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  1. TONYROME-there you’re there 😉


    Apologies for misspelling yir name buddy.😋


    Good to see yi 🍀💚

  2. Before today, four teams had a better goals against record than Ross County . After today`s game, the BBC reported thus:



    ” Ross County …have the league’s second worst defensive record with 11 goals conceded.”

  3. TONYROME-Rod,young,mellencamp,primal scream,del amitri and many more.Thanks buddy,and I can’t say it enough thank you.💚


    Billy Joel just nails it 🍀💚

  4. timhorton on 12th September 2020 9:02 pm






    Great selection loved King Crimson






    King Crimson choice wasn’t me but thanks anyway







    You’re a gentleman- saw that line up at Glasgow concer Hal a couple of years ago – three drummers – awesome



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  6. Quick question, just watching highlights of the Andy Lynch cup final, crowd is surprisingly small. Why was that?



    And how did it finish 1v0?!

  7. Glasgowbhoy.


    This is from Celtic Wiki.


    Only 54,000 turn up on a wet and gloomy day less than half the attendance at the 1973 final but the low crowd is attributed to bad weather and live tv as fans chose to stay home or watch in pubs, a novelty at that time in Scotland with very little live coverage.

  8. It’s not the formation you play, it’s the players you play in formation theres loads of options for this Celtic squad, and it was a demonstration of power and wealth to finish ‘Five up’ with Soro £3M Klimala £3M Barkas £5M Ajeti £5M Turnbull £3M Duffy £2M all in on the act, by time up. Not a bad flex of financial muscle at the club that can never assemble enough players to satisfy some.



    Before we had time to remember it was the son of Dallas he’d already pointed to his favourite spot on the pitch, and the calmness of Eddy burst Ross County’s game plan, who fair play to them, despite losing to a poacher for our second, tried to play football and were unlucky not to cut the HT deficit.



    Call me old fashioned or just a son of Simpson Craig and Gemmell, three CB’s means a big Celtic midfield swamping around Ross County till they get despatched, but not so, the mediocre Ferencvaros’s, the sooner we get a new left back in to bolster Greg Taylor’s development the better. Shane ( was it a bird, was it a plane ) Duffy’s goal was straight from the school playground P4 verse P7’s, and a laying down of marker for things to come in SP hell.



    Second half goals from Ajer and Klimala sealed a fine win in which NFL used the new subs rules and his power bench, to better effect than of late, Ntcham took a better grip in midfield and an accident free week could see us overcome idiocy, that set us back big time. James Forrest on vacation from the right flank allowed Frimpong to flourish on the right, but baby steps, it was only no disrespect but Dingwall



    M.O.M Olivier Ntcham

  9. Jimmynotpaul, thanks for that, that one’s just before my time and was never sure why the crowd seemed so low. I made my OF debut at the final on 10 May 1980 and the crowd seemed huge to an 11 year old me. Hx2

  10. Fairhillbhoy! No me


    Bud ! Hope you have a great time in Edinburgh, Spoil that princess of yours 👍🍀

  11. lets all do the huddle on

    Shane Duffy thundered home a header on his debut as Celtic thrashed Ross County to stay in touch at the top of the Scottish Premiership.





    another bbc story



    so glad we are managing to stay in touch at the top of the league