Midweek change for Celtic


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Magners ticket competition for 27 December
Mary’s Meals Malawi school kitchen appeal
CQN Annual, final few posting days before…..
CQN Christmas Raffle – winners have been drawn

One of the resources Ronny Deila has been short of since taking over is training days.  Players have stamina, fitness and speed training work to do every week, while there’s rest time before and after games, so time to work on technical aspects are a premium.

Believe it or not, this is the first midweek Celtic haven’t had a game, or players away on international duty, since the second week of July.  The manager has spoken of how difficult it has been to carry out the extensive tactical changes he has introduced spending only stolen minutes working on them.  The January break will give him another opportunity to spend hours with the players on tactical work.

Apparently newco are keeping McCoist as some kind of blubber human shield for Monday’s AGM!  Nice one.  There’s nothing degrading about that, very classy in fact.  Really disappointed for Ally, I’m sure he could almost taste the £400k he’s counting on – to go quietly.  Let’s hope he puts on a show on Monday and they sort him out thereafter.

It’s almost worth buying a newco share to get along on Monday.  Almost.

It’s been a while since I’ve paid any attention to the man who’s apparently lined-up to replace McCoist next week, Billy Davies.  After his interesting second stint at Nottingham Forest ended earlier this year, The Guardian wrote:

“[Davies] has paid the price for failing to control a personality which latterly seemed to have crossed the border into downright paranoia.

“[He] could never quite escape his self-destructive insecurities.”

It’s not often you read a national newspaper liberally speculating on the mental health, or lack thereof, of an individual.

Failing to control his personality, downright paranoia, self-destructive insecurities!  He’s perfect.  Is there a job in the land this guy is more suited for than newco’s manager?

Our pals at Magners have kindly offered a pair of premium seat tickets to the Jock Stein Stand at the home game on 27 December in support of our Mary’s Meals appeal.  You can win the tickets by email me at celticquicknews@gmail.com the answer to the question:

Who do Celtic play on 27 December?

Competition closes at 22:00 tonight (Thursday) so get your entry in.

If you’re entering the competition please consider donating £1 to Mary’s Meals here, where we are hoping to build a kitchen at a school in Chibwata, Dowa, Malawi, for their 909 children.

I’d a look at John Guidetti’s interview with Magners this week, he looks like he’s enjoying himself……..

We’ve drawn the CQN Christmas Raffle, winner of the Special Whisky and CQN Package is ticket number 976, from a lucky reader based in Lythm, we’ll be in touch.

The four runners up all win CQN Packages with ticket numbers 1072, 974, 1190 and 1051, check your tickets, we’ll be in touch soon.

Still time to order your 2015 CQN Annual for Christmas.

You can also order the CQN Annual and DVD bundle here. It’s a great offer, check it out – oh, and there’s tons of photos, fresh stories and comment on the first time Inter faced the green and white hoops.

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  1. Shamelessly stolen from the Good Bhoys of Kerrydale street


    Motherwell Born Billionaire arrives


    Whyte being applauded into his seat by the blue order


    Front loaded warchest


    Out to Malmo in CL Qualifier


    Out to Maribor in EL Qualifier


    Out to Falkirk in League Cup


    BBC Documentary on Whyte proves he’s a shyster


    huns protest at BBC for saying he’s a shyster


    League’s over comment from Jelavic


    Losing a 12 point lead to Timmy before new year


    Loving Cup with CW – “To the Queen”


    Selling Jelavic for a fraction of his value


    Signing Celik


    Seeing Celik play football


    Rangers file for Administration


    HMRC forcing them into Administration


    CW speech to a massively upset hun crowd of 34 people


    Revelation of Non-Tax payments


    “The Big Hoose Must Stay open”


    Hurting huns EVERYWHERE


    Retiring number 12 for the fans


    The appointment of Duff & Phelps


    Realising you recognise that guy at D&P because he turned up with CW 6 months earlier


    Attempting to sign Cousin while in administration


    Celik effs off


    Wylde effs off


    The player’s taking a wage cut


    The initial Creditor’s list


    Losing their place in Europe to Motherwell


    The fake pledges from fake hun fans from their fake massive support


    The RFFF choosing to pay Dunfermline but not Dundee Utd – well played


    The RFFF having to pay for Weir’s retirement gift


    The RFFF paying to re-lay a pitch which might never be used


    The clown


    The Fighting Fund in general


    The Blue Knights


    The Bill Ng bid


    The Bill Miller “Incubator”




