Proof that top level football is not always great


Yesterday was not a particularly good day for football.  The Edinburgh cup final was played before a half empty Hampden long before the end and Chelsea’s revival of catenaccio secured the Champions League.  If nothing else the latter proved that football at the very top level is not always great.  Perhaps the reason why truly great teams are so celebrated.

There is an interesting dynamic to Rangers in administration.  Creditors have a cash offer of around £8.5m to consider but eight players, Naismith, Bocanegra, McGregor, David, Whittaker, Goian, Lafferty and Edu cut release clause deals with Duff and Phelps for values greater than this.

Any CVA agreed next month (unlikely though it is) could be paid for by the departure of these players.  Charles Green could potentially be the second person to buy Rangers for only £1.

It is, however, unlikely that other clubs will offer money for these players before a CVA is agreed as they will be available as free agents should the CVA fail and those in control of Ibrox attempt to form a Newco.  Therefore, the chances of creditors getting their hands on any of these transfer fees are limited, no matter what happens to the company.

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  1. ernie



    I’ve read a couple of sources which suggest that Brother Walfrid’s primary reason for establishing Celtic was to feed the families belonging to the parishes of St Michael’s, St Mary’s and Sacred Heart.



    It was also to support the families of the rest of the Irish Diospara, which included the 20-30% who were of the Protestant faith forced to leave Ireland at this time.

  2. played in the old Boghead in 1984..



    v Hearts reserves lost 1 nil. to a Denis McQuade(i think) goal..

  3. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    Googybhoy 15.54. I know. I was just wondering why the legislators didn’t add orange marches in their bill? I stay in the centre of Glasgow and it’s an annual nightmare and the cost to the public purse in these austere times is much too much. i have booked a holiday for me and kids in July to get out of here. There isn’t another city/counrty anywhere in the world like Scotland. An absolute disgrace and embaressment not to mention the danger of being anywhere near it. Any comments Alex S? HH.

  4. Neil Lennon is (and always will be) a Celtforlife (*O*)



    I want RFCia in the spl!



    No matter how much we would be able to gloat, it would not satisfy the essential element of moral restoration. I doubt we will get that in full but the least it should entail is the penalty of suspension from the SFA and SPL with the loss of all tainted achievements if they survive. A naked newco should have to apply to join Scottish football not just buy itself into one of the leagues. This is not vengeance, revenge or blood-lust on my part. This is true justice.



    H H

  5. I see the kids lost to my local lot in Hong Kong. Dead annoyed as I cannot stand them for their anti-Celtic attitude. Aye, even down here. Sad to read the young bhoys were all over them only to lose by two late goals. Where have I heard reports like that before? Definitely bringing them up in the Celtic way!!!!



    H H

  6. ulysses mcghee on 20 May, 2012 at 16:47 said:


    Airdrie and Dumbarton in gaelic. Wow man, that’s like, really really modern.



    Hey, just be grateful you can’t understand the biased commentary. Right biased towards one of them – naw a don’t know whit wan!

  7. Dave King makes claim over Craig Whyte’s Rangers shares


    By Alasdair Lamont


    BBC Scotland Rangers director Dave King has told BBC Scotland he has first option on Craig Whyte’s shares in the club.



    Prospective owner Charles Green has stated that he has an irrevocable deal with Whyte for the transfer of his 85% shareholding in Rangers.



    But King says he and Whyte agreed last year he would have first refusal on the shares “at whatever price anyone offers and Whyte is willing to accept”.



    Whyte told BBC Scotland King’s assertion was categorically untrue.



    King claims to have come to an agreement with Whyte in Glasgow on 29 September last year.



    “I have first option on Whyte’s shares and would not forego this unless I was absolutely certain that any proposed transaction, that excluded me, was in the best interests of the club,” he added.



    “I have yet to see such a proposal.”



    King, who is Rangers’ second largest shareholder, continued: “I stayed on because I also had my investment and those of the other minority shareholders to protect and I believe that my presence on the board prevented Whyte from getting away with more than he even did.



    “The ultimate problem was that he knowingly lied to me and blocked my ability to validate some of his contentions with the club’s financial controller.



    Continue reading the main story


    “Lloyds would likely have put the club into administration last summer if the transaction hadn’t happened”



    Craig Whyte



    Rangers’ majority shareholder



    “I believed that the financial controller had a fiduciary obligation to supply me with information even though it transpired that Whyte had told him not to.



    “I was also alert to the fact that Whyte would run out of time and felt that it was better that at least one independent director would be there to protect the interests of the minority shareholders and the fans.



    “If I had resigned Whyte would have had carte blanche. The minorities, in my firm view, were defrauded in the initial transaction by Whyte and I intend to seek recourse in that regard once I have access to the Duff & Phelps investigation of the company’s affairs.”



    But when King’s comments were put to Whyte on Sunday, he described them as “highly misleading”.



    “The minority shareholders were no worse off as a result of the initial transaction as one debt simply replaced another,” he added.



    “Lloyds would likely have put the club into administration last summer if the transaction hadn’t happened.



    “If the CVA is successful the minority shareholders will retain their shares in a club that will be a debt-free sustainable business and not the basket case that I inherited as a result of the mismanagement of the previous board.”



    King was one of the club directors identified in the Scottish Football Association’s recent Note of Reasons for Rangers’ transfer embargo.



    He and his former fellow directors were criticised for not doing enough to highlight the non-payment of VAT and PAYE.



    On that, King said: “The criticism of me is fair, but John Greig and John McClelland deserve the utmost praise for hanging around as long as they did in the hope that they could somehow make a contribution.



