New, social, CQN, Elvis is dead!


And we’re back!  What a two days of systems nightmare.  We went down at 7pm on Thursday.  No conclusive information on why, we have had traffic volume related outages before, but this was on a more serious and persistent basis. We had to move the database to a new location and restore from backup to recover, we lost a few days articles. Better not speak to me about Fasthosts for a while.

We got access to the databases this morning and took the opportunity to upgrade facilities in the background.  We’re on a new incarnation of WordPress and now have Facebook and Twitter integration.  Good news is you can link your Celtic Quick News account with your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, and share information from CQN to your social network timeline.

To do so:
Login to Celtic Quick News.
Cick on your name at the top of the Comments box to access your profile.
Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the Facebook and Twitter links.
Update your profile.

You will then see a Share link beside your comments.

Should we be Celtic Slow News for today?  Here it is:

Rennes 1-1 Celtic.
Hugely important second half performance and Joe Ledley goal.
Your favourite billionaire is getting divorced and has claimed he has no money!  Oh dear.
One year on, the SFA are still smoking out religiously offensive correspondents!
The Berlin Wall fell and I hear Elvis is dead.

Have a try at the Facebook and Twitter links and let me know what you think of it.  I’m off for a break but will catch up later.

Most importantly, there is a Celtic fan called Andrew who will be walking about Belfast in a daze this weekend.  If you see him, but him a beer.

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  1. Is it just me ? or does anyone else think that craig whyte is a dead ringer for Harry Enfield!!! bloody good chap!!! Hail Hail.

  2. What annoys me about Rankers predicament is that SDM is home free, sipping his wine and enjoying succulent lamb while Craig Whyte is facing HMRC and all the other trials and tribulations coming their way.



    It was Murray’s actions which led to this whole debacle and i can’t forget all his triumphalism and bluster over the years.



    This knight of the realm should not escape criticism and should be held to account if it is found that his actions were illegal.

  3. trickeymickey67 on

    ….and the best celtic web site just got better and better…….well done P67 and team

  4. Som mes que un club on

    Well done Paul67 on your efforts. As others have said, amazing what you miss when you take things for granted.






    For your information, my Nap for today was Steps in the 1400 at Doncaster.




  5. Mick 11



    Its in CW’s interest to take the club into administration.



    As a secured creditor he will effectively own anything worth owing.The other creditors will have to do a deal .the only other alternative is liquidation.



    Interestingly his first act was to secure the prize assets on lucrative long term contracts that the club couldn’t afford.They will be the first thing to be liquidated.



    The question is what sort of state will RFC be in if they trade their way out of admin.No assets, no credit line, crippling long term debt (even if its 10p in the £).they will need a massive injection of cash event to get back to where they are now.i cant see anyone taking that burden on.

  6. Headtheball says:


    22 October, 2011 at 18:44



    Moonbeams will not come out of this unscathed. I was speaking to a hun mate today and he blames Murray and Shortbread in equal measure for their current demise. Why are they blaming Chicko and co ffs ?

  7. <b<Saturday 5th November



    Orcs home to Dundee Utd – planning a walk/ demo at BBC Pacific Quay before game.

  8. .






    Re: Share….



    I Cannae Wait till tomorrow Morning when Everybodys Are Sharing their Well Fired Rolls and Square Sausages….



    2yr Ago l Would have Deleted that Post….Changed Days….



    PS…..Is their ‘Twits’ in Dubia….



    Summa ft TweetingSquareSausagesCSC

  9. rileyskeepingthefaith on

    Hamilton tim



    Cheers m8 got him home thurs night 1 eye on the 2nd half 1 listening to the family that where the wee man was zonked well he was till ledley scored lol






    Got a good few years to go for the grandkids but a know what you mean my mum n dad would be aswell as moving into mine its good to have them here all the same




  10. They are falling out with each other on the hun websites:0



    “basically the wanted support from all the forums on their first protest against the BBC but Dingle thought their was nothing financially in it for him so wasn’t really interested.”




    I know, I know, we have problems of our own, but to read that Follow Follow is ‘the enemy within’ is keeping me amused.

  11. Any Celts abroad who use Betfair should check their live video listings for tomorrows game.


    It’s on for me (Portugal) though varies from country to country.

  12. Long term spectator from the sidelines…last 2days have been purgatory without this site..time to join in !

  13. There’s an interesting similarity with the case of Plymouth Arglyle. Plymouth appointed administrators in March this year, HMRC immediately applied to the high court for a winding up order as they feared losing money owed to them as an unsecured creditor.



    The winding up order was refused, presumably due to the amounts concerned when compared to other creditors. HMRC were owed £300,000. We can only guess the outcome if around £50m+ were owed.

  14. One year ago I left here Grzegorz Sandomierski name. The player was available for circa GBP 600 000 at that time.



    Today I give Wojciech Pawłowski name here. He is 18 years old goalkeeper who does work for Polish team Lechia Gdansk. If nothing happens, in one year I will tell you for how much money he was sold.



    If I were Peter Lawwell I would buy the Polish lad now (think the price is GBP150 000) and would leave him at Lechia until the end of this season.

  15. Summa of Sammi…. 19:00



    Haha, I now know how you feel, putting together a peice n bacon was a mission never mind a good ole roll n ss.



    Tweets here just need to try and be carefull what twits tweet.





  16. Rileys……




    Enjoy mate. Know what you mean though. I remember when my eldest was really wee and wasn’t keeping well so I gave up my ticket for St Johnstone away to help the missus.



    We were drawing with seconds to go and I was pacing the entire house with the wean in my arms trying to settle her.


    Well, Henrik pops up to win it and I think my screams kept her awake for a week :)

  17. bigjie



    Chris Sutton was fantastic on Soccer AM this morning.He has a really dry sense of humour

  18. Partizan



    I hope you are well.


    Thank you for very kind words the other night.


    I was sure that Antifa was wind up merchant. I was mistaken and think that my post was rude.


    You were right in stating that Christianity and Communism don’t walk hand in hand. Communists living like first Christians was lie the Communists used to tell us often. That was their propaganda in books and newspapers.

  19. Pigs will be regularly using abbotsinch as a destination point before Tom Anguish et al


    Succeed their pointless Hun positions and resign enmasse in


    Collective shame their major part in the rankurs downfall.


    Jabba’s piece today bordered on the edge of previous succulence, whilst west brit Tom


    teetered on the ledge of future flatulence.


    Between the them (both BBC remitted) it’s quite apparent that the age


    of situational farce is comedically appreciated in Orcland.



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