Patrick Roberts and getting the band back together


Patrick Roberts will finally be free of his well-compensated Manchester City contract next month.  The player made one appearance for his parent club in the seven years since joining from Fulham.  His two and a half years at Celtic between 2016 and 2018 remain his most celebrated, at the club where he has made more than twice as many appearances than any other.

It is hard to imagine, but four years ago, Patrick was the as Jota is today in almost every respect.  Having lit up our campaign from the wing, we all hoped to secure him on a permanent deal.  Patrick wanted to come too, but Pep Guardiola stopped a proposed £10m deal from proceeding.  I am sure he would walk from Sunderland to Celtic Park, if an offer was made.

What I know for sure is that we cannot base player assessments on what happened four years ago.  If we did, Patrick would be joined by Filip Benkovic at Lennoxtown.  The latter has made only 13 starts since leaving Celtic three years ago and none for Udinese, his current employer.

Last night, as I watched Patrick score the goal that took Sunderland to a Wembley play-off final and the chance of promotion to the EFP Championship, you could have tempted me to want him back.  He had an ability to create space in the most packed defences, something Celtic face more often than most teams.  He was built for Celtic Park.

Getting the band back together is fraught with difficulties.  Few return as effective as they were when they left.  Patrick needs to join (or stay with) a team operating at the top end of whatever league he plays in, one that spends most of their time attacking tight defensive formations.  Out of contract, he will be a bargain for someone.  Celtic have made far worse punts.


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  1. CONEYBHOY on 10TH MAY 2022 8:58 PM


    Saint Stivs







    You I didn’t reply on my point on the retrospective comment you made about MM







    Is he off the hook on that?






    Nope, I wont get into dialogue with him directly, the name calling to others, and the ego he has, its just not worth the effort.



    In a team with Jewish players, Japanese players and 11 nationalities to use the Tenko reference and the Death railway as a point of reference to “over worked players” was for me beyond the pail.



    but then again it is his modus operandi.

  2. MadMitch has been trolling this site for years, {his name alone should tell you what he is}, like many others he really is not worth the oxygen or effort

  3. CB



    Youv got yon D4 accent down to a ‘t




    Yaah yaah


    I worked with one in London🤣



  4. Official allocation to both clubs in the Seville final, 9,500. Stadium capacity (Ramon Sanchez?) 43,000, about twelve thousand light than our own Final back in 2003. UEFA put public tickets on sale in April, via a ballot, so some possibilities there, but likewise for Germans. Majority will not have tickets. Imagine many will head to the South Coast, as we did, and travel up from there, or stay put. Think the trains have improved over the years. Maybe PoliceScotland could provide an escort?

  5. Tet



    Cheers for the repost o the burroo barnacles mind you


    postin it back in day hehe hh




  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    Stopped reading MadMitch stuff ages ago, you need enigma machine to work out most of his stuff😱

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    prestonpans bhoys on 10th May 2022 9:39 pm



    Stopped reading MadMitch stuff ages ago, you need enigma machine to work out most of his stuff😱



    Or a degree in Countdown ….

  8. Thanks for all your good wishes.



    Feels like symptoms are easing, especially the cough.






    Hope your symptoms aint too bad!



    Get well soon!

  9. emeraldbee



    When you see Abada, Maeda and Jota (hopefully) in action, and a wee cameo from Jamesie, you realise that Paddy only a slim chance of making it back through the Parkhead Gates. And slim just left town.

  10. ET , Turkeybhoy


    The original huns rioted in that many cities, over so many years, you start to lose count .


    Im sure the new version won’t let anyone down next week .

  11. Philbhoy – That’s good your symptoms are easing. Saturday was my worst, I only managed 6 or 7 drinks before Testing and symptoms hit.



    Anyway I am about 90% good but still showing 2 red lines on the old LFT.



    Belmontbrian – On reading back well said. Think he was referring to wee Rockybhoy Jimmy’s cat, so the fud could not even get the animal correct.


    A terrible comment.




    Hope the Moderator intervene’s and bans the Fud.



    D :)

  12. DAVID66



    Sounds good!



    Having difficulty tasting my whisky.



    Hope that disney last long!

  13. Lynott67


    The new huns have a bit of catching up to do, they have trashed George square a couple of times so I imagine they were just a trial run for what’s gonna happen in Seville

  14. Drambowiecelt on

    @Big j when you see this….The 2 snider Chris McLure merchants. (that get their digs into you??)


    Worst possible input from them……The Answer to Everything goons…


    Your posts bring sunshine to this blog big man .Keep em coming..


    Playing catch up again…… Hope your well j.






  15. TET



    I know!



    And if you canny taste Laphroaig ye’ve got a problem!



    Hope you and your good lady are as good as can be!

  16. Quiz questions:



    1. Which other European country shares the British political system? (clue = a dictatorship)



    2. If Sir Starmer resigns, who do Labour want to replace him? (clue = He is currently the Mayor of Manchester)






    1. Belarus.


    2. Andy Burnham. (He can’t as he is not an MP).



    ErneastLabourCrap CSC

  17. Philbhoy – Hope the rest of your family are coming through this as well.



    Makes the 1st one you do taste a lot better.






    D :)

  18. SCULLYBHOY on 10TH MAY 2022 10:03 PM



    I think the Roman Empire would win. It lasted much longer and covered more of the then known world.



    A much more interesting question is what would the world now be like if we hadn’t gone through the age of empire.



    Or indeed if that was even possible. Could capitalism have evolved without it?

  19. That’s me as well fholks, much to do in the spread the morra, no dig garden to try and sort, hard when the soil is crap clay when wet and like a desert for the rest of the year when it’s no raining, but you can only do your best, have to grow most things in containers so it’s a bit different than what I have been used to before


    Sleep well Timland


    HH and Keep the Faith, in Ange we trust.

  20. Drambowiecelt on

    Seen a reference to S.O.T reading back …Anyone confirm how is he??


    Wonderful knowledge of early ska , bluebeat, and just tops for great toons..

  21. When Britain fi-i-irst, at heaven’s command,


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    Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.



    Interesting question about Empires. Was the Roman Empire the most enduring? Surely, the British Empire is still alive and kicking (innocent people) today. Imagine, would rangers, old and new, have evolved without it?

  22. DRAMBOWIECELT on 10TH MAY 2022 10:17 PM


    Seen a reference to S.O.T reading back …Anyone confirm how is he??







    He hasn’t posted since the time Covid was ravaging Italy. Much missed poster.