Peter, you will never walk alone


Over the years I have lost count of the number of times I asked Peter Lawwell to speak up and defend himself from ill-informed nutcases who thought him too exertive or not exertive enough.  He continually refused, “What is best for Celtic?” was his repeated response.  The real world is not as conspiratorial as many seem to think.

The man’s sheer intellect towered over Scottish football for 17 years.  If you wanted to influence a neutral against Peter’s position, you needed your A game.  Most went home to lick their wounds, many of them resentful.  If you cannot outsmart him, blame his hidden hand, seems to be the excuse of choice.

The perpetrator of the fireball attack on his home in the early hours of the night will likely be caught; these types are seldom criminal masterminds.  Although we know nothing about who did it, we can be sure it was a male, that he lives in an ocean of inadequacy, and that he was radicalised by those who this morning believe themselves to have clean hands.  For the record, they do not.  The script on the lone lunatic has not changed in 100 years, to a man, radicalised.

It is a huge mercy that no one was physically harmed.  A decade on from similar attacks on Neil Lennon and his lawyer, the late Paul McBride, this could very easily have resulted in a loss of life.  Peter, you will never walk alone.

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  1. squire danaher on

    JHB on 19TH MAY 2021 3:48 PM



    When were the two occasions you watched Celtic at West Ham?

  2. Solidarity to Peter Lawwell and his family.



    Plenty of nutters out there willing to take a few Bob for such acts or seek some infamy for whatever reason. Time will come for thar type of speculation but whatever our opinion of his leadership of Celtic he us one of us, part of the Celtic family and the collective celtic family arms will go around his shoulders.

  3. POR CIERTO on 19TH MAY 2021 2:30 PM


    It’s the caveats that demean some of the posts on here today, there’s absolutely no need for it. Everybody on here and their granny know who doesn’t like Peter, notice I’m using his first name not demeaning him by only using is surname, an old Scottish media thing. There is no need, especially today, to reiterate those feelings, por cierto




    Well said Sir.hh

  4. timmy7_noted on

    JHB on 19th May 2021 3:48 pm



    Point scoring again on the back of a horrific attack, you are a belter.

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  6. glendalystonsils on

    CELTIC40ME on 19TH MAY 2021 3:17 PM


    I love the idea of a castle in the middle of west ham.



    I find it fascinating . Just a wee reminder of how different West Ham must have looked in those days .

  7. the hatred shown towards Peter Lawell and the board from CELTIC supporters midseason reaked of entitlement and stank of selfishness. They played their part in Celtics poor season by demoralizing the players as they entered the ground to play a football “game”.



    What Peter Lawell has done for Celtic is quite remarkable – 9IAR , Qaud Trebles and all achieved while maintaining the financial stability and strength of the club.






    He and the board and in particular recruitment made mistakes and certainly got complacent – covid didn’t help and management decisions to keep certain players backfired – a bad season and a forgettable season from a team EVERYONE knew was on its knees and lacked freshness.



    One bad season – he and his families lives were put in danger by the sectarian jealousy and hatred of rangers supporting thugs OR by the hatred and resentment of celtic supporting thugs.



    I sincerely hope they are caught and spend 9 years in jail – so they appreciate how long that really is!

  8. Well said Paul 67. I wish Celtic supporters would tone down the criticism of DD, PL, or certain players. Yes, criticize mistakes but don’t make just so vicious. All that crap about the heated driveway etc.



    Hail Hail Peter and family

  9. WG,



    everything is expensive in London, I mean 3 shillings for a pirate

  10. stebhoy on 19th May 2021 4:06 pm





    Excellent post

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Winningemmell – nice one.



    Good to see you posting.






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything






    We share a city AND NOTHING ELSE

  12. Ive seen some Photos of THREE Hun players with at least one Auld Ugly Hun Bird in a House in Stirlingshire, with drink involved, and they are GOLDSON, TAVENIER and PATTISON , with their Hun tops on.


    The Cops are trying to establish WHEN the Photos were taken as the SPL Trophy is also pictured, and IF it was last Saturday…it was TWO DAYS BEFORE Covid restrictions were implemented ?



    IF this is yet another example of Huns Breaking Covid Rules then they should be seriously dealt with….with PATTISON….a more recent previous offender…being KICKED OOT of the Scotland Squad IMMEDIATELY !


    Scumbags the lot of them….






