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  1. The result had nothing to do with Beaton. We were dreadful. Couldn’t pass gas.


    They were well up for it and we were not. Lucky they missed so many clear chances and that CG


    was in shot stopping form.


    Biscuit tin intervention seriously required.


    Based on today’s “performance” the title fight is on and the Broonie era is coming to an end.

  2. As i said at half time, we needed to move the ball through midfield quicker. S Brown and Ntcham were appalling it has to be said, they constantly gave the ball away making it impossible to dominate the game. For BR the scene is now set, we know McGregor is brilliant in midfield, today we bottled playing him there sticking with SB who had a nightmare. Lustig is another who is done as is the case with Izzy. Time to open the cheque book and sign some decent players or this dross will continue.

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ? on 29TH DECEMBER 2018 2:33 PM




    I`m almost relieved.



    I`ve been saying all week ……..Can we really do it again ?



    This result , in fact , could be the prod ( :-) ) which ensures that we strengthen in January .



    In the same way that Brendan was brought in after the penalty kick loss a few seasons back.

  4. Beaton had a typical sleek it performance and allowing the constant follow through’s disrupted our play as the passer was often left on the ground so could not join play.


    Contrast Calum’s chopped off goal with the Morelos winner at Hearts.One was inches and the other feet with both linesmen having straight view..


    Howdid Morelos escape a card ???


    However much he influenced the game today our tactics provided them a bigger lift.

  5. Shat it…bullied….not at the races…wake up call to our club….BIG january transfer window for us..

  6. Utter Rubbish. Ntcham shouldn’t get the chance to let us down again like that. The team looked flat and scared. Second to every ball is never acceptable in a game against them

  7. A big manager would’ve kept Broony oot, when he was oot.


    Callum was the remaking of Bobby Murdoch, when Broony was oot the team, moving CM to another position, any other position, other than that from the one which he shone the brightest from, was a bad move.



    But, don’t be taking your eye off the ball.



    In the last transfer window, the PLC board trimmed £27 million off the quality of the product on the pitch.


    Why do you think they did that ?



    Only empty seat’s will get rid of the Old Firm PLC.




  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Sure Rangers deserved their win , but Beaton prevented us getting a fair go.



    Every 50/50 went to the hun.


    Morelos. No card . How could any fair ref. ignore his indiscretions.

  9. Sevco ran harder than us and were able to do so for most of the game.



    Unless Brown is carrying a knock then it looks like he’s running out of road as our first pick centre mid.



    Injuries robbed us of the ability to put McGregor in to the middle and change the game. Very marginal offside call to deny us a goal and some predictable refereeing.



    However, killie, Hearts, Hibs and now the scum have all done it – outrun us. If they had any great ability they’d have beaten us by more but they are not good. They worked hard and they had license to kick and fall over with impunity.



    The chances they made were from our mistakes. We were really awful.



    Plus side – no hiding place for lawwell now – we need to spend. Full backs and strikers are essential.



    It happens. It won’t happen very often. I’m trying to explain the 90’s to my weans. I’m watching slippy giving our team talk for the next time out. Idiot.



    Enjoy the break. It’s gonna be an interesting second half to the season

  10. David 17,


    Fek off.Trying to blame the Board for an abject performance from the manager.KT,should have played,Calmac shoulf have been in midfield from the start.Edouarde should have been on from the start. If they are tired,OK,take them off later,70 mins.,instead,we started with a team,that did not know what they were doing.Calmac,our best midfielder,at left back,tactics,fek off.


    A disgrace from the manager today,and I will add,Forrest,Sinclair,Ntcham,Boyatta,Lustig,,and without support,Mikey.Shocking tactics,and shocking performances from people ee have learned to rely on.

  11. Beaton was definitely on their side but he wasn’t the reason we lost.


    They wanted it more and we didn’t match their intensity.


    Playing CALMAC full back was madness, if Tierney wasn’t fit to start it should have been Hayes and play our most creative player where he is most effective.


    N’tcham had a dreadful game but the 2 enforced substitutions meant we had no wriggle room to make any changes.


    Whether we like to admit it or not there is now a genuine challenge for the Title.


