Peter, you will never walk alone


Over the years I have lost count of the number of times I asked Peter Lawwell to speak up and defend himself from ill-informed nutcases who thought him too exertive or not exertive enough.  He continually refused, “What is best for Celtic?” was his repeated response.  The real world is not as conspiratorial as many seem to think.

The man’s sheer intellect towered over Scottish football for 17 years.  If you wanted to influence a neutral against Peter’s position, you needed your A game.  Most went home to lick their wounds, many of them resentful.  If you cannot outsmart him, blame his hidden hand, seems to be the excuse of choice.

The perpetrator of the fireball attack on his home in the early hours of the night will likely be caught; these types are seldom criminal masterminds.  Although we know nothing about who did it, we can be sure it was a male, that he lives in an ocean of inadequacy, and that he was radicalised by those who this morning believe themselves to have clean hands.  For the record, they do not.  The script on the lone lunatic has not changed in 100 years, to a man, radicalised.

It is a huge mercy that no one was physically harmed.  A decade on from similar attacks on Neil Lennon and his lawyer, the late Paul McBride, this could very easily have resulted in a loss of life.  Peter, you will never walk alone.

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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    Shocking attack on Lawwell’s house, those responsible must be caught and punished.



    This however does not rewrite the full history of Lawwell and the club.

  2. I was in London when the Bobby Moore testimonial took place at Upton Park. I couldn’t manage to get to the game but Geoffrey Green (I think) the venerable football correspondent of the Times told folk they ought to go there to watch Celtic and see how football should be played.

  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    Firstly I hope Lawwell and his family are safe and well.



    This has Huns written all over it, if it were to be one of our own it would have happened long ago. Nothing has happened recently on the Celtic doorstep to stimulate an attack however loads and loads from the dark side😯

  4. All gone quiet on the HUN/Zombie fest at the weekend.



    Perfect opportunity to sweep some Shit under the carpet for Strathclydes finest, SFA and the Government.



    D :)

  5. There was a spate of similar incidents in Thorntonhall 18 months ago. This might not be football-related at all. Time will tell. Still horrific for everyone involved.



    30th October 2019


    ‘Petrol bombing’: Car attack latest in spate of hits on plush Thorntonhall street


    By Niall Christie



    Residents in a wealthy village on the outskirts of Glasgow have said they are terrified after a property was ‘petrol bombed’ at the weekend.



    The attack, which is said to be the latest in a spate of similar incidents in the area, occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning in the plush village of Thorntonhall. and involved the use of an explosive.



    Scorch marks from the incident remain visible on the driveway of the large home on Baroness Drive, which are said to have come from the blaze which damaged a Bentley car within the gated residence.



    The lit device was thrown onto a driveway towards two parked vehicles, while a brick was also thrown, shattering the window of one in the early hours of Sunday, October 27.



    Those living nearby say they are scared for their wellbeing, after other disruptions in the street over the past year.



    One neighbour told how her property had also been targeted, as well as two other homes on the street.



    She said: “This has been a problem for about a year now.”



    This latest attack comes after a Porsche was torched in suspicious fire started in a driveway on the same street.



    The SUV was set alight in March at a property on Baroness Drive, which has previously been named as Glasgow’s most expensive street.



    Officers are now hunting for two men in connection with the incident over the weekend and believe a dark coloured hatchback may have been used in the attack.



    Detective Constable Chris McLaughlin, of Cambuslang CID, said: “Thankfully no extensive damage was caused.



    “This was a reckless act which could have caused significantly more harm and will not be tolerated.



    “Two men were seen getting out of a dark coloured hatchback.



    “I am appealing to anyone who may have seen something suspicious in the area, or who has dash-cam or CCTV footage of people or vehicles to contact us immediately.

  6. It’s the caveats that demean some of the posts on here today, there’s absolutely no need for it. Everybody on here and their granny know who doesn’t like Peter, notice I’m using his first name not demeaning him by only using is surname, an old Scottish media thing. There is no need, especially today, to reiterate those feelings, por cierto

  7. Some of yous need to take the day off.



    Today should have been a reminder that there are some things bigger than the granting of a European Licence

  8. I read a bit before, West Ham bought the ground that became The Boyln Ground from the Catholic church.



    A church remained and a catholic school next door.



    The Thames Ironworks, and shipbuilding company had Irish immigrants working there.



    Brother Walfrid might have walked the very streets there.



    As much as we can think of the eastend as cockney wide boys, I too have been suprised when meeting hammers fans that did have a soft spot for Celtic.

  9. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    First off and by far the most important point here, this is a despicable act by dangerous people who must be caught and punished. There is only sympathy for the Lawwell Family here at a traumatic time. I’m sorry this happened to them.



