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  1. Brutally bad — totally lacking in attitude.


    There must be a coaching black hole up in the Campsies.


    Half decent players turn up and soon then are quivering wrecks.



    Not looking good — I wonder what the odds are on this game?


    The French ref is a homer.

  2. Its obvious we need to change the midfield 3. We have varied our formation and personnel in other areas of the park but it is obvious that the middle of the park is lacking.

  3. I’m fed up – celtic just don’t know what kind of team it is – are we 3-5-2 or not. Are we better sitting back and hitting on the break ? 3-5-2 demands full back width and we have nothing on the left. Midfield is rubbish – christie off the boil and the ball doesn’t stick. Mo not impacting the match and Eddie wondering who’s around him.



    Fine if we trying to find for – but this is after Lenny said we had just played our best game since he took over.



    worrying times when the team lacks spark

  4. Elhamed nearly sold the jerseys with that awful final pass.



    That’s what they’re playing for…a mistake with us out of position so they can break.



    Think Ferencvaros.



    We’re not hard to play against.



    Back to Ronnie’s tactics.



    Must have a better second half. Must.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    Uninspiring performance like the quality of the visual output, got onto link four for last 10 mins and they played better😂😂 stay there its an omen

  6. glendalystonsils on

    No point having the better players if they are only playing to 50% of their capability . Eddy and Christie need to up their game . Why not bring on Turnbull? He seems like he hasn’t succumbed to the malaise that’s affecting our other midfielders. We badly need a spark just like we have in so many recent games.

  7. Not to much to worry about, just another well organised physical team, will just take time to grind them down

  8. Sarajevo played us last year needing an advantage to take to a sold out Celtic park. They afforded us space accordingly. One off ties completely change what we’re up against. Any win tonight is a great result. Vital that we get the first goal to open this game up.

  9. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Poor quality stream. Refreshed and clicked more than I’ve seen.



    What i have seen doesn’t look great.



    Meanwhile, Duffy called for everything whilst they boot the hell out of us.

  10. PHILBHOY on 1ST OCTOBER 2020 7:53 PM


    At least the half time music is no bad!



    Let the people sing





    Snap, we just discussed that.




  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    We see these tactics every week at home, should be the world’s greatest against it.

  12. I could have sworn that I have seen this game before.



    Where is Elyounoussi supposed to be playing. He’s anonymous


    We better hope they don’t score. Because if they do we have no chance

  13. Why do they play guys at half time singing good tunes with a terrible half American/half Edinburgh accent



    Awful tunes also done in said accent

  14. Al our games look the same as all our opponents set up the same way and like it or not it is difficult to break down. Not an excuse just a fact – having said that we play against so often we should expect us to be more effective at dealing with it.

  15. Can`t say I enjoyed that first half.


    Playing against a professional ten man defence really is difficult.


    I expected a load of nonsense on here about how we `should` do this or `that` as though their ten man defence was going to suddenly leave big holes.Fortunately, most seem to realise that creating decent chances in these circumstances is difficult. My hopes are twofold:


    a) They tire ( unlikey with full-time athletes);


    b) We score early then they are very likely to be slightly more open at the back.

  16. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox


    Unfortunately this is Celtic doing their stuff – all possession to little purpose.


    The second half on Sunday has been the exception this season

  17. Really torn on Moi. Doesn’t play for a while, occasional impressive cameo and I think he should play more.



    Start him a couple of weeks and I wonder what the point of him is.



    Maybe better as an impact super-sub.

  18. 90% of the time Taylor has the ball on the left , he’s 30 yards from their goal. 90%!!! that being the case , we should have a winger in that position. He is neither a winger nor a defender , so why is he in the team. Seriously , we have youngsters who could come in and threaten their by line more than we are doing.

  19. They are dirty cynical Bassas.


    Guy deliberately done Bitton early on, not even a yellow.


    This is Riga mark2.

  20. In control but a bit slack passing and only 1 shot on target. Need to up the tempo a bit for 2nd half.

  21. Christie, like most, not at his best but he is giving Frimpong a lot of support, a lot of pass and gos. He’s busy and he’s involved. Taylor doing ok too.


    Edouard offering no threat whatsoever. Has no aerial presence and when ball goes to his feet he loses it.

  22. O.G Rafferty



    It was only an exception as the opposition was open.



    We can’t play against a low block when those that help us break it down are sitting on their arses watching it in the stands.



    Scott Brown is a man down against these types of teams and our left side is neutralised tiem and again. Our right side is populated by a wee man who is double and treble teamed and a supporting left footer who does the same thing over and over again – comes inside.



    The very definition of madness :)




  23. One final comment.


    If the last few games had been Edouard`s debut time , I doubt we would rate him anywhere near as highly as we , mainly, do.

  24. Call_of_Juarez on

    Stage all set for Davie Turnbull to be the Euro hero. He should have started. This laddie will shortly become our best midfielder.

  25. big wavy


    Not quite. Hibs were open in the first half and Celtic were poor. An enforced substitition at half time got Turnbull on and Celtic moved up several gears.


    But that apart, yes. Madness and tedious to watch into the bargain

  26. brighter start – much quicker getting the ball moving – nice to see a midfielder go past a player – it was brown of all people

  27. Wavy


    How about giving it a rest on yor Broony crusade. This is frustrating for anyone playing against these tactics and you diss the one playerwho makes sure we remain focused at all times

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