    I worked 5 minutes walk from St Anne’s for 5 years and didn’t know it existed. There’s a lot of history round there hidden down narrow streets

  14. When the FIVE Hun players were found to be Covid breakers a couple of months ago, and eventually suspended, didnt GERRARD tell the media that PATTISON was a young player and has made a simple mistake…and that HE ( Pattison) was full of remorse with his illegal actions …….


    Obviously NOT REMORSEFUL ENOUGH……Unless Gerrard was telling more lies at the time ?

  15. squire danaher on

    STEBHOY on 19TH MAY 2021 4:06 PM



    One bad season – he and his families lives were put in danger by the sectarian jealousy and hatred of rangers supporting thugs OR by the hatred and resentment of celtic supporting thugs.






    Are you familiar with the concept of risk assessment??



    Are you seriously saying – on a Celtic supporters blog – that you really consider the risk of a Celtic supporter attacking the Lawwell family home as being the same as that of a Hun??

  16. Back to Basics Glass half Full



    I completely endorse your comments.



    I had this post ready to go & then I saw yours at 12.38pm…doh…





    “…and that he was radicalised by those who this morning believe themselves to have clean hands.”



    This sentence has not registered with some.



    We don’t know yet who is responsible or the reason they had for targeting the CEO of Celtic FC.


    I repeat the home of the CEO of Celtic Football Club was firebombed in the wee small hours of last night.



    The criminals may be Celtic inclined or virulently anti-Celtic.


    The point in the phrase from the article is precisely the same regardless of his/their motivation.



    So on here, anything other than a comprehensive and unconditional condemnation of it is part of the problem.



    Any part of “Terrible thing, BUT he’s been a liability to the club..”


    Or “While I deplore it, he’s overstayed his welcome..”


    Or “After all, 5 way agreement, part of the old firm mafia & blah, blah…”



    …is tantamount to saying he brought it upon himself.



    That rationale is the bedrock of discrimination across the world.


    Dehumanise, alienate then blame.



    Those qualified criticisms of the bombing are themselves the smoke drifting away after the radicalisation has done it’s work, whether it’s on here or on FF/Union Bears.



    I don’t know the man but I do now that if any other Celtic fan’s home was firebombed the condemnation would be total & the support for him unanimous.



    Peter Lawwell deserves that from us.



    Peter Lawwell YNWA

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    CORNELIUS on 19TH MAY 2021 4:35 PM



    Excellent summation.

  18. JHB on 19TH MAY 2021 3:48 PM


    If Peter Lawwell is to blame for this season’s fiasco, then he is also to ‘blame’ for the many other successful seasons during his tenure. Weighed in the balance, the scales tip massively in PL’s favour.







    His critics, who incidentally are minuscule within the Celtic support, and mostly reside ‘on-line’, not at Celtic Park on match days, cannot have it both ways.




    ” Mostly reside online, not at Celtic Park on Match days”………….AGAIN, I will ask you a very simple question…” HOW do you KNOW this” ?


    You Posted a day or two ago that ” There are TENS of THOUSANDS of Celtic supporters who are Tories”….I asked you ” How do you KNOW that”…but as usual you have NO Feckin answerto any SIMPLE Question that you are asked.



    How often in ” Normal” Times do YOU get to Celtic Park on Match days, considering that you live in Jolly Tory ole England ?




    CHUMP !

  19. CORNELIUS on 19TH MAY 2021 4:35 PM



    I agree with all of that. The responses earlier today were telling.




    I’m not sure how much the pirate was. If I remember correctly it had a green cover. Pirate Celtic home programmes arrived on the scene in the mid-30s before the official versions and there has been a Pirate Revival in the season just past as clubs resorted to digital editions.



    Keep well



    WG, PugwashCSC

  21. Paul The Spark on

    I see the police have a description of a car and a person. Pretty vague but it’s a start. Said they have CCTV of someone pouring an accelerant on the cars.

  22. CORNELIUS on 19TH MAY 2021 4:35 PM




    ‘…is tantamount to saying he brought it upon himself.’







    It’s nothing of the sort.

  23. The Star above The Crest on

    I wish Peter Lawwell and his family a swift recovery from this appalling incident.

  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Appeal following wilful fire-raising in Thorntonhall, Lanarkshire




    Police in Lanarkshire have launched an investigation into a wilful fire-raising at a property in Thorntonhall.



    Around 1am on Wednesday, 19 May, officers were called to a report of vehicles on fire outside a house on Peel Road. Three vehicles were deliberately set alight which also resulted in a garage sustaining extensive damage.