    Secondly, you are making huge leaps in advance of the facts because it suits your narrative. All that’s fluff and can be safely ignored until we know those facts.



    Third, you can be sympathetic to the Lawwells and profoundly disagree with P67’s assessment of Lawwell’s characteristics. I am sure he’s a very intelligent man, but he leaves outsmarted by Squint King and Flabmeister Park. I guess they brought their A-game.



    I will add that today’s despicable events gave P67 the opportunity to give full expression to the paean of Peter long implied on these blogs.

  10. Mon The Hoops! on

    People are sad, angry and worried. And very emotional…



    Please take a deep breathe…



    Before you post anything that may upset folk.



    All the very best to everyone. There is a family member needing help, not more pain.


    On this day.







  11. MON THE HOOPS! on 19TH MAY 2021 2:29 PM


    All the very best to the Lawwell family…



    God bless.





    MTH – Here Here



    D :)

  12. timmy7_noted on

    just received an email from Celtic reminding me how to renew my season ticket on line.


    They obviously think they are doing a great job.

  13. Glad of the news re ST’s. Looking forward to getting back to Paradise to cheer on the Hoops! por cierto

  14. Really disturbing events last night for Peter and his family. Not something they will get over soon if at all.

  15. Funny that, the connection between West Ham and Celtic but I do remember in the old days of half and half hats it was west him and Celtic.



    I don’t think you’d see it these days, west ham, milwall, Chelsea all tend to be brexit bothering no-surrendering right wingers. A huge generalization of course, although in west hams case they seem to hate just about everyone.

  16. And yes, the Boleyn Ground, although I only ever remember it being referred to as upton park

  17. CELTIC40ME on 19TH MAY 2021 3:09 PM


    “And yes, the Boleyn Ground, although I only ever remember it being referred to as upton park”



    Yes, me too! por cierto

  18. called Boleyn ground because it was built on the site of Anne Boyeln’s castle.

  19. Still shocked bt this, especially when you see some of the photos as to bad the fire was.



    My brother and mate had a meeting with Peter Lawwell a few years ago on the Res12 issues. He said at that meeting that he couldn’t speak out openly against the continuity lie as “People know where I live”. I never thought it would come to this.



    I sent a few letters to him outlining my disagreement with Celtic’s position on that and other things but no doubt a Celtic man.



    Serious fire when you see the photos. Hope they catch the evil morons that did it. Attempted murder in my book.

  20. 1923-24 Thursday 10 April 1924 FRIENDLY AWAY WEST HAM UNITED ENGLAND D 2 2 Cassidy, Puddlefoot 12000 0-1 (2), 1-1, HT, 1-2, 2-2 Benefit for St Anne’s Young Men’s Club. Ex-Hammer Puddlefoot (FFC) guested for Celtic.

  21. Is St Annes YMC the parish of Brother Walfrid ?



    Anyone got Brendan Sweeney on twitter ?

  22. squire danaher on

    SAINT STIVS on 19TH MAY 2021 3:23 PM





    In 1893, Walfrid was sent by his religious order to London’s East End. Here he continued his work, organising football matches for and showing great kindness to the barefoot Catholic children in the districts of Bethnal Green and Bow.

  23. 1949-50 Monday 17 October 1949 1500 FRIENDLY AWAY WEST HAM UNITED ENGLAND L 2 5 N/K Haughney 2 (42, 2nd half after 61) c10000 0-1 (34), 1-1, HT, 1-2 (McGrory OG,49), 1-3 (61), 2-3, 2-4, 2-5 New Catholic School Fund. Celtic arrived 18 minutes late following an incident with coach en route. CELTIC :- Miller….McGrory….McAuley….Collins…Haughney…. Programme 2d

  24. ast London has been crying out for a new Celtic Supporters Club and now we have the Brother Walfrid East London CSC, the newest CSC on the block which has been put together during Lockdown by the former Bhoys of Ilford CSC.



    Formed in July 2020 the club HQ is The Carpenters Arms, 17 Carpenters Road, Stratford, London E15 2JH just a short walk from Stratford station. The pub is primarily a West Ham pub so when the Hammers are playing, check that the games don’t clash but if they do, the Bhoys transfer to Molly Blooms (see directly above) in Dalston, Hackney.



    Contact the club on their new Facebook page (growing fast!) for the Clubs new patches and badges

  25. squire danaher on

    According to Google Maps Befnaal Green and Bow are 3-4 ml west of the site of the old Upton Park/Boleyn Ground.

  26. Mon The Hoops! on

    RobinBhoy on 19th May 2021 3:17 pm



    “Still shocked bt this, especially when you see some of the photos as to bad the fire was…




    … Serious fire when you see the photos. Hope they catch the evil morons that did it. Attempted murder in my book.”



