Rogic will punish anxious Newco defence


While we all want to have a party on Sunday, the first priority is to win the tactical battle.  Normally, I would be anxious to control the middle of the park, but Celtic’s impressive defensive record indicates midfield may not be as crucial.

Newco were the last domestic team to score against Celtic that was not a penalty (Hearts) or a goal that even the Motherwell manager admitted his team had to subvert the rules of sportsmanship to record.

By comparison, Newco have conceded 10 since facing Celtic in December; Celtic are defensively solid, Newco are not.  If the game is tight, we should be confident of defending and hopeful of exploiting some of the defensive anxiety that Newco suffered in recent games.

Brendan Rodgers had selection problems at Ibrox in December, resorting to play Mickey Johnston as striker (unsuccessfully) and Callum McGregor as left back (to his cost elsewhere).  Neil Lennon also has selection problems for tomorrow, but of a different nature.

Dedryck Boyata will start, but I’m not sure if Kristoffer Ajer or Filip Benkovic will partner him.  Heart says Ajer (one of our own), head says Benkovic (so impressive).  I expect Jeremy Toljan to get the nod over Mikael Lustig.

James Forrest, Scott Sinclair, Odsonne Edouard, Kieran Tierney, Scott Brown and Callum McGregor will all start, leaving one midfield space available for Ewan Henderson, Tom Rogic, Olivier Burke, Mikey Johnston or, at a push, Olivier Ntcham.

Tom terrifies this team.  If he has 60 minutes in him, he should start, and if he starts, he will punish them.  If Tom is not fit, Ewan Henderson has done enough to suggest he has the craft for this occasion.

The two games between these teams this season have ended in a comprehensive 1-0 home win for each side.  This is an historic high for Newco, but you and me have missed what we were beginning to regards as customary four or five goal winning margins.  Neil Lennon will want the win most of all, but you also know the manner he would like to achieve this.

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  1. Melbourne Mick on

    Well done Jobo, how a man of your age can jump nearly


    24 ft is amazing.


    H.H Mick

  2. Melbourne Mick on

    PARK ROAD 67



    It’s strange, a think the huns are comin he he he he


    H.H Mick

  3. Melbourne Mick – very good ;-)


    Today’s fixture of interest for me is Hearts v Aberdeen. Hoping for a Dons winfor 2 reasons – (a) it’ll put them within 5 points of Sevco and (b) it’ll leave Hibs in 5th place ahead of their Edinburgh rivals.

  4. The Time of the game is shocking – small mercies with these new rules – we will at least be able to park just aff Springfield Road if we go after 11.



    No doubt there will be some unexpected thing happens that means all best laid plans are oot the windae.



    Police Scotland does not have my trust at all. Seen too many strange and basically rogue elements instructing things at high profile games.



    Anyway – be that as it may – I’m hoping for a Beautiful Sunday – If we get a draw or better, I’d say we have 8 in a Row.

  5. Well done Jobo.



    Off to visit my young brother who is in a bad way in hospital. It’s his birthday as well, 42 years young.??



    Play nice



    D. :)

  6. Sipsini 12.27pm






    Nothing else to do on the train to work but sit and do some thinking, but surely am no as bad as Charliebhoy

  7. The new Spurs Stadium looks Superb – Imagine Celtic filling that type of Amphitheatre with the incredible Support we have.



    The mind Boggles.



    My Favourite game



    Celtic are decimated with injuries still, but I reckon we will put on a show.

  8. Meant to add to my last post that i’ve heard his arms are gubbed with lifting all those trophies

  9. DAVID66 on 30TH MARCH 2019 1:02 PM



    Off to visit my young brother who is in a bad way in hospital. It’s his birthday as well, 42 years young.??



    *all the best to him David, mine would have been 75 today, he never saw 60, a great Tim tae but a wee bit more disciplined than me. Cherish your time with yours.

  10. GFTB…



    Only having a laugh, I’d never put you in the same category as that soup taking a**e.



