Right back position focus for last days of the window


With two days of the transfer window left Celtic have strengthened attack with the loan acquisition of Timo Weah and Oliver Burke, and the permanent signing of Vakoun Issouf Bayo.  Ukrainian winger, Maryan Shved, is in discussions with the club but as Brendan Rodgers explained, we have many wingers at the club right now, so it is likely that if the deal concludes, Maryan will be loaned back to Ukraine until Burke and Weah depart at the end of the season.

Brendan also clarified the position in central defence, where we have two players to replace for the Champions League qualifiers, but Dedryck Boyata and Filip Benkovic will retain their positions until the end of the season.  A lot of work in June for this issue.

The other position that remains active is right back.  Michael Lustig has been with the club seven years but is likely to depart at the end of the season, with injuries taking their toll.  I know there are a few options active but nothing yet concluded, however, this will be the main focus for the next two days.


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  1. Som mes que un club on

    Hun game going ahead after the proceeds of their inflated crowd at the HJK friendly helps pay for heated balloon or whatever it is.

  2. Any clarity on this Benkovic rumour from folk in the know ?



    Tend to treat the Sun with the disdain it deserves and living in hope they are at it.



    p.s Go get us a Right Back Peter and spend the effin money.

  3. If Benkovic is out we have Ajer, Simunovic, Bitton, Boyata and PC Lustig who can all play competently.






    Agreed but Benkovic has been a revelation and would be a big loss. Jozo a injury nightmare, Ajer learning, Bitton a converted midfielder and Lustig’s legs have gone.



    Keeping the Boyata / Benkovic axis together is an important part of the rest oif the season.



    Hopefully it is an OTT rumour.

  4. Big Wavy @ 12:34,



    “Agreed but Benkovic has been a revelation and would be a big loss. Jozo a injury nightmare, Ajer learning, Bitton a converted midfielder and Lustig’s legs have gone.



    Keeping the Boyata / Benkovic axis together is an important part of the rest oif the season.”



    Can’t argue with that mate.






  5. glendalystonsils on

    Agreed we are reasonably well covered at CB even without Benkovic . We are not liable to meet a PSG or a Barca for a while , so no need to panic. Buys us time to get one or more CB’s scouted for the CL qualifiers.

  6. traditionalist88 on

    Brendan also clarified the position in central defence, where we have two players to replace for the Champions League qualifiers, but Dedryck Boyata and Filip Benkovic will retain their positions until the end of the season. A lot of work in June for this issue.





    Yet we only have to look to the right of the screen to see this:






    There may be movement required here too.




  7. Big Wavy



    Kris and Jozo are more than capable in the SPFL; one of them alongside Boyata in the European games will be a decent combination though our chances would be reduced.



    However, my opinion is that it was the full-back position that caused us the defeats in Europe in most occasions this season so if I had to choose between Benkovic and a new right back, I’d settle for the new right back.





  8. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    As much as I like Bitton, Bayerns’ winner against us last season proves he’s no centre half.


    On Canning, thought he set his team up pretty well on Saturday, certainly better than St Mirren, strange timing…

  9. I’m surprised that Accies have binned Canning. I thought they were very well organised on Saturday and if their keeper hadn’t blundered twice who knows how it would have ended.


    Accies, with their stadium, finances and fan base, are effectively a championship side playing in the SPFL. They had 30 fans on Saturday. I actually counted them! I struggle to see what they expect to achieve here. Canning has kept them up for 4 seasons. I doubt if Brendan could do any more with them!

  10. still NO CH being bought? We have been looking for over a year. KA is injury prone so is Jozo. Boyata could yet be gone before end of week. I see most people seem to have given up competing in Europe ..so why bother qualifying out of group statge

  11. Hi Paul67,



    A couple of weeks ago on CQN, following some comments of mine, rather sceptical of our transfer policy and our first team/squad building and our January transfer window up ’til then SFTBs asked…



    “Weah, Bayo, Burke and Gutman don’t count then?”



    My reply was…



    No, not for me they don’t, this is just tweaking;)



    Weah and Burke are good editions no doubt but they are not Celtic players, they are loanees and if I maybe do bold… unproven… personally I think they’ll do well but wouldn’t be needed if we had done what needed to be done in the Summer. In fact IMO if BR had his way then I’d definately be fancying us against Valencia…



    Bayo and Gutman are moneyball projects, hopefully we are getting better at this, hopefully they make it but it’s just a reminder of a not fit for purpose recruitment policy. We should forget about adding to the squad for the moment, we should forget about “moneyball” and concentrate on getting proven first team players in. Prospects are not a priority…



    You allude to not much more business being done in the last couple of days of the window. Personally I would be surprised by some twists yet…



    However my position, as things stand, remains the same, we should be strengthing the first team and making plans to bring in and bed in the permanent first team players that can help us with this campaign and be ready for European Qualificatiers in the Summer.



    Leaving it until June seems risky to me, as we don’t tend to have a great deal of success in the transfer window that month (sales excepted of course).



    Having said all that, I’m more than loving how the team are performing and looking forward to our up coming games, particularly the next one and Valencia.


