Mariners confirm Rogic deal


Tomas Rogic’s club, Central Coast Mariners, formally announced they had agreed terms to transfer the player to Celtic a few hours ago.  The Australian attacking midfielder, who turned 20 last month, will require a work permit before the transfer is concluded, but should be a formality.

After having an extensive look at the player, Neil Lennon will think there is an excellent chance he will be a successful addition to the team, but it’s worth remembering that Victor Wanyama joined at the beginning of last season at the same age as Tomas and took six months before securing a regular starting place in the team.
[calameo code=000390171cc0c3617c8cc lang=en page=80 hidelinks=1 width=100% height=500] I have avoided all YouTube clips of the player (which are notoriously misleading) but by all accounts he is an excellent prospect, however, he will need our support and encouragement as he settles into life in Scotland – especially if he acclimatises to the Scottish game.

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  1. Just a follow up to Yorkbhoy and O’Neils pub in York. First time in York for many years. I had the privilege of watching the away leg of the Barca game there and can thoroughly recommend the place. Good beer at very good prices and a good crowd of Tims. HH

  2. Auldheid


    10:41 on


    17 January, 2013



    Yip, wrongdoing is not a concept which penetrates the dull cranium of the orc. In fact, they see wrongdoing as right if it furthers their interests.

  3. Gretnabhoy there was a couple of Barca supporting students in watching the match and they looked a bit nervy when Barca scored the last minute winner. They were a bit surprised to be given handshakes and congratulations on the way out.

  4. Monaghan1900


    10:32 on


    17 January, 2013


    From both FF and Sevcomedia together with a few predictable replies:





    I know Alistair Murning, he used to broadcast on a Saturday on BFBS Sport in Germany.


    He is one of their own!!

  5. As yet we haven’t agreed personal terms with Rogic.



    We are being slightly premature.






  6. Yorkbhoy.. I regret that I am a bad loser. Was sitting down and as soon as they scored that goal I was out. Didn’t notice the guys but I would normally say he’ll and well done to them but seen no one. Went back to my hotel and watched highlights on iPad and drank numerous little goldies waking up the next day with a severe hangover!

  7. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    Just watched the Rogic video Len Brennan posted.



    Looks very comfortable with the ball. Has that very rare quality of being able to run fast with the ball at his feet, making it look effortless.

  8. bournesouprecipe



    sorry i should have mentioned that i seen that on another site (I’ve got nothing to do with that listing)



    That didn’t take that long for some one to buy them and offer them for sale?


    Ticket touts!!!

  9. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    Voguepunter 1045.



    Nice one..



    Havin a laugh in the champions league!!




  10. Business class tickets for the Juve match are £100 each.



    The club must be making record income for any one single match at Celtic park.




  11. Today’s Juve stuff ———-



    Media claiming that Drogba has been told —— 5.5 million euros [after tax ] for 18mths . Take it or leave it.



    Media claiming that Bilbao have been told —4 million euros to take Llorente now . Take it or leave it and the deadline is Friday 18 01 13.



    Official Juve sources stick to stating that negotiations re Drogba /Llorente are continuing .



    Genoa have stated that they have ” definitively rejected ” Juve’s bid for Immobile .



    Bologna have stated that they have refused to allow the on loan Gabbiadini to return to Juve ..



    Quick read of Juve blogs —-much weeping and wailing re the lack of a centre forward and the failure [to date ] to buy one .. Some suggestions that some of the support are turning against the Manager . Much anger that Juve are searching for a goal scorer whilst the ” useless tree trunk Bendtner gets paid a fortune ” ” Hope his injury means he will never disgrace the shirt again ” says 1 Ultra ..



    We’ll see .



    Very wet @ 10 degrees -way down south —I hate winter .

  12. The ticket phone line is a shambles this morning .


    First it kept cutting out after first charging me a few 10 p’s .


    Then I finally get a place in the queue . 7 -5- 3 – 1 – 20 mins ” no one available , please phone again later!”

  13. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles



    I know Alistair Murning, he used to broadcast on a Saturday on BFBS Sport in Germany.


    He is one of their own!!






    Should we tell them?

  14. Glad I get my tickets via the direct debit scheme. I take it every season ticket holder who wanted a ticket got one?

  15. Daily Rec does article in which reporter Colin Duncan reveals that he is working in Commercial Dept. for Sevco, it seems.


    At the end of report of McCoist’s ramblings, he writes


    “Fans can buy half-season tickets online at http://www.rangers.co.uk by calling 0871 702 1972 or visiting the ticket centre. Prices start from £135 for adults, £94 for concessions and £34 for kids.”