    Brian Kennedy




    Paul Murray




    “Yank go home” from the hordes


    The Chick v Jabba catfight


    The transfer embargo


    The transfer embargo upheld


    “Who are these people?” from Fat Sally


    The huns threaten to burn down the Raith Rover’s stands


    Alex Thomson and his general hunskelping


    Jelly and Ice Cream


    The Grim Reaper banner


    Lennon lifts the League trophy


    The inception of the “Pacific Shelf Theory”


    We Don’t Do Walking Away


    The “We Don’t Do Walking Away” song


    Charles Green enters the story


    Red Card to Liquidation – good plan


    Dave King tells them not to buy season books – good plan


    Green says if CVA not agreed Rangers will lose their History


    CVA not agreed


    HMRC Skelp them into oblivion


    The BBC Documentary Part 2


    The porn star


    Prince Albert of Monaco


    Joanna Lumley


    The EBT 53 revealed


    Walter tries to buy assets an hour after they’re sold


    Walter Walks Away


    The Hampden protest


    Unable to use Rangers name for newco until oldco is liquidated


    All Scottish Football Fans turn on the huns for their arrogance


    Turnbull Hutton


    Turnbull Hutton (deserves to be in twice!)


    Newco try to bypass all leagues and go straight into SPL


    Newco told to get to eff with their SPL application


    The presentation to the SPL revealed


    Offering to take the transfer ban at the same time as trying to sign Black


    Newco try to bypass all leagues and go straight into SFL1


    Newco told to get to eff with their SFL1 application


    Newco put into SFL3


    Return of the number 12 shirt


    Booted out by Subbuteo


    Booted out by Fifa 13 (maybe!)


    Bomber Brown’s rant on the steps of Tesco


    “Show us the title deeds”


    Bomber Brown on the radio


    “Show us the title deeds”


    Bomber Brown on sky sports


    “Show us the title deeds”


    Bomber Brown meeting with the RFFF


    Everything Gordon Smith has said past, present and future


    Chris McLaughlin reveals Ally is not wearing a tie


    Naisy and Whitty Walk Away


    Everybody Walks Away


    Broadfoot Stays


    The hurting from Jabba


    The hurting from Chick


    The hurting from Hately


    huns enter the Ramsden Cup


    Still no license to play football


    huns compared to Kit-Kats




    This was the list of mirth from 2012, imagine how long it could be now!

  2. Re J.Bell.


    Can you imagine other employers tolerating this type of behaviour?


    Simply refusing to do his job because of his sectarian hatred of another employee.


    As despicable as his behaviour was and his equally despicable open disrespect at the JJ minutes applause, the cretin’s employers continue to this day to keep him in a job.



    Hell mend him and hell mend the rats who employ him

  3. Burnley 78


    i wish that the guy who made this list made a volume two!!


    i forgot so much about that circus


    it makes a shambles look bad!

  4. Paul



    With the mention in the article of Mary , and Mangers, is there a nativity theme going on?



    Maybe Ally is really one of the 3 wise men!

  5. Paul – good and fair point on lack of time to practice tactics. Fitness is another matter. Only 2-3 weeks ago many were highlighting the fact that we still generally look less fit than majority of our European rivals. RD and JC have had months to implement their fitness and diet regime and have the players faster and stronger than ever before. Remember the look of the German national team at the World Cup? Lean and mean. Players with the right mindset and the correct motivation should be working their socks off to achieve that level of fitness. It is one of the most effective ways to overcome, or at least counterbalance, the shortcomings of skill when we meet superior teams. Run them off the park. First to every 50/50 ball. Chase everything down. Close down the spaces and force the opposition out of their comfort zone.


    If we have superior tactics and skills, marvellous. If not, at least let’s be fitter and faster.

  6. Magnificentseven on






    12:30 on



    18 December, 2014








    With the mention in the article of Mary , and Mangers, is there a nativity theme going on?



    Maybe Ally is really one of the 3 wise men!




    Yes, he is the one bringing myrr(t)h

  7. Gene's a Bhoy's name on



    don’t buy this lack of time – working day is usually about 8 hours – are the players at lennoxtown for that duration.




  8. medtim – spot on. Unfortunately the players mentioned were never lambasted, ridiculed or disciplined by the wider world for their cretinous behaviour. Imagine the furore if a black player was treated that way?

  9. McCoist as some kind of blubber human shield



    Whats the betting on him pulling a sickie for Monday.




  10. Richie #TeamOscarForever on

    Winning Captains



    Didn’t get my question to Davie Hay asked, and now not on “the Roll of Honour” in the Annual



    …..was it something I said?

