Lessons learned in bad times


Celtic are arguably better off for players for the No. 10 role than any other position.  David Turnbull is the current preferred occupant, but Ryan Christie was the man in possession before he was moved to the right, while Tom Rogic got the nod on Monday and Olivier Ntcham has played there before.  This almost certainly explains why we have seen so little of Ewan Henderson, a player who has never let us down and provided a memorable start to the second Neil Lennon era at Tynecastle two years ago.

One of the truisms in football is that you learn more from bad times than good.  This season’s big lesson was delivered during a dead rubber Europa League game, moving David Turnbull and Ismaila Soro from the stand to the pitch transformed Celtic.

Ewan is no more a right sided midfielder than David Turnbull, but his substation into the action on Monday, allowed David to move into the middle, where he created and converted the chance Celtic scored from.  Both must start against Livingston.

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  1. Spotted this piece from 2016


    Laxalt is currently on loan from Inter Milan, although Genoa are said to have an option to buy at the end of the season. With the midfielder’s consistent play and being a constant in the side every week, it is highly likely the club will make his loan permanent. However, with the success that Laxalt has had this season, it is completely logical he will find pastures new. Although Inter will more than likely sell him than bring him back. According to Transfer Markt, Laxalt is valued at just under £3.5 million, a nice price for English Premier League sides to swoop in and buy a hard working midfielder.



    Not a left back then and his Celtic page says he wins 48% of headers, he’s not a bloke I would put in at left back in a struggling defence. Frimpong wins 30% of his headers in case anyone was wondering why we concede so often from set pieces.

  2. SID ( in response to SFTB ) @ 4.28



    Hope you’re well.



    Which U – Turn have I made unannounced?



    I’ve been critical of Celtic’s board since CQN was Blogger.com with around 30 regulars, doesn’t mean I can’t be supportive also. I deduce from your reply to SFTB, we’re on the Neil Lennon is just a pure shy*e manager multi thread that’s been here, since he was in the shower and appointed permanently at Hampden two titles and a Scottish Cup ago?



    I’ll leave the defence of Neil Lennon to the factually based eloquence and encyclopaedic knowledge of SFTB ( you should sit beside him at a match – ooofffttt ) and one or two others, anyway all water under the bridge as far as I’m concerned. What I will say is that Neil Lennon knows without the CQN ( and elsewhere’s ) tedium of how sh8te he really is, that his days at Celtic are limited.



    FWIW I think he got the job on merit because those doing the choosing ‘thought’ he was the right choice even though he himself had doubts, never mind doubters. I fully, and unconditionally back Neil Lennon even whilst he’s ignominiously absent, because those doing the choosing thought his wasteful transfer spend along with Dubai was fine as well.



    I understand what the board decided to do and it was done due to ‘their own limitations,’ when results began to fail. They must be very careful in our next move, and hope they’ll think long and hard before they give us something ‘better’ in NL’s place. This campaign was over before it was begun properly, and I’m confident I saw the writing on the wall as early as most rational supporters.

  3. TINYTIM on 13TH JANUARY 2021 5:14 PM









    ‘Has anyone given any thought as to what would happen if both PL and Lenny resigned with immediate effect?’








    Have you considered the possibility that the greatest obstacle to finding a top flight manager prepared to take the job is that Peter Lawwell is CEO?

  4. Att Big Jimmy,



    If Pub is to Public House, is Bar to Beer and Alcohol Room.




  5. NORRIEM on 13TH JANUARY 2021 5:21 PM



    Spot on mate. Our club can only have a chance to reach its full potential when lie-wwel is gone

  6. onenightinlisbon on

    “Pandemic has affected us more than other clubs” Lawwell…..




    We put our own players at risk by flying them half way around the world.



    Condescending and insincere – Lawwell trademarks.

  7. Sid



    I know that you have addressed your question to SFTB .


    Please forgive my intrusion.



    I personally don’t think that sacking PL or Lenny is the correct thing to do unless we have a better man ready to replace them.



    I do think that PL and Lenny are most responsible for the mess that we are in,and that in time they will move on because of it .