    I’ve not been on for a while as posting was becoming a nightmare, I’ve hopefully sorted it now as I miss the banter on here.



    I’d stick with Ajer for tomorrow, should be a ton up after the game as hun monkeys don’t want to back down and say their team will be pumped.



    Here’s hoping. ☘️☘️????

  11. SAINT STIVS on 28TH MARCH 2019 11:43 PM





    *A couple of wee comments about Brucehill or Brasshill (sounding like Brazil if you say it fast) as the natives call it.



    Mrs TTs family hail hail fae there and she was the last one born when they lived up there, less than 2 year later and they crossed the road tae the former estate of the last King of Scotland tae beat the outlanders as it used tae be under the Parish of Cardross and not Dumbarton, where the rest of her siblings were born, still having family there I know Brucehill pretty well.



    Last summer on our way back fae the eastern seaboard we were stuck on one of the major interstates, now one bonus of driving through the States is that there’s plenty of rest stops enroute, especially Virginia, also there are exit ramps every mile for food or fuel.



    After an elaborate time being held up due mainly to construction and a MVA we decided tae alight at the first off ramp that showed a food sign, their gas station lavvies are not that great, although the rest stops are practically on the highway the food areas tend tae be a wee bit down the road, so we went down this winding scenic one, passing a sign that said “you are now entering Williamsburg part of the Historic Triangle”.



    We found a popular restaurant and after using the facilities plus the usual teas and coffees tae go we exited the place. On going in I had spied an older gentleman, probably the same age as me lol, sitting at a desk outside selling historic scenic trips, so on the way out I asked him how tae get back tae the highway heading tae Richmond.



    He was snacking on something and mumbled an apology, then said where are you from, “Scotland” said I and as his mouth cleared a bit said “so am I’, with an accent like mine.



    I then asked him where he was from, Dunfermline he said so I told him I was from Balloch, there are 3 Ballochs that I know of at hame, one in Cumbernauld, the other in Inverness close tae Culloden and mine at Loch Lomond which I added also saying not that far fae you.



    He then told me that as a lad he used tae visit family in Port Glasgow so I pointed tae Mrs TT standing at the car saying she’s fae across the Clyde fae there.



    He said “when I was a lad I used tae stand in my granny’s backyard and look across the Clyde tae Dumbarton”, which I responded with “and that was where her auntie lived up Brucehill in the appropriately named Firthview”



    3.5k miles away and met someone he often looked at the Tim capital of Dumbarton, small world or not.



    Since there is not much going on here’s another wee story with the same theme.



    When I was gainfully employed in my last job I used tae deal with local transit, one in particular was the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), my liaison with them was a local Toronto lad who was married tae a lassie fae Ayr, I didnae pursue that much. Incidentally I don’t have the traditional Irish Catholic name so that augers well at times



    One day a wee man, Jimmy, appeared in his place, he asked me as usual where I was from, so I told him, he said he was born in Greenock, so I did the usual ‘Oh I’ve been there playing fitba”, didnae elaborate to much on going tae watch the ‘tic.



    He said he had come tae Canada as a wee boy but could remember sitting on his da’s shoulders going tae Cappielow tae watch the Celtic, he’s now my best friend by this time.



    So I said that my wife lived across the Clyde fae there, technically she didnae as that’s Helensburgh, in Dumbarton.



    He said that his mother was fae Dumbarton, in fact Brucehill, when he told me his mother’s name, could have knocked me down as they were friendly with my in-laws, great Tims tae as is most of Brucehill.

  12. Celtic are fine shape with returning players ( and manager ) who stepped in for the cause, when others had designs, but near the end no stomach, just pound signs, we were lucky someone was on hand to lead us to the celebrations that make your work mates in Sevco sick, whilst el nearly forgotten one will watch, yet merely hope that ‘they’ win.



