Limited time to build fitness for new recruits


Celtic have only one game before they meet Benfica in the Champions League, away to St Johnstone on Saturday.  The Perth team are bottom of the SPL without a win so far this season, so will not present a significant challenge, but Celtic could do with a sterner test.

Lassad Noiuoiu, Efe Ambrose and Miku Fedor each need to be stretched before they will be ready for Champions League football.  Even if they get a full 90 minutes on Saturday, so I can’t see either starting against Benfica a week on Wednesday, unless they possess uncommon natural fitness, or our injury crisis steps up a level.

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  1. blantyretim,



    hahaha, I was thinking the same earlier.



    Not really sure what that’s all about – some sort of double shirt sponsorship?




  2. Tommy Joad



    I wish Jackie and Simon all the best but I’m not sure I’d want them at CP. I hope NL is with us for a very long time to come, but to look ahead to any potential replacement, I would be looking in-house. Great to have young players coming through, but I would also love to see a young manager earning his spurs with our younger teams then progressing to the first XI.

  3. Tommy Joad



    17:41 on 9 September, 2012



    Great Comment.



    Jackie and Simon had a fantastic understanding together on the pitch. I hope they take Partick Thistle all the way up. Glasgow deserves 2 honest teams in the SPL so we can have genuine derby games.

  4. AKBW1888


    17:46 on


    9 September, 2012



    If I want to see it on Sky, I’d have to hit my favourite bar in Copenhagen, far too risky cos I work with kids and just can’t handle a hangover filled day with 25 screaming 5 and 6 yr olds lol





    17:46 on


    9 September, 2012



    Morten is the manager for the Danish U21 team now. A damn fine man as well, often seen with his son in my favourite watering hole catching up on Celtic games if he has the time. Joos Hooiveld was there often as well when he was loaned to FC Copenhagen. Seems that some players can’t get rid of the Celtic bug when it’s bitten them

  5. Philbhoy



    not sure that they are



    certainly not by me …..decent pro`s both…no better than many CFC servants over the years



    i`m happy wish them all the best all the same

  6. exiled_tim



    Cheers mate. As you know he was well liked in his time at Celtic.



    During his terrible illness he was living next door to a player of the now dead team who gave great support to him and his wife. Can’t remember who it was for now.

  7. Bloke 109



    I agree, they are nowhere near ready for Celtic (yet) and I hope Neil Lennon creates a dynasty. However, when Lambert was at Livingston no one could be sure what his managerial credentials were. When Tony Mowbray was sacked, his rise to one of the preferred candidates was complete due to an apprenticeship at Wycombe. If Jackie takes Thistle to the SPL and does well and manages hs next move, he could be top level manager.



    Philbhoy, I think he took issue with Gordon Strachan over the his plans to downsize the squad, much like Sutton and Thompson. In my eyes, both parties had a point and Jackie left, like the others. He did move to Wolves after his testimonial but in fairness, he played for Celtic for eleven years when he was never always first pick, never letting the side down, often fighting his way back to become a regular, sometimes captain. It’s exactly these attributes that will make him a successful manager.




  8. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    I thought he went to Wolves for more money.



    I could be wrong.

  9. ElDiegoBhoy


    18:02 on


    9 September, 2012



    After his first season back at Brøndby he was voted POTY and he turned up at the awards in a Celtic tartan kilt with all the trimmings, it was his way of thanking Celtic for sticking by him.



    Can’t remember where he lived so don’t know which player from oldco helped him out. I did know a decent Danish player from oldco from those days though, I married and divorced his au pair lol

  10. Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning!


    17:45 on


    9 September, 2012





    About £64.



    Well I hope Philbhoy that no one from the SFA is clocking this or they would


    probably try the same stroke with the domestic cup finals over here.

  11. Last point on Jackie MacNamara:



    Not sure I’m allowed to do this but here is a quote from Chris Sutton’s autobiography:



    ” It took him a while to get into Martin’s starting side but when he did, he became a mainstay. He wasn’t a flash player, he was selfless and his overall attitude was of the highest standard. He was a good user of the ball and a master of the scissors tackle. An intelligent guy, bit of a pretty boy, good looking lad, butter wouldn’t melt and all that stuff, but he was very aggressive. In fact he could be really horrible when he needed to be. I fell out with him once or twice. I caught him at the wrong moment during a training session and he threatened to snap me in two. I kept my mouth shut after that.”



