Scotland’s trophy kings meet at Celtic Park


A cursory glance at the table suggests St Johnstone are far off their double trophy winning form of last season.  The second most successful team in Scottish football over the last decade (three times more trophies than the cackle of solitary winners) are eighth in the league, five points off a top six spot.

The roof fell in on them last week as Livingston produced three goals from 35% possession and four shots on target, a statistical anomaly for a St Johnstone defence that conceded only six goals in their other eight league games this season.  This is a team with a goalkeeper who can keep them out and score at the other end, and a defence which offers opponents few opportunities.

They will be no more adventurous than Ferencvaros when they pitch up at Celtic Park tomorrow afternoon, we will need to be at our best.

That “best” is pretty decent right now.  I’m still wallowing in the Rogic-Jota move from Fir Park and its cousin, the Jota-Kyogo goal on Tuesday.  Add in the play that saw Ferenc exposed so frequently after the opening goal and we should be confident we can do the same to the winners of last season’s cups.

Dare we ponder the form of St Mirren, unbeaten in six since their 6-0 drubbing at Celtic Park?  A home game against league leaders, Newco, is unlikely to phase Jim Goodwin.

Real Betis took a point at home to Bayer Leverkusen last night.  Barring an unlikely result for Celtic in Germany (or Ferencvaros in Spain), Leverkusen and Betis are likely to occupy first and second place in the group.  The Conference place is our most achievable target.

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  1. Good article from Sentinel Celts and sums up the people in the boardroom



    The week opened with an attempt to blindside the Celtic Trust, conveniently running down the necessary time to get a Resolution placed on the agenda. Their attempt failed, but it’s the actual attempt itself which portrays their true colours (not green and white).





    I’ve read numerous tales of our owner/operators not being on the same page as the clubs lifeblood, through means nefarious and otherwise, but this latest chicanery is extremely galling.


    They may as well put their ears in their fingers whilst running away saying ‘can’t hear you, can’t hear you, na na na-na na’.





    It’s not like they were asked to meet a delegation of the most ardent anti-board delegates (ourselves?), but rather to liaise with the fans main organization in a professional and respectful manner.


    That small task which should be expected not requested proved beyond them.


    They don’t even wish to hear other concerns, and shall take active steps to avoid.


    It’s arrogance, it’s disrespectful, it’s certainly not the type of action Fergus envisioned. Even I know that.


    After the worst decade imaginable, finding out we are neck deep in corruption alongside other tainted parties, those fans who truly care about our off field affairs and reputation get a further slap in the face, instead of a much deserved reconciliation process.





    While the good folk at the Trust (I think I speak for us all when I say a heartfelt thanks for your efforts) were scrambling trying to clear hurdles they should not have encountered, an ex employee was busy securing employment elsewhere, inadvertently giving our hated board the two fingers in the process.





    Dom’s stepping down for family reasons was pure bullshit, but you didn’t need me to explain that. The ‘team player’ jibe told us all we needed to know, it was personal not business. Eight weeks or so later and the man with the plan is back in the business of enhancing the supporter experience, for rugby once again.


    His vision of a modern Glasgow Celtic cost him his job, but not his reputation. I’m extremely happy our boards non team player smear hasn’t affected his professional standing.


    Nevertheless, the Dom experience shall more than likely sway our suits to never again stray, to stick only with the tried and trusted. ‘Us And Them’ shall once again become the norm, ‘We together’ remains a (Dominic) pipe dream.





    My respect for him continues to grow. Many of us have often asked or wondered how could a true Celtic man/woman make such a decision,,turns out a true Celtic man couldn’t, so walks putting his morals before (shut up and take it) money, a true Celt indeed and his parents can be proud.


    The board shall bat away questions about him, their lying and his being pushed shall not make the slightest bit of difference to some brass necks.





    On the field of play without that direly needed modernization or Dom’s vision, we look set to repeat the Lennon years with a different cast. More misses than hits, then the hits get sold, their profit disguises the misses failures and suggests success, rinse and repeat.


    And each time the suits turn a profit it shall only serve to reinforce their mindset, that their path is the correct and less risky one.


    It’s working, why change it, they allegedly told Dom.


    It’s no wonder folk are really enjoying Ange & The Rays of Light. This is the crest of the wave. Dom had three months and a dozen swings of the bat, he hit 4 home runs (Hart, CCV, Jota, Kyogo) plus Juranovich, Abada, and G-Mac have the potential to be one, maybe the unknown Scales shall prove a diamond? Four minimum then.


    Our previous board had just about hit four home runs in the previous ten years, they aren’t suddenly going to find the Midas touch. Dudu Duhan should buy an extra phone charger and travel plug is all I’m saying.





    Tackling this current board may be mission impossible, I might do it until my dying day and get nowhere, but for today simply spreading the facts shall do.


    Being aware is half the battle.


    They’ve shown we can’t trust them. Solid evidence.


    They want your money, not your opinion.


    They don’t grow Celtic, only their bank accounts and egos.


    They didn’t create those great night’s.


    They try to thwart fan orgs, this very week.





    We are all enjoying the Ange rollercoaster, where it goes, nobody knows..


    There’s a buzz around the place, a vibrancy, an expectation of special moments almost, and how very sweet it is when delivered by a new breed of heroes who have respect for the support who are truly world-class.










