Nothing gained from playing Kyogo and McGregor


Bayer Leverkusen manager, Gerardo Seoane, summed the game up, “We also made some mistakes, but we had [goalkeeper]Lukas Hradecky saving us, it was a sensational game from him.

“The victory was earned. Maybe the scoreline was a little bit too high, but we deserved to win.”

Celtic were back to their flowing best in the opening 25 minutes but confidence, composure and any chance of competing in the knockout stages of the Europa League evaporated when Leverkusen took the lead.  The home side regrouped at halftime and again took the game to the Germans, but the unfortunate loss of a penalty brought that resurgence to a juddering halt.

It is a worry that the heads go down when a goal is lost; the same happened a week ago at Livingston.  As well as everything else, a resilience gene is missing from this Celtic team.

We will know by Sunday evening the wisdom of playing Kyogo Furuhashi and Callum McGregor last night.  Nothing was gained from their appearance.  Kyogo was thrice through with Leverkusen keeper Lukas Hradecky to beat but could not convert.  Still, his impact on Celtic remains transformational.

Leading up to his second great chance, he opened play up with a sublime touch that switched the ball to Liel Abada.  No striker in recent Celtic history could do things like that.  Jota continues to settle into his new surroundings.  Leverkusen defenders quickly learned to back off him and to send reinforcements when the ball went to Celtic’s left.  A front three of Jota, Kyogo and Abada has a great deal of promise.

Oh David, what happened?  Turnbull seemed caught in two minds, between clearing the ball out of his box and allowing it to run out of play.  Playground stuff that would have me overcome with paranoia if it happened in certain domains.  I don’t think I have seen as poor a goal against Celtic, Leverkusen must have wondered what happened as much as the rest of us.

From that moment, the collapse seemed inevitable.  Our full backs were well up field when 3 v 2 left Joe Hart exposed for the second; halftime could not come soon enough.  Hart played well throughout, without him, our season would look in far greater danger.

Expectations were so low I think we had all emotionally factored a result like that in.  Despite what in any language is a drubbing, we were able to create better chances (against a far better team) than we have in recent weeks.  With Kyogo and McGregor back, the worst of this slump will be behind us.  The return of Juranovic, Taylor, Forrest and Jullien will help, but central midfield will remain light until January.

The season could pivot one way or the other on Sunday, we will find out then if the corner has been turned.

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  1. Celtic Mac on 2nd October 2021 9:14 pm










    Assimilated or no, there is simply no excuse for abusing a young black former Celtic player on his return to Glasgow. Others will try to rationalise it, justify it, and ultimately excuse it, but the fact is no bona fide Celtic supporter, from any background, would ever actually do it.





    Totally agree. I am embarrassed and ashamed.



    Try supporting Celtic in The North of Ireland in 2021 – everyone supports either M. Utd or Liverpool, (Arsenal or Chelsea if Unionist).

  2. ernie lynch on 2nd October 2021 9:13 pm



    SCULLYBHOY on 2ND OCTOBER 2021 8:21 PM







    Manchester has three Irish clubs, Glasgow has none.







    Why is that?





    The Edwards were quite anti-Protestant, and Manchester Utd considered changing from Newton Heath to Manchester Celtic? I do fantasize about Celtic setting up in Manchester, but who would have been the expression of Irish Catholicism in Glasgow / Scot;and???? The Lisbon Lions would never have existed JesuZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  3. Wee Frimpong arrived in Glasgow with a smile as wide as the Clyde Tunnel and pace to match. I suspect the turgid non-coaching of his then manager undermined the former. Getting the sh1t kicked out of him by the likes of Power of Kilmarnock would undermine smiles and pace.



    I’m glad he left. Glad for him.



    Who wouldn’t want to play in Germany rather than the Scottish league?



    His comments earlier this year about how Celtic fans couldn’t and shouldn’t expect to win every season irked me at the time. It showed a complete lack of awareness of the the importance of the 10 in this city. But it also offered me an insight into the thinking of young professional footballers. Why should I expect a 20 year old Dutch lad brought up in England to understand the importance of the 10 to the likes of me?