  8. Philip Tartaglia: A Memory.


    Many on here, and I suspect Connaire12 knows better than most, are commemorating Philip’s kindness, thoughtfulness and maybe even his holiness. I shall be remembering and appreciating his prowess on the football field. Philip wasn’t the most mobile of players but he had skill aplenty and could certainly see a pass – think of a slightly tubby ( sorry,Philip) Tom Rogic.


    Right now I’m thinking of standing next to Philip in the old enclosure in front of the main stand roaring his head off in appreciation of The Lions. Most of all, I’m remembering being alongside Philip as we watched The Lions win the Big Cup. I’m sure If he’s with them now then he’ll be a happy chappie.

  9. BB



    Richard Harris is the one man i would like to have had a pint with (when alive)



    I bet you would be amazed at his stories.

  10. Bournesoupprecipe



    Thanks for the reply, while i didn’t think NL was the right fit for a club who buys so many projects my main gripe is with our CEO.



    We’ve now been embarassed, allowed every one a kick at us and lost 2 points so far, the buck stops with the CEO.



    Interested to know your opinion so ill ask you the same question as SFTB.



    Do you think our CEO should be sacked? Thanks HH

  11. I got a personal text from big Pete, an act of contrition if ever there was one.



    I bet yir aw jealous.

  12. PL interview……



    ‘In hindsight…..’ leaders are judged on foresight, not hindsight.



    The Celtic Trust – don’t you dare hide behind the efforts and fundraising of the support



    No club has been harder financially – really? Go tell that to Ross County, St Mirren, East Fife. Who else had 60,000 fans stump up £500 each for a dodgy feed?



    HH jg

  13. ECW67



    You did indeed know before me we’d lose the league but you didn’t know we’d lose it so spectacularly, or in such self inflicted manner.



    We might have lost it even quicker if they’d sacked Neil Lennon, we’ll never know. What we do know is that they’d never even thought about replacing him until ‘ the bad run ‘ was in full flow.



    Mibbees they still haven’t did the ‘January review ‘ they promised.




  14. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    We need to speak about Peter!!



    The fact that we are not speaking about Peter raises a few questions (in my mind anyway)



    Last night there was one or two writing with passion about our CEO it clearly generates debate



    So why is our host not leading with the hot issue ??



    Is our host deflecting the issue



    Has our host been “advised” by PL to change the subject



    Is our host delusional and is not aware we are in free fall






    For the life of me I can’t understand why you have got the hots for Paul 67,



    Yes he is the host but he lets you post whatever you like on here,



    if you want to post about our CEO there is nothing to stop you,



    every day we have a raft of posters hammering in to our CEO,



    think even I had a dig the other day,



    so if its all about deflection from the CEO then clearly its not working,



    we have got multiple problems at our club right now,



    here’s another thought for the day – Paul67 isn’t one of them.

  15. A complete embarrassing ramble by Peter I am stunned by his arrogance in that statement.



    I hate to criticize anything to do with my club. But while PL is still there I am finished with my money going to club enough is enough .

  16. SID



    “Are you trying to say I’ve been predicting we lose the league every year? That’s preposterous. I’ve said it one year, this year. That’s how your post reads, please retract that. ”





    Here’s what I said with the important bit highlighted:-



    “I am happy to own the 5 occasions I got it wrong. I don’t expect the negativists to own up to the 12 they called wrong, or whatever number you were around for.”



    The last you is ambiguous. It should read as ” whatever number of lost leagues you were predicting”. If it is only one prediction of failure in your case, you are in a very small minority. There is a post stating “if we play like this we will lose the league” or a variant of it, every year, including the early stages of the Invincible Year.



    You did well not to join in during any of those years, if you were on CQN.



    As for sacking the CEO- don’t care much. It might save us a bit of money as he’s grossly overpaid for his responsibilities but it would be a ritual sacrifice, as it often is with coaches too and it is unlikely to see any change in direction just a new face for us to scapegoat.



