Lessons learned in bad times


Celtic are arguably better off for players for the No. 10 role than any other position.  David Turnbull is the current preferred occupant, but Ryan Christie was the man in possession before he was moved to the right, while Tom Rogic got the nod on Monday and Olivier Ntcham has played there before.  This almost certainly explains why we have seen so little of Ewan Henderson, a player who has never let us down and provided a memorable start to the second Neil Lennon era at Tynecastle two years ago.

One of the truisms in football is that you learn more from bad times than good.  This season’s big lesson was delivered during a dead rubber Europa League game, moving David Turnbull and Ismaila Soro from the stand to the pitch transformed Celtic.

Ewan is no more a right sided midfielder than David Turnbull, but his substation into the action on Monday, allowed David to move into the middle, where he created and converted the chance Celtic scored from.  Both must start against Livingston.

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  1. Same crap posts every 5 mins one night.



    Nothing constructive.



    Moan after moan. No recollection of great Celtic moments.



    Even moaning about the early 90s earlier.



    No joy when we score. No suggestions of constructive improvement.



    Just seems like you’ll take any attention you can and your tactic is to moan constantly making the blog a pretty crap read.



    Sorry had to say it.

  2. SEAN THORNTON on 13TH JANUARY 2021 6:55 PM


    Could be worse…


    Reading that Barcelona are a billion dollars in debt.






    Don’t worry UEFA will be all over this with their stringent FFP rules….. oh wait

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Well that really went well!


    A mistake WITH HINDSIGHT??? Oh dear!


    As for the bit at the end about maximising the potential and taking the club as far as we possibly can – where do you even start with that garbage? Seventeen years and we’re still at Neil Lennon and the old firm!


    I suppose it could just about have been worse, but only if he had said the trip couldn’t have been anything to do with him because he was at Pizza Express when it was planned.

  4. MCPHAIL BHOY on 13TH JANUARY 2021 7:13 PM



    Barcelona’s turnover is 840.8 million Euros. As far as I’m aware, they aren’t in breach of FFP.

  5. onenightinlisbon on

    MARTIM1980 on 13TH JANUARY 2021 7:10 PM



    So sorry I don’t meet your high standards but as I have said before just scroll past and refrain from mentioning me. Maybe one day I will reach your lofty peak of blog greatness.

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I’ll need to go back and listen to the PL piece again.



    I’m reading things on here that he supposedly said that I obviously must have missed.

  7. The easy point to miss in all of this is the damage to the Celtic brand. Hopefully we will soon be looking for a new manager, we are always looking for players and sponsors. At the moment we are the team who went to Dubai in lockdown. Irrespective of the nuances of the situation, those are the facts as they will be understood by the man in the street. For our CEO to then appear and say that he does not see that the trip was morally wrong ( listen to his answer to the second question ) leaves me completely flabbergasted. Would you like to work under Mr Lawell? And if not then don’t bother hoping for a decent manager.

  8. One night I am aware i have no gravitas on here, doesn’t stop from putting over my tuppence worth, but I usually try and back it.

  9. SFTB



    great post earlier ,remember the old saying



    “some peeple are never happy unless they’ re moaning

  10. onenightinlisbon on

    MARTIM1980 on 13TH JANUARY 2021 7:25 PM



    As I said please don’t refer to me again.

  11. onenightinlisbon on

    SID on 13TH JANUARY 2021 7:26 PM



    I agree and having to justify your presence her by listing your favourite Celtic moment?

  12. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    Good reply – no probs – cheers mate.



    10 attempts to log in on different devices. Finally comment box appears. Politely post the minimum dot (.). My post appears. Seconds later, papped out, while attempting to get to Page 7. Post disappears. Just sick of it. Aff oot.

  14. Or Sid



    The person is completely bemused by the behaviour hence asking outright and you are straight in to undermine that in order to facilitate the continuation of the mental posts.

  15. The club love a good sob story to convince the gullibles season books are just around the corner.



    1. Res 12 swept aside – cheating allowed.


    2. New club to keep titles = not a peep from the man that said give me the bullet and I’ll fire it.


    3. Let our best manager leave after promising him the world in transfers and gave him little after he won everything in Scotland and done what was asked of him.


