Rugby will give green light for peoples’ game too


Scotland went into the current level of restrictions with an infection rate marginally below that of England, this week, we are marginally higher.  Millions of individual actions go into these figures but evidence for the effectiveness of closing outdoor events does not exist.  They remained open in England but shut in Scotland.

Scottish Rugby have a home game against England at Murryfield scheduled for 6 February, a game they threatened to take to Newcastle, if current restrictions were not lifted.  Newcastle United host 50,000 spectators each home game without troubling their infection rates.  On socioeconomic terms, football and rugby are miles apart.

Our governments in Edinburgh and London only care about one when their flag of choice can be waved to a patriotic anthem.  Scotland moving a rugby game to England, or vice versa, would be anathema – the opposite of a patriotic opportunity.  Whatever steps necessary to keep the Scotland-England rugby game at Murrayfield will be taken.

Today, the First Minister has little choice but to relent and open what is scientifically believed to be the safest way to meet and interact with other people – outdoor events.  I fear some random limit below Celtic Park capacity, and of a temporary nature that expires before 6 February, but hopefully 60,000 of us will be able to gather on Monday to see our new Japanese recruits play for Celtic for the first time.

We are far from through with this scourge and need to follow scientific advice (if not government words and actions).  Limit indoor interactions, keep windows open and all spaces ventilated, meet outdoors whenever possible, follow clear scientific advice and roll up your sleeve.  And are you really too special to wear a mask?

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  1. 500 in a 60000 outdoor arena. 1 person per every 120 seats.


    at the same time you can sit indoors in a restaurant as long as the tables are 1 metre apart.


    where’s the logic?

  2. The inflated imitations of gold and silver, which after the rapture are thrown into the fire, all is exhausted and dissipated by the debt. All scrips and bonds are wiped out. At the fourth pillar dedicated to Saturn, split by earthquake and flood: vexing everyone, an urn of gold is found and then restored.

  3. DAVID66 on 11TH JANUARY 2022 11:43 AM


    Coneybhoy – I actually think Giamakus (spelling) could do us a turn but he needs to stay fit and try and grab his chance.


    That said I think there is a player there.


    D :)




    hopefully. I do think he is for alternative approach (in the box player with muscle); I still want another off the shoulder striker because when Kyogo is out, we can’t play Angeball

  4. WESTCRAIGS on 11TH JANUARY 2022 12:03 PM


    500 in a 60000 outdoor arena. 1 person per every 120 seats.


    at the same time you can sit indoors in a restaurant as long as the tables are 1 metre apart.


    where’s the logic?




    Apparently people travel to football games from outside the city but they don’t for restaurants and pubs. There is some truth in that i suppose.



    I take it no-one travelled to Cop26😎

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  6. Wow, not a mention of Corkcelt’s Birthday – what is happening to this place;)



    MCPHAIL BHOY @ 11:56 AM,



    Back to Basics – Glass Half Full



    Agreed but will we ever find out? That is until this incarnation gets a bill they can’t refuse, is that Big Mike’s as reported on a couple of weeks ago? Surely the court cases have to end and a final, FINAL judgement made meaning thta they have to hand over the cash, we live in hope. Scottish football, society and Celtic would be so much better off without them existing in any form.



    Scottish Football and the Celtic Board in particular went to great lengths to ensure Rangers not only survived but became competitive.



    As the anniversary of their admin approaches they are Scottish Champions, top of the league, in Europe and have just sold a player for a record fee.



    Not bad for a decade old campaign. They get by with a little help from their friends.



    Hail Hail

  7. PAUL67



    If the First Minister is ending the crowd restrictions only to accommodate the Rugby games, then surely she will declare that crowd restriction will remain in place until 5th February – opening 6 Nations game at Murryfield, leaving the Glasgow derby behind closed doors.



    Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t CSC.

  8. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Sturgeon is a bullshit artist and a megalomaniac.



    Johnson is an historical disgrace. A fraud and a joke.



    Starmer is a nonentity.



    What a to be alive! (Through a pandemic)

  9. Tom McLaughlin on



    500 in a 60000 outdoor arena. 1 person per every 120 seats.


    at the same time you can sit indoors in a restaurant as long as the tables are 1 metre apart.


    where’s the logic?


    First of all, I don’t believe any crowd restriction was necessary, but the logic of 500 in a 60k stadium was all about fans travelling to the stadium from all over.

  10. Tom Mc Laughlin,



    You are wasting your time with the fans of a Unionist persuasion.


    Wee Nippy,Wee Krankie,bla bla.That’s it as far as they care.

