Mariners confirm Rogic deal


Tomas Rogic’s club, Central Coast Mariners, formally announced they had agreed terms to transfer the player to Celtic a few hours ago.  The Australian attacking midfielder, who turned 20 last month, will require a work permit before the transfer is concluded, but should be a formality.

After having an extensive look at the player, Neil Lennon will think there is an excellent chance he will be a successful addition to the team, but it’s worth remembering that Victor Wanyama joined at the beginning of last season at the same age as Tomas and took six months before securing a regular starting place in the team.
[calameo code=000390171cc0c3617c8cc lang=en page=80 hidelinks=1 width=100% height=500] I have avoided all YouTube clips of the player (which are notoriously misleading) but by all accounts he is an excellent prospect, however, he will need our support and encouragement as he settles into life in Scotland – especially if he acclimatises to the Scottish game.

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  1. goldstar10 – 11:20 on 17 January, 2013



    Not having a go but what do you suggest they do? Where there is high demand there will always be disappointment, no matter what scheme is in place.

  2. Tom Rogic signs for Celtic


    By: Newsroom Staff on 17 Jan, 2013 11:40



    CELTIC are delighted to announce the signing of Australian Tom Rogic on a four-and-a-half year deal subject to a work permit.



    The Club can confirm an application will be made to the appropriate authorities in the next couple of days.



    The 20-year-old midfielder previously played for Central Coast Mariners in Australia

  3. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    He thinks they should be promoted as its only right and proper :oD))))

  4. Cumbernauld No 1 on

    GORDY BHOY – CAN someone remind fat sally that Stranraer never went into administration or were bust. SALLY McCOIST last night called for SEVCO to be fast-tracked into Scottish football’s second tier.



    The Ibrox manager is against proposals to introduce a 12-12-18 set-up next season which, if voted through, would mean the Ibrox side won’t be promoted regardless of whether they are crowned Division Three champions.



    SEVCO have always insisted they did not want to be fast-tracked into the top flight but McCoist feels there is a precedent for the bottom league winners going up when a new structure is introduced.



    It took place at the end of the 1993-94 season when the set-up of 12-12-14 was to be changed to four leagues of 10 and Stranraer were the main beneficiaries.



    McCoist said: “Stranraer were promoted when they won the Second Division in 1994 and effectively jumped over teams to land in the new First Division.



    “If it was OK for Stranraer then you’d hope it would follow that the same would happen again.”



    Conference chairman Brian Lee has also opened the door to SEVCO going south with the matter set to be discussed at a meeting in Birmingham.



    McCoist’s preference is to remain in Scotland but he said: “We will cross that bridge if and when we come to it.”

  5. fanadpatriot


    sorry mate but celtic can certainly take a wee slice of blame for todays fiasco.im pretty sure no mopre than 4 to 500 punters actually got to see the inside of the ticket office this morning ,poor stewarding,poor or no info and at the end two lassies sent out to


    give out the bad news.would like to know how many tickets were actually sold over the counter today.

  6. TinyTim – 11:35 on 17 January, 2013



    Just a wee correction. The majority of ordinary tickets will have gone to sb holders at £37.

  7. goldstar10



    I don’t think Celtic FC can be blamed for this. Any supporter who has a season ticket was given until Tuesday to guarantee their ticket. Today was merely about getting the rest sold and Celtic had basically 3 options:



    1. General sale – queues today would have been far worse;


    2. Offer one ticket to any non-season ticket holder who bought a 3 match package for group stages;


    3. Allow Season Ticket holders to purchase additional tickets.



    No way was going to satisfy everyone who wanted a ticket. Supply simply outstripted demand.



    I do however like Livibhoy’s points based proposal but I completely understand that Celtic want to show all fans that there are benefits to having season tickets and that fans know now that to get a ticket for top champs league games you need a season ticket or know someone who has one and will queue for you.




  8. Mort



    Fair points regarding the season ticket advantages but having to take a day off work or some time off and queue for your mates wouldn’t be in my remit.


    Driving from Edinburgh too qould have cost me a few quid. It’s suits fans working and living in Glasgow or nearby. An internet system would surely be better in this day and age.


    Just my opinion again.




  9. Dublin Noelbhoy on

    Gentlemen , I have 2 season tickets and was on the phone for 1 hr 20 mins this morning ( 97th in queue ) , got to ticket office and as he was giving me tickets his screen said sold out. If any of you know of any tickets going please can you let me know. I have 2 sons booked to travel from London and one from Spain , so any help would be appreciated. If anyone can help they can have our season tickets for a couple of games of their choice, on us. Pleeeeeeese. HH

  10. I know I harp back to my distant days in the TO, and it was a long time ago now. At that time, demand for all away games was high and we used a loyalty system for away games and cup games. The more you attended, the more likely you were to get tickets.



