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  1. Morning All


    Still dry atm, although blustery here in Dundee. Plenty of sunshine yesterday at the footie though, and long may it continue.



  2. Upgraded MacBook to new OS all goes well, gets to login types password but cursor just starts to spin ie trying to login……tried lots of solutions from online suggestions from reinstall to others.


    Any ideas folks?

  3. Tinytim, Eddie Devine ran the Pollok CSC.



    I only went to a game with them once , to Dunfermline for a league cup game in 1982. The convener of the Glasgow Uni bus , Stevie O’Neill , was pally with Eddie . Stevie arranged with Eddie for a group of us to go on pathetic Pollok CSC.

  4. Sorry my bad typing , pathetic should not have appeared in my post. My apologies to anyone on here who used to go on the Pollok CSC.

  5. well done the Tic….enjoyed that and we will only get stronger……



    smiley Shananigens to score wis a braw wee bet thing




  6. My friends in Celtic,



    A very enjoyable day yesterday. ( Was it raining ) . Plenty of footie chat and a great scoreline. Our line-up ensured we would score more goals than we would lose. Entertaining football is vital as is the points.



    Pub played by the rules and there was no sound from the tv’s and screens. However Just about every table seemed to have their own device so there was no lack of ” informed” opinion.



    A mega shout out to the overworked barmaids who enforced the rules fairly and efficiently while keeping the punters well lubricated. All this while wearing face coverings. It can’t be easy. So thanks. ( Hope and trust they were well remunerated)



    Again well done Celtic and well done NFL.

  7. Not sure if anyone else heard a Derry accent calling ‘hang it up Cal’ just before Duffys goal. I’m certain I did.



    Great goal to score. Julien capable of it too. Creates nerves in defences that have dealt with our set pieces too easily in recent years.



    Some adjustments needed in the midfield shape when we give up possession but oddly the chances we gifted did our new keeper a favour in letting him show his abilities and ramming it down a few msm throats.



    Glad to hear from the players that they weren’t happy at half time.

  8. Apologies, i erroneously included the definite article “ra”.



    Should have read – Big Shane tummul-tinty Julliene



    Schoolboy error

  9. Just realizing that the Sunday Supplement has been a victim of the recent Sky Sports cull. It was always enjoyable and interesting to listen to guys like Oliver Holt, Matt Dickinson, Paul Hayward, Martin Samuel et all. Intelligent, fearless opinions, expressed by proper journalists who know how to construct an argument . Compare that with the pile of talentless, sycophantic, rubbish operating in the Scottish sports media.

  10. Jeepers Fred, I love learning new words & went straight to Google once I read your post, but this one is apparently confined to Glaswegians.

  11. Mazzy- totally agree, not enough black journalists to fill the chairs,Sky Sports pro black agenda ,is both tedious and predictable. I say that without a racist bone in my body.

  12. Seen a few references to the 1980 Scottish Cup Final. Shocking scenes everywhere. And that’s just the fashion. Platform bits, bellbottom blues, tanked up tops. And ye didn’t want to get collared that’s for sure. After full-time on the pitch shenanigans. Handbags in the afternoon.


    Afterwards different story, especially if you left Hampden from behind the North Stand enclosure as we did. Road layout favoured the huns, not easy to stand your ground there or easy to retreat either, with the Celtic end support arriving en masse to help out. Made it out onto the Aitkenhead, more than a few huns wishing they hadn’t, and finally to the Celtic buses in Prospecthill Road. Lot safer there. Won the Cup too.

  13. JERSEYBHOYS on 12TH SEPTEMBER 2020 4:52 PM


    Lenny out – shocking performance. Let’s see the clique defend this






    What a poor post. I guess you’re one of those Celtic supporters who can’t be happy with a Celtic victory unless you’re taking a swipe at other Celtic supporters. I very much doubt that any Celtic fan was unhappy or disappointed at yesterday’s result. Similarly, if ‘the clique’ are comprised of those Celtic fans who have reservations about our manager, does that make you a Neil Lennon groupie?

  14. Go tell the Spartim on

    The blogger



    Bada saved my bacon with the link, cheers Bada 👍🏾



    I wasn’t a fan of Sunday supplement at all, some were thoughtful and insightful others were just tabloid hacks with little clue about anything (in my humble opinion )



    As for sky, bbc et al, I tend to avoid they offer nothing to a Celtic supporter and we know the reason why.

  15. Greenpinata…”A mega shout out to the overworked barmaids who enforced the rules…”


    You must realise that due to covid you are not allowed to sing or shout out in pubs or stadia. May I suggest you write a note or send an email to the relevant overworked barmaids…alternatively, you could send them a mega whisper.


    yours sincerely, the management…

  16. !1BADA BING!!






    Sky are also deflecting as far away as the can from the “Me too movement” because they have history.



    Scumbags the lot of them!




    Who mentioned singing ????????????


    The rules were enforced. To date, we can verbally order food and drink, sign language is not mandatory; yet.



    Are you a Covid marshal touting business. 😡



    What was evidently not enforced was the young team wearing face coverings on public transport. I suggest you direct your E mail there.👍😀

  18. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    Ah, so much grief on here about Sky, Andy Walker, BBC, SFA and the Rearrangers.


    We just won away from home, scored five and kept a clean sheet.


    Worth celebrating?


    I think so.

  19. prestonpans bhoys on

    The most disturbing aspect I saw at the 1980 cup final was one bhoy chucked a whiskey bottle over into the huns. It was only half empty, at least finish it off first, shocking😱😵👊

  20. P B…it only looked like whisky. The idea was that some hun would take a swig, only to discover it contained some fenian p**h…