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  1. still top of the table with a game in hand,attitude needs to change after the break,home and away so far it’s not been good enough ,we need to focus on the league ,take the sfa and mibs out the equation and let themeltdown take place,anyway onwards and upwards COYBIG

  2. onenightinlisbon on

    If this was just one “bad day at the office’ then it is acceptable however this story has already been played out away to Hearts, Killie, Motherwell, St Mirren, Hibs and Livvy.



    Playing Mcgregor at left back and a young lad up front in such an important game was asking for trouble but the lack of passion and commitment from the team is worrying.



    Brendan has been a superb manager but why he has messed around with our team to their detriment is beyond me…

  3. Celtic were beaten and dominated by Sevco for the first time in history, and had our opponents a striker or marginally better loanees, it would have been much worse. Just let that sink in, a squad assembled without any money has now finally beaten, sleeping Celtic who took nearly 90 minutes to have a shot near the target.



    Outplayed and out muscled Celtic were never in this game, and the eyebrow raising team selection will be dissected for months, but in truth Celtic’s big men let us down big time. Brendan Rodgers played the only cards available, and Callum MacGregor our only consisient midfielder was a racing certainty to have been played at left back in the obvious emergency where BR seemingly couldn’t play Izzy or out and out winger Jonny Hayes.



    Celtic duely obliged with predictable away ‘cave in’ performance reminiscent of the bad old days before Rainjurz died. Father Time and his law of averages caught up with Scott Brown and Mikael Lustig so skinned from the off , he decided a knee in the back was his early bath time, leaving Anthony Ralston to man his post.



    Olivier Ntcham, James Forrest. Mikey Johnston, and Ryan Christie, were mugged how reborn Scott Sinclair stayed on the pitch and is a mere reminder of squad deficiency ala summer of 2018, as was the appearance of Ralston. If you can lose meekly at Tynecastle, Easter Rd or Rugby Park and think you’ll hump Sevco in the bear pit whilst Scotland awaits then we weren’t paying attention.



    Soundbites of strikers and new players awaited at Parkhead to out run the hun Sevco will falter in the staright because we still simply out rank them, the chequebook will out, and the world will remain on its axis.



    M.O.M Callum MacGregor ( despite being played out of position )



    p.s. Note to manager : Craig Gordon cannot be allowed to play the ball with his feet so frequently in any game.

  4. Cork elf 14.46 & Exiled T 14.47.


    Exactly chaps.


    SFTB has warned about this day for the last 3 years. I didn’t think we


    ever would be so submissive.


    Perspective required that one of the nicest guys I know, and huge


    Tim , who goes by the name of Father Murphy despite never being


    a priest, is sitting up in hospital despite suffering a stroke last night.


    That’s what’s important , that , he recovers.


    Celtic will recover. If we want to . FTSFA.

  5. Rattled by that bunch of nobodies. Thank gid they’re that poor and Morelos is bang average or it could have been a defeat of landmark proportions.



    Time for Brendan to earn his not inconsiderable wage

  6. Well firstly the Ref was ok in my book,No excuses,team was a shambles, didn’t deserve anything from the Game,Boyata, Sinclair,Brown, Lustig, Nitcham,and even though Gordon pulled of a few good saves,at times he is a liability,he too needs to move on,also I’m not keen on Benkovic, caught out a few times,and BRENDAN RODGERS isn’t exempted from criticism too.

  7. Couldn’t watch the game today


    Radio Scotland


    Holy suffering Jesus


    Have no doubt


    8 in a row




    Our next Captain


    Hail Hail



  8. I have stated often that in certain games our players seem unsure of their role.


    Today was another example.


    This is a coaching issue.


    Are the instructions not clear or are the players not smart enough to understand?


    Sometimes coaches get caught up in their own hype and refuse to accept there is a problem.


    Mourinho at Man U being one example.


    Since Solskaer came he has simplified their game and got two wins albeit against weak opponents.


    He has played players in their natural positions and to their strengths and a team that has struggled to score has 8 in two games.

  9. Pretty sure it was only 3 points we lost…hate to lose…especially in that lacklustre manner…but we should mibbe look to their intensity today to see why..I think..we’re coming up short in european games…just a thought







  10. BSR .


    I never scroll by your posts.


    We did manage a shot in the first 5 minutes, but apart from that, not anything to disagree about, as usual. I would only add that , Forrest, Eduard etc need service, today we gave none.


    A watershed moment has arrived.


    The only thing that can stop us winning this league ( apart from corruption) is Celtic. HH

  11. I accept we will never win every football match and that teams will get a result against us now and then , Rangers deserved their win today but I can’t accept any player wearing the Hoops not giving 100% effort and there were too many in that category today. Brendan should also tell us why playing Calmac at LB made sense ?

  12. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Rodgers had a stinker today. Outthought by his apprentice. It happens. But he wanted Piccini and McGinn in the summer. Instead we had Lustig and Broony today. Both looked done. We also played a young boy out of position as CF. Last season we had Moussa up top tomake the ball stick. These are the positions Rodgers identified in the summer. Instead we sold our main forward for £20M on the last day of the window. And a CEO doubling his bonus as the squad is undermined. Priorities. Failing to win in 7 of 11 away games is the tale of a weakened team. We’re on the brink unless we seriously strengthen in the window. Expect more short term loans and SPFL “ones for the future.

  13. Poor day at the office, some employees posted missing from duty. A good break now will hopefully refresh the team, together with some astute signings and we push on during the second half of the season. Still top of the league, better goal difference and a game in hand. Onwards and upwards. HH

  14. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    If there was one reason, unfortunately there was more than one, but if there was, then the decision to play Mc.Gregor at full back was a cardinal error by the manager.



    For most of this season, Callum has Ben the man who has got us playing, yet Rodgers takes him out of midfield. Why??


    Even at full back, he was the only Celtic player who looked comfortable with the ball at his feet.


    The only mitigation for the manager is the forced substitutions, which robbed him of the opportunity to make tactical changes.



    Once the dust settles and the break is over, we will come back stronger, chastened and begin another in a row run against them.



    It’s still too raw to say we needed that result, but some of us are inclined to get a bit carried away regarding our superiority.



    Looking forward to the break and the transfer window.

  15. Just in and not read back…. But wtf was McGregor doing at LB.


    The whole balance of the team was out.



    Very poor from BR, his tactics, formation, choice of personnel was very, very poor. In fact he got handed his erse from Sleekit g. Hunbelievable



    The players were shite as well…. Not one got pass marks, well maybe CG who saved us on more than one occasion.



    This transfer window needs to be epic.



    D. :)

  16. Bada Bing 11.00pm



    Also playing a young player who has only scored 3 goals in his life up against Worral & Goldson… two (shoite) but seasoned centre halves would have got a lift from that …. hindsight ??? Never give the opposition a lift before a ball is kicked

  17. My friends in Celtic.



    The word delusional has been used many times on the past few pages. How apt.



    I could not understand the triumphalism and euphoria on these pages prior to and even during the game.



    A few of us mentioned what Celtic team would turn up. The team away to Hibs Kilmarnock etc or the team that demolished all at Parkhead.


    We have our answer.



    To be clear : Peter Lawwell was not playing and Beaton was not the reason we lost.



    We move on with a clear understanding that we need to fight for points. It is not a given .



    We deservedly lost today, we regroup and we reflect. BR who is our best fit and asset will take us to eight ( with the help of a January check book )



    But no more entitlement, please.



    HH , the journey has stalled


    But will resume shortly.