    Partial officials and SMSM have helped pepper the cavernous void between Celtic and Sevco, they have a few decent players now, two of whom will play at Celtic Park because of ‘blanking’ refs, the leniency of the bent SFA compliance system, and Sevco will be just ahead of a Warburton or Caixinha in pointage. If they ever get a proper manager, the likelyhood is, that much pined for challenge, to Celtic’s dominance would be more visible, and if they weren’t just Grievance FC they’d have had more kaffliks refereeing their games, more confrontation with kafflik compliance officers, and who and knows where that would have gotten them.



    Celtic fans have been let down in the past, none more so than by BR, who meekly joined a long line of those who run our club, without providing some of the basics in the entertainment field ( see CQN ) in the past week for detail. The stairs, and doorways at Celtic Park are merely to get you to your seat, a bit of plastic perched somewhere on the old slopes of Celtic Park, if its catered for we seek, forget it, its not that kind of surrounding or bricks and mortar.



    Paul67 has covered this many times in the past, and it’ll be long beyond Peter Lawwell’s regime to bypass fairy lighting, and give Celtic a modern day crucible that costs the London clubs their personal spiral to infinity. From piggery to paradise, with the death of a football club shortly thereafter, we entertain the same old choralists following new club blindly, to uphold the new tradition of 750, in anybody but Celticism.



    Neil Lennon is a bold man he was a better player than his predecessor, hype and make up aside, he’s a better coach with the scalps to prove it, longevity is not tomorrow’s key, the remit from the ever popular board is ‘Celtic to win routinely’ at Celtic Park, despite dungeon fire sword, or Boaby Madden, our Irishman has bigger balls, and Brendan’s better players.



    Celtic at home, is like twelve versus eleven, though there will be room for that January window where Celtic underpinned eight and signing four players, three of whom ensured the gap was steadfastly maintained. Burke, Weah and to a lesser extent, Toljan cemented Sevco after Christmas, and all three could now feature in a head to head at CP, but not before record signing Odsonne Edouard, has did some damage.



    Hail Hail



  13. Call_of_Juarez on

    Hope we don’t see Rogic tomorrow. It takes a few games for him to get fit and often during this period he picks up another knock. He is a good player but we cannot depend on him.



    No complacency. Let’s do the currants.

  14. The World Champion of Snooker wiz in awe of the Celtic players Back in the day.



    The chance to wear that strip in a game was a Dream for every young fitba player.



    It’s different now – there are so many youngsters played in a Celtic team – wearing that strip as 1.



    Back then that didnae happen – I’d have loved to have played just wan game when I wiz young where all ma team m8s wear wearing the same Celtic strip.



    It kinda happened in Ayia Napa where most were mangled wae the Dr.Ink but it was all different Celtic tops.



    It is the Greatest Honour ever to play for Glasgow Celtic – of that there is næ doubt.

  15. Looking like I’ll have to record the big game tomorrow due to mothers day lunch outing. I was impressed by Sevco’s Liverpool loanee Ryan Kent having watched some of his performances in Europe and against us in particular last day out. he ran us ragged down the left side so this will be a big test for Toljan. See Liverpool want 12 million for him which rules Sevco out of the picture. Big game also for Lenny and a win would be great for the CV.

  16. glendalystonsils on

    HANKRAY on 30TH MARCH 2019 4:35 PM



    See Liverpool want 12 million for him which rules Sevco out of the picture.



    Whit!? Wi’ the Morales money they can buy Kent and still have £8 mill left over! -))

  17. Guys, not long back in from the hospital.


    Thanks for all the messages of support and kindness for my wee Brother, really humbling???



    He is in a bad way, and I just hope he keeps on fighting. Although he did manage a wee joke when my bhoy/ his nephew said is that the bigotdome over there, my Bro said “aye burn it doon on the way home, it will give me something to watch oot that windy” ?



    Thanks again



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  18. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    French Eddy will be the main man the morra.



    The clock’s spring forward, don’t get oot.

  19. Glendalystonsils…………20 mil for Morales? you may be right if they decide to sell.

  20. David 66


    Best wishes for your Brother as he fights to regain his health.


    Something most of us take for granted, until something jumps up to bite us and remind us of our own Mortality.