    Totally agree friend, hope you get over the shock soon, like the rest of us. Frightening.



    Take care 🍀

  27. Greenwells Glory on

    Hi Ghuys, Salve salve ;- I have criticised Peter Lawell on here before, but no one deserves the treatment meted out to him and his family last night. I sincerely hope the degenerate halfwit responsible is caught and punished to the full rigour of the law. I wish Peter and his family a speedy recovery from this incident.






    Nihil est incertius vulgo, nihil obscurius voluntate hominum, nihil fallacius ratione tota comitiorum.

  28. Andrew Kerins, known as Brother Walfrid, was an Irish Marist Brother





    18 May 1940: Born Andrew Kerins in Ballymote (pop. 1,539), County Sligo, to father John and mother Elizabeth.



    1845-1851: Irish Famine ravages Ireland. Sligo one of the worst regions hit.



    Irish family starving great famine andrew kerinsCredit: National Library of Ireland.


    A starving Irish family from Carraroe, County Galway, during the Great Famine.



    1855: Aged 15 leaves Ireland with his friend, Bert McGettrick, for Glasgow in search of work on the railways.



    Irish building railways 19th century Andrew Kerins.Credit: IrishCentral.


    Irish “navvies” at work building Britain’s railways.



    1864: Joins Marist Brothers and travels to France for teacher training. Named Brother Walfrid.



    1869: Returns to Glasgow and is attached to the junior school of St. Mary’s Church, Calton (in Glasgow’s East End). Starts football league and establishes literary society at the school.



    1874: Assigned own school, becoming headmaster of Sacred Heart School in Glasgow’s Bridgeton. Sets up “penny dinner” scheme in the school.



    Children Glasgow penny dinner scheme Andrew Kerins.Credit: St. Mary’s, Calton.


    Children in Glasgow queueing for Brother Walfrid’s “penny dinner” scheme.



    5 January 1875: St. Joseph’s College was founded as a boarding school for boys in 1875, by the Marist Brothers. Walfrid is one of the founders.



    6 November 1887: Sets up Celtic to “Supply the East End conferences of the St. Vincent De Paul Society with funds for the maintenance of the “Dinner Tables” of our needy children in the Missions of St Mary’s, Sacred Heart, and St. Michael’s. Many cases of sheer poverty are left unaided through lack of means. It is therefore with this principle object that we have set afloat the Celtic’.” Founding meeting takes place in St. Mary’s Church hall, in Calton.



    1892: Walfrid was asked to take over the Marist school of St Anne’s in Buxton Street in Spitalfields.



    1892-1902: Moves to Spitalfields in the Whitechapel area of London. Sets up local boys’ club and scheme to provide free breakfasts to the young and elderly.



    1902 onwards: Oversees move of Marist Brothers’ Novitiate House from Beauchamps (France) to Kent.

  29. 1970-71 Monday 16 November 1970 1930 Bobby Moore Testimonial AWAY WEST HAM UNITED ENGLAND D 3 3 Ref – J Finney, Hertford Lennox (13), Johnstone (34), Connelly (63) 24448 ( Estimated Celtic Support 3000+) 1-0, 1-1 (19), 2-1, HT, 2-2 (62), 3-2, 3-3 (84) Match sponsored by The Esso Petroleum Company Limited. CELTIC :- Williams, Craig, Gemmell, Murdoch, McNeill, Brogan, Johnstone, Lennox, Wallace, Connelly, Hughes. Sub – Hood. Tickets – West Stand 20/- & (Block B) 30/-, (Block E) 20/- (Block C) 30/-; East Stand 30/- Official Programme 3/-, pirate also sold.



    everything expensive, a regular programme being 6d at the time, a stand ticket for our match at Tannadice 3 weeks later was 10/-.




  30. If Peter Lawwell is to blame for this season’s fiasco, then he is also to ‘blame’ for the many other successful seasons during his tenure. Weighed in the balance, the scales tip massively in PL’s favour.



    His critics, who incidentally are minuscule within the Celtic support, and mostly reside ‘on-line’, not at Celtic Park on match days, cannot have it both ways.



    Those who hurl abuse and all other kind of invective, would think more than twice if they had to post their full names & address of their family home, together with their bile. Peter is high-profile to his friends & enemies alike.



    What kind of life for Peter and his family now? He will probably have to relocate – if I were him I’d get as far away from the west of Scotland as possible.



    Just a thought – suppose Eddie Howe, any of his representatives and/or friends happened to have read this blog today after hearing the news. If he was destined to be our manager it is certain Peter was at the centre of negotiations – any phone call between them will/would be interesting.