Not Australia, mate


I remember attending Glasgow Cup games in the 80s, friendlies, in all but name.  If you put a cup up for the winners, it doesn’t really change anything, the “Sydney Super Cup” will be no different.  The winners celebrated, the losers never really cared.

A proposed game against Newco in Australia in November is not welcome by me or most Celtic fans I know.  I doubt the players will enjoy traipsing across the globe, although Ange Postecoglou will look forward to playing in what is being billed as “Ange’s Aussie Homecoming” tour.

I know for a fact that money has been on the table for similar fixtures before, but Peter Lawwell always rejected the suggestion.  He also acquired IP rights over the “Old Firm” phrase, which he was required to share with Newco, specifically to secure a veto over its commercial use, which Celtic has enforced since.

A buy it and kill it move, although others promote the “buy it” element but fail to acknowledge the “kill it” part, despite this issue being the subject of questions at more than one AGM.  Before this, he cleansed the phrase from Celtic’s media and other outlets.

It made no difference to perceptions for those still fighting the last war – ironically.  The new regime’s choice: hang as a sheep or as a lamb.  Let’s hope it’s only paper talk and the game does not take place.  Newco might find being filler in the Ange’s Aussie Homecoming tour an even harder sell.

It is easy to see Livingston in the distance, a side who induce shudders, having denied Celtic all but a solitary point from two games this season.  Tonight’s opponents, however, are the team on form.

Since closing at Ibrox on Boxing Day, St Mirren have won three and drawn one of their four games on the road – title winning form.  The only time they failed to win in four home games in the same period was a 10-man defeat to Hearts on Saturday.

If Celtic are anything but their very best, they will drop points tonight.

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  1. Greenpinata on 2nd March 2022 11:42 am







    Cheers. I’m sure he will, he’s been waiting over two years due to Covid to go.





    We’ll miss him but it will also give the wife and I an excuse to visit the only continent I’ve not been to!!





    I’ll deliberately avoid the game at all costs.

  2. 🙋‍♂️ Hi Fellow Celtic PLC ‘Customers’! 🙄🍀



    The news that we are definitely the Old Firm Brand and not Celtic any more, that we are happy to export the tribalism of the Old Firm to Australia, us just too much for this lifelong (till now) Celtic Supporter! 🤬



    Unbelievably Stupid, Stupid, Stupid move by Celtic PLC to ostracise those Supporters who want absolutely NOTHING to do with Sevco/Rangers. Also unbelievably niaeve and Stupid, Stupid, Stupid move by Sidney Tourism to invite the dark side to their land.



    I think Celtic PLC and Sydney Tourism will regret this move big time! 🤬

  3. Glad you mentioned the game tonight Paul67…



    This one is a biggie and we need a win and a performance please Celtic…




  4. Pingback: Not Australia, mate | Celtic FC News Now





    Celtic FC SLO









    Apologies for lack of responses on matches scheduled to be played in Australia later in the year, it’s one I need to let




    lead on as I don’t have any specific details. I believe further information will come directly from the Club abut this

  6. lets all do the huddle on

    there is unlikely to be much in the way of segregation at this Sydney farce



    will that work?

  7. They cant still use it and they dont use it,



    Their acolytes and peoples use it, as a catchphrase, a continuity myth-backup.



    But its not used on merchandising.



    And I dont recall seeing it on their own inhouse marketing.

  8. If any Celtic supporter still thinks they have any connection with that board, good luck!



    They have no idea what Celtic or the supporters are about.



    The cynic in me thinks that it’s strange that this comes out on the day that a judge rules on the Boys’ Club abuse scandal being set for court.

  9. SAINT STIVS on 2ND MARCH 2022 12:28 PM




    Rangers Football Club




    #RangersFC will return to Australia this November with the club participating in the inaugural Sydney Super Cup, which will include the first ever international Old Firm fixture.

  10. GORBALSTAM on 2ND MARCH 2022 12:24 PM



    If Lawell bought the OF tag so that he could kill it, how can the huns still use it?






