Remainder of the season should have a different purpose


Before he arrived at West Ham as a 22-year-old in the summer of 2019, Albian Ajeti had a steady progression from promising youth at St Gallen to scoring in the Champions League for Basel and leading the line for Switzerland in European Championship qualification.  31 goals from 52 league appearances across his final two seasons in Switzerland is the form that attracts EPL clubs.

We have seen better players than Albian suffer at the wrong club, so there’s every reason to believe West Ham fans have no idea what his genuine talents are (I felt a bit the same about Ismailia Soro until recently), but damage has been done to his repute, as well as his sharpness.

If you wanted to go somewhere in the summer of 2020 to repair your confidence and to enjoy your football again, Celtic Park did not turn out to be a wise choice.  Celtic quickly descended into crisis where even idolised Odsonne Edouard found form from previous seasons illusive.

With Odsonne in the final 18 months of his contract and zero chance of him extending, one of the tasks for the remainder of the season should be to repair what’s necessary for Albian and return him to his peak for the summer.

It has been decades since we have had as many games ahead without a genuine chance of winning the league.  These games now have a different purpose with preparing the squad for next season a top requirement.  Albian should play as many games as possible.

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  1. ST TAMS



    Well ye never know..sure he’l make the shortlist.



    My father played wi the Roch in the 50’s.great club

  2. GENE on 4TH FEBRUARY 2021 12:46 PM


    Lennon wanted FF (didn’t we all) – FF told us no way







    Aye. Peter Lawwell did his very best, but as so often in the past the player just wasn’t having it. Mmmmm.

  3. Nothing will change until the Manger s changed.



    Still, those players are a disgrace to the Club and Celtic support in the manner of which they’ve collectively shirked responsibility, downed tools and delivered a level of unprofessionalism , not seen since Derek and Rodney Trotter took to installing chandeliers!

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Reading Paul’s leader article I was reminded of the old adage



    “Listen to what ISN’T being said”



    So Odsonne will be sold in the summer then?



    Leigh’s bridges?


    (Who had the matches and tinder box last?)



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  5. A new manager is what we need for the rest of the season. If not, next year I would expect thousands won’t renew their season tickets.

  6. Vinniethedog,



    Barkas sent back ? Maybe but only if we have someone better lined up and with a settled defence before the qualifiers.



    Scrub that. Let’s play him weekly and build up his confidence. Bain we know isn’t good enough and Hazard isn;t the answer yet.



    Another summer of FF skirt-lifting antics would just about finish me off now !!




  7. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    “It has been decades since we have had as many games ahead without a genuine chance of winning the league.”



    That’s the scale of failure Lawwell and Lennon are responsible for. In your own words.



    They will own that for all our history. The men that gifted the huns ‘55’ months before the end of the season.




  8. The lack of spending in the January window confirms Neill will be gone . Of that i am sure. We brought in £12 and didn’t spend anything.



    We do have prized assets to consider. Eddy, Ajer and Cal Mac £30m conservative? I firmly believe that’s why Neil is still there. Throwing him out and putting in an Interim would further devalue the assets.



    “It has been decades since we have had as many games ahead without a genuine chance of winning the league.”







    That’s the scale of failure Lawwell and Lennon are responsible for. In your own words.







    Neither of them call the shots at CP.



    The man who does call the shots can’t be sacked.



    And he’s the one who will dictate what happens next.



    Venting anger at NFL and PL is, at best, pointless.

  10. We’re not yet comfortable enough that we can think about next season – pick the best team available, players in form, get a string of results and think about players confidence and game time for next season later. We still have plenty of games left



    Lenny will be looking to improve his reputation by finishing strongly which should serve us better in the short term than a caretaker who has nothing to lose but it’s unlikely Lenny will care about what comes after. It will be a long way down his list of priorities If he does.



    It’s also probably the case that while it won’t help inheriting key players who are lacking in confidence, a new coach/manager, should we get one will come with new systems, new ideas, and take a look at the squad with no preconceptions. At least that’s what we always hear when someone new takes over at a club. Every manager thinks he can get more out of players who have failed under the last boss. You’d certainly hope the next guy will be able to

  11. NOTTHEBUS on 4TH FEBRUARY 2021 1:12 PM



    Devalue te Assets. Last season alone Eddy would have gotten us near £30m himself. N’tcham was quoted as a £12m Porto target- now worth a third of that.