    Footballing wise (and that is the heart of the business) we as a club are on an upward trajectory,, the rebuilding has the potential to become a mini renaissance under a new leader with modern ways and philosophies which have been embraced hence the genuine good vibes around camp.


    Ange and some new bhoys have lit a spark, started something, given us something to look forward to at the weekends.


    The Celtic buzz is building, it is going to be a title tussle after all!





    However history shows us the PLC prefer the slow lane, where expectations are checked, where excuses why it’s unsustainable to compete in Europe emerge, and the board assert their favourite business model which Mag’s so succinctly composed as,,


    1,,,Nice turnover


    2,,,EPL fodder


    3,,,Europe if you’re lucky


    4,,,What are the Huns doin?





    If they opt for the slow lane from here, it’s clear they have no true ambitions for the club beyond your yearly allowance.


    Upward trajectory is clearly within reach but they like to control affairs, the slow lane suits fine and more importantly pays just fine.





    We need to watch the suits carefully, how they treat Ange will tell us everything about their future intentions.


    If a second man with big dreams and modern practices gets badgered out the door unfulfilling his potential, then please recognize the club is being held back, chained down.





    Chains can be broken. Some chains must.

  2. lets all do the huddle on

    utterly shocking salary for PL



    he had ran the club for the last decade purely to finish above Aberdeen as they were our closest challengers



    and zero ambition to do anything in europe



    how his salary can be justified on those metrics basically sums up everything that is wrong with PLCism in football and in business in general



    they are ran just to fill the troughs of a few fat cats at the top and fk everyone else

  3. Does anyone know if we have the same loan to buy deal for Vickers as we have for Jota ……if so, could we afford the two , if only one was viable which one would you take given the choice.



    I’ve did this in a HOT SMOKED stylee.

  4. Celtic, Celtic thats the team for me,


    Celtic, Celtic on to victory,



    They’re the finest team in Scotland, I’m sure you will agree,



    We’ll never give up till we’ve won the cup and the scottish football league



    They come from bonnie Scotland, they come from county Cork,



    They come from dear old Donegal and even from New York,



    From every street in Glasgow they proudly make their way,



    To a place called dear old paradise and this is what they say.



    Celtic, Celtic thats the team for me,


    Celtic, Celtic on to victory,



    They’re the finest team in Scotland, I’m sure you will agree,



    We’ll never give up till we’ve won the cup and the scottish football league.



    There’s Fallon, Young and Gemmell who proudly wear the green,



    There’s Clark, McNeill and Kennedy the best there;s ever been,



    Jim Johnstone, Murdoch, Chalmers, John Divers and John Hughes,



    And sixty thousand Celtic fans who proudly shout the news.



    Celtic, Celtic thats the team for me,


    Celtic, Celtic on to victory,



    They’re the finest team in Scotland, I’m sure you will agree,



    We’ll never give up till we’ve won the cup and the scottish football league.



    Repeat to fade CSC

  5. 55,000 paid to watch season 20/21 from the sofa, or probably behind it as it progressed.


    At the same time Peter Lawwell helped himself to £3,000 a day. A day.


    Celtic: A PLC like no other.

  6. Just listening to Radio 5 there, only to discover the Beeb’s latest recruit from the unemployed ranks of former footballers, following on from Alan Hutton and Charlie Adams…, James McFadden. Like them he has all the charisma of a cardboard box. A regular on Sportscene, he turned up during the Euros, and was even to be found on MOTD2 last weekend alongside Danny Murphy, no doubt to try and make out the latter, who brings all the enthusiasm of the undertaker to the role of football pundit, possesses something resembling a personality. He doesn’t, though he makes Alan Shearer sound like one. It’s enough to stop me paying for a TV licence!


    Or would be, if I had one.

  7. Jimdom



    Still awaiting the source of your shiteoot fc figures for goldson às per your 4.34 yest.







  8. JIMDOM on 23RD OCTOBER 2021 1:09 PM


    55,000 paid to watch season 20/21 from the sofa, or probably behind it as it progressed.





    At the same time Peter Lawwell helped himself to £3,000 a day. A day.







    And what conclusion should we draw from that?

  9. match day ,just leaving the house to catch the train with my son , COYBIG , no doubt my sparring partner will be on later following my thoughts on the game.




    From PL’s salary for year 20/21 I conclude that he macro and micro managed the whole caboodle. With authority from DD.

  11. Must be getting near AGM time.They have started creeping back on.


    PLs salary coming out once again.Fekin sick listening to the same stuff.


    No problem from me slaughtering the Board,but if you feel you must,try and update your script.PL is no longer CEO,why mention him.Bored rigid reading the same gripes.


    Obsession never nice.Unless its Calvin Klein’s.

  12. I felt really bad on Tuesday saying I was exempt.



    This is wrong.



    Not going Today.



    I know it isnae Celtic’s fault but use your Monumental voice against ‘Papers Please’.

  13. And all those who are due to retire by rotation are standing again for election to the board, Bankier Desmond, Wilson Allison, no change coming , more of the same.

  14. onenightinlisbon on

    TURKEYBHOY on 23RD OCTOBER 2021 1:39 PM



    The truth hurts eh?



    staysilentandacceptyourplace csc……

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