Pin it to the dressing room wall


Straight from the off on Saturday you knew this would be a more accomplished Celtic performance than our last league outing against Dundee. Brown and Bitton in central mid, with Charlie Mulgrew partnering Erik Sviatchenko in central defence.

Charlie is at the back end of his career but you know you are getting a seasoned SPL pro, who is going to clear his lines, attack the ball, and not try to be Beckenbauer (i.e. he’d rather not attempt a 20 yard pass than risk misplacing one).  I’ve liked the look of Erik since he’s arrived, our clean sheet count has improved immeasurably, but the Dane was culpable at the Thistle penalty. He was turned, then put his arm around his opponent’s waist. A nailed-on penalty which could have cost us in different circumstances.

I loved Kilmarnock striker Josh Magennis’ comments after his teams’ defeat at Pittodrie: “We can do Aberdeen a favour next week by beating Celtic, we haven’t lost in our two games against them this season.”

Pin it to the dressing room wall at Lennoxtown, Ronny.  We battered Kilmarnock last time out, creating 20 attempts but couldn’t convert, and we let them off the hook earlier in the season at Rugby Park by conceding a late penalty.  No mistakes this time.

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  1. P67-I thought the penalty Thistle got was a joke,you would have to give penalties every time a cross went into the box,i never seen any player claiming for it either.HH





    Indeed,mate. Put them two points away from their rivals for the offski.



    Naw,raise their game for us. Nice…

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  4. The Bhoy from the Village on

    Erik was culpable but an incredibly soft award, while we are on the subject of culpability where are the comments regarding the linesman not flagging for offside when the PT centre wins the header. I was directly in line and he is at least 2 yards offside

  5. Where to start?



    Sometimes an overheard whisper in a pub can for just a moment render the passing of time unimportant.



    Those few words that were only intended for the listener and whichever deity or the universe cups you in His or its hand, bring with them a peace and reflection that can trigger events in your own past reminding you of the quality of humanity that lies at the core of all of us…irrespective of creed, colour, religion, race or even football team.



    And in those few moments we find ourselves not only identifying with the stranger who has uttered the words, but also knowing that because of that fleeting scene pictured, for just one moment, you can are with someone they have lost and because of that you have become, however short lived, a better person.


    I don’t know Mountblow Tim or Starry Plough other than by their words that drift across my computer screen. I know even less about the beloved sister and wife who have so tragically passed on.



    But like those few ephemeral but heartfelt words overheard in street or bar, their posts stopped the tick of the clock; and in that silence I could picture them and knew them all….but most of all I felt a better person for being granted that privilege.



    When I see you post again, on whatever subject, I will again think of you all.



    So please accept my condolences but also my gratitude.



    Hail Hail




  6. Paul67


    Nailed on….


    Looking forward to getting loads of “nailed on penalties in the run in. Only thing that made it ” ” “nailed on”/”technically a penalty” was the fact that it was against Celtic.


    I’m with Bada and Ard Macha….soft doesn’t even begin to describe it. If in doubt ask the proverbial ….if it was in the Thistle end would we have got it? Methinks not.


    HH to good Tims everywhere.

  7. Nailed on penalty! Paul I suspect you are playing the long game with this one. Can’t wait to see all the of penalties we’ll get between now and the end of the season for ‘tugs’ on the shirt.

  8. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar - Sack the Board - Lawwell Out on

    Talking about don’t “…let them off the hook…” – don’t lose focus on our Boardroom – what is happening with with the notification to UEFA of the SFA’s rule-breaking?



    Keep the heat on PL to take the right ACTION – if he spins things out for another two weeks, then he is in the clear – it’ll be “…Sorry Bhoys, it’s out of our hands, time’s up I’m afraid, that’s a pity, oh-dear, how-sad, never-mind – let’s just move on…”



    Still furious about the news from last week – feel utterly betrayed by Celtic’s approach to this whole matter – they need to take concerted action to restore any semblance of trust in football governance in Scotland, and trust in our Board in particular, and there is absolutely no sign whatsoever of that happening.