    The entire squad devaluation is down to two men and their inability to see the shifting sands in Scottish football, until they had been swept up in them- and even then our Manger seems wholly unaware of what has happened.



    It’s going to take a triumphant Hun team to wake a lot of folk up here- Paul67 included. Everyone was warned about ‘Falling asleep at the wheel’ 18 months ago, but those fans were laughed at an derided as being spoilt and entitled. Instead they should have been praised for their actions and for caring about the club. But that would mean going against the sharp suited man- so it was easier to dismiss them as cranks.



    We are reaping what we sow.

  12. SAN LUIS on 4TH FEBRUARY 2021 1:19 PM



    ‘We are reaping what we sow.’








    Who is this ‘we’ you speak about?

  13. Ernie- re loans,I get that and some loans have penalty clauses if you don’t play them,but if we can ,don’t play loans and give our own a chance.

  14. Go tell the Spartim on

    This is all based on the presumption that we’ll win more games, it may not be true but I saw it somewhere we hadnt beaten a top six team since September.



    If this plan works fair enough, maybe players know who is coming in as manager, either way it’s a chance to impress suitors or the new team, plus we need to burst their “invincibility” bubble

  15. “Did Celtic captain Scott Brown deserve red card?”







    “Rangers’ Roofe loses control but no intent”




    BBC Scotland…….we were told on these pages a couple of years ago, that a lot of good people work there…..that place needs emptied.

  16. glendalystonsils on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 4TH FEBRUARY 2021 1:13 PM



    Neither of them call the shots at CP.



    I’m not so sure in the case of PL . He must have a degree of autonomy when it comes to what to pay , when to pay .He can’t be interrupting DD in the middle of a crucial putt to discuss John McGinn .


    Although I’m equally sure both of them will be on the same page on policy , right down to the last full stop .

  17. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    San Luis



    Not so much asleep at the wheel as comatose.



    We are in a terrible state going into next season:



    – blown the 10


    – club riven


    – inexperienced CEO will need time to bed in


    – potential brand new football structure – will take time to bed in


    – new manager – will take time to bed in (unless God forbid we persevere with the chaos of Lennyball for another year)


    – financially challenged by (potentially continuing) impact of COVID and a likely huge reduction in season book sales – due to the calamitous failure this season, economic position of fans and likelihood grounds will continue to be closed


    – a mass player turnover, the likes of which we have probably never seen before – will we even retain a core of a team? Who wants to come to us anyway? As we’ve seen this season, recruitment at our club is shite and players take forever to become first team ready.


    – the lingering effect of this year’s cliques and schisms


    – if the huns qualify for the Champions League we’re in their shadow for years.



    Great job Celtic!



    ERNIE LYNCH on 4TH FEBRUARY 2021 1:13 PM









    ‘Although I’m equally sure both of them will be on the same page on policy , right down to the last full stop .”









    Well if they weren’t one of them wouldn’t be there.

  19. Who picks the new manager? Can’t be Lawwell, McKay has a rugby background, who will Desmond take advice from? Will his son be involved? Do we appoint a DoF first? A real issue here…

  20. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Why would Desmond change manager if he thinks our failures are down to a fear factor in the players?

  21. Got a good footie question if anybody interested..



    Tell me 10 pairs of teams with same last part to name.All teams come from Scottish or English leagues. I’l give you the first one.



    Man utd and Leeds cant use utd again.


    Nae cheatin noo!!

  22. EXCATHEDRA44 on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 10:16 PM


    Without trying too hard,I reckon sevco have accrued 18 points due to reds to opposition,non.reds for them,non pens to opposition,plus the 22 pens to settle them down.





    I.think.we have lost 2,and drawn.4 which is 14





    which although not acceptable would be much closer if not for the blatant,and uncontested favouritism.





    So once again possible retrospective action is effectively no impact.