    We need a couple of good buys have our rest & regroup & come back stronger & more determined,


    There will be Huns in Sheep’s clothing on and their will be Celtic Supporters here who are pure pricks and who will prove it.


    We need to suck it up & come back stronger. We are still League Leaders with a game in hand our destiny is in our own hands so no need to panic.

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    One down , five minutes to go and we`re fannying about at the back.


    Tippy tappy .



    Is there ever a time for urgency , even allowing for today`s tactics.

  13. lets all do the huddle ? on

    better get this in now



    the first person on cqn to complain about how the number of posters on here increases when we lose is a bawbag

  14. Shocking display, we were lucky to score 0.


    I have defended you since you came in Brendan but if you can’t see the mistakes you are making, our best player by a country mile Calmac playing at the back, ffs we can see it why can’t you.


    We should have lost by much more, we didn’t turn up, end of.


    Beaton cheating to beat the band but no way is he an excuse, this one is down to you Brendan sad to say.

  15. Interesting to see what happens over the next 33 days.



    DB — looks as if he is in contract talks with someone.


    ON — doesn’t seem to be interested anymore.


    ScS — finished now for the season possibly finished for us completely.


    SB — Thanks for the memories.


    CG — No game personality anymore although his reactions are still there.



    JF — Doesn’t have that final piece of the jigsaw / too often the wee boy.


    KA — Still a huge amount to learn, needs better coaching and conditioning.



    BR — Needs to start learning again, he is nowhere near being the finished article.


    PL — Take your bonus and leave quietly, you still have the biggest influence on the club, the squad and the team on the pitch even though you are a second rate property bean counter who wouldn’t recognise a growth agenda if it bit you on the erse.


    Total wage thief and then some.

  16. would not trust him with this window – why buy Izzy and Hayes when you cant trust them in the biggest game of the season? Forced to play our best midfielder at LB. Brown, Ntcham, Lustig and Boyata should never play again after that performance. Huge changes needed in Jan. “Rangers” are woeful and we made them look half decent.

  17. btw, Morelos had 3 fouls that were all worthy of a card – kicked Broony first half, stamped on Ralston and a sly swipe at RC. All were seen by the ref. The first 2 could easily have been red. Doesn’t hide the fact we were awful though.

  18. Brendan at fault today…his tinkering breaks up the fluency of the side.


    We are terrible when we play the ball across the back aimlessly and then lose it causing problems…we have seen this all throughout Brendan’s tenure…Gordon can’t play with ball at his feet….either get a keeper that can or stop this nonsense.


    Broony not up to it ..hope it’s not a sign of decline…ntcham appalling…boyata useless but not great with tippy tappy at the back and Brendan still plays that way..


    Ref a cheat…no way could that calmac goal have been given offside from that distance…broke up play..Morelos should have been red carded…no 50 50 d to us..


    Finally Scottie…I have seen enough…we can’t play with 10 men…no ball retention …



    Hail hail the future is calmac and Ryan and we know that now

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    could have been well humped but for Gordon then his distribution


    SB, DB, ON & CG is the core of the team and they were all shite

  20. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    This defeat did not just happen over the one game we have been poor away from home all season and any reasonable supporter could see this coming.Why Brendan has turned into the tinker man I have no idea any manager worth his salt knows you play your best players one of the first things Brendan did was drop a 40 goal a season striker look at todays bench big Eddie who had a blinder against Aberdeen and Tierney sitting on the bench the 40 goal striker ill ? I have no idea what is going on in Brendans head but if he keeps tinkering and messing about he will hand the title to Gerrard. Today it was hard to find a pass mark for any player in the hooped shirt and The Rangers rolled over us. H.H.

  21. The brown/Ntcham combo has gone wrong too often. I think a fit KT changes that game today. Him, cal Mac and JF are generally our key men. I’ve wondered sometimes if KT brings enough but even though cal was our best player you saw today what we look like when KT is out.

  22. At Aberdeen the forward line sparked to life when Ed came on to link with Sinclair in middle and JF on rightt.Sinclair’s pace kept defenders deeper leaving Ed to wreak havoc from left with more space to work in.


    They scored three good goals.Why then does coach not use same today?


    Midfield struggled at Aberdeen but improved when Rogic went off and Calum moved further forward.


