Weeoscar4life Glasgow quiz night


The good people running the weeoscar4life campaign have been in touch and asked me to pass on information regarding the appeal and forthcoming quiz night in Glasgow later this month:

“As many of you will be aware the weeoscar4life campaign team have recently been involved in raising the profile of a wee 3 year old boy from Belfast called Oscar. Many of you have kindly supported this initiative by purchasing CQN badges and wee Oscar wristbands and taking part in the “Small Change for US, Big Change for Oscar campaign”, with the money raised all going towards getting Oscar the treatment that he so desperately needs.

The next event that we have organised to help raise the £250,000 required for Oscar’s treatment is a quiz night. This will take place on the 29th September in The Phoenix (Previously Eastenders) on the Gallowgate with a 7pm start.

The quiz will be made up of a variety of questions, 50% Celtic related and 50% general knowledge. There will be raffle prizes and we also hope to have some live music after the quiz has finished.

Tickets are priced at £5 and you can buy as many as you wish for friends and family so long as they are over 18. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to make up a team of 4/5 as we will arrange you into teams before the event. We hope to be able to offer a ‘print at home’ ticket service so that you would be able to simply bring your tickets on the night.

Until then if you can contact us at weeoscar4life@gmail.com then Wecan begin to allocate spaces to those who have expressed an interest.

Thank you once again for your continued support.”

It is sure to be a fantastic night so please book early.

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  1. Good luck with the quiz night! I’ll be cashing up my change jar in the next day or two. Here’s hoping you make the target.



  2. This (from celticwiki) caught my eye ; especially the last line :



    ” Life changed utterly for everyone at Parkhead in March 1965 when Jock stein arrived as manager. John was centre forward in the 1965 Scottish Cup final win against Dunfermline which started the great times for Celtic. In October 1965 he showed remarkable coolness when scoring twice from the spot in the 2-1 League Cup final win over Rangers which announced that Celtic were now a real force. At the final whistle the Rangers fans invaded the field and an altercation took place with several Celtic players resulting in laps of honour being banned at Hampden for many years. In May 1966 John got his first League medal but Celtic lost the Scottish Cup to Rangers in a replay through rank bad luck.”

  3. ” Rank bad luck ” is what happens when the likes of Gollum referee a match involving Celtic…….if you can call it refereeing.

  4. itsabouttim



    I think that largely depends on who ‘we’ is ……. :-)



    does anyone have any knowledge on how the new bhoys are settling into going into work in CP every day and how their families are settling in Scotland?

  5. !!Bada Bing!! – Last week I noticed Halloween costumes on sale and signs saying “book now for Christmas”.



    In just over 3 months and a fortnight they’ll be advertising summer holidays again.



    And that’s why I take a shandy.




  6. ‘Rank bad luck’ = ‘Honest mistakes’ = ‘Corrupt match officials’ = Celtic being robbed of trophies!




  7. Christmas cards on sale everywhere…..mental.


    I love giving and receiving presents, but this over-commercialisation and americanising of Christmas is ludicrous.

  8. curly – I have an idea for an alcoholic advent calendar.



    Every day you open a little window to a miniature bottle.



    Scottish kids are going to love it. (thumbsup)

  9. I hope they’re settling in well. Sadly, I’m not sure that we’ll see any of them this month – maybe the Raith game.

  10. miki67 @ 12:13



    Giving Gollum the benefit of the doubt, I think he’s just not good enough for top level games.



    Many moons ago, when I played 11s (at amateur level), one of the best stock-in put downs I remember was from a fellow player who would mock-admonish angry team-mates lambasting the ref for a bad decision by shouting, “That’s no fair, lads: the ref’s only doin’ his best.”



    Worked every time …




  11. 174 yards into a stiff, two/three club wind.


    Rescue bat drilled under the wind.


    Strike too good so ball lands 20 feet past the pin to the left.


    Uphill, then downhill putt, left to right, with about 8 feet of borrow.


    Ball never touched the sides.


    Birdie two. Next.




  12. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Estradiol National



    What a post that was …….. THANK YOU ……. I was 17 when The BIG MHAN brought the BIG CUP to Paradise…



    One thing is for sure the following quote ‘went over a few heads’ in Scottish Football, not least wattie and murray…..




    “I think it is important to win a match, but I think what is even more important is the manner in which you win.”



    Jock, take your place beside Jinky and Henrik ……..WHEN WILL WE SEE YOUR LIKES AGAIN…….. NONE CAN COMPARE …….

  13. May the force be with you.


    We will reclaim what was stolen from us and what is rightfully ours.


    Our time is now, as it was then. We just had to tolerate all the lies. No more; ever again.


    Do I sound like I’ve been reading too much of “A Song of Ice and Fire”? Probably. But the sentiments remain the same.


    Gotta go and do all the boring stuff that keeps the show rolling on.



  14. Good God!



    Talk of Xmas already?!



    Well, as we are on the subject of the festivities let me just say that a few weeks ago I spotted what I WANT this year!



    A Sharp 80″ Smart TV that, apparently, does absolutely everything!



    Only one problem ‘though – the price; €5299!




  15. Bundoran Bhoy – How are you my friend??? Great work for wee Oscar, you and the rest of the team should be very proud.



    You may have heard via Teuchter ar La, but we are having a fund raiser in the Toronto #1 club next week for Oscar; the monies raised will be forwarded shortly thereafter.



    I wish i could be there with you to help out more; all of us here at the Toronto #1, are pulling for Oscar and keeping him in our prayers.





  16. The Battered Bunnet on

    I think it is high time we recognised the peerless awesomenimity of Philvis.



    Despite the opportunity of starting a new week with a fresh podium, he instead held back, foregoing the chance to once again showcase his powers, thus allowing others the opportunity to benefit from his generous gift.



    It is our huge privilege to bask in the reflected light of his radiant altruism.

  17. Hi


    Looking for some pointers if anyone can help.



    Got a signed Celtic top that I would like to have framed, anyone recommend somewhere in the Glasgow area?




  18. The Battered Bunnet on

    Bada Bing



    In fairness to Philvis, his moto is:



    It is not the winning or losing that matters, it is the taking apart…

  19. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Chas Green Esq has offered £1M to any hillbilly who can knock ole Philvis off the podium podium.

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger


    13:15 on


    10 September, 2012



    Chas Green Esq has offered £1M to any hillbilly who can knock ole Philvis off the podium podium.






    That’s nothing an annonymous man born in Motherwell has offered a billion.

  21. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    As one lion said to the other lion as they walked down Princes Street. Quiet for a Saturday eh?

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