    We are playing with great technique and tempo and could do well.



    Things look promising for Burke and Weah, Bayo looks like he can fit the bill and if we can find young Gutman you never know.



    Hail Hail

  12. JEEZ



    I heard Accies fan on radio the other night saying TOP6 should be aim



    sack Canning



    I have soft spot for Accies but that is delusional

  13. Paul67



    Agree, re CB not a priority provided we don’t accept a nominal fee for Boyata in the last days BR has already stated publicly we wouldn’t buy one, so looks like Dedryk will be bound to his contract.



    I remember when Andy Hinkel was the last significant signing at RB and was also a CQN exclusive?



    It could safely be argued Anthony Ralston has managed to ‘develop’ beyond both internationals incumbents at present, but as you say we could be left with only Ralston come summer Borussia Dortmund should be seeing the colour of our money for a position in the squad that has been problematic due to some serious under development and investment.



    Didier Agathe £27,000


    Paul Telfer – £200k


    Saidy Janko -Free


    Mikael Lustig – Free


    Adam Matthews – Free


    Jean-Joël Perrier-Doumbé – Free


    Cha Du Ri – Free


    Andy Hinkel -£1.9m


    Cristian Gamboa – undisclosed



    probably more



    Get the chequebook out Celtic CSC



    p.s. Mikael Lustig might get an extension no decisions yet apparently, good back up for Ralston and A.N.Other

  14. We have 11 defenders for 4 positions. 4 are injured leaving us with 7

















    with Gamboa and Commper of no interest to Brendan we have 5 left



    Lustig Simunovic Ayer Emilio will start but we will need Hendry as Sub



    This doesn’t seem good squad management



    Brendan has signed 3 of these players Gamboa, Commper and Hendry (Emilio was a resigning) These don’t seem to be picked by Brendan and largely seen as flops. Not good enough. We have 7 fit defenders and the 4 will be preferred to the 3 Brendan signings.



    Don’t we have any Reserve Defenders?

  15. playfusbal4dguilders on

    “Brendan also clarified the position in central defence, where we have two players to replace for the Champions League qualifiers, but Dedryck Boyata and Filip Benkovic will retain their positions until the end of the season. A lot of work in June for this issue.”



    At best this stinks of poor planning not to mention giving fuel to the fire of BR leaving. In June we’ll be a year worst off and instead of requiring one CH to be a starter we’ll require 2. We’ll also have assigned Jozo and Hendry to the bin.



    If we sign 2 CH’s and they’re a huge success our business model is to sell at least 1 the following summer so I’d like to think that some form of progression planning would start to take place some time soon.




  16. Brilliant new about young Ewan Henderson signing on for the next three seasons after this, could be another CalMac in the making that bhoy!

  17. Celtic v Valencia






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  18. The CQN headline “Celtic Centre Back Crisis” focuses on Benkovic possibly being out for the season.



    In my opinion we had a centre back crisis BEFORE the Benkovic news, regarding fit-for-purpose planning for the CL Qualifying campaign.



    Losing both your first choice central defenders without adequate replacements is staggeringly bad planning.



    We’ve known about this since August for God’s sake.

  19. Hunderbirds are Gone on

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  20. glendalystonsils on



    Celtic v Valencia



    Whit? £325 tickets not sold out yet?!

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Re the Benkovic injury …



    The information I have is this will keep him out for between 2 days and 4 months.



    In terms of the report in the Sun, my understanding is that the Benkovic injury information they have is the same as the Benkovic injury information I have.



    In short, the square root of bug**r all.



    Ditto, the Celts Are Here Weblog – a so called Celtic fans site who are indulging in more and more click baiting these days.



    Hail hail

  22. glendalystonsils on




    I’ve found the ‘Celts are here’ site to be carrying more and more negative stories recently , of the type normally found in the rags . I now tend to avoid them.

  23. Celtic v Valencia












    I wonder how much Jack Hendry is charging ? :)

  24. if we sign a new centre back in this window I make that 7 in the squad. How many is enough? What happens if we pick up another injury in that position on Wednesday do we need to sign another?



    We’ve got enough mediocrity in that area already without rushing to fill gaps caused by injury with players who aren’t good enough



    Don’t forget that the Celtic board are also supporters.


    Surely you should stock that shop with some stuff for them..


    How about some new larger volume biscuit tins?


    And of course they can never have enough barrels to keep their powder dry.


    How about some high chairs so they can continue looking down at their fellow supporters?


    Last but not least a big bag of excuses they could use at the end of every transfer window.

  26. Unless im reading it wrong Kerrydale -Valencia is £110 and is SOLD OUT



    The £325 is a 3 match package


    Celtic v Hibernian – Wed, Feb 6 – KO 7:45pm



    Celtic v Rangers – Sun, March 31 – KO 12 noon



    Celtic v Livingston – Sat, April 6 – KO 3pm

  27. CELTIC40ME



    Besides we have CB’s earning £1M a year to ‘not be good enough’, Boyata if he’s forced to hang around is due


    another £500,000.



    I don’t want to stockpile players © BR

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