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  1. Today’s starting line up v Riga ……



    Barkas; Bitton, Duffy, Ajer, Taylor, Brown, McGregor, Forrest, Ntcham, Christie, Edouard



    Subs: Bain, ElHamed, Frimpong, Turnbull, Elyounoussi , Klimala, Ajeti

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  3. On current form it should be Frimpong not Forrest. However, Wee Jamsie does have a habit of scoring in qualifying games.

  4. Favourite Del Amitri song — Always the last to know.





    However — some recycling:



    Tonight’s team selection looking a bit stale / defensive.


    Are we playing with a proper bac4 with NB at RB — strange if true.



    Hopefully ON / RC / CMcG play up to their talent.


    Then it is just down to SB leading the team and Old JF actually doing something.



    We have enough on the bench to move up a gear if we need to.



    Squad — Now vs Seville …



    The bench in Seville was a bit thin if my memory serves me well.


    Which is why LM was such a pleasant surprise in 2003/04.


    And the JMcF miss hurt so much.

  5. WBC @ 5.25



    We missed out on the opportunity to buy him — BQ following DD’s orders and it hurt us big.

  6. Evnin all – steady start (don’t lose a goal the first time Riga are our box) – set up a rhythm- score a couple – freshen up on 65 – add another couple



  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Like, El-Hamed has started alongside Duffy for the past 2 games and NL decides to throw Bitton in for a knock out match?



    That’s a strange one.

  8. Talent = 4-1 to us.


    Coaching / set up / attitude = 2-1 to them.



    This should not be a contest but it is.


    Sack the board — just a practice shout.

  9. ladies and gentleman a good evening and welcome to a nights entertain here at the paradise ballroom.



    and eyes down for quicknews sponsored match in play bingo …………………



    and its eight and eight 88, two fat coaches

  10. Big chance for Jamesy.Has to show his form.Strange no ElHamed,but Biton,excellent player.See how they line up.

  11. C.O.Y.B.I.G



    No self-destructive defending tonight please…no brainfarts and we should do this…1-3




  12. Would anyone have picked that team ? Frimpong should always start in my opinion , anyway good news that their big forward wont be involved at all , why does the time to ko seem to drag on and on ………..COYBIG :)

  13. Jamsie very good goal against Mwell ditto Saint Mirren , wee Frimpers sort of not quite hitting the heights just yet this season … easy decision for the manager jamsie rested at the weekend for tonight’s game

  14. EKB @ 5.44



    Pure frontier gibberish — young JF not hitting the heights.


    You are having a laugh — so much for developing youth then.

  15. Lot of good players either starting or on the bench.


    Confident we’ll score a couple, so need to defend well, especially early doors.



  16. Midfielders, midfielders everywhere.



    Shoehorned in to fit the sadly diminished Brown.



    It’ll be a step to the left (as it is predictably every game) but as always enough individual talent to hopefully outscore a pretty limited opposition.



    Behind the sofa HWG….

  17. SFTB @ 5.57



    OMG — JMcF in Aug 2003 was a fully developed football player while SM was a plooky youth.


    JMcF means we win the league in 2005 and we don’t need to sell SC to buy SP.

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