans there.


    Unfortunately the stokies have learned from the Huns how to destroy toilets and rip up seats

  13. CB – Rocky O’Reilly’s chief.



    J. J. Murphy’s in the old town is a good Celtic pub.



    HH. ?

  14. One man has been sent, to topple the apple cart.



    Only the smug, and the foolish will diss him.



    His name is, Mr JC, not that one, but the closest to him, imho.



    A champion of the, homeless, the poor, the sick, who’s hope has been stolen from them, this prophet will construct an order of, humanity, humility, equality, charity, decency, and dignity. Even, the DUP trust Jeremy, more than they do the Tories!



    Jeremy of the Jungle, is on the stage, clearing his throat, thank heaven’s.



    I have unashamed man love, for Jeremy Corbyn.


    Thank you for giving me hope, Jeremy.




  15. There was an exceptional article in the FT a team weekend, about a United Ireland, as a result of Brexit, and how DUP have duped into forcing themselves into this ???


    Mind also states Dublin may not want a United Ireland ??

  16. KEV on 4TH DECEMBER 2018 10:29 PM


    Well said, I agree 100%, he is the only hope of our weans and their weans imo, something has to be done to try and reverse the shit the right wing, racist money grabbing scum have foisted on the people.

  17. In other news….you do read some flat-but not warming up – earth hunguffery on here at times.



    The kinda keich you’d expect had kojo and trump had a love child.



    Night Timdom. Stay Feniany, not reactionary.

  18. Big J





    St Stivs, I actually tried to find it again yesterday and couldn’t


    It was a very well written article, which included detail on population changes in NI, which is seriously squeezing some thinking, plus detail on how some have shot themselves in the feet with their imperialist thinking

  19. Ta Norrie.



    Very interested in this subject with a wee nagging doubt in my head.



    There has always been a thought process that once the demographic change to having a majority of nationalist voters well a united Ireland would follow



    However is there any semblance of a middle class comfortable where they are Catholic heritage voters actually saying no.



    Like Scotland. The only country in the world to reject independence.




  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    There is no such thing as global warming.





    Trump has kept is promises and America is booming





    The socialists have destroyed Europe.





    The things you learn on CQN.






    Global warming has morphed to climate change because the theory of global warming could not adequately be proved .



    The American economy has improved dramatically . Even Obama agrees. But says it started with him.


    Haw Haw.



    Congress has stymied attempts to carry out the border wall promise and various other initiatives.



    In short , Trump IS making America great again .



    And thank God for that when you see the reckless expansionism of Putin . Where`s your red line , Barak?


    And the Chinese president for life.


    Reminds me of the Castro dynasty.



    For the n th time on Cqn……………..Tell me the countries where socialism has been a success. Even a modest success. And I will give you 20 countries where it hasn`t .

  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    NORRIEM on 4TH DECEMBER 2018 10:35 PM


    There was an exceptional article in the FT a team weekend, about a United Ireland, as a result of Brexit, and how DUP have duped into forcing themselves into this ???





    Mind also states Dublin may not want a United Ireland ??





    That possibility and opportunity was obvious a few years back .


    And predicted by some of our more astute contributors.



    If only the silly Taoiseach would keep his gob shut on the issue .

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    NORRIEM on 4TH DECEMBER 2018 11:29 PM


    And in tonight’s news





    For McJay – Wall Street plummets














    Goodnight to you all





    Cheers , Norrie.



    Wall street plummets………………….yesterday`s news.


    Wall street booms………………………..tomorrows news.

  23. Donald Trump wants the Whitehouse painted…



    Chinese guy quotes 3 million


    German guy quotes 7 million


    Irish guy quotes 10 million



    Trump asks the Chinese guy how did you quote?


    He said:


    1 million for paint


    1 million for labour


    1 million profit



    He asked the German


    He said:


    3 million for paint


    2 million for labour


    2 million profit



    He asked the Irish


    He said:


    4 million for me


    3 million for you


    3 million to the Chinese guy to paint it….



    The Irish guy got the job :-)

  24. Macjay.



    You go first. Name the successful non socialist countries and the periods of success.




    We can check your answers in the morning.




  25. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    CONEYBHOY on 4TH DECEMBER 2018 9:19 PM



    Sorry , boys.



    Went out for a while .



    Will try to respond.

  26. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SAINT STIVS on 4TH DECEMBER 2018 11:40 PM



    You answer my question first.



    To answer your question would take until the middle of next week.



    Incidentally , why would you converse with someone of whom you have such a low opinion ?

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