Managerial appointments


Middlesbrough finished a point off the play-offs in the English Championship last season, which was not enough to save manager, Tony Pulis, from the sack.  Pulis is an experienced hand with teams fighting relegation from the Premiership or looking for promotion to it, having worked at Stoke, Crystal Palace and West Brom.

A month after the sacking, Middlesbrough gave rookie, Jonathan Woodgate, the job, with former Celtic striker, Robbie Keane his assistant.

Football teams have a tendency to overcompensate for their last perceived mistakes when appointing a manager.  Pulis was taken from a regular, if uninspiring, stock.  They have not made that ‘mistake’ with Woodgate.

The former Real Madrid defender will bring colour and excitement to the Riverside, at least in the short-term, but his chances of out-performing Pulis next season are open to debate.  Middlesbrough have the resources to attract managerial talent from most leagues in Europe or South America.  While these territories have worked well for others seeking improvement in England, there are significant risks.

Like Sunderland, who appointed St Mirren manager, Jack Ross, a year ago, they could have looked to less-risky Scotland, but can you name an appropriate candidate who would be up for this one?

Appointing a rookie is a big roll of the dice, to be avoided if possible.  But anyone who tells you appointing a sure-fire success is easy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  All you can hope to do is avoid sure-fire failures.

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  1. Seen an earlier discussion



    Having absolute zero interest in current politics I was kinda surprised that Rory Stewart is in the running for Conservative leader…



    …does that mean Jacobites have to vote for him!?



    …do the Jacobite brexiteers get to insist ní Francaigh ná Spáinnigh…






    Hail Hail

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Bobo was well within his rights to honour his contract, which was signed by Peter Lawwell.

  3. SFTB 10.08



    Cheers for the mention, but the internet is an easy place for people to twist everything they read or even mis-read, or even don’t read :-)






    Hope you have a lovely Father’s Day and I do realise you are sticking to your principles (morals?) although professional football/sport is probably not the place for any of that kind of stuff… I think you have previously posted you will not let your child(ren) daughter ? be brought up with Celtic because of the board/cheating/morality …. which is your right as a parent … you would prefer supporters to withhold their season ticket money to flush out the board … what’s your opinions of the Kano Foundation who are actively getting children (more influence on my own child than me in 10yrs trying) involved in following Celtic… actually getting kids from primary whose parents can not afford season tickets or even s match day ticket ? Should they withhold their support ? Should kids who could never afford to see the team not have that opportunity ? Should we not just let them enjoy the football ? Or is it … we hate the board stuff everything else ?



    I would say you give CQN and any internet site far more credence than they deserve, I would say it’s probably less than 5% of the actual Celtic support and that’s me rounding up .. still many Celtic fans know hee-haw or actually even care about Res12, but probably 100% realise the Huns cheated … and around 94% want a team from Govan to play/beat… the other 6% are moaning online (rounding up again :-)






    Even if it’s just to let her know about the cheats and the difference from right or wrong, let your wee yin discover Celtic :-)



    Hail Hail

  4. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Watched a new series on Netflix last night called BLACK SPOT.


    Now, it wasn’t the most exiting program i’ve ever seen, and admittedly


    i was looking through a wee glass of the rid biddy mostly.


    But my interest was raised considerably when The Celtic Tribes started


    getting mentioned, and apparently they used to meet up in caves etc


    hang tribal mementoes on walls, trees, to ward off many oppressors.


    Suppose it’s still a bit like that nowadays, i’ve personally met fine


    Celts in what i would class as a cave, specially in Glesgy, and even now


    in Oz we are hanging our Celtic emblems on trees in parks on our bbq




    Where is all this going ? you are asking, well our usual monthly Celtic


    meet up this Sunday is at a different venue.. Mr Paul’s bistro..top of


    Main st Mornington.


    Don’t think it’s a cave but i’ve no doubt Paddymacoz will have our Celtic


    tribe colours hanging everywhere lol.


    2.0 clock kick off with our big rebel Richie starting our legendary Celtic chants


    See you all there.




    H.H Mick

  5. The Celtic CEO is not paid £3m per year, I think it is around £900k odd (upper, towards £1m). The additional bonus in the last year was accrued over 3 years. Whether or not that is value is another matter.

  6. Late March I hope the 800 Beachballers are Beachballing Big Style.



    Keep the Faith.



    Never interfere with Israeli Politics.






    The Big Man.



    Who Actually Knows Anything?



    Who has been fed Sh!t All their Life?



    Good Luck new Generation of Google.

  7. Transfer Style Guide



    (30) Should any club agree a transfer fee Celtic for one of their players, and that club issues a statement, as such, there will follow a period of up to 48 hours news embargo (or silence). If an agreement on terms, and wages is not reached, then all hell will be unleashed on ‘ Celtic’s flawed wage structure, and or general transfer policy’ with ad hominem attacks on the Celtic ‘biscuit tin mentality’

  8. FRIESDORFER @ 11:58 PM,



    “The Celtic CEO is not paid £3m per year, I think it is around £900k odd (upper, towards £1m). The additional bonus in the last year was accrued over 3 years. Whether or not that is value is another matter.”






    …that’s the cruix of the matter.



    Hail Hail

  9. ” The Celts are ready to hand Motherwell a club record fee but are notorious for offering lower wages when they take players in from other Scottish clubs.



    The Daily Express 15/06/19 ( never lets you down for hurt )

  10. No problem with ads on android mobile with adblock plus. As a double banker, use DuckDuckGo browser – absolutely brilliant.

  11. It’s our Future



    Ewan Henderson has his head up and looking for that killer pass.



    The Maestro was a Brilliant tackler like so many Celts back in the day.



    The very Best wishes to Andy Robertson. There is no doubt in my Mind that Kieran is easily the Best defender between the 2 and he is at least 2 years younger.



    If I was Scotland Manager I’d have Kieran @ LB and Andy LM.

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