  9. glendalystonsils on

    The Bhoy from the Village on 14th March 2016 12:27 pm



    It’s not just the refs we need to watch, sometimes the honest mistakes are shared with the other officials, just like last seasons SC semi final.

  10. time for change on

    Happy with Saturday’s performance and result. Penalty in my eyes was soft (nor was it claimed for by the Partick Thistle player).



    Prior to kick off I noticed a tweet stating Hugh Dallas was back helping the SFA as a consultant. Does anyone have any more information?



    Mountblow Tim and Starry Plough my condolences and minded in a wee prayer.




  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar - Sack the Board - Lawwell Out on

    Aye – “…nailed-on penalty…” my hin’-end! It was so “…nailed-on…” that the Thistle players didn’t even know what it was given for. Sounds just like our manager’s view of Boyata’s tackle in the game at Hamilton.



    Jeezo – with friends like these…








  12. Paul67



    Technically it was a penalty but when was the last time you saw any team awarded a penalty when none of the attacking team claim for it?



    Ps Big Eric worries me.

  13. To Starry Plough and Mountblow Tim.



    Sincere condolences.



    I’m sure those words in themselves won’t provide much comfort at this time. But the knowledge that so many on here are thinking of you and your loved ones hopefully will.



    I know it helped me when I lost my father and then my father in law.

  14. No Thistle player claimed for a penalty, their fans seemed very surprised that it was awarded (their first in over a year) and no-one around me at the game even knew what the supposed foul was, and we had great seats just on the centre-line.



    I watched it again last night, never a penalty in a million years.



    Did anyone watch the rugby yesterday?



    Scotland scored a try but the referee went to the video review as he was told that a Scotland player (not the try scorer) had pulled a French shirt. The referee looked at the video and sure enough there was a pull of the shirt. However the pull was ineffectual and did not disrupt the French player trying to stop the try.



    Referee looked at it and said – ‘It made no difference’ – and awarded the try.



    The Thistle player got his cross in. Eric’s attempt to stop him, ‘made no difference’ as the cross was made.



    It was more of a foul at the rugby than at the football.

  15. Afternoon all.



    My condolences to those who have lost loved ones.



    I hope that Celtic are compiling footage of such incidents as that penalty. I think someone who record similar incidents, where we have been denied said penalty. I would imagine they will probably be in the region of 4 or 5 every game, possibly more. We are being cheated and it is quite blatant. Of course, the SMSM won’t make any issue of it, as it suits them to a tee, which is probably why it is so blatant now. The MIBs know they can get away with it.

  16. The Bhoy from the Village on

    Glendalystonsils i know that only too well, they don’t even need to be officials for their influence to be exerted. For that reason I want the Aberdeen game to be the first after the split can you imagine the decisions if its the last game to decide title winners

  17. Starry Plough & Mountblow Tim, sincere condolences.






    Eric worries me as well, was shocked when I saw him come on replacing Calum McGregor for his debut, Calum was nearly the same size :-))



    Maybe better as a replacement for Mikael Lustig (ditch the green boots FFS).



    As for the penalty, the ref had pointed to the spot and had a card out before the ball reached the middle.



    As we were in quite early on Saturday I watched the officials warming up, christ you could see the evil in that feckers eyes looking into the Celtic support. The three of them also stood and watched the Celtic players going thru their routine after they had finished warming up. Not once did they watch Thistle, probably deciding witch player to book first.



    BTW, the league is in the bag as I’m now going to away games again :-)))

  18. Delaneys Dunky on

    The Bhoy from the Village



    I too was in direct line of the penalty award. The linesman should have flagged for offside before the softest of penalties was awarded.

  19. glendalystonsils on

    In a couple of seasons, when Sevco have replaced Aberdeen as our nearest challengers, we’ll be yearning for the good old days of 2016, when only one penalty and red card was given against us per game.

  20. weebobbycollins on

    Matt @ 12.27…Well said! It is a terrible time for these guys and their families at present, I hope they read your words.

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