Rodgers, revisionism and reticence


Brendan Rodgers did not last as long at Celtic as he now has at Leicester but the wheels came off the bogey far sooner in Glasgow.  His third season in the Midlands will not reach the heights or performance levels achieved earlier, but yesterday’s win over his former club, Liverpool, underlines his abilities.

The money on offer in Glasgow broke new records here but was a fraction of what was available across the EPL, or in China, where wages on offer in the summer of 2018 were lifechanging for someone already on a multimillion pound contract.

Revisionism is now a popular pastime when recounting Brendan’s era in Glasgow.  Having won the seven domestic trophies open to him, while qualifying for both Champions League group stages before that summer of 2018 pivot, he owed Celtic little, although honesty and frankness with the support is a prerequisite.  Creating crisis when you don’t get what you want is unworthy.

The biggest surprise for many is that he remains in Leicester after two and a bit successful seasons there and the same in Glasgow.  That’s five years throwing aces like an Aussie bowler.  In the last two years, Manchester United, Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea have all changed manager, Brendan was overlooked on each occasion.  Why?

‘It’s all about Brendan’ explains it.  He played the media and fans at both Liverpool and Celtic to his own ends, to the detriment of his employers.  Big clubs with choices will be reticenct to throw the dice with him.  If he is in the market again, he’ll be looking for the desperate, not the aspirational.

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  2. A stinking record in Europe doesn’t make him attractive to any team with European super league aspirations, either. Third place in this seasons Europa League was a serious blot on his cv




    Fantastic article and insight into the times our forefathers lived in. Thank you.



  4. Sevco are our most significant domestic challengers at the moment. That they are current champions and 6 points ahead confirms this.


    Our head to head vs sevco, in the league, during Brendan’s time (Celtic score first for ease of reading)
























    Our league head to head since Brendan’s midnight flit






















  5. A pal seeing a physio who was with the All Blacks recently, he thinks the number of hamstring injuries, could be down to constant high intensity training sessions……..

  6. Oh dear, skint Sevco have yet another ‘legneds’ match coming up…….which will be scammed to pay the leccy bill again……shameless

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    ‘It’s all about Brendan’ explains it.



    He played the media and fans at both Liverpool and Celtic to his own ends, to the detriment of his employers.



    Big clubs with choices will be reticent to throw the dice with him. If he is in the market again, he’ll be looking for the desperate, not the aspirational.





    To your last comments Paul …



    I think Brendan Rodgers managerial career has already reached its acme.



    Spurs, Arsenal and Man Utd have all been “desperate” in recent times.



    From what I know? None came calling.



    I wish Brendan Rodgers no ill will.



    He won us trophies. He looks out for no.1



    PS – 3 days after Ange’s violins quote Brendan came out with similar and the English media ran with it as BR’s quote.




  8. Time to move on, long past time to move on. Rodgers is a world class manager who came to Celtic because he did have an affinity with the Club – that wasn’t enough to keep him. He delivered unprecedented success. Again, let’s move on, it’s getting ridiculous at this stage.

  9. Strange topic for CQN as it has been 2.5 years since his departure?


    For what it’s worth, I think he is an excellent manager without being at the top of the wanted list. His time at Swansea, Liverpool, Celtic and Leicester saw a significant upturn in results and performances. After 3-4 years, most modern managers need to switch clubs to keep things moving forward. The players and staff become too set in their ways otherwise. Team talks are stale, tactics and training sessions become routine.


    BR could comfortably manage most EPL clubs, maybe not the biggest 3-4 due to the unrelenting demands for CL success, but the rest of them without any concern. Switching from Leicester to Everton, West Ham, Arsenal or Tottenham would be pretty straight forward. I personally thought Man Utd would go for him last season, he would have done far better there than Solksjaer did with the same resources. Outwith Guardiola, Klopp, Nagelsmann and Simeone, there are not a lot of managers who could go in to Old Trafford and turn it around.



    Anyway, enough of the past. I wonder if ANge will still be with us in three years? Or if he will get approached for a more lucrative move after delivering 3IAR . . .

  10. I can’t understand the continued interest in Brendan Rodgers from some Celtic fans – other than the usual we wish him well after what he did for us.



