Samaras astonishing journey


Georgios Samaras journey over the last twelve months has been astonishing.  The player was subject to treatment by those who enjoying booing at the football and suffered the indignity of being subject to an exchange at last year’s AGM which must have made it difficult to rebuild confidence and form.

Now he is the most effective man in the team.  He was involved in six out of Celtic’s eight Champions League qualifier goals.  He has found his position, wide on the left, where he scores and creates more goals than he ever did as part of a forward two.  The space on the wing allows those long legs to stretch and get behind defenders.

I’m not paying too much attention to the scare stories which emerged from Latvia last night following his elbow injury, we will need to wait on the results of a scan to know the extent of the damage, but there is modest alarm ahead of our opening Champions League group game against Benfica in 11 days.

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  1. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul 67 –



    He’ll be missed if the injury is a bad one.



    I reckon Sami will be out for no more than a few games at most. As you say we’ll wait and see. Things may not be as bad as they seem at the moment.

  2. Sammi will be particularly missed in the CL games.



    A lot will rest on the shoulders of young Jamesy in some of those games – could be the making of him!




  3. Tallybhoy



    Forrest has a lot to learn. Play to the whistle being the most important.


    Same as Celtic, stopping today moaning for a free kick waving his arms in the air. Infuriating.

  4. Big Sammi now showing he’s the player a few of us on here knew he could be!



    Delighted for the big fella, that he doing so.



    With him and Jamesy on both flanks, we can and will give Benfica and Spartak a fright!






  5. Clashcitybhoy



    I do not disagree with a lot you say but I feel Belgium are a team on the rise and the rest of the group are, like Croatia & Serbia, in decline or have been moderate for a long time now (Scotland, Wales, Macedonia).



    Craig Brown WAS a better manager than Craig Levein and is a skilled coach and reasonable man manager. However, like Levein, he is ultra cautious but he had better defenders with which to be ultra cautious. We Bertie was not a good coach or manager but he also had the weakest generation of Scots to select from, in the post war period. Smith and McLeish are “safe” managers with reasonable coaching skills but no great motivating personality. We sometimes blame poor coaching for the quality of players we have but they are trying to work with poor tools but there are some signs that our youth generation is reasonable. Unfortunately, the best of them seem to be attackers too.



    Where will our future defenders come from?



    We knew today’s squad was weak defensively and our talent, such as it is, are in attacking positions. Jock stein would have given a freer reign to the players today to attack.

  6. Been our best player for quite some time now – quite simply he’s our talisman – much the same as Henrik was. You’d never have thought it though a few years ago!!!!!



    Get well soon Sammi – we need ya!

  7. Paul



    All I can say is – I’ve found some sort of peace with Giorgious. That’s basically me saying I’ve learned to live with him. Neither accepting nor rejecting.



    He will do what he will do.



    After the cup semi disaster I wanted him out. There were some on here went to the stadium that night and spoke to NL and he was quite candid about the longevity some players. I would not have cared if he had never kicked a ball for Celtic again.



    But he’s earned his place and the supporters’ trust back. Yet for me..?



    Neil picks him – I watch him. He’s no genius. And he never will be.




  8. .



    The Token Tim


    17:35 on


    8 September, 2012


    Big Sammi now showing he’s the player a few of us on here knew he could be!






    ^Coughs in Anticipation..^




  9. dksglen,



    that is a very valid point, he should IMO be by that stage.



    Watching the Helsingborg away game Andy Townsend said as much too. Very exciting talent, but get on with the game and chase back when you lose the ball. less of the arm waving greeting for a foul.



    But that will come I have no doubts of that.






  10. Sammy will be a massive loss in the CL


    ideal for counter attack football ..


    And showing maturity/pedigree in Europe .


    This is massive .

  11. SOS,






    Yep my good man, you were ever in the vanguard for Sammi !






  12. Ten Men Won The League




    Agreed, they are just on a Jolly Boys’ Outing, with no regard for the game or it’s governance.

  13. And trust me…


    Benfica barca and Moscow will be pleased that he is out …


    Regardless what others think …


    No defender would relish pushing up to the half way line with sammy close by

  14. Sammi is now the first name on the team sheet and rightly so. He will be a big, big loss in the Champions League.






    While I am also a paid up member of the WGS fan club (the guy who sits next to me at Celtic Park reckons I am Sammi’s biggest fan), I can’t see someone who speaks so eloquently about Celtic in public being persona grata at the SFA.

  15. Said it long before now – Sammi is Celtic’s best player. His injury is a major blow to our chances in the Champions League.



    Hope Lassad and Miku hit the ground running.

  16. Big Sammi will be a huge loss. He seems to run by players at ease although his decision making and finishing is poor when he is on the move, there is plenty of room for improvement, but I suppose if he could do it all he would not be with us.




  17. Valentine’s Day




    17:43 on 8 September, 2012



    Seriously? Some of the best football I’ve seen involved Brazil, Hungary and other national sides.

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