Reykjavik in town, extinguishing hope in the 90s


KR Reykjavik returned to action on Friday with a home defeat that leaves them five points off the pace with a game in hand after playing nine.  The Icelandic league was suspended for two weeks prior to this amid fears of a second spike.  It is a small mercy that they travel to Glasgow today with an equally unproductive August as Celtic.

I don’t know about you but I forget there is football on when Celtic are not playing.  Consequentially, I was doing an ironing (the rock and roll lifestyle) when the phone went yesterday afternoon to let me know the greatest team never to win a trophy dropped points at Livingston.

If you are old enough to have ‘getting the ironing done’ as your weekend highlight, you will remember how the 90s worked.  Rangers would drop points, giving us hope that this was our time, but then Kilmarnock, or the like, would extinguish any light in the dark.  Every new season started with desperation more than hope but we carried the knowledge that we were simply not good enough.

For some reason, I found a draw at Pittodrie on the opening day of the season in 1996 devastating.  The previous year brought only a single league defeat all season.  We made huge strides but needed to turn many of the 11 draws that cost us the campaign into wins.  Andy Thom scored a last minute equaliser in a game Celtic battled for everything, but deep down I knew, this was the same story I had watched played out the previous eight seasons.

Dropping those points at Kilmarnock made the table look ominous but we got an insight into the calibre of others yesterday.  Time for others to stress about what will be celebrated in May.

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    SMSM doing what the SMSM does best this morning.



    Anyone looking at their back pages would not realise Celtic play a CHAMPIONS LEAGUE qualifier tonight.



    I’ll repeat for any lurking Huns: CHAMPIONS LEAGUE qualifier.

  2. Thanks Bhoys for the best wishes…only one present required today, a victory tonight…


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  3. Have a great day Lennybhoy …


    Hope you are fit and healthy and the bhoys send you a big present tonight !


    Stay young amigo HH

  4. In ither news………..



    Klassic scoddish meeja narrative when Celtic success story has them boakin’……….





  5. St Tams – I just thought you were commenting on my expanding waistline…



    Cheers for the answer…..

  6. Shorties sport landing page …….on the day that the Scottish Champions compete in The Champions League has as its most prominent feature the huns complicated loan / sale of of a young player to the Dandy Dons………….


    They also manage to fit in a nice smiling pic of our opponents manager ( they struggle to find anything other than an unflattering , worried or angry shot of our own Bhoy)……………..



    On this evidence one could only conclude that they’re not exactly on-board with our ” Journey”.



    Shameful bias.




  7. I can’t work out where the optimism about a loan deal for Shane Duffy is coming from.



    If Brighton, as alleged, hold two £5m bids for the player, why would they take £2m for a loan deal for a year on an asset that’s going to diminish in value over the season, given his age? And they’d pay half his wages as well, probably £20 per week? So we pay them £2m, and they pay the player £1.04m, so they net £1m instead of £5m?



    I don’t get that at all.



    I could maybe see a deal where we buy him instead of a loan and pay over 4 years – that makes more sense to me, but there’s still the issue of wages. Why would he take a likely 50% cut? You and I would say yes, I would have done anything to play for Celtic but times are different and he’d be being asked to forego about £1m per year. If we kept him four years – chump change for Dermot Desmond, but a lot of money to most of us.



    Emotionally I get it, and he’s a good defender; but the numbers don’t add up.

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on







    We are not the DR’s target demographic.



    Polite suggestion? ….



    Don’t buy it, click it, read it, share it.



    Instead sit back and watch it expire.



    Tick tock.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Whoops – Sorry bankiebhoy1 – Shortie rather than DR



    But advice re DR still stands







  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BBC Scotland (generally) and BBC Sport Scotland (worst example in the organisation) are a car crash.



    Editorially parochial and out of control.



    The new guy from Ireland has a job on his hands

  11. B to B…..






    Yep. He’s from the Black North……and The Bel Tel kulchur. One for the watchin’…


    Married to RTE’s Miriam O’ Callaghan but…….it’s also fashionable to knock the Tims at RTE.



    Re – THAT tawdry tabloid………..aye, I dont partake of it and shake my head wearily at certain Tims who do.



    Shorties a different matter. I’ve soft spot for the national broadcaster, and although no longer a licence fee payer – I expect them to be better. I can’t help myself!




  12. FieldofDreams



    I’m with you pal. Said it before. Don’t get it myself. Can players refuse to budge to another team? Suggestions from Turkeybhoy here is that is what Toney seems to be doing at Posh. Maybe that’s what he’s doing.



    I’m neutral on Duffy. For all his blood and snotters (great at times I admit) an average footballer, right sided and slow. If we’re spending high wages and a loan fee than I think there is better value out there.

  13. I don’t listen to the likes of Clyde, but if they’re worse than BBC Scotland’s sports department, they must be dire. Biased doesn’t even begin to describe their output.

  14. ……On THAT tawdry tabloid, while the mentality prevails that supports the Writers and “Readers” of THAT guff………….us as Tims should be aware of what they are at……while doing everything we can to negate, frustrate and dilute what they are aw abooooot.



    Back The Bhoycott!



    As low-brow as the readership is, there’s sleekit message management afoot that we need to be cognisant of.

  15. A very Happy Birthday,Lennybhoy.Hows the “Brig” this weather.A wee while since I have been back.

  16. Inter a bit red hot last night.Shaktar have had a great run in this tournament


    so much so that my Turkish betting mate had a good few Bob on a score draw last night.Ouch.I say betting mate,as he plays darts with me,lives near a bookies,very rare here,and will put my coupon on.Turkish fixed odds coupon,deary me,would need to be an Astro Physicist to understand it.Used to have an account,but was getting too gallus,ditched it.So just phone him now.


    Do Celtic TV still show the re-runs after the game.Want to watch both games tonight.

  17. Cracker on Bears Den.Guy just said he would settle for 1-1 draw against Killie,




    that might be acceptable at Millwall but not Rangers.



    Of course it’s acceptable at Rangers mate. The 90s and early 00’s are gone, we have to accept where we have been since that and where we are now



    As long as we finish in second place and get a few strips every season with a bit of orange in them then myself and most of the support are more than happy



    We have Steven Gerrard as a manager which is honestly just amazing. He’s putting us back on the map



    Music to my ears.

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