    Will St Johnstone complain,not a chance only guy who ever took them on was Levein.





    Our silence for years has been pathetic.






    Agree with this. My perspective, we’d a be an awful lot closer to thems than the currant shambles would suggest.


    Also, if there were fans in – for all teams, we’d a shaped up quicker and Neil would have had some manners put on him, ( as they say here).


    Also huns like Goldson and double-barrelled Tavernier-Penalty would have been chased by the knuckledraggers after two duff performances.


    The fans too would have minded the MIBs not to be quite so blatant.



    Games are now glorified training sessions and not the Gladiatorial or Olympic competitions serious players thrive in. Their cluggers have escaped scrutiny and our lot haven’t been urged on.


    The MIBS know there’s little come-back on breath-taking mibberry as social distancing keeps the criticism at a keyboard arms length and the fans and “critics” Telly-watchers like the rest of us………



    Sadly, Neil has been found wanting – but to most that’s been no surprise – the huns have had the luck of the very devil.



    Talking of devils – that wee homunculus…….Davidson Callum or whatever – his comments with regards to THAT tackle – hunbelievable!




  23. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Baba Bing,



    I really hope the club set-up a stirring group with outside consultants to identify the club restructure requirements – from scouting/recruitment, DOF/First team management, sports science, data science & analytic set-up (which we hear is actually top level just not applied most effectively as part of decision making).



    Harry Brady eluded back at beginning of December that there was already a strategic review of the entire football operations underway with changes planned for next season.



    Anything less is gross incompetence.

  24. Bada……………



    Re Shortie –



    If that dick, Wilson is the football editor then any objectivity is not possible. And anyway, if there are any Tims in the place I for one would not want any of the fawning convenient guff that they lavish on thur favourite team. In scoddland ( sorry wee jim) it’s a Level playing field for huns only.




  25. There is absolutely no doubt but that Eddie will be sold next window, he won’t sign an extension, he will be on the last year of his contract, he is our most valuable asset and we can’t afford for him to walk away like Boyata.


    Griff, Christie & Ajer will also be in their final year and I expect all 3 will be sold, I expect our 3 loanees Elyounoussi, Laxalt & Duffy to be gone as well.


    Jury out whether Brooney retires or gives it another year & whether we can hang on to John Jo who will be in the final year of his Everton contract.


    It will be a new CEO , a new Director of Football, probably a new Manager & a new squad next Season, I expect Hammond to join the departure list. recruitment this year was dire.

  26. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    *steering group :-0



    although could be argued they set-up a stirring group instead!

  27. SAN LUIS



    18 months ago we were topping Europa league having beaten Roma home and away.



    Who are these superfans you speak of? I see thousands now detailing with precision the demise they saw coming before anyone else . I even heard a guy on a podcast say he saw this coming “7 years ago.”



    These superfans who have now broke cover are as conspicuous by their silence over the years as they are for the amazing exact science of hindsight




    Last two lines- there’s no way your not a hun.



    That and your previous saville joke.



    Beat it.

  29. ERNIE LYNCH on 4TH FEBRUARY 2021 1:22 PM



    We, Celtic as the entity. I’ve always believed it is our club and given that we can’t be at matches then the other part of that ‘we’ – the current custodians and the management/ players – had to be prepared for the battle to secure 10, but they have failed us.



    Yet, they are not alone , online too , especially this forum, most – not all -were seeing 10 as a formality and rejoicing in the generation of domination as opposed to seeing the challenge front and centre. Rangers were ridiculed routinely by many .



    However the GB certainly saw what was changing and warned the custodians of this 18 months ago by way of banners – nobody who goes to Celtic Park could have missed the ‘Don’t Fall Asleep at The Wheel’ banner that covered the standing section?



    The good thing is , we all have a chance to reflect on the mistakes – over 6 months in fact – and be better prepared for next season. That begins with sacking the Manager immediately and getting a professional set up back in place, as we had under Rodgers and in apart under Ronny as soon as.



    The wrong thing to do would be to ignore this as a covid blip in the hope we ‘bounce back’ by repeating the same process next year.