    4. Continually going into CL qualifiers with a midfielder playing as a CH who couldn’t get a game in Midfield for us.


    5. 5WA = not a peep from Pedro.


    6. Biggest rivals allowed to win their first title and we haven’t even put up a fight.


    7. Never interviewed another manager for the job = unforgivable.


    8. 10IAR gone and handed to our rivals on a plate and we didn’t even put up a challenge.


    9. Dubai trip.



    A Message to the three amigos – LAWWELL LENNON & DESMOND.



    Your legacy has been tarnished forever and what you’ve done this season is a total clusterf**k because you allowed a bang average Sevco to run away with the title and that is a unforgivable.



    As long as Pedro gets his bonus then f**k everything else.



    If any of the three amigos care for our club and the fans they would leave ASAP and make sure the right people coming in who are willing to take us forward.

  16. onenightinlisbon on

    I just wonder if Lennon, Lawwell & Desmond are oblivious to the damage they are doing to their own reputations? As stated so eloquently by Sutton 1888….

  17. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Martin1980 @7.10 – it’s a social media thing.



    I came across a fascinating stat the other day that in the UK and US, 10% of Twitter users post 80% of the tweets.



    CQN is a microcosm of Twitter whereby the same people make the same point over and over again on a daily basis.



    Makes you wonder what their motives are.

  18. everyone supports Celtic in their own way based on their own character, always been the way



    The difference now is that:



    1. we sit beside the same people at the game most of the time


    2. we listen to the same people’s views online most days



    As such, the same arguments perpetuate and we get on each others thruppenny bits. In the old days you stood with different people and talked to different people in the pub



    On a positive note, no matter our opinions at the game; we all hug and cheer a goal and everyone on here does the same during the match.



    It’s all about a big melting pot the Celtic and we are allowed to fall out; just try not to say offensive things

  19. Onenightinlisbon


    And that question is for me the most puzzling aspect of this whole insubstantial pageant. ( bit of culture there )

  20. onenightinlisbon on

    MARKIEBHOY on 13TH JANUARY 2021 7:41 PM



    The chance to create history, not to mention the huge financial spin off that achieving the ten would bring surely must have impacted on them?



    Like the culture bit btw!

  21. MNCELT on 13TH JANUARY 2021 6:38 PM


    Scaniel – regards Philip Tartaglia, I lived upstairs from his family in Dennistoun. Was closer to his younger brothers and went to school with Gerard in Riddrie. Philip would sometimes play football with us in the street and I remember him fondly. Such a nice family. It’s so sad to see him gone suddenly today.




    There were a lot of good families in Dennistoun which I was lucky to get to know. As a wee Bhoy from Bute they brought me into the Celtic family and taught me so much. I didn’t really know Philip’s family, only Philip but I did meet his Mother once…… which was nice.


    Our paths took drastically different routes, but I’m sure we both found contentment with our different destinations.

  22. Martim



    You’re the one with the mental posts. You’re trying to defend the Dubai trip. 90 % of the support were totally against it, yet your in the 10% ever wondered why that is?

  23. Onenightinlisbon


    I just think that Neil Lennon will struggle to get another job, Peter Lawell will retire when he leaves and Dermott Desmond has a lot of other interests and Celtic is not at the top of his list. So they really possibly have no future to damage.




    Thanks for relaying that , it gives some relief.



    You do wonder the motiviation. Gave up twitter for a similar reason. Lost it’s fun and became pr and agenda driven.

  25. Hot Smoked – you posted on here recently that the entire Covid situation likely isn’t helping in terms of many of us dealing with football bad news and adversity.



    I can only speak for myself in saying that a bit of Celtic success always does wonders for my personal morale. And it would be have been especially welcome at this time.



    HH jg

  26. onenightinlisbon on

    MARKIEBHOY on 13TH JANUARY 2021 7:46 PM



    So it’s really just a job to the three of them? No real love of the club or the fans?

  27. Not going to agree with the “alleged” group for populism sake.


    If we could lawfullly go and those in charge(the one’s that group you mentioned will never be) thought it was best then I’ll back it. Warm weather training better for athletes.

  28. such a cold, sterile, and harsh perspective…………..


    And so much of it!