Lessons learned in bad times


Celtic are arguably better off for players for the No. 10 role than any other position.  David Turnbull is the current preferred occupant, but Ryan Christie was the man in possession before he was moved to the right, while Tom Rogic got the nod on Monday and Olivier Ntcham has played there before.  This almost certainly explains why we have seen so little of Ewan Henderson, a player who has never let us down and provided a memorable start to the second Neil Lennon era at Tynecastle two years ago.

One of the truisms in football is that you learn more from bad times than good.  This season’s big lesson was delivered during a dead rubber Europa League game, moving David Turnbull and Ismaila Soro from the stand to the pitch transformed Celtic.

Ewan is no more a right sided midfielder than David Turnbull, but his substation into the action on Monday, allowed David to move into the middle, where he created and converted the chance Celtic scored from.  Both must start against Livingston.

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    Ewan is no more a right sided midfielder than David Turnbull



    why would we play another player out of position.

  2. My head office is in Dubai and they are in the office when the gov allows; which is most of the time. 3 times in the last few months someone has got Covid and everyone sent home for a few days and deep clean. All other worldwide offices , including mine have been working from home most of the last year



    Even with that backdrop, our annual ‘launch’ in a couple of weeks will not involve any of the Dubai staff congregating in a hotel. Will all be done on Teams.



    We didn’t just do what we did ‘the last 4 years’

  3. lets all do the huddle on

    The apology is only to the Celtic fans. Not going to go down well with SMSM or ScotGov




    nothing to apologise to anyone else for



    this trip was sanctioned by the government



    from a wider covid perspective it has had no effect on covid numbers bar 1 footballer



    contrast that to the catastrohpic decisions made by uk governments that have cost countless lives, countless jobs and burdened us with higher taxes for decades to come



    celtic are the main casualty out of this



    all the bleating by the government is a deflection tactic to steer the story away from these facts



    and the hun media are just wanting to get stuck in



    fk them all

  4. Hi Bhoys



    Peter Lawwell interview was nearly as stomach turning as the share holders meeting one.


    Pre loaded questions and he still stuttered and stammered his replies. Very unconvincing.


    No serious questions about the clubs performance and direction. No addmitance that we never reached the ceiling we were all hoping for and what the next step will be to address the problems that now exist. His dragging of charity work and donations into the equation was frankly disgusting.






    On a lighter note some bhoys were posting music earlier






















  5. For me it’s affected us more than other club for the following:


    * refereeing – none of our fans, home and away checking each official individually and collectively for 2 hours. The refs have gone beyond rogue this season and have no supporters to answer to and that includes those playing against der hun.



    *Our support, so heavily praised by everyone world-wide, funnily enough has an influence on our team- who of that huh? Adversely der hun have not suffered the abuse they would normally have 0-0 with motherwell at half time.



    I would argue, in Scotland and the special circumstances we have (hun refs trying to hide it) this has affected us more than any club here. The job we do as a support in this country is huge and we’ve been missed, sadly.

  6. Favourite Uncle: Breithlá sona duit.



    Can’t believe you are 75. I was struggling behind you as we walked down Grafton Street😁😁😁

  7. Scaniel – regards Philip Tartaglia, I lived upstairs from his family in Dennistoun. Was closer to his younger brothers and went to school with Gerard in Riddrie. Philip would sometimes play football with us in the street and I remember him fondly. Such a nice family. It’s so sad to see him gone suddenly today.

  8. SFTB



    As for sacking the CEO- don’t care much. It might save us a bit of money as he’s grossly overpaid for his responsibilities but it would be a ritual sacrifice, as it often is with coaches too and it is unlikely to see any change in direction just a new face for us to scapegoat.





    Peter Lawell is inextricably linked with being a particular style of CEO. He is all powerful at the Club. He does not delegate the running of the football department of the Club to a Director of Football with full control over a football budget. Lawell wants to do this himself. He has no more expertise than many fans in his knowledge about the actual game itself, the quality or lack of, of particular football players etc. He can’t tolerate managers who want to run the team without interference. Something We valued in Jock Stein but we are supposed to turn a blind eye to when Brendan Rodgers demands the same. Many on here have been demanding the appointment of a DoF with full responsibility for a football budget negotiated at the start of the season and no further interference in player recruitment from the CEO.



    As for Neil Lennon. As I’ve said previously, your continued support of Neil is commendable. However, our victory over Barcelona, almost 8 years ago is continuously cited to disparage those who criticise Neil’s record in Europe. I think we should also remember Sion, Braga, Utrecht, Cluj, Copenhagen and Braga in the interests of providing balance.




    agree ,was thinking the same from re P67 but can’t understand why he would create a position for Ewan that he can’t play namely right midfielder .

