Rogic will punish anxious Newco defence


While we all want to have a party on Sunday, the first priority is to win the tactical battle.  Normally, I would be anxious to control the middle of the park, but Celtic’s impressive defensive record indicates midfield may not be as crucial.

Newco were the last domestic team to score against Celtic that was not a penalty (Hearts) or a goal that even the Motherwell manager admitted his team had to subvert the rules of sportsmanship to record.

By comparison, Newco have conceded 10 since facing Celtic in December; Celtic are defensively solid, Newco are not.  If the game is tight, we should be confident of defending and hopeful of exploiting some of the defensive anxiety that Newco suffered in recent games.

Brendan Rodgers had selection problems at Ibrox in December, resorting to play Mickey Johnston as striker (unsuccessfully) and Callum McGregor as left back (to his cost elsewhere).  Neil Lennon also has selection problems for tomorrow, but of a different nature.

Dedryck Boyata will start, but I’m not sure if Kristoffer Ajer or Filip Benkovic will partner him.  Heart says Ajer (one of our own), head says Benkovic (so impressive).  I expect Jeremy Toljan to get the nod over Mikael Lustig.

James Forrest, Scott Sinclair, Odsonne Edouard, Kieran Tierney, Scott Brown and Callum McGregor will all start, leaving one midfield space available for Ewan Henderson, Tom Rogic, Olivier Burke, Mikey Johnston or, at a push, Olivier Ntcham.

Tom terrifies this team.  If he has 60 minutes in him, he should start, and if he starts, he will punish them.  If Tom is not fit, Ewan Henderson has done enough to suggest he has the craft for this occasion.

The two games between these teams this season have ended in a comprehensive 1-0 home win for each side.  This is an historic high for Newco, but you and me have missed what we were beginning to regards as customary four or five goal winning margins.  Neil Lennon will want the win most of all, but you also know the manner he would like to achieve this.

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  1. DD 3.16am



    Our mutual friend .. Dallas loves Danny and I can understand that but for me … Paul is my type of Celtic



    He stuck with us when he didn’t have too … Paul McStay is my Celtic ?

  2. Celtic for me



    Paul McStay


    Neil Lennon


    Gordon Strachan


    Scott Brown



    That’s my Celtic

  3. Delaneys Dunky on

    Paul McStay = Maestro.. fact.


    Danny McGrain = Genius.. fact.


    Both Celtic legends.

  4. On iron bird heading to Paradise (via the fans’ temporary café somewhat close to the Superstore)????????????

  5. Good morning bhoys and Ghirls of CQN from a beautiful and excited Garngad



    Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, you are all amazing ?



    Right whatever team Lenny puts out, let’s do these cnuts.


    We owe them a good going over, for their over their top celebrations after that last game, and for being different club but same shite. ZOMBIE slayers to the fore?






    D. :)





    MAH……….Hope you guys get a wee lift from a good performance and hopefully a win today.



    Weets especially today , my thoughts are with you and your family



    BT , thoughts with you and the family ….remember no singing in the lounge ??



    Take care all …COYBIG

  7. Sunday morning up with the Lark



    just realised i put £20 on -2 after a few bevvies



    : > (



    1-0 will do



    Quick bath and then round to my mates to meet the rest of EK Paul Mcstay CSC

  8. Smothering Hunday to all of the lovely ladies in our lives ??



    Without those pesky Mother’s none of us would be here, I was going to say us fathers take a back seat today … but we do that the other 364 days of the year as well :-)



    Buzzing …. this is the day



    Neil put Stevie Gee in his place

  9. DD 3.33am



    Exactly :-)



    Hope you have a cracking day



    The sun is shining brightly in ML5

  10. This , from Tom English) made me smile:



    ” Mikael Lustig, the Celtic defender, has scored more goals against Celtic in the last two seasons than Morelos has,”


    Do not take my response to this as any admiration for Tom English. He could be a very good journalist if he either stuck to rugby or did not toe The Establishment line re Celtic.


    Cheerio for now.


    The Emerald Express leaves Arbroath in twenty minutes.