    “It was only once they had become completely isolated that they resigned in the hope that this would be a catalyst for greater scrutiny of Whyte’s actions.



    “I know how gutted they both were – they are unsung heroes to my mind and all Rangers fans should know that they put the club first at all times.”

  8. Hi Paul et al –



    I viewed yesterday’s football as only I can , as a fan of Celtic (first, foremost and forever) and of Arsenal (second but sincerely). I spent most of the Hampden second half praying that our 6-1 (SCF) and 7-1 (LCF) would not be breached and thankfully they survived.



    There is something of a myth in the popular Celtic histories that Hearts have always been a soft oughtouch. The fact of the matter (for Celtic at any rate – and what else really matters?) Is that Hibs have been our whipping boys throughout our history and no matter how bad we’ve been and how good they’ve been that, with the rare exception ( a LCF and Drybrough CF) we have continually gubbed Hibs as have Hearts in the modern era. That is why Hibs fans dislike us and hate Hearts.Yesterday’s result at Hampden was only a surprise in terms of the margin of Hearts victory and a shock in terms of how baseless had been our hopes and optimistic expectations for a Hibernian side that did not deserve the support


    Cthey (initially) carried. I was particularly pleased for Pat Nevin but appalled for true Hibees. 0Hearts have them over what seems like the barrel of eternity



    Chelsea’s win last night enhanced Celtic’s European reputation. From 2000 to around 2008 many of us thought Arsenal would become the first London club to win the European Cup and, hopefully with a bit of style and class. Was not to be and never will be now. Bayern seemed to do everything in thpeir power not to win the game and this game and the Manchester United debacle are two enormous blemishes on a great club for whom I also hold great affection.




    Paul67 – another season drifts away. Thanks again for this place



    John (“you’re immortal”)

  9. Guys, I’m stuck in Portsmouth until Friday. Any ideas for a Tim friendly pint ?



    Mon the sons ( from a Renton man)

  10. 3 – 1 Dumbarton and you can’t half tell who that biased commentator supports. Thought I heard his false teeth falling out. Oh no. The wife says it was Gaelic for “cracking goal”!



    H H

  11. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    I had a West Ham, Leinster and Bayern on a treble yesterday. A minute left! An awful spectacle apart it was a painful reminder of Steua Bucherest all those years ago. Non football.HH.

  12. 3-1 Dumbarton (5-2 agg) at half time.


    Even in Gaelic it makes more sense than Professor Yaffle in the BBC studio at yesterday’s cup final

  13. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    Arty on 20 May, 2012 at 16:44 said:





    I don’t want them anywhere near Celtic Park ………. For 20 years they have shafted Scottish Football, and they would have happily continued to do it for another 20 years……. The price now has to be paid




  14. Surely if the huns are in the SPL next season then they’ve found a way to dump their debt, ok they might start a few seasons with a points deduction but finance wise they would potentially be better off than us. I want them dead and buried, no where near the SPL.

  15. Dannysbeard:


    Aiming to be at the Temple Bar for about 6pm on Tuesday for a wee pint before the game. Many other CQNers going? Norwich fans having a bit of a debate about us online, I’ll try and put the link up.

  16. Airdrie defending as well as Hibs.


    Their horrible fans singing Rule Britannia at the start; hope they get pumped.



    The Chelsea fans used to throw celery at opposition players as they took corners at the Shed at Stamford Bridge in the 80’s, it got that bad the club banned it. They also had a song about it.

  17. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on



    I don’t want them anywhere near Celtic Park



    I don’t want them near Scottish football! Unfortunately they will always be around. You can never really get rid of an irritating itch and a sore always leaves an ugly mark.



    H H

  18. Winningemmell,



    I once worked with Hibs fans in Livingston who always wanted a Celtic defeat, they cared not who we were playing.



    Put me of Hibernian for life, but still wanted them to win yesterday.



    As for Chelsea, they are the dregs and pits of English football, no class, no breeding and no future if the main man takes his pound notes to another country or club.



    Did you enjoy reading “Prime Cut”?



    want to talk to you about it, so will text you about it.



    Surexit Christus Alleluia,


    Cantate Domino Alleluia.




  19. Well….Barcelona, Manchester City and Juventus from Pot 3 would give us a fair bit to get excited about if we qualify for the CL, as 4th seed we will get it tough so a bit of glamour might make it more palatable…..



    or maybe Bayern, Valencia, Ajax……



    or Real Madrid, Benfica and Spartak Moscow



    Eitehr way there WILL be no easy pickings for sure..



    ….whilst they are away v Arbroath in the Ramsdens Cup…..at best !!!!!

  20. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    Arty on 20 May, 2012 at 17:07 said:




  21. twists n turns on

    Well, sad news to report re the sponsored walk at Ipox that I advertised on here midweek. You may remember, there were 1872 places up for grabs to walk around the stadium and raise money for the fighting fund. Pathetic effort. Less than half the places were taken up. Yep, 3 billion to Manchester to wreck the joint and less than 900 to their own ground.




  22. Burnley78



    Hope all’s well with you and your family.



    How do you see things panning out for thems?

  23. Cheers for that fencelt


    I look forward to seeing you,Ill be the drunk guy with the green hair!,please come and say hello,


    I find the Norwich fans quite a good bunch actually, though youll always get an eedjit in any crowd, they have quite a family orientated support.


    The party will be going on all day in the Temple bar and it would be great to say hello to any other CQNer’s


    What was the song about killing Englishmen by the way???????




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