Manchester City v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.



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  1. Yes, it’s all about the flying burger, what a load of s…, it’s actually embarrassing how low the media will go to get a negative story about Celtic.



    In fact it’s like reading some the CT propaganda posts on here.



    I’m off to the Celtic shop in the toon to get some Celtic gear for the gran waens in Canada.



    Mon the hoops.



    Lurking Huns. Feck me a bet your beelin this morning, well! GIRFUYs

  2. A Celtic fan that threw a burger at a horse? That takes the brisket. He made an absolute foal of himself – he’s clearly not stable. It’s a real patty as, in the mane, the rest of the support were maginificent.

  3. How do you knit ‘staple diet’ into a one liner about a horse and a burger?



    Anyways too early for that. Great performance, good reading back. Highlights KevJ at 4.05am and the evergreen CCB.



    Till Later.

  4. Just watched the game this morning.Was playing darts in a Turkish bar last night,and they had on the Besiktas game.They were going apeshit at our refereeing ambassador,Big Craig.He wont be holidaying in Turkey,ever.


    Broony was absolutely immense.What an inspiration.Armstrong blossoming alongside him.Rogic,brilliant.Wee Izzy stuck to his task well.The whole team were excellent.


    I won through to the darts Final last night,but its on Hogmanay .Need to see what time this Monkey game is at.

  5. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    KEVJUNGLE on 7th December 2016 4:05 am



    Kev, good post. I agree with a lot of it, but a wee bit of context.



    I was in the lower tier right beside the barrier (and 3 foot gap) the split the Celtic and City fans. The Provo songbook came out more in response to a few English flags and them sing about Glasgow being blue city. There were a few of their fans looking to cause trouble and trying to get Celtic fans thrown out; one daft wee lassie continually trying to pull a Tricolour off a Celtic fan and complaining to the polis that he had it – meanwhile her boyfriend had a St Georges cross. That elicited the response IMHO.



    I agree that many of these younger (and not so younger) lads don’t really know or understand the full history of Ireland and still have a romantic notion of the “struggles”. A wee bit of education would go a long way! I’ll disagree with you on Grace; I love it being sung.



    Then you went off track at the end, but I’ll just agree to disagree with you on that!



    On appositive note, being less hirsute than previously after a recent haircut, I know mine will grow back again!