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  1. I’m not optimistic of us gaining any points tonight. However I still hope that we manage to take more positives than negatives out of the game – e.g. keep it tight early on, make them work for anything they do get, if we DO concede then hopefully it’s down to their skill rather than our mistakes, etc.


    Ach, what am I talking about, anything can happen – ‘Mon The Hoops!!!

  2. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Fastest ‘cena’ ever about to be eaten in Benelmadena!


    Dinner starts at 1830 and game at 1855 and I intend to get my value?.


    Will be watching game in Lewis’s as on Saturday but probably through fingers.


    BTW,does anyone remember Lewis’s in Glasgow when I was a youngster,which wasn’t yesterday?



  3. Can picture Neil Dungcaster sitting with his Celtic hair straighteners, getting ready to cheer on the Hoops…

  4. Auldheid you raise a very pertinent question. Who are “we”. Your and the CSA’s rallying call is understandable but does it include our board. You know the people who make the decisions? Decisions like:









    Colluding with corruption






    Constantly attacking supporters






    Stonewalling res12






    Banning supporters for nothing






    Illegally sending supporters details to the police






    Calling supporters criminal racists






    Lying about stadium safety certificates






    Agreeing the 5 way agreement






    Telling us how great rangers are and how much we miss them






    Staying resolutely silent while we are cheated






    Stealing bonuses whilst not investing in the team









    Etc etc









    Or like paul67 who loves to talk about the Huns cheating and continuity myths whilst at the same time telling bbc Scotland how much he missed them (bless). Or who now wants to reinvent Doncaster as a hero.









    It’s just like that bit in Animal Farm where the animals can’t tell the difference between the pigs and the humans.









    Is that the “We” you speaking auldheid? Let’s circle the wagons so the board can shoot us from the inside.









    What a plan auldheid. Masteful.









    Rally round after the horse has bolted, after the board allowed our lifetime chance to change the landscape pass up for their racist pound?









    Rally round while they call us racists?









    Rally round so we can shaft you more.









    Change will only come when we were out the rotten corrupt core in our boardroom and their lackeys like paul67.









    Rally round that Auldheid.

  5. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Will be doing well to take anything from this game,hoping for


    a bold display though.

  6. Jesus .Neg give it a rest for a couple of hours we’ve got a big game just about to kick off.

  7. glendalystonsils on




    Yes Lewis’s (rather than John Lewis) Argyle street. My dad worked there for a while.

  8. CELTIC: Gordon, Lustig, Boyata, Hendry, Tierney, Mulumbu, Ntcham, Forrest, McGregor, Edouard, Griffiths.


    Subs: Bain, Izaguirre, Simunovic, Sinclair, Gamboa, Morgan, Christie,

  9. Goooood early Evening CQN ???????



    Goood luck tonight Bhoys



    Glad that last article was short lived


    I can only assume ? Dungcaster is helping our board bury the truth


    As for CSA asking for us all to stand united


    Like the board does with it’s fans and shareholders behind Res 12 ?



    Now I fully understand and accept supporting the team


    I personally only attend games at Celtic park, to support the team


    Not one other penny to anyone else


    Maybe if others too kind this approach change would happen ?

  10. think the shape will be more 4-2-3-1



    I’d expect Edouard to play off the left flank

  11. Surprised with the line up. Would have preferred one up front and a tighter midfield to protect the defence. Think we’ll be swamped from the off. Losing Rogic & Brown a major blow.

  12. Brendan believes we get at the Salzburg defence


    Let’s hope they don’t play like other Scottish teams then ??

  13. So the Eastern Star has opened her Bunker Gub


    Hearts owner Ann Budge has dismissed Celtic’s complaints over the neutrality of Murrayfield as a venue for the League Cup semi-final as “nonsense” and “fatuous”.


    On Wednesday, Brendan Rodgers, the Celtic manager, hit out at the “unfair” process which resulted in his team being switched from Hampden to play the Jam Tarts at the home of Scottish rugby.


    The Scottish champions followed up on their manager’s comments by blasting the SPFL board’s “irrational” and “discriminatory” call not to hold a ballot to decide which last four was moved to the capital.


    Speaking exclusively to STV, Budge has rejected Celtic’s point of view, insisting the eventual outcome has been the best possible for not just her club but for Scottish football.


    “It is of course a neutral venue,” Budge said.


    “We played four games there at the beginning of last season and Celtic, as we all know, have also played at Murrayfield, I think the same number of games, if not more.

  14. mike in toronto on



    Would accept a draw tonight, but would prefer the win.






    Would you now?



    Since we’re at it… I would accept Kate Beckinsale tonight, but would prefer Kate Winslet.




  15. I would be over the moon with a draw tonight, however it is amazing if you are officiated fairly what is possible.


    Good luck Celtic

  16. 50 shades of green on

    30 yr old zombie charged with hitting the assistant referee at Livingston.




    So thats just the guy/ guys that stabbed 2 visitors, the clown that hit the young St Mirren fan, and the few dozen brawling the Wigan fans still on the loose then.



    Police haven’t confirmed wether the guy charged comes from West London or not ?

  17. glendalystonsils on

    It’s difficult to go into these games against this level of team without being haunted by the Barca, Bayern and PSG drubbings.



    Win , lose or draw I hope we don;t flounder around like lost bhoys tonight. Both Brendan and the team need to show that they are learning from these painful experiences.

  18. Today is a day for the sleekit sniggering huns that pervade Scottish society to have a spring in their step.



    Operation anyone but Celtic has had a wee meaningless .victory.



    It will backfire when Celtic put the Edinburgh huns in their place no matter how hard a cheat with a whistle tries.



    The best wee country so it is.



    Anyone who doubted Lawells control on CQN’s editorial must surely think again after Pauls puff piece on the ridiculous continuation myth purveyor Dungcaster.

  19. Call_of_Juarez on

    I think our midfielders are going to have to run their bazongas off if we sre to get a result tonight.

  20. Ray Singh-Carr on

    Not really expecting anything from tonight other than another performance that gets us moving further in the right direction.


    Looks like quite a positive line-up so hopefully it pays off.


    That is the beauty of this game…..you just never know.




  21. Having listened to Brendan’s pre-match interview there on BT it sounds as if we’re lining up 3-5-2. Brave!

  22. CELTIC: Gordon, Lustig, Boyata, Hendry, Tierney, Mulumbu, Ntcham, Forrest, McGregor, Edouard, Griffiths.



    Subs: Bain, Izaguirre, Simunovic, Sinclair, Gamboa, Morgan, Christie,



    Thought BR was going to alter his approach?



    Looks like the usual cavalry charge that only ever bore fruit against Anderlecht



    BehindTheCouch CSC

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