Rangers director on stripping of their titles


I continually read misleading interpretations about the alleged second contracts at Rangers.  Rangers may, and almost certainly did, insist at the First Tier Tribunal that the letters in question were not contracts.  This point is important to the tax authorities but completely irrelevant to the football authorities.

The SPL specifically:

“Impose a prohibition on players receiving payments for playing football or participating in an activity connected with football except where such payments are made in accordance with a form of contract approved by the SPL and require that all such contracts are submitted to the SPL within 14 days of being entered into”.

The SFA require:

“All payments, whether made by the club or otherwise, which are to be made to a player solely relating to his playing activities must be fully recorded within the relevant written agreement with the player prior to submission to this Association and/or the recognised football body of which his club is in membership.”

So, for clarity, side arrangements do not have to be part of a contract before they become subject to SFA and SPL regulations, but “payments… connected with football” or payments received by a player “solely relating to his playing activities must be fully recorded”, otherwise the player has been improperly registered and his team would be awarded a 3-0 defeat for each game he played.

The Sun’s landmark story on this issue claim’s one Rangers player was due £1200 appearance money per game, clearly “connected with football”.

In point 14 of his statement today, concerning Rangers being stripped of their disputed titles, Dave King said, “I am absolutely confident (now that I have a good sense of the true position) that this will not happen”.

The “true position” will be established by SPL inquiry.  If they have all letters  issued to players of the kind produced by The Sun, or given as evidence to the First Tier Tribunal, Rangers have no case to answer, but we have to wonder, if this is the case, why the inquiry?

I note the swift and robust defence issued by Sir David Murray against allegations levelled by former college Dave King.  I also note the swift and robust defence issued by Sir David Murray against allegations levelled by former college Hugh Adam of side-contracts being issued to players.

Wait a minute, Sir David hasn’t uttered a word about Hugh Adam’s allegations!

I would like to be the first to congratulate St Johnstone on winning the League Cup in season 1999-2000.

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  1. An employment contract in legal terms isn’t limited to a bit of paper that says Contract at the top.



    A letter setting out an amendment to contractual conditions (eg a pay rise, additional payments, bonuses, etc.) would be assumed to become part of the contract of employment.

  2. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon on 7 March, 2012 at 14:48 said:


    Ron Bacardi,



    It’s not entirely clear when the relegated team ceases to be a member of the SPL. The Rules only say that it doesn’t require the consent of the board, it just happens.



    As it’s effectively a transfer of a Share from the relegated club to the one promoted it could be assumed that the switch takes place as soon as the season ends.




    maybe a couple of weeks grace to wind things up and allow time for any possible appeals about rules being broken?

  3. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on 7 March, 2012 at 14:55 said:


    oglach,Willie Haughey has bought a few Lions’ medals for display at CP.




    I hope his philanthropy extends to purchasing Yogi’s medal. Just wouldn’t seem right it being in a private collection.

  4. Yo all, (repost from previous. I WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!!!!) :-)



    Not been in for yonks. In fact not exactly been part of compis mentis society for even longer although as I emailed Rioskorrie earlier my planned re-emergence for the cup final took a jolt when pals dragged me out last week for the Aberdeen game. The first couple of pints seemed ok. The next eight were feckin brilliant. Sunday proved even better and I am now in full relapse staring at patterns in ceiling tiles which alternate between pictures of the grim reaper, Craig Whyte, David Murray and the lassie with the big washing buckets who lives down the stairs from me and can be heard at four o’clock in the morning wringing mop out the window, while letting Glasgow’s warming March tropical breeze give her a blow dry. So in an appropriately named ‘nut-shell’, I am not quite fully recovered I think :-)



    Anyway what’s wae all this persil whiie artwork? Most of all where is the ‘sausage maker’? I mean ‘link creator’.






    To be honest I have little interest in the ad infinitum pre-mortem dissection of Rangers, Mind you I do enjoy a good laugh at their expense. Rioskorrie fortunately cheered me up no end with the following. (Some of the language isn’t for weans -although they’ve probably heard worse from the priest ).






    Hail Hail




  5. Paul67



    It is like kicking a man on life support now.



    Stand back till I get another boot in… :)

  6. when will the admins come up with ‘theres a game coming up, we’ll have to delay cost cutting for another week’

  7. JinkyvJohnGreig-saysitall on

    ASonOfDan on 7 March, 2012 at 15:05


    Super Ally gave you his permission to give him a kick at his last press conference. Or am I mistaken?

  8. oglach on 7 March, 2012 at 15:04:



    it’s already in private hands. Yogi sold it 5 years ago.




  9. sparkleghirl on

    Ron Bacardi on 7 March, 2012 at 15:07 said:


    when will the admins come up with ‘theres a game coming up, we’ll have to delay cost cutting for another week’




    Maybe they’re hoping to delay and delay until after 25th to give them the chance of going out with a bang. Sniggers.

  10. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    Wonderful stuff Paul.


    Keeping up the pressure.


    Reminding those who should be watching that they are also being watched.




  11. Celtic Soul Brother- Supporting Kano 1000 on

    With all these new articles coming at us so quickly,not sure if the MBB latest words of wisdom as a retort to Dave King’s statement have been posted:



    Craig Whyte’s spokesperson


    “There is absolutely no necessity for Rangers to go into liquidation, I believe we will come out of administration by way of a CVA that is in the interest of all the stockholders”

  12. The axe- man must have some dose of cramp by now….been holding the axe aloft for three weeks…fatigue to set in shortly….chop chop.

  13. jock steins celtic on

    Should we ask for an extension to the season to ensure they go into liquidation before the season’s over ?

  14. Paul67, I get that the rules require all payments to be disclosed to SFA/SPL. That much seems clear cut.



    However, what is the mechanism in the rules for this transgression to translate into a 3-0 defeat for every game in which a player is fielded? Where is the provision for this retrospective sanction?

  15. Former CelticTV presenter and now UEFA media officer Alex O’Henley has just tweeted:



    Dave King’s assertion that #RangersFC titles won’t be stripped might turn out to be a tad presumptuous. Developing story.



    What does he know that we don’t? Interesting.




  16. South Of Tunis on

    Duff and Phelps are being very canny . Maybe they are worried that they might not have the power to do things and are therefore not doing things.



    Have Duff and Phelps managed to track down /speak with Gary Withey.?



    Interesting that Gary Withey suddenly resigned from his big cheese lawyer’s job and has disappeared. .

  17. Paul67,


    Are you getting any work done?


    Will your stakeholders be happy?






    God to see you pop in again. Hang in there.

  18. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    So let’s see if I have this right..


    David Murray – liar and conman


    Craig Whyte- liar and conman


    Dave King – liar and conman



    I may be slow, but seems like there’s a pattern emerging here.



    Not to mention..


    Campbell Ogilvie – very conflicted person


    Gordon Smith – very conflicted person


    Paul Murray – very conflicted person


    Gary Withey – very conflicted person


    John McCelland – very conflicted person



    And they wonder why they are in a mess.


    Good riddance to ralotathum.

  19. My gut feeling is this will be a whitewash, all of it.



    Move along Timmy nothing to see here.

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