    The rights don’t include broadcasters using it, who, with probable info from sevco over use it to a ridiculous level.



    Sky, stv, bbc are all at it, but we knew that anyway, they know it helps sevco so push it constantly.

  11. What about the 1000’s of ex pats who will love this Paul?



    Many will never see such a game in thier lives on Scottish soil.



    A few quid pocketed, Sevco playing Washington generals role…whats the big deal?

  12. MARTIM1980 on 2ND MARCH 2022 12:33 PM



    Fair enough, but then why did we3 buy it, what was the point? We could have just stopped using it.

  13. Paul67



    Bernard Higgins mark 2 ?



    We never played Rainjurz in a friendly, so I’ve no idea who decided to play Sevco?



    Good to know that Peter Lawwell got some things right when he was in charge, vetoed friendlies with your enemy and banished the term old firm cart blanche from Celtic media.



    Someone should put their arm round Ange and explain why the game shouldn’t ever take place, even on the other side of the world maybe Brian Wilson ( oh wait………….. )

  14. I am not in favour of the game v the Ibrox franchise in Australia. Looks like it may have been arranged and attractive to the Aussies because of Ange, although money will also be a consideration, I suppose.



    Will this be a pre-cursor to other Glasgow derbies, say in Japan, Canada & the US etc….who knows?



    A thumping win tonight would be just what we need!

  15. GORBALSTAM on 2ND MARCH 2022 12:32 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 2ND MARCH 2022 12:28 PM









    Rangers Football Club










    #RangersFC will return to Australia this November with the club participating in the inaugural Sydney Super Cup, which will include the first ever international Old Firm fixture.







    Then the plc would have grounds to go after them and get the good old “cease and desist” order.



    its in their hands to do so.



    as to our fans in australia, good for them that they could see something representing celtic (surely our best players will be at the world cup) but the club should have ensured it was against anyone but something calling itself Rangers.



    No to Old Firmism.

  16. I’ve no interest in sevco and as discussed most on here have no want for them to be in existance, however, also as previously discussed it may well be that our worldwide extended support still want the rivalry.



    Educating folk is the best we can do but we can’t make everyone think like us…..that would be beyond reasonable reach it would be suggested.

  17. All of my relatives in Oz Land are salivating at the opportunity to watch Celtic play Angeball in Sydney. Playing against a team we are not half of makes it even more exciting to them. As it does for a large number of supporters when we play them in Scotland.



    As others have pointed out, many of our first team are internationalists and may be required elsewhere l



    And thems might not even exist if they don’t get Champions League football. Certainly won’t be full of internationalists.

  18. GORBALSTAM on 2ND MARCH 2022 12:34 PM



    Not defending the decision but have seen less of the term…… before the msm ramped it up.

  19. BIG WAVY on 2ND MARCH 2022 12:20 PM


    Oh and just noticed the game’s on PPV….


    Lovely jubbly






    Interesting; I had planned to Hesgoal but it looks bad on a big TV

  20. Cynical, greedy and very unbecoming behaviour from Celtic. Communicated to the fans in a very underhanded way.

  21. SAINT STIVS on 2ND MARCH 2022 12:38 PM



    And if they don’t (and we know they won’t) order cease and desist, it’s absolutely pointless for anyone (including our host) to use the fact that we ‘bought it and killed it’ as a way to show that the club are not in fact, old firmist.

  22. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    Sevco fans have got a petition on to get the game stopped already :)

  23. Gorbalstam,



    I agree, simple statements, make our position know, we are not half of anything yada yada, consistency



    oh wait ,



    How many Aussie dollars did you say ?




    Eh, I’m all for it now.



    Sevco fans have got a petition on to get the game stopped already :)




    its going well



    I signed it



    Kev J Seville

  26. First I hope we get the 3 points tonight’, this friendly is a distraction we could do without.



    Just got my update on my power charges from April if this is what is going to be happening across everyone then renewals may be down for next season never mind this nonsense

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