  11. Henrik









    Going have to be some player to push one of these three out. hh

  12. Marspapa 7.50am



    Good to see you posting, I was due to be over in the Parkville today but this mother’s day nonsense (:-) is effecting my travel arrangements, totally agree with your sentiments and if Weet Weet Weet is lurking hope you are well J and those grandkids are keeping you on your toes …. one of these Celtic v Huns games when you got a Hun taxi driver en route to the Georgian … hilarious

  13. Remember all the shoite on route to Seville, playing English teams, it will be men against bhoys, the English are better etc.


    The SMSM would have us all believe that Seething Gerrard is better than Lenny.



    Well Lenny bhoy, get the fires in the Bellies of our players stoked up and give the team talk that Hunskelping days deserve, and show the watching public who is boss.






    D. :)

  14. Looking forward to a good day.



    Me and the bhoy going for hospitality, and the wife and her sisters and our daughters (all mothers) going out for something to eat, and all the bhoys and Ghirls meeting up later in our local, all off work mañana, this could get a bit Lionel.


    Celtic just play your part and skelpers these Zombies.



    D. :)



    It would be great to Meet up very soon for some ( MANY) Beers again. I lost My Phone last year so Ive lost your number. Hopefully, Paul will still have My Email Address ? Get in touch real soon, and Plz give My beast wishes to Old Davie also.


    So sad to read about Your Mother.



    I tend to just lurk on here now and then, too much Crap posted on here by some for My liking.



    As for Today v Sevco…Go to it Celts……………..UNLEASH HELL !



  16. if…( A BIG IF ?)…The MIB do there jobs fairly and properly today, I can see Morelos and Hun Goalie being sent OFF ?


    This is their last chance to salvage something from this season, although defeat for Celtic wouldnt matter in the long run RE The SPL Title.



    IF The Hoops can go 2-0 ahead, i can see that Mob losing the Plot all together and really going after Celtic bodies ?


    Lastly, I was Raging with Rodgers after the last “Game”…when He NEVER Called Out the Thuggery and/or Ref Beaton in his interviews afterwards…With Rodgers Team selection and Formation that day, and his subsequent departure, I think BR had his own “Game Management” that Day…He didn’t give a Feck !





  17. Don’t need any special day to remember my wee Mammy who passed last July. Every Mother should have every day.


    Taking the lhad to station, then half nine Mass, gym, walk in Strathy then home to cook dinner.


    Hopefully by then the Mankies will be back in the box and everyone will be heading home safe. Take care everyone. ‘Mon the Hoops!

  18. Good morning, friends and welcome to a Beautiful Sunday from a dry, sunny but little bit chilly East Kilbride. Going for 13 (clear)…

  19. G’mornin’ Troops…………………



    Will watch the game in the company of some fine local rebels today – their confidence has me spooked a wee bit tbh.



    My rational self says the craft skullduggery will be kept for the Cup, but as kick-off approaches – I’m no’ so sure.




  20. morning bhoys and happy mothers day as has been said big shout out to all the mothers who are no longer with us im sure they will be watching and saying COYBIG.HH. by the way almost forgot. sunny here in Cheshire.

  21. Moravcik………….



    Yep, deffo – agreed. They represent a blight on Scotland


    and most of what is bad about scoddish foodbaw…..




  22. Bankiebhoy,



    Too many of our fans living in the past, thinking they are going to a ‘Old Firm’ game.



    They need to realise that a Rangers died, and therefore the Old Firm died with Rangers.



    Today we play Scotland’s newest club in a Glasgow Derby.

  23. Marspapa


    Ya Trumpet


    You know how to start the morning in a chearie mood


    Would have always visited my Auld Maw on a Sunday after Mass





    I take comfort n we are are playing a team who are not yet 7


    With a group of fans at same mind set for the same age.


    Have never seen them, and never will



    Enjoy your Day Bhoys



    Hail Hail

  24. Clocks went forward 1 hour today, but they’ll have to go back 56,208 for anyone looking for an Old Firm game.

  25. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Condolences to wee Shays family and CRC


    Good luck to David’s brother




    This site murder now to post