    The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service attended and extinguished the fire. Nobody was injured as a result of the incident.



    Detectives are treating the fire as deliberate after CCTV enquiries showed a man pouring an accelerant on the vehicles. They are appealing for anyone with information to come forward.



    The male suspect is described as around 5 ft 10 ins and of slim build. He was wearing black joggers, a black hooded jumper with the hood up, black trainers and a face mask. A silver/grey hatchback car was also seen near to the house at the time of the fire.



    Detective Inspector Susie Cairns said: “This was a completely reckless act which destroyed three cars and caused significant damage to the property’s garage. The consequences could have been so much worse but thankfully nobody was injured during this incident.



    “I am appealing to anyone who was in the area at the time that saw a man or car matching this description or saw any unusual activity to please come forward.



    “If you have personal CCTV or a dashcam, please check back and see if there is any footage that could assist our investigation. No matter how small or insignificant you think it may be, please get in touch.”



    Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101, quoting reference number 0134 of 19 May. Alternatively, if you wish to remain anonymous, you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

  25. Guys,



    I don’t mean to detract from today’s horrific news. ( The outcome could have been so much worse as seen in Glasgow in 1984 )



    However, today in Scotland the Covid passport was launched.



    Last year, Loads on here decried this as another conspiracy theory.



    Be wary fellow Tim’s. Remember being played happens in multiple formats.



    HH to all.

  26. JHB



    You are right. Peter Lawwell will have to relocate his family away from Scotland. This is not the first attack on Celtic figures nor will it be the last. The house is badly damaged and likely will need demolished.



    This is the Celtic CEO being burned out his house and probably out of the country.



    It is a disgrace.



    Some people should temper their postings, this is not the time to try and criticise the way the club is run.

  27. SQUIRE – After 30 years in Risk Management I am certainly aware of the concept of risk assessment.



    You miss the point entirely. The only risk that matters in this incident is the risk to Peter Lawell and his families life.



    Whether this was done by a celtic or rangers fan is irrelevant – it was done by a senseless thug!



    You may be referring to degree of probability – in this case I have no clue. More rangers fans hate Peter lawell than celtic fans – but how do you calculate this degree of criminality.

  28. CHAVEZ on 19TH MAY 2021 2:28 PM



    No mention if whether the perpetrators were apprehended for these earlier barbaric acts in the same small village? Lanarkshire Division Chief Superintendent Allan Waddell needs to get some results soon.



    Hear Hear Paul.

  29. CELTIC40ME on 19TH MAY 2021 4:30 PM









    I worked 5 minutes walk from St Anne’s for 5 years and didn’t know it existed. There’s a lot of history round there hidden down narrow streets






    A couple of years ago I stayed a few nights in Brick-lane. I knew some of the history of the area, but more of the ripper murders and the immigrations. I wish I had known more of the Brother Walfrid connections I would have looked for the church.



    Michael Connolly is doing a PHD on the life of the Brother, I really hope he uncovers the time in London.



    Still waiting on a dramatization of the great mans life, the world needs that film.






    I had missed this –



    An Gorta Mór Glasgow






    May 6


    The committee met last night and we are delighted to announce that, having waited out the pandemic, we are now actively planning the arrangements for the unveiling of the monument. We are aiming for a date in July and will confirm as soon as possible. Watch this space!

  30. “ONENIGHTINLISBON on 19TH MAY 2021 3:00 PM


    Season ticket renewals?


    These guys are on a different planet.”



    They are on the same planet as I am and I suspect this planet will have quite a few thousand others on it.

  31. McPhail Bhoy on

    Incidentally there was a tv programme on last night around the east end of London, docklands area including the area where West Ham had their stadium the presenter said that 200 years ago it was fields. It wasn’t until the docks development that it turned into what we now recognise. So in Anne Boleyn’s time, 500 years ago a castle in the country would have been nothing unusual.

  32. STEBHOY on 19TH MAY 2021 4:52 PM




    I disagree…it is RELEVANT.



    In cases of Attacks/Shootings etc…Its very RELEVANT for the Authorities to establish whether is was a ” LONE Attacker/SHOOTER ” ?


    Simply because, its RELEVANT to know whether someone has been acting alone, and maybe has Mental Health issues etc…or if the Attacker/shooter was acting on behalf of a so called ” CAUSE/Organisation” ?