    People still complained, as it was very hard to get up the ladder, if you missed a few early games.

  11. Rogic looks like he has great potential and definitely has the height to be a success in the modern game. However, no matter how good he could be we really have to take a step back on any level of expectation.



    He’s only being playing football for a couple of years having played Futsal before this and has only twenty-odd senior games under his belt.



    Tony Watt may have come under the same category but he didn’t have to adapt to a new country and style of play, it’s also far easier to play up front than it is in midfield (definitely easier to break through as a youngster), there’s a lot more tactically that you need to learn in midfield so it will be especially hard for him.



    I wouldn’t expect him to get many games starting in centre-mid which is where we need someone to step up in a creative sense at times. We have great combative midfielders but sometimes lack that spark going forward when met with packed defences. I’d imagine he’ll get sub appearances or on if we ever play with one in ‘the hole’.

  12. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    THE Rogician has signed..



    Wow those queues..



    What a club…




  13. charles kickham on




    11:08 on



    17 January, 2013



    That’s no use to anyone who sits in a seat that is continually taken by uefa



    If you wait you get the dregs



    So having a season ticket doesn’t guarantee your own seat or if you’re not quick a decent seat

  14. In other news, Sevco manager Ally McCoist hopes Greggs starts giving him free sausage rolls. “I’ve seen them give away a bin bag full of stale steak bakes to get rid of an aggressive jaikie tramp”, exclaimed Ally, hungrily.



    “If it was OK for Leggo then you’d hope it would follow that the same would happen again.” (thumbsup)

  15. Iki



    Chuck keeps telling the MSM that every game is a sell out so these new season tickets must be using same scheme as The Producers.






    think the club are damned if they do. Damned if they don’t. demand clearly oustrips supply and there is always going to be disappointed people.

  16. Canamalar/Cumbernauld no1


    Cheers for the replies,the poor wee souls ,have they not been punished enough

  17. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    I was lucky enough to get a ticket from my son for Christmas through thomas crook at a cost of nearly £250 per ticket including b&b in the novotel but not travel. So to my rekoning tc will make over £100 on each ticket. As far as corporate is concerned he was offered ticket at over £800 for a 3 match package couldn’t get a single for the juve game.


    Not complaining -just saying

  18. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    The obvious way to solve the issue would be to buy a season book.


    If Celtic sold 50000 plus season books then there wouldnt be a need for the queues.

  19. Reports that Juve tickets already on Gumtree and ebay,these are tickets bought by ST holders,get them dealt with Celtic.

  20. A cut off time in the queue,ask how many tickets they are buying,give them a card with the number of tickets required.Add them up,say it’s 1500,punters who queue up should have been given priority imo.The rest are to sell online,there is never a way to keep everyone happy.

  21. .



    I think Paul67..



    Has Been going On about ROGIC for Years and Years..



    Modern……Return On Gross Invested Capital….is Rubbish..



    Summa of TommyRoCSC



    I Wonder what Rangers Shareholders get on their ROGIC..:-(

  22. Weeminger/mort- any available tickets should have been offered by letter to SB holders by some merit based criteria- eg those that bought tickets for cup ties v Raith or Arbroath.



    A lot of of people have wasted a lot of time this morning.

  23. tooheys new



    I agree it’s tough to please everyone but we need the ground to be filled for league matches. You have to change your tact to suit your needs.



    The Honest Mistake loves being first



    Totally agree. Season ticket holders always deserve first shout. They are looked after.




  24. Marrakesh Express on

    I passed the Hearts blog post on to a Sevco mate of mine yesterday. I asked him to go through it and tell me which parts, if any, he disagreed with. The answer I got back was that after the first few sentences he refused to read on. Now this is a guy I have a lot of time for, fairly intelligent and rational thinking unlike his club manager. It just confirms what we’ve known for ages now that the only defence they are left with is denial. I told my mate as much and as I’ve said on here before that those with half a brain know the truth, but to admit it would be sacrilege in their eyes.




  25. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    In my opinion we need to be patient with young Tom Rogic he is only 20 and coming to a new country and a different style of football. He will need time to settle and also get his fitness levels up but reading all the reports on him we have signed another very promising youngster who is already an International player.Well done Celtic your playing a blinder.H.H.

  26. Afternoon Celts…….



    See this new lad from Australia, I think he’s a replacement for Sammi :¬)



    Sending out an SoS




  27. What is the Juve ticket allocation for the game at Celtic Park ?



    Apart from a ticket for the relevant section , what else would a ” Juve supporter ” need to be sure of being admitted ?

  28. Cumbernauld No 1 on

    How come you can buy tickets from the following outlet: Ticketbis.net



    Celtic v Juventus Celtic Park Tickets 12/02/2013 | Ticketbis.net, Glasgow – Tuesday 12 February 2013 – 20:45h

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