Paul McBride, QC


Fortunately very few of us will have to go through what Paul McBride endured as a consequence of being a Celtic fan. Bullets and bombs in the post, with the inevitable stresses, are not part of a civilised society, but he coped without shirking. Instead of playing to the gallery, he carried an uncompromising message to some in the Celtic support, making a few more enemies but many more admirers.

His loss will be felt most by his loved ones, who are in our thoughts at this time, but without his insight, the years ahead will be poorer for us all.

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  1. kevinlasvegas on

    Sad day for us all, good man gone and i think he would have enjoyed their demise as much as the rest of us, pity he’ll miss it.



    Hopefully some more turmoil will put a wee smile back on our faces today.




  2. Posted yesterday.


    I had met Paul a few times when our professional paths crossed.


    A decent, humane, humerous talented man.

  3. I have witnessed Mr McBride in court twice.










  4. Silver City Neil Lennon on

    I know it’s only a small element of the tragedy of his early death but it seems particularly sad he won’t be around to share the ending of current events with us.

  5. Leggo is throwing straws for the hordes to clutch at again this morning. Blabbering about a senior legal source telling him the Ticketus deal is illegal as you need the written permission of every Season Ticket holder before you can mortgage the season tickets off.



    Small problem my inebriated chum, how do you know who to write to for the season tickets for next year and the year after? Does Ticketus give a free crystal ball with every transaction? Also if Ticketus have bought the tickets and in essence are selling them on for a profit the holders already know about the deal. Your manky fans are buying second hand goods.



    What a plum of a man.

  6. A beautiful morning here in North Ayrshire.



    May God grant strength to the family and friends of Paul McBride at this horribly harrowing time.

  7. Fine words Paul, a hugh loss to the Celtic family.


    Prayers and thoughts with his family and loved ones.

  8. tomtheleedstim on

    On a separate note, the statement released by hun admin yesterday on the official site is called “Investor’s deadline”


    Any idea why they would call it this rather than perhaps “Purchaser’s deadline” or something similar? They’re looking for someone to buy the club rather than just invest.

  9. It is a measure of the man that so many who did not know him are shocked and saddened by his passing.


    RIP Paul McBride

  10. A shout out to anyone in the Swindon area. There is a Charity ‘ An Evening with John Hartson’ at Swindon Town on Thursday 22nd March 7pm. Price is £15 per ticket which includes supper, comedian and auction including Celtic items. Proceeds go to Great Western Hospital Breast Cancer Unit.



    Spoke to the organiser last night who said she contacted him as he was a friend of a friend. She said he could not have been more accomodating and willing to help the unit. Speaks volumes for the guy.



    Would be good to show BBJ the Celtic support in the area. If interested you can contact me through Paul67, who will forward you my email.




  11. My boss is Peter Principle on

    When I heard the news last night I felt the same way I did when John Smith died..sick….Glasgow and Scotland have lost someone special




  12. Didn’t agree with everything he said, however I did sit up and listen every time he spoke. There is now a void in the Celtic media corner.

  13. Paul McBride QC was obviously a man of great intellect, to reach the heights of his chosen career at such a tender age was nothing short of remarkable, a man of principle, he stood up for what was right, he stood up and was counted when or wherever he found injustice, like many on here I never knew Paul McBride QC he wasnt a “friend” in the formal sense, but whether he knew it or not, whether in fact he would have liked it or not, he became one, when he decided enough injustice had been served on Celtic FC and its Supporters, Paul used his intellect, his knowledge of the Law and his abundant enthusiasm to challenge those within Scottish Football who had openly and willingly wronged “his” Club for decades, a line was drawn in the sand and the battle commenced, that battle he won on our behalf, the victory was at great personal cost to Paul, he became a hate fugure in the eyes of many and villified in certain parts of the press culminating in death threats along with Neil Lennon and Trish Goodman,


    Paul McBride was a Son, loved by his family and partner, in addition to this Paul McBride QC was our friend, he was there when we needed him, he will be sadly sadly missed.


    Rest in Peace Paul McBride


    The Peoples QC

  14. Allgreen admin heaven on

    A brave man who stood up when it mattered.



    Condolences to his family and friends.

  15. may his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. God Bless Paul McBride and comfort the mourning family and friends he has left behind

  16. Paul left St Al’s just as I joined but he went to university with my brothers and sister and was regularly around the house after parties etc.


    He was best man at my sister’s wedding but I have to be honest and say that thereafter, although I didn’t have any contact with him, I, wrongly, tarnished him with the same disrespect I have for all lawyers. I saw his links to Scottish Tories and this put me off him even more.


    He had his own issues in his private life, having to come to terms with his own feelings.


    However, his emergence last year as defendant of our club totally changed that opinion and maybe brought more of the “human” Paul back.


    In what was a hellish year for our leader and our club, he took centre stage, batting away attacks and , in reality, he decided that the best form of defence was to attack first. He regularly got tore into SFA to the extent that Stewart Regan knew they had no defence, admitting at one point that there was no point in SFA wasting their money trying to defend against him. I have no doubt that his emergence as our “spokesman” made every journalist in the country very wary about printing anything that was not 100% accurate.



    Paul, RIP


    Ad Majora Natus Sum.

  17. swatson Neil Lennon's 6ft skinny twin! on

    So for any Rangers IA fans that can read and therafter read between the lines, Traynor says that Celtic put them into admin by not paying for tickets upfront, whist continually calling into question Celtics integrity!


    Through everything that has been going on at the biggest cheats in the world its Celtics fault,



    P.S Jim,



    Were Sorry!



  18. I cannot believe that Jabba had the cajones to write this morning that …



    “The main currency, in fact the only currency any of us in the newspaper game should have in our moral banks must be integrity”. and ……


    “Integrity, honesty and the desire to call it out no matter the consequences is what defines us”



    Succulent lamb, fine claret, incisive investigation of what was going on in Govan under the auspices of the lamb and claret provider?



    I would say to Mr. Traynor that he, and his ilk, have contributed massively to the genuine feelings of disbelief and hburt among the many thousands of decent Rangers’ supporters (NOT the Huns!) who don’t have his education and who rely pretty much entirely on the rags in getting their information about their club. By ignoring what many others knew was out their, by blithely repeating the PR garbage coming out of Ibrox, by accepting unquestioningly that Whyte was the man, that Paul Murray/Dave King could be the next saviours, all of that fed to people who get theeir info from the rags just meant setting them up for an ever greater fall. You saw it on the faces of Rangers’ fans that first Tuesdfay (now 21 days ago) – they were stunned, it COULDN’T happen to Rangers, no one evger told them it could happen.



    Well done Mr. Traynor.

  19. I have not posted for some time but I have as usual read most of the threads. This is one that I felt obliged to say something. Mr Mc Bride was an extremely complex individual with an intellect “off the radar” (this time it really does fit). He was a true Celtic man who stood by the club last season despite the threats from the bigoted morons from the south side. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and partner. A good man lost to his and the Celtic family far too early. Rest In Peace Paul




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