Rogic will punish anxious Newco defence


While we all want to have a party on Sunday, the first priority is to win the tactical battle.  Normally, I would be anxious to control the middle of the park, but Celtic’s impressive defensive record indicates midfield may not be as crucial.

Newco were the last domestic team to score against Celtic that was not a penalty (Hearts) or a goal that even the Motherwell manager admitted his team had to subvert the rules of sportsmanship to record.

By comparison, Newco have conceded 10 since facing Celtic in December; Celtic are defensively solid, Newco are not.  If the game is tight, we should be confident of defending and hopeful of exploiting some of the defensive anxiety that Newco suffered in recent games.

Brendan Rodgers had selection problems at Ibrox in December, resorting to play Mickey Johnston as striker (unsuccessfully) and Callum McGregor as left back (to his cost elsewhere).  Neil Lennon also has selection problems for tomorrow, but of a different nature.

Dedryck Boyata will start, but I’m not sure if Kristoffer Ajer or Filip Benkovic will partner him.  Heart says Ajer (one of our own), head says Benkovic (so impressive).  I expect Jeremy Toljan to get the nod over Mikael Lustig.

James Forrest, Scott Sinclair, Odsonne Edouard, Kieran Tierney, Scott Brown and Callum McGregor will all start, leaving one midfield space available for Ewan Henderson, Tom Rogic, Olivier Burke, Mikey Johnston or, at a push, Olivier Ntcham.

Tom terrifies this team.  If he has 60 minutes in him, he should start, and if he starts, he will punish them.  If Tom is not fit, Ewan Henderson has done enough to suggest he has the craft for this occasion.

The two games between these teams this season have ended in a comprehensive 1-0 home win for each side.  This is an historic high for Newco, but you and me have missed what we were beginning to regards as customary four or five goal winning margins.  Neil Lennon will want the win most of all, but you also know the manner he would like to achieve this.

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  1. DD 12.30am



    Exactly …



    Why should their actions ever influence our Celtic life



    But …. the young team love pumping this new entity, 29/12/18 didn’t really surprise me, although I didn’t think we could be so bad, sooner or later they were going to get a result… but no way they will win 2 on the bounce



    Neil Francis – Hunskelping is in his DNA

  2. TLT 12.33am



    I will raise your “they beat us last time out” with “1st win against us in 13 games” … we all have different views, am glad mines is mines :-)

  3. Delaneys Dunky on



    My son would not be inviting the family round to his for a ‘Hunskelping Barbeque and Beers’ if we were playing Killie on the telly. ?????

  4. TLT 12.33am



    Again just my experience the Huns I come into contact with celebrated Brendan leaving more than their 1-0 win in December … again that’s just my viewing



    Seethin Gerrard has not won a game since last year … long may that continue, pretty sure once we get to the top 6 his record there isn’t that great either… only saying, as they are our nearest challengers even though trading insolvent, alledgedly:-)

  5. GFTB…so you don’t believe that they played us off the park and that we were lucky to come away with a respectical 0-1 defeat

  6. DD 12.40am



    Like it or not… it’s a major attraction and our biggest selling point… before the “bigot pound” brigade come on 90% of this game is fantastic, some of us nerves are starting just now, by the time Sunday morning we are all buzzing or shoiteing ourselves … Jeremy Toljan said this could be the biggest game he has ever played in, Larsson. Sutton, Boruc, McStay, Brown in recent seasons playing that mob is an attraction for good players… highlight the hatred but don’t let the haters win, I know some have posted they be happy to never play them again … i would be happier for them to play within the rules but again I would say they are of a certain vintage or ful of shoite… Sunday is as massive as the last one … like it or … just moan and hopefully enjoy another Celtic victory … every victory against them doesn’t feel any different since my first in 1980 … liquidation happened but always still the same Huns we face (in my opinion :-)

  7. TLT 12.45am



    We were rubbish that day, no excuses, Craig Gordon was our best player … but they should have been down to 10 and we actually could have sneaked a draw… but the Huns probably deserved their 1-0 win … sometimes Celtic don’t win :-)

  8. Delaneys Dunky on



    It is not the same huns we will face on Sunday as pre 2012.


    Still hope we stuff their tribute act though

  9. DD 12.55am



    Am afraid it’s the same fans :-)



    Again it’s an age thing, the younger fans going to the games these days would probably disagree with you.. they want it to be the same club they are beating … am only going on what I live through in real life and not online

  10. Delaneys Dunky on



    You are correct, the Dalmuir young team want a hun team to destroy. Unhealthy hatred at times wi this match. Que Sera



  11. TLT 1.04am



    My best Celtic bet ever was Burley and 2-0 £10 at 110/1 January 1998, Burley 77mins & Lambert 86mins … I might do Burkey 2-0 on Sunday … but got a feeling we might get more than two… if Scott Sinclair starts I might have a couple of shillings on a hat trick, we can but dream… if I could sneak my cashline card out of the bosses purse, I would hammer 5/6 against a team that’s never won at our ground in 8yrs over 2 lives should be a good thing :-)