    He wasn’t boo-ed the other night because of racism. He was boo-ed because many fans of all clubs don’t recognise that it’s purely business for almost every player. He was also boo-ed because a small, but embarrassing, minority of our fans are dicks.



    The leader on here about him and Neil Lennon’s snidey comments can be contrasted with his kind diplomacy.



    The young man emerges from this week with credit, on and off the pitch. Others, less so.



    HH jg

  4. Marspapa,



    We went to a cocktail bar in Belfast before heading to the Aussie Pink Floyd gig, we got a Friendly warning about getting a Taxi too that night.



    It was the first concert I had sat down to Listen to the Music.



    I’m a cheesey quaver mind nae seats allowed. Praying for Ryan and all Garry’s Family.



    He truly was 1 in a Million.






    Garry is Home of that I have no doubts.

  5. I quite like the west ham fans approach to ex-players. No debate, they just hate them all because they left.

  6. He’ll be sorely missed by many.



    It was a short time ago he came out to play golf iin ek with Jobo and myself and we went and played his course Dalmuir……..




  7. scullybhoy



    I’ve said it on here offtimes before that Celtic as is and as was could not have been created anywhere else than Glasgow, Brother Walfrid read the runes, and the stars aligned. Thankfully there are still many that make the trip from Norn, on occasion at least, families, school groups, friends et al, and they bring a real enthusiasm that is a joy to behold.

  8. marspapa on 2nd October 2021 10:23 pm



    He’ll be sorely missed by many.



    It was a short time ago he came out to play golf iin ek with Jobo and myself and we went and played his course Dalmuir……..










    Is the Road Hole a par 5 now?



    If ever a hole should be a par 5.



    I always Loved the wee drap. I never ever got a Birdie.



    I was sure I’d get wan there.



    I played the Vale course – whats that all about sideways so much. I eventually got a membership of Dumbarton and realised by then I wisnae a Golfer. Dumbarton is a lot easier than Dalmuir, the Vale and Cardross (long course) and by then I realised I ain’t a Golfer. Respect to those that persevere and NJOI the game.

  9. Manchester has 3 irish social clubs,



    Wider glasgow has 148.



    I think they are called supporters clubs.



    via pubs, clubs, pick ups at bus stops.



    poor fella is mixed up.

  10. Bada……..



    Is it tough at the top?






    Big Judy, a bonus?







  11. Life just isn’t as good as it was when we has Garry In our midst.



    One of life’s ultimate good guys



    HH jg

  12. Dermot Desmond…….. be in no Doubt.



    You can be destitute in the Blink of an eye.



    Let Celtic Go and try to Grow.

  13. The Dalmuir foxes will be missing their kebabs and battered sausages RIP Garry 💚🦊🦊💚

  14. park road 67 , the dalmuir foxes missing garry , as much as CQN and SC ,, hopefully we raise a few quid between both blogs in his memory, Garry Duncan , You will never walk alone



    I’m certain there will be a few quid raised mhate that’s for sure ! Garry YNWA ONE LOVE 🇯🇲💚

  16. Wishaw tim on 3rd October 2021 12:18 am




    it is so sad, Dad is totally losing his mind, I took him to Ardmore and then just up the road to see his Mum/Dad and wee Brothers Grave plot.



    He is wanting to go to a Celtic game now. Moonbeams (Danny) went out of his way to accommodate Dad. Eternally grateful Danny Bhoy. Ta.



    He is wanting to go to Pittodrie.



    He will Love going to watch the Celts after doing a lot of Steps (401).



    I Know Aidan will be an Ideal guardian but it’s best I am looking efter the mad olde CELT.

  17. Re the Frimpong pelters…



    How many fans would boo other ex-Celts who come back to play us?



    Would it be anti-Irish racism to boo our jilter-in-chief Brendan Rodgers?


    Racism at our perennial ex-slacker wage thief, Olivier Ntcham?


    Our we’re too-good-for-this-shop exiters Odsonne or Ryan C?


    Or the ‘I abandoned you in yer hour of need’ Frazer Forster?



    There’s an adage that we should never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.



    Mibby. HH

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