    This is taken from a section entitled “My team of winners”.



    And this is the point – quietly spoken, unassuming, completely dedicated with the heart of a winner. I expect big things from Jackie in management.




  12. bon apetite Philbhoy,


    that sounds like a good idea I’m off to make some scan myself.


    Later’s everyone I hope you all have a cool day.


    God Bless & Come On The Hoops.

  13. As I heard it at the time Jackie Mac was offered reduced terms on his new contract based on the fact he was due to pick up a cheque for his testimonial game. Jackie apparently felt his testimonial money should have had no bearing on his contract offer, something I agreed with at the time.



    I thought he had another couple of good seasons in him at Celtic but it wasn’t to be.



    Great Celtic servant in my book.




  14. BT



    Nope. I was going to mention the sharp suited one myself but I was worried I might kick aff a bout of board bashin’!!




  15. Steinreignedsupreme



    17:29 on 9 September, 2012



    bournesouprecipe 17:12 on 9 September, 2012



    Malcolm Tucker: “How are the hacks?”



    Steve Fleming: “Ready to eat their own c***s”



    Malcolm Tucker: “They’re only journalists, they’re not Rangers supporters”






    Tucker had better be careful. That is sectarian content as far as the Zombies are concerned.



    I fear a letter-scribbling campaign could be underway with suggestions of a BBC boycott too boot.









    You imagine any Huns actually watch it?



    There’s no panel with Simon Cowell and Jean Claude Van Damme doesn’t beat the kak out of anyone so they wouldn’t be interested.

  16. BT/Broon Sauce



    PL made a pig`s ear of the Jackie Mac contract negos



    imo the contract should have been wrapped up before the testimonial …..can`t imagine as many fans turning up if they knew he was walking away



    poor business management by PL imo

  17. Apparently he only earned £500 a week more at Wolves than he had at Celtic so if that’s true it would seem Jackie’s motivations for leaving certainly weren’t financial.




  18. bournesouprecipe,



    You are like me and don’t check email regularly, so I thought I’d be radical and obtrusive and just say.



    You got Mail, Bro.

  19. Mike in Toronto on

    Good afternoon/evening lhads and lhadies






    Sad to read the news. Condolences to you and your families. Thoughts and prayers are with you all.






    Was reading back, and thought we might be able to help each other. I am interested in getting a pair of tickets for the Barca game at Celtic Park. Perhaps a third person would be interested, or alternatively, I’d be okay with splitting the costs of the tickets 50/50, and you could have the tickets for Spartak and Benfica. If you have paypal, I could forward the money to you. Any interest? If so, ask Paul67 for my email, and we can set something up.



    Just remember, I’m on Toronto time, so I’m probably not always on here when you are.




  20. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Sandman 18:22 on 9 September, 2012






    “You imagine any Huns actually watch it?



    “There’s no panel with Simon Cowell and Jean Claude Van Damme doesn’t beat the kak out of anyone so they wouldn’t be interested.”



    They don’t have to watch it to be offended. Someone in brown brogues gives them instructions and they blindly follow follow.

  21. Steinreignedsupreme on

    BroonSauce 18:25 on 9 September, 2012



    “Apparently he only earned £500 a week more at Wolves than he had at Celtic so if that’s true it would seem Jackie’s motivations for leaving certainly weren’t financial.”



    That’s £24k-a-year.

  22. Tommy Joad



    18:15 on 9 September, 2012



    Keep telling it.



    Just Keep telling it.



    As I mentioned, I hope Jackie takes the Thistle all the way up to challenging Celtic for the SPL title. The opportunity is there, especially now the cheaters have been neutralised. He was taught to play the right way and I am Thankful for that fact. Hard as possible and Fair.



    Both Sid and Jackie were quality Celts, in a combination, as they are best pals, they were sensational.



    If you watch kids football you can see incredible partnerships happen that are not allowed to flourish for whatever reason. It is very frustrating But you must be able to go from a comfort zone to a harder zone and cut it.



    I like your comments TJ but I can see why others are tackling you about their ability to step up.




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