Lennon luxury of sharpening next week


These games all seem simple the morning after they are completed, but that only happens if the hard work is out on.

Sarajevo did enough to take the lead last night, lesser teams than Celtic would have stuttered, but that proved to be what the instigator needed.

Neil Lennon now has the luxury of using next week’s home leg to sharpen fitness where necessary, and perhaps to give one or two their first Celtic Park experience.

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  1. THE_HUDDLE on 11TH JULY 2019 7:17 PM


    As OLDTIM posted P67 on holiday not back until Monday.

  2. Moderator 2 on 11th July 2019 7:37 pm



    THE_HUDDLE on 11TH JULY 2019 7:17 PM



    As OLDTIM posted P67 on holiday not back until Monday.




    I appreciate that, I was meaning more along pop up ads issues that’s been going on for months. Doesn’t effect me as I adblock (bad boy) but there’s daily complaints and never a response to say it’s being looked at.



    The login issue is a recent problem.



    I think WinningCaptains (??) used to at least keep everyone informed of site issues.

  3. i'vehadtochangemymind on




    D’you know what – they were three lovely goals.



    Anybody seen the footage of the ghuy stopped in his car blaring out sam & Sean south as an orange band walks by- gets asked if he’s ‘coming on a cu*t at me’ by the polis – now that is one helluva a songs debate?

  4. OLDTIM…



    I’ve been told by Dena to give you a big hug from her, will that mean I get her drinks as well. 😂🕺




    I was wondering who she asked, don’t strangle me.



    Can you get in touch with Gary and ask him to come.




    Just spoke to Ryan a couple of minutes ago to ask his dad if he would come.

  7. For all the moaners that haven’t a great opinion regarding Ni.r Bitton, here’s what Neil Lennon had to say about Nir,I agree with Neil.




    NIR BITTON answered Neil Lennon’s SOS to play as a makeshift central defender in the 3-1 win over FK Sarajevo in the opening Champions League qualifier in Bosnia on Tuesday night.



    The Celtic boss admitted he is looking for a huge contribution this time out from the versatile Israeli, but revealed it is NOT likely to be at centre-half.



    Lennon praised the comeback Bhoy, returning to the starting line-up for a rare appearance after almost a year out with a complicated knee injury, as the Parkhead men just about cemented their place in the second qualifying round.



    The Irishman, who signed Bitton seven years ago in his first stint as Parkhead gaffer, believes the gifted midfielder is well on his way to recovery.



    Lennon, speaking to the Evening Times, admitted: “I’m looking for a big season from Nir – no matter what position he plays. He’s had a very good pre-season after a bad injury. It was a concerted period out for him; 10 months to a year.



    “He played a few games for me last season, but he still had a little problem with his knee. Nir went away with Israel and has come back looking really good.



    “We have now thrown down the challenge to him to step up and make an impact on the team. He has the game to do it. Nir is 27 and he’s a good athlete. There is more to come from him, but I have been very pleased with him so far.”



    The Hoops chief added: “Nir can play at the back, but it’s not ideal. Christopher Jullien isn’t up to speed yet and we are still looking to strengthen there. too. Ideally, I’d like Bitton to play in midfield, but he also showed his qualities in defence.



    “Kristoffer Ajer was outstanding, but we are looking to bring quality in. It’s not an easy process but we are working away in the background. Right-back is a key area to strengthen.”



    Bitton, who came on as a second-half substitute for Jonny Hayes in the 2-1 Scottish Cup Final win over Hearts, made some excellent passes out of defence in Bosnia, but there was one occasion in the second-half when he displayed why he is not a natural defender. He tried to play away a right-wing cross when a recognised centre-half would have hoofed the ball into the stand.



    The mishit clearance went straight to a surprised FK Sarajevo player who fluffed his return.



    On another day against a higher quality of opposition and Celtic could have been punished.

  8. Fool Time Whistle on

    For those of you having problems staying logged in or loging in and then losing your comment box.



    I found that if I log in & make a test comment at the bottom of page 1, it takes that test comment to the end of the thread & I’m back to normal.



    However if that doesn’t work I heard it at the bus stop from a wummin in Jags tap.







    I haven’t got a pink suit, But I have a Salmon Pink jacket, funnily enough I just tried it on a couple of minutes ago,and it still fits me.



    I’m also wearing a Kano foundation shirt,which I also tried on,and both look smart together,so will probably wear them on Saturday, with me staying over night I’ll be bringing a change of clothes,just in case I fall in the road,which I have done on a few occasions after drinking in the B/V.