    Today his potency was reduced as he was played at left back.


    Tactical nonsense and a failure to learn lessons from previous games

  23. We were bad today no outstanding players at all.Referee’s performance was to be expected.We will win the league,of that I am pretty confident.New faces required,a clearance of players who have neither cut it or,are not part of the present set up.The relief of sevco fans and player’s was clearly evident,they( sevco ) caught us on a poor day.Let them think they are in a race to win the league…….it will be that much more enjoyable when the league flag will be flying once again.To day will be a distant memory.


    Celtic thru and thru!!!

  24. Piss poor performance again away from home. That win at Pittodrie may prove to be a great win. I feel Brendan made a mistake playing Calmac out of position allowing their midfield to overrun ours, due to the fact Ntcham was posted missing. The huns deserved to win but Celtic need to complain about Beaton’s performance and the fact that Morelos was allowed to stay on the pitch. Apart from all his other red cad incidents starting with kicking Broonie in the nether regions he had a backwards kick at AR before stamping on his back, he also punched Jamesie in the RS McColls at the end.


    IMHO we had 3 players turn up today, Calmac, Ryan Christie and Craig Gordon with a good shift from Anthony Ralston when he came on.


    Unfortunately, changing tactics was greatly affected by the injuries to Benko and Mik, otherwise I believe Ntcham would have been hooked and the left back position changed.


    The winter break suits us more than it does them as any momentum will have been lost. In reality the league starts on January 23rd.


    Finally, I hate to say it but Broonie looks done.

  25. RobertTressell…….



    and philvisreturns



    Jibber jabbering.



    CQN Halcyon Days.






    Congrats Sevco you wanted it more the day.

  26. F it all.



    Let them enjoy their day in the sun, it’s little more than another false dawn.



    Celtic are going to be CHAMPIONS again, come what May.



    HH. ?

  27. Don’t blame PL or BR.


    The players did not look determined enough to win their individual battles all across the field.


    Huns had more desire and were willing to chase us down for every ball.


    We wanted time and space. While they wanted to get in our faces.


    Character was missing.

  28. Anyone blaming Beaton for that is delusional.



    We literally couldn’t string two passes together.

  29. If anything that abject performance has highlighted the real need for fresh talent in the squad. Scotty has probably had 1 good game all season yet is always picked – baffling. Lustig now too slow and mistake prone – we must replace. Sadly Broonie is in the twilight of his career and should be allowed to head off to an Australian sunset. A game he would have bossed a season ago just passed him by today. Boyata – head up his ar*se most of the game. His distribution and positional awareness were exceedingly poor – think his mind is elsewhere – get rid in Jan and hope we get a few pounds for him,replace with someone who wants to be here – not McKenna. Nitcham, there aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe how dreadful and I mean absolutely dreadful he was today.


    I truly feel sorry for young Mickey J being thrown into that with zero support.


    But Brendan, oh Brendan WTF was that? Really – bury Sevco today and the league was ours before Jan, but oh no lets feck with the formation try and be clever, play bhoys out of position etc etc. Not the 1st time this season irrational tinkering has cost us points.


    As for PL this is what 0 investement in a team brings – decline and being outfought by bang average teams. Yes it is as much your fault as the players and management.

  30. We were far too passive as a team.


    It is BR’s job to send them out with a plan, an attitude and a desire.


    We played today — and many other away games — with none of the three.



    Very lazy.


    BR needs to up his game.



    More displays like today and all he will be able to hope for in the future is a mid table Championship side looking for a miracle.



    We are not in control.


    We are adrift with only memories to guide us.

  31. ‘GG on 29th December 2018 2:51 pm



    Don’t blame PL or BR.



    The players did not look determined enough to win their individual battles all across the field.



    Huns had more desire and were willing to chase us down for every ball.



    We wanted time and space. While they wanted to get in our faces.



    Character was missing.






    Mikey done very well with the little he had to go with.



    Callum was Monumental. His ambition has been achieved. To be a Celtic Capitano.



    Superbly knowledgable fitba player, he was Great @ Full back AGAIN.




    Need the Young MAN to start lifting the Silverware nooooo, IMO.