  11. deniabhoy



    12:41 on 18 December, 2014


    medtim – spot on. Unfortunately the players mentioned were never lambasted, ridiculed or disciplined by the wider world for their cretinous behaviour. Imagine the furore if a black player was treated that way?




    They would have been lambasted in the press, there would have been sanctions put on them from the authorities…

  12. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    All best wishes to the Under21s tonight at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland where they take on their hosts in the Premier League International Cup.



    Would be great were more than a few of the thousand Celtic Nation followers from previous years able to travel across the A66 and down to the game to cheer the Bhoys.



    A little encouragement for our future first-teamers wouldn’t have gone amiss today, Paul67

  13. Neganon –



    It didn’t offend me. It wasn’t about me. I just found it very revealing.



    It was the day after Ms Budge at Tynecastle put the put into Celtic for the supporters’ alleged bad behaviour.



    On the Wednesday afternoon, Celtic issued a strongly worded statement defending the support and basically telling Ms Budge to get their own house in order.



    I was sitting in the Kerrydale Bar before the Partick Thistle game waiting for my son. I was scanning CQN and everyone was full of praise for the Celtic statement, including those posters who are normally very critical of the board. There was not one poster condemning the statement and I found that very heart-warming, until you posted that it was a laughable statement and you went on to slaughter the board for their cowardice.



    You are of course, entitled to your opinion, but as I say, the usual board bashers were all praising the statement.



    I read your comment as proof positive that you really did have a personal agenda against PL, the board, or both. Again, you are entitled to have such an agenda, but don’t expect me to take any of your subsequent comments seriously. Since that night, I haven’t and I won’t.



    There it is.

  14. fritzsong





    00:24 on



    18 December, 2014




    Certainly, the Aberdeen player did appear genuinely upset when he approached the fourth official. It looked like he believed himself to be a victim of an outrage.



    * aye he was that upset that he gave it big tae an official after we gubbed them and then dissed oor man on instagram.



    effin mancunian ratbag

  15. Tom McLaughlin




    I feel like I am always gibbering about Fartz but I feel I have to on this one.


    Dr Budge is trying to cut our allocation for future games at Tynecastle by challenging Jambos to buy tickets so they can cut our allocation in half.


    Dr Budge appears to be turning to the Jambos and saying you don;t want them here? Buy them out then. Interesting.



    Also the TV matches in the next tranche on TV have Hearts and Hibs both visit Ibrokes on a Friday night in January and February. Hardly ideal when you need a full house and big support behind you against two teams you have not gained a point against this season.



    I see Tony Watt’s time may be up in Belgium at his current club. Hope the lad gets a move to a club where he can be happy. He doesn;t seem to be able to get himself in the zone to hone the obvious talent he has and excel on the pitch.




  16. Tom McLaughlin



    13:02 on 18 December, 2014




    Hi, when you say – “…the usual board bashers…”


    I hope that you didn’t mean me.


    I think that the board are a bunch of corrupt weasels who, were more than helpful in the creation of the OBA which criminalises Celtic supporters.


    The board will spin some yarns to make it look like they are on the same page as the supporters. They are not and don’t look like being anytime soon.


    In truth, they should be emptied and – at last – McCann’s false promise of the Celtic fans being in control of their club should be fulfilled. For this to be achieved is pretty straightforward….with hold the SB money and buy DD’s shares with it – simples.


    Hope yer well – Hail Hail

  17. butsybhoy



    12:46 on 18 December, 2014McCoist as some kind of blubber human shieldWhats the betting on him pulling a sickie for Monday.


    The Kray Twins will fine him if he doesn’t trap,to save a bit of money.

  18. LiviBhoy –



    She’s making a rod for her own back.



    Hearts and Hibs fans traditionally don’t turn up in large numbers for big games if it is live on TV. They’d rather watch from the pub or the armchair.



    They both need the large visiting support when Celtic come calling.



    Tony Watt will find his level, which will probably be with a Falkirk, QOS or the Australian A-League.

  19. Richie #TeamOscarForever



    Of course not! The Roll of Honour was compiled over a weekend – if you posted you were in!



    On the Davie Hay question being missed I didn’t have Doc with me to assist so I was trying to read the questions to Davie so he could answer and also get him books to sign in the gaps in the middle. Next time you will be first on the list!

  20. I see Hateley stabbed Sally in the back,i think it was Ratcho who stuck him in.



  21. KevJ –



    If you didn’t come on that night and give the board some credit for their statement then I didn’t mean you.



    BTW when I mentioned “board-bashers” I wasn’t criticizing them in that post. I was merely describing them in the context of them praising the board on this specific occasion.

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