    Is it a case of hell hath no fury like a Celtic fan scorned?

  11. Did Paul67 nip out for some bread and milk and our former (former) CEO grab the keyboard in his absence ?



    Rodgers is a vain and ego driven bloke. No question. Has certainly kept Leicester punching above their weight in the EPL but under performing in Europe. He is not even managing the biggest club in the Midlands. Gerrard has that gig. Must be a bit of a blow to the Rodgers pride, that one.



    Disagree with the host on his last point, however. Can’t see Rodgers ever taking on the desperate.

  12. Garngad to Croy on

    Uncle Jimmy 12:20pm



    Interesting stats , maybe Brendan is a strategist and saw what was coming ?

  13. I suspect P67 would never write such an article about our former manager. A man whose incompetence cost the club historic success and tens of millions in lost revenue.



    A man who gas lighted supporters for weeks then finally resorted to insulting us openly as the full scale of the disaster he had overseen became apparent. A man who in a season where 55000 fans paid for season tickets to keep the club solvent during a kick out – dedicated a cup final success to his friends in the boardroom.



    Give me Rodgers over Lennon any day of the week.

  14. BR would have to have the foresight of mystic Meg to see it coming – we were 13 points ahead when league stopped the season after he left.



    We’ve forgotten that Covid saved Gerrard.

  15. I was angry as most Celtic fans were when Rodgers up


    and left us but on reflection and the way our board


    is I reckon they were complicit in his leaving the way he did



    I reckon if they had backed his ambitions more he may have


    stayed around for a bit longer



    One thing I will never forgive him for is upping and leaving Celtic


    in the middle of the season which a real Celtic fan would never have done

  16. Brendan was the best thing to happen to us in a long time …..ego , vanity , looking after no 1..😂😂



    Seems he has a doppelganger in your big pal Pistol Pete

  17. Out of interest, Leicester City are currently without Patson DaKa, Jonny Evans and Caglar Soyuncu due to Hamstring injuries.


    Just saying . . . :)

  18. Paul 67,



    Apart from the Man Utd job ( where there is only an interim fix in place ) whos to know if the persuasive powers of the Leicester owners caused BR to distance himself from job vacancies.



    Indeed he said, prior to dismissing himself from the richest club in football:-



    “I have a contract until 2025, I absolutely love being here”



    We all know words may be nothing, or alternatively they may be everything.



    Many of our ” legends” made the move South for less of a ” compensation ” package the club received for BR.



    We live next door to the richest and arguably the best league in football, a truly global league played in England ( for now ) . Of course we will lose players and managers when that league comes calling.



    Indeed Our club would gladly jump ship if we could, does anyone really think our club would rebut an offer ? We would bite their hand off for an offer and kiss goodbye to Scottish football in a heartbeat.



    I do not understand the hostility towards BR. Maybe our board members should share the ” blame “. What do you think Paul 67 ?



    I still maintain that Brendan Rodgers was the best fit manager that Celtic could have got. A dose of badly needed professionalism was installed at the club and the club / team clicked on and off the park.



    His media skills were impeccable, respectful and so telling. As witnessed again last night to Emma Hayes. His remarks were a touch of class to a female pundit.



    To this day I have never witnessed a full, raucous pub going totally silent when BR spoke after a game at Grayskull.


    I don’t expect to witness this phenomenon again.



    So thanks Brendan for the memories and in my opinion you will be always welcome at Paradise.






    PS : Some of the comments when BR attended Berties funeral were gutterlike. Thankfully not on here I may add.

  19. DENIABHOY on 29TH DECEMBER 2021 1:30 PM



    They also have employed one of those fashionable set piece coaches and have an atrocious record of conceding from corners and free kicks

  20. That’s not a dig at BR. It’s a pet hate of mine, the thinking that every problem we face can be solved by copying stuff like that that other teams are doing, even when there’s no evidence that it always works



    It’s the same with a structure involving a director of football. I’m not convinced because it either elsewhere it’s would be any better than one which, one season excepted, has been very successful for us



    Just because other clubs do it doesn’t make it right fir us

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