  10. What a, shambles of an apology. A disgrace in fact.


    Apologised for going then spent 4 mins justifying the decision to go.


    An utter disgrace. Blames pandemic for a poor season, not him or his puppet in the dugout.

  11. Oh dear. There’s that phrase again – ‘dead rubber’.



    I suppose calling defeats dead rubbers saves us having to actually analyse them.



    Still astonished that someone referred to the defeat to sevco at the end of 2019 as a dead rubber. It wasn’t. It was a warning. We failed to take it. We are 21 points behind now.



    Maybe we should cal all defeats dead rubbers. We could years unbeaten.

  12. We normally come back from Dubai and kick on for the season.



    Do some not want that to happen? Are we now officially covid quick news?



    If it was going to help us, Celtic, and it was not unlawful, and we weren’t planning on infecting any carehomes, then I think that’s why the decision (at the time) was justified.



    You then get an apology and an admittance that, in retrospect, the outcome wasn’t desired. Also that previous to then the only outbreaks we have had were from players away with international teams. That’s 9 months without internal case of Covid.

  13. 67 European Cup Winners on

    ROCK TREE BHOY on 13TH JANUARY 2021 5:54 PM


    I appreciate your opinion



    I love the quote “why have you got the hots for Paul67”



    On this blog on numerous occasions i have complimented our host with much aplomb – he runs the greatest blog our club has so maybe I do have the hots for him – but it’s for exactly that reason I ask a simple question



    Now if you do not think the question is relevant – that’s fine


    But IMHO there is no greater question regarding our club at this moment in time



    BTW I have also waxed lyrical about the brilliant work PL has done in his time at Celtic


    But his historical performance does not give him a free ride when we are in freefall



    There is something wrong our host should not be ignoring it



    Hail Hail my friend




  14. MartinM1980



    Kick on you say? You mean like 13 folk isolating as, a result of Dubai and, dropping another 2 points late in the game from a set piece? The very thing we were meant to be eradicating during the break.?



    Dubai was, a jolly bhoys outing. No more, no less and Lawwell and Lennon head should roll.



    If either are at Celtic beyond Easter I will not renew.

  15. PL has been told to do that interview with in house club media, he talked about how benificial Dubai has been in the 4 previous years, however does he not have a TV, did the other board members raise concerns, were they all of the same mind, if so thinking questioning and being independent is not happening.


    More serious for me is that the Medical Department of Celtic Football Club did not stop this trip, allowed a player to travel 7000miles a week after rupturing knee ligaments, did not one see an issue with this and stop it dead in its tracks,maybe they were over ruled who knows, its looks to me a disaster of decision making at all levels, its not going away either.


    The issue with PL the manager coaches and direction the club is taking continue.

  16. Risk at the time said go.



    Only reason the huns didn’t go is that they couldn’t afford it and that half their squad had to get sti treatments when they returned after obtaining services from sex workers

  17. onenightinlisbon on

    MARTIM1980 on 13TH JANUARY 2021 6:15 PM



    Get real and listen to the interview.



    Basically says we are sorry but…………….



    Maybe you are related to him and cannot think for yourself?

  18. …any positive news from the huns?






    Very conveniently left to themselves, undisturbed by any interrogative questioning, just to get on with the important business of being ahead.




  19. onenightinlisbon on

    MARTIM1980 on 13TH JANUARY 2021 6:57 PM



    This has to be one of your best….



    Spoke yesterday about people on here making comments about things they know nothing about yet you spout this about Sevco players.

  20. One night you never answered your favourite Celtic memory earlier.



    Not related to anyone employed by Celtic.

  21. onenightinlisbon on

    MARTIM1980 on 13TH JANUARY 2021 7:01 PM



    Can you back up your statement is all I am saying.



    You are very quick to have a go on here with the very same question.

  22. That’s a new one.



    Never enjoys Celtic.


    Constantly attacks Celtic.


    Defends the huns.



    One night are you a hun or just sad?

  23. 67 European Cup Winners on




    Ah we mourn together and there is comfort in that- regardless of when and how each of us saw the wheels come off



    My focus now is on what happened to us, our empire has crumbled


    I have an opinion that it cannot be rebuilt by those who reigned when it crumbled



    Now DD is non moveable – so all roads lead to him and his actions will shape our future



    if DD is cool with PL then in my opinion we have a hill to climb


    If PL is cool with NL we have a mountain to climb



    The litmus test is simple ask any given Hun


    Should PL and NL stay – I think your average Hun would want them both to stay


    For me that’s reason enough to change



    Im off for a bottle of Red, Mrs 67 ECW is toiling in the kitchen



    have a good night