    A coach with a great record in the notoriously difficult world of American Football, Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers, who has never had a losing season is under pressure too. His crime was to win the first 11 games of the season, with a team that nobody thought would or could win the Superbowl, finish top of his division with a 12 win 4 loss record, as they relaxed and tried to let injured players heal. But then he had the temerity to lose the first post-season play off game to divisional rivals and long time diddy team, but divisional rivals, The Cleveland Browns. Now he is considering his position.



    That is the daft world of the football fan. Somebody must pay for my expectations, however unrealistic, being dashed. Forget what they have done, ignore what they may yet do, because what they are currently doing is unforgiveable.



    At least Mike Tomlin, if he goes, will get many job offers, but he should never be in tha position of having to go. Neil, because he has ben demonised by oie Scottish society and latterly traduced by our own fans, will struggle, it seems. Coaches who have never beaten Barcelona, won leagues with Celttic and Hibs, who helped develop players like Van Dijk, Forster and Tierney, amongst others, will strangely lack job offers as our fans are united with the huns in their low opinion of this man.

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    JACKIEMAC on 13TH JANUARY 2021 5:28 PM


    Random fact – a full kindle has a higher mass than an empty – blows my noggin that






    Ooooooooh – I do like that – and Ernie’s reply :-))



    Is that right enough – I NEED TO KNOW !!!!!






  18. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    So the Dubai fiasco finally flushes out big Peter,



    what about all the other issues Pete,



    as in we appear to be in a cul de sac with no plan on how we get out,



    or the 21 point gap at the top of the table,



    saying sorry wont get you out of that.



    Thanks for putting the link up.


    If you haven’t watched it then I encourage you to do so.


    Lawell says the Dubai trip was a “mistake” and says he is sorry.


    He is only sorry that Jullien got Covid. He still can’t see how far out his moral compass is.


    Listen to what he says. It is no appology, he’s sorry, sorry for getting caught.

  20. Tiny Tim



    Your impression that our CEO wants to clean up his mess before leaving had me covering my screen in spit lol.



    That is not the actions of the man I’m being described by 4 ex player’s and one ex coach.



    I wish people would understand no one sets out to be a Lawell hater, but when you hear stories from 5 different people confirming your beliefs what other opinion can you hold other than thinking that he is bad for the football club you love and must be removed.



    No one who apologises 4 days after the event means it, that is a PR exercise to limit damage.



    Peter must go, then we can try and rebuild, you don’t solve a problem with the mind that created it. HH

  21. SFTB



    ONLY wanted a bit of honesty … How about we have been caught out in the football dept we made a mistake with Dubai .



    We are doing everything we can to sort it ….



    Even if if you did not believe that type of thing at least it was the right thing to say

  22. I wouldn’t like to be in Big Peter’s loafers if he’s given that defence to Dermot………..


    Thinner than the thinnest thin Dime just about covers it.



    Sadly and rather surprisingly.

  23. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    while I’m passing…



    this Keep the Faith clique that regularly get a thumping on here,



    Who are they? Where are they? Anyone seen them recently?



    I heard they had got on their horse and rode out of town some time ago….



    please start posting again guys – if only to let us know you are alive and well




    “Pandemic has affected us more than other clubs” Lawwell…..



    We put our own players at risk by flying them half way around the world.






    Sorry suggest that interview had moved on by that point and he was relaying that we, the club, players have missed the support. Which is true.



    It the blatant selectiveness which irks me ine nighy. The interview is right there, but, like trump you just ignore and make your own narrative and quote out of context.

  25. A few things I noted from Lawwell’s pitch



    1. The apology is only to the Celtic fans. Not going to go down well with SMSM or ScotGov


    2. Celtic hit hardest by Covid – when lower leagues have been put in hiatus and other clubs docked points. Second time this has been said and still not true


    3. He looks really unhealthy. Only 10 years older than me but looks in my faither’s age group. Maybe his job is not as easy as we think



    This is not going to appease our detractors. Sounds like it was a pitch to Season Ticket holders. Renewal was in March last year; not far away

  26. Coneybhoy


    Yes, you are right on all points and almost unbelievably he might have made the situation worse with everyone else – way to go fella!