  12. DD 1.07am



    Who are we to deny the young team.. just imagine the 80s & 90s humping a team fae Govan every season… no hatred just keep hammering them.. although the 80s & 90s were good grounding … by the way the clip that St Stivs put up against Hearts 6-0 ? That you were there, Dallas was saying that was one of his favourite games and obviously he was there … so he is still lurking :-)

  13. DD 1.15am



    That could be a good shout, nil fir the away team will do me, hopefully tomorrow Neil sits them all down and makes them watch 29/12/18 again, Ryan Jack the match winner … our bhoys can surely never be as bad on Sunday … hope you have a good day with your son on Sunday, in fact watching the hoops with your bhoy already makes it a good day :-)



    Hail Hail

  14. Delaneys Dunky on



    I was possibly wi Dallas that Hertz match?


    Knightswood Rebels CSC ?????

  15. DD 1.33am



    I only went to the cup final in 1980 so I know I wasn’t there :-)



    No wonder my mother was worried even though our neighbours friends of my mum & dad (one Celtic & one Rangers fan) were in their 20s back then I was the same age as MissGFTB is now and I don’t even let her go to the ice cream van herself :-)

  16. Delaneys Dunky on



    Both my sons and both my daughter’s will be there supporting oor Celtic. Cannae wait. Gave my ticket away to be with family on Sunday. My Ryan’s mate is a butcher. BBQ will be good ?????

  17. Sid 1.38am



    The Huns were celebrating when Brendan (their bogey man :) left… but nobody is pointing out since Neil has been in charge Steven Gerrard Sevs haven’t won a game, in fact they haven’t won a game since last year AGAINST CELTIC :-)



    Apologies Sid … but Seethin Gerrard has not beat ANYBODY since Neil has been in charge … fact

  18. GFTB



    I agree he hasn’t won a game since Brendan left.



    I was responding to your post saying “Seethin Gerrard has not won a game since last year …

  19. Sid



    I tried to correct that by saying he hasn’t beaten “us” since last year :-)



    But heyho you got the jist of my post the majority of the Huns thought BR has gone the Tims are now weaker .. but alas the Rookie hasn’t achieved one victory since BR left … hope the Rookie stays another season at least then it’s 19 n counting (Beatbhoy totally correct beware the posters who think this is only 8 :-)



    Clyde FC ….



    Same rules for all

  20. GFTB



    Apologies Sid … but Seethin Gerrard has not beat ANYBODY since Neil has been in charge … fact



    Sorry Gerry but your fact is actually not a fact.


    Wouldn’t want you being made to look foolish by repeating your claim.



    The night Celtic won at Tynecastle under Neil, the Huns beat Dundee 4-0, 27 Feb, just trying to keep it real mate.

  21. Sid 2.07am



    GFTB 2.02am




    I tried to correct that by saying he hasn’t beaten “us” since last year :-)






    Thanks for the consideration but you are fighting a losing battle I can easily make myself look foolish time and time again it comes naturally to me, even worse in real life … better close my eyes that pesky work in around 5hrs 30mins …



    But I will leave you with this one last thought



    Stevie Gee doesn’t think there are lions in Celtic Park ….



    If you know your history



    Fellow Celts good night n god bless … lurking Huns … you know the rest

  22. Incredibly sad news about wee Shay.



    God Bless and comfort Shays Family at this most difficult of times.



    Marc – you are likely to be very down and despondent – don’t be and please keep on doing what you do.




  23. BMCUWP…as for the rest…it goes without saying…;-)) C U Sept…;-))




  24. Giving a massive shout out to SentinelCelts Mahe…and….BMCUWP….why…because ;-))




  25. Celtic have really got ‘on it’ the sports science stuff.



    Regarding Paul67s article, I’d normally say no way to even suggest Tom to play, he takes ages to get back to Optimus Prime standard.



    Tom has really strengthened that he isnae such a weakling when it comes to getting injuries and hopefully now, not taking so long to get back up to his Incredible best after an injury.



    He scares them like a few do. RIP KEEF

  26. Oh man…this is gonna annoy those of a delicate disposition…OldTim67…have you looked into the possibility of getting a downstairs flat…jist like the one underneath you…which became available….you canny deny that yer own stairs, that scared the shit out of me due to their steepness, are an accident waiting to happen

  27. Team for the Earliest of Kick offs.






    Boyata Ajer Benkovic



    Toljan Tierney






    Calmac Weah*



    Eddie* Oli



    Wee Jamesie is aff the boil IMO and Scottie isnae likely to be here next season.



    * easily switch to devastating effect.

  28. My Son is all grown up now but how dare I express a view (bordering on hate speech) that I don’t want my 5 year old child taught same sex stuff.



    Anger is an Energy.




  29. TLT 2.31am



    I would question that post ??



    He certainly opens his gob without thinking :-)



    Better get this Saturday shift out the way, no rest for the wicked



    Neil Lennon will not lose tomorrow

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    Bigger and Bolder, Rougher and Tougher.



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