  16. Jas Cameron‏@CelticNetwork11



    If you see anyone touting tickets on the web ripping off Celtic fans report them to @CelticFCTickets Please RT

  17. If young Rogic is in any doubt about signing,a wee visit to see the queues at CP this morning should seal it.

  18. The Juventus tickets have raised the need for a membership system. Season ticket holders can buy extra but the ordinary fan who possibly buys tickets when he can to go to matches can’t get one as there is no public sale.


    Memberships are a must with a points system for buying tickets. If you attend league matches you get points to enable you to buy tickets for these type of matches. It would allow the fan who can’t afford a season ticket to be in line for tickets through their loyalty to the club through the season. This would also help fill the ground for the league matches.


    Good luck to everyone who got a ticket. Enjoy the match.


    I would love to be there but will settle for watching us on the TV.





  19. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON



    11:03 on 17 January, 2013



    Just watched the Rogic video Len Brennan posted.



    Looks very comfortable with the ball. Has that very rare quality of being able to run fast with the ball at his feet, making it look effortless






    I agree with Paul67 that Youtube clips can make anyone look good but read a piece by an Aussie Celt on another site and he was raving about the boy:



    Quote from a few days ago:


    09 Jan 2013 21:10:16


    I’m a mad Celtic fan living in Australia – I watch Rogic play week in and week out, the kid is a massive talent.



    Not to mention he has a canon shot on him too. Would be a great fit in the centre for us – especially with his skill and speed. He scores regular goals, and is a machine at setting up play from both stoppages and during the flow of a game.



    He is 20 and he will only get better – already settling to international leave like a seasoned pro – He could be picked up for around 250,000 AUS $ and believe me the resale value on the kid in 2-3-4 years will be huge, and make the 250k paid for him seem irrelevant. He already has 1 EPL side that are wanting to sign, so goes to show.




    Sounds the business to me.



    Good luck Tomas!





    /Bishop B

  20. just back from queuing at Celtic Park, a wasted 3 hours of my life.



    Cut off point for those that got tickets was half way down Kerrydale St, the queue went down to London Rd, past the school, and up behind the LL stand. Would have been 2-3000 there.



    An organisational shambles from Celtic FC.

  21. If there are 50,000 tickets for sale and 100,000 supporters want them,I think there will always be some disappointed ,that’s life.As LiviBhoy says,a membership scheme may help but you can’t blame Celtic , because of the capacity of the ground,they cannot meet demands.

  22. Anyone who likes a punt may want to have a bet on RepresentingCeltic today at Lingfield.


    7/2 and well tipped.




  23. I am estimating that gate receipts for the Juve game will be around £3,000,000.



    Business class lounges £100 a ticket.


    Ordinary seats £49 a ticket.


    Corporate hospitality £250 a head.



    Fabulous income that will more than make up for the loss of derby match income.



    Add pies n bovril , programmes, TV income.Alcohol sales.


    Bonus from the CL .



    Does anyone have any idea what this one match will generate for Celtic?



    Can’t wait to tell my Sevcovian acquaintances .




  24. fanadpatriot



    A membership scheme is a must.


    The days of large crowds waiting in the street should be over. There is never a solution that suits everyone but when the buses had the tickets with points systems etc (If the bus was well run) it seemed a fairer system than a season ticket holders mate getting one.


    Just my opinion.




  25. MurdochauldandHay


    11:20 on


    17 January, 2013



    I was at the half way point in the Q at 10.30am when they announced it was sold out. Just thawing out now.

  26. Tough for the Bhoys who queued up today in vain, got mine through the direct debit scheme but on holiday in Thailand so some other lucky Celtic fan is getting mine.



    Missed the Barca game as well through work but saw that at least in Denver in a pub. Might be more tricky with the time difference but will try anyway on the iPad.



    Missed the 4-2 game years ago as on vacation again, great to leave the Scottish winter but miss the footie occasions a lot.




  27. i have often talked about sb’s being a measure of support over other measures not adding up. i dont have a sb because i would not get use from it, but i do try to get to about 10 games a season and spend a small fortune on celtic every season. until there is a better way forward celtic must do what they think is best and right now they are placing value on sb holders over everything else, fair enough. i am happy to watch at home, thinking you lucky b&stards.



    yet another £3 million + from one game, add to that 3 million for qulification and youe talking 6 million for 1 game of football, is that no enough to build the celtic museum?



    hail hail

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