  11. The FM has a habit of working in Weeks – don’t be surprised if the restrictions are lifted either one week from today or two weeks from today – she has very seldom just ‘lifted’ restrictions from tomorrow’.

  12. Tom McLaughlin on




    She set the current restrictions 3 weeks ago and said they will be reviewed in 3 weeks, ie today. She won’t cancel the restrictions from tomorrow. It will be from Monday.

  13. Tom McLaughlin on

    Isn’t it strange how the BritNats attack in packs, queuing up to back each other up with a succession of posts. Yet if one Nationalist posts one comment in support of another, it’s a cult.



    You’d think they’d have the intelligence to notice that anomaly. But the again…

  14. P67- in the official looking text which i got last night, and repeated on here,the 6 Nations does get a mention, which is 3 weeks away….

  15. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Just put tv on,snooker………Steve Davis needs his eyes tested if he thinks he suits those glasses he’s now sporting.

  16. Detestable arrogance and shameless individual behaviour that disrespects the deceased, the dying, medical science and worldwide care that’s saved and is trying to save millions more.



    You would need to be all of that, to organise an unnecessary tennis knock about tournament during a locked down world, an event which resulted in countless cases of Covid. Not content with that this pipingly dangerous celeb caught covid at least twice, once he says just in time for a necessary Australian entry visa, without compliance penance or contrition, superstar spreading on the very next day after he says he’s positive ? Did he lie to the Spanish government for his Marbella in between trip? He hits a ball about with a bat, but he’s above nature and the law meeting face to face countless individuals including children. Decides he’s good to go, to the other side of the world to spread his supremacy and covid can’t stop him, to hell with the vulnerable or just the merely unsuspecting.



    The only thing Djokovic should be serving is time, the normal world patiently awaits unsporting anti vaxxer’s who’ll never be seen as the same again, there’s no room for liars though, what’s Serbian for hun like?

  17. BSR- the day after he said he tested positive in December, he was pictured at social events, obviously without a mask…..still think he will get papped oot, hopefully….

  18. Great article Paul, for all my misgivings about Edinburgh and the game of rugby I suppose we should be grateful that someone from the sporting world has outwitted Sturgeon and co. Contrast the SRU with the SFA……….



    Sons of Farry



    Entangled in their own insidious web since Dougiegate and the Ibrox implosion, the SFA has lost its authority in Scotland in recent years and is now led by football reject Rod Petrie. He´s on a two-year contract I believe, which must be due up very soon. The SFA is being eclipsed by the SPFL , as the EPL eclipsed the FA in England , in economic and organisational terms but the SFA retains a political voice in Scotland and has a recognisable brand in the media. A voice which will be trundled out when required



    Obviously Petrie can do nothing on his own , see Hibs´ last 20 years , so he needs a big leg up from the shortbread media. Despite never hearing a whisper about what exactly Rod Petrie does to justify his earnings, Scotsman readers were able to find out via journalist Mr Alan Pattullo on Sunday 25th July 2021 just how lucky we all are to have Mr Petrie. It is a sugar-coated kind of article, which Celtic NEVER gets.


    Pattullo writes lyrically about the “immense decision” Petrie seemingly took. Pattullo speaks of how football could even become a “conduit for social care ” under the benevolent eye of wise man Petrie of course. Mr Pattullo from Dundee is obviously oblivious to the history of Celtic FC. His approach made James Traynor look like Jeremy Paxman .



    However, Mr Nice Guy Petrie from the SFA, in December 2021, chose to publicly fine St Mirren chairman Stewart Gilmour for his written comments on Twitter and for using the word “huns”, link below, this was years before he was even chairman of course…from 2015. They fined the club 5,000 pounds!! A bloody disgrace when you see the nature of his tweets and the kind of cr$p spewed on social media these days. That SFA is a slumbering Frankenstein being brought to life by the likes of Mr Pattullo and we need to see it coming.




  19. BSR



    One Serbian said on TV from Australia “you don’t mess with a National Hero”they need help.

  20. His brother halted a press conference yesterday when


    a reporter asked about going to a social event the day after he


    tested positive on Dec 16th



    Looked like an admittance of guilt to me



    His brother couldnt answer



    A bit like Boris Johnson actually avoiding questions

  21. took a flyer on the restrictions being lifted and got cheap flight and hotel for 17 Feb Bodo Glimpt

  22. Great news that the bhoys will have a warm welcome on Monday- very happy to be wrong in my speculation

  23. Coneybhoy- hope airlines don’t cancel guys like yourself and rattle the prices up….🤞

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