  10. Fool Time Whistle on

    Welcome Parkheadcumsalford



    Overcame the gremlins I see.



    Nir Bitton had a good game on Tuesday & deserves his praise from the manager.



    Saw the Sandman player reviews earlier in the blog – funny, but was surprised to see he only gave Lewis Morgan 6/10 while Hayes got 6.5/10 & Sinclair got 7/10.



    I thought Morgan was more impressive than either of the other two.







    Thanks for the welcome but I have been a CQNer for about 12 years. I seldom contribute anymore because the few original demands Paul67 made of us to participate are too often ignored as folk seem to me to want to destroy what was the best Celtic blog of all.



    We have lost many of the original fine bloggers. I still look in most days but many current bloggers I simply skip past.

  12. Oldtim


    Aye, I remember you wore it at Lisbon 51 in the Kerrydale. If you say it’s Salmon, then who am I to argue with a fashionable guy like your good self.


    Enjoy Saturday bud, I’ll bring you a wee something for your wardrobe when I’m over next month.



  13. Fool Time Whistle on




    I know – I was trying to be a smartalec after your logging on travails..



    We’ve even exchanged banter a couple of times.



    Memo to self – remember to use a smiley emoji thing..




  14. Nir Bitton is a real anomoly to me. Technically gifted and often looks better when up against a mid-table SPFL team when he has time…gives me the fear against any team of quality when played at the back – who remembers Astana. Too casual, poor positionally and slow.



    I don’t know where Nir fits in to the 19/20 vintage? I want to see us replicate Christie, Callum and Rogic as a fast moving 3 in the middle. Big Nir is too passive and has no creativity.







    Please don’t bother,that’s what I’m worried about Saturday,I told my couple of pals that are doing the business for me that I don’t want anything, and to pass the message on to whoever is invited, I really don;t need anything, but thanks for the offer.

  16. Old Tim



    Have a great day on Saturday, sorry l can’t be with you, big Hoopy Birthday 🍸🍾🍀

  17. OT


    Not taking no for an answer pal.


    It’s not a bother at all. Just want to mark a special occasion for a special guy.


    So, away and have a great time with your pals at the weekend.






    Sorry to here that you can’t make it,you’ll be missed, hopefully I’ll get enough strength to get to a game or two, hopefully see in in No 1 loungue soon.







    Hopefully I will have a good time,just hope my body can cope with the excitement of meeting up with all my friends.

  20. RIP Brendan Grace


    Fantastic comedian and actor in Father Ted ,only lasted 10 days after lung cancer diagnosis.






    I’m not wearing my hat, Glasgow at this time of year is quite a dangerous place to wear a green straw hat,especially in the football season, and the 12th of July just the day before my birthday.

  22. Big Wavy


    Nir Bitton is the ideal player to have when seeing out a game. Good close pass and move; keep the ball. He can spot the killer pass, and, occasionally, have a dig from distance. Great squad player.

  23. Fool Time Whistle on

    BIG WAVY on 11TH JULY 2019 9:40 PM



    Maybe NFL will break the Enigma Code



    Bletchley Park CSC

  24. CORKCELT on 11TH JULY 2019 6:52 PM


    Belfast Council has backed down to Loyalist intimidation. Loyalists had built a bonfire structure illegally on Council Property.





    Council refused permission & told them take it down, they told Council to Eff off. Council hired Contractor to take it down, Contractor’s details leaked to Loyalists who threatened them, result Contractor’s pull out. Loyalists threaten widespread violence if the PSNI or anyone else tries to interfere with their ‘Culture’ . PSNI advise that it is likely there will be guns on the streets with danger of serious injury or death. Result Council back down, so we have a big bonfire no doubt containing an effigy of the Pope, a Tri Colour or two plus a few more surprises and the lot will go up in flames. Well after all that is their culture.








    I read this last few days with the self entitlement of the people involved really idiotic.



    summed up,



    if we want to build a gigantic toxic bonfire, with tyres and blue painted pallets, to tell the catholics how much we hate them then thats our culture. and dont you dare interupt us.



    30 years from now , they will be a burden on the united ireland health system.

  25. Our young attackers are learning from the best – Damien Duff.



    One of the greatest wing players of his generation.



    Also agree with OT67 in relation to Nir Biton – such an elegant and intelligent footballer.



    Hit the Double 9 Celtic, and demoralise the zombie once more – they’ll be back again trying to stop the 10, then it’s curtains for them, if they survive another season that is.



    For every fiver they have spent thus far, Celtic have spent a ton.



    Go get em Lenny.



    HH. 🍀

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