Scott Brown, Great Scottish Runner


You seldom hear football people speak as unguardedly as Peter Grant did to The Herald yesterday about Scott Brown.  “If somebody had offered us £4m (in 2010)?  I would have driven him down the road myself”.  The tone of Peter’s piece was supportive, though.  Our former assistant manager affirms Scott is a vastly improved performer since.  I agree.

You never really know what is going on inside a squad.  Footballers play with injuries, many find the distractions of wealth all-consuming and some are simply deployed incorrectly.  At the #19 game last week I recalled the form of Stiliyan Petrov under John Barnes, he was lost, especially when playing right back.  Bobby Petta also looked out of sorts under Barnes but within weeks of playing for Martin O’Neill both were among the most valuable assets at the club.

Neil Lennon told us last week that Scott Brown was unfit during last season’s Champions League campaign.  It’s clear that he is an incredibly more effective player when fit, but Peter Grant suggests Brown has also learned positional discipline, a subject he has previously been criticised here for.

A lot of Scott’s contribution is off the ball.  He closes space, filling the park with a presence, which is defensively important, especially on Champions League duty.  I’ve never seen Celtic’s yardage stats on players but you have to think he’ll top the list most weeks, he is the Great Scottish Runner, but all that energy needed to be harnessed correctly, which is perhaps what Scott is learning from former midfielder, Neil Lennon.

The next achievement to look out for from Scott is a marquee performance on a European stage………

Which leads us onto the Great Scottish Run.  You can still sign up for the run, and if you’ve registered already, or are still to register, you can participate in the 1254125 campaign.

The heart and soul of our community is something we cannot take for granted.  It has flourished because you, and countless thousands before you, have decided to improve the lives of those around you by getting involved in the name of Celtic.

On Sunday 6 October there is a 10k and Half Marathon.  If that is beyond you. There are family events taking place the day before.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for the Great Scottish Run, or here for one of the family events.

Once you’ve done that, you can register for the 1254125 campaign here.

Then you can create a donations page here.  Click Start Fundraising, search for Celtic Charity, setup your My Donate account).

Email me and let me know if you are having trouble signing up or need any more help, celticquicknews@gmail.com.
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  1. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Thanks again to the many posters yesterday and throughout this period, once again very touched by the kind words.



    Miki67 was laid to rest yesterday in Wimbourne, which is the family home of his wonderful wife Viv; the service was a very emotional occasion for all involved. It was a tremendous send off for Michael and again made us feel very proud. Whilst these occasions can be very sad, it was a special tribute to his life and had some very uplifting moments.



    A good few references made to his passionate support for Celtic, and his time spent on CQN; as promised, a small selection of the tributes on here were printed and there were several people who read these and were very impressed. Very true that Celtic is “much more than a football club”; and very fitting, then, IMO, that one of the “Celtic family” attending provided a Celtic and Barcelona scarf to be placed atop Michaels resting place. Viv did make a wee joke in her tribute re Michaels happiest day of his life, and not being sure if it was their wedding day or when we beat Barcelona 2-1 last year, which Michael attended. Its a tough call that one !



    As a final tribute, JInkys Bhoy is organising a message to be displayed on the big screens at Celtic Park, which is again is very much appreciated.



    All the best,




  2. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    I hurriedly c&p the above-somehow I missed out that it was originally from LARRYBHOY.



    Again,sorry about that.

  3. I confess I am not a Brown fan. Is it 4 years for him to start passing to a team mate?



    He plays for Celtic how I would play for Celtic………He is improving.

  4. Scott Brown got a couple of nasty challenges against Hearts, he got up smiled and walked away… I think his maturity has helped his overall game…



    12:20 on


    17 September, 2013



    Thanks for re-posting the message, HH to you

  6. Paul, I agree entirely with the Scott Brown sentiments. He has come of age alright and we are truly blessed to be watching the fruits of his injury free labour. Might be just my foggy (dew) memory but to suggest Bobby Petta was one of our most valuable assets at anytime other than the immediate aftermath of the demolition derby was being too kind surely?

  7. my boss is peter principle



    12:05 on 17 September, 2013



    Yes sorry I usually post the users name from who posted on twitter bud but forgot.

  8. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    “He wasn’t playing well enough, he was ill-disciplined, doing things you can’t do in that position”



    Nice to know Peter the pointer didn’t do anything remotely like that in an O** F*** game.



    BTW Anyone remember the “bolding” saga between p&&dy and Paul67 ?

  9. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    i think it has got to be said that Scott has got a lot to do to repay the money celtic have paid out to get him and paid him in wages


    Paul then calls for a marquee performance in Europe, dare i say it? A marquee performance in scotland would be a start?



    4 million to buy him form hibs and around 1 million quid a year salary means he has cost us the lions share of 10 million quid



    One guy might say he is the great scottish runner, I have previously put it another way here he would chase a crisp poke blowing around the park,


    but neither of those qualities are likely to make him good enough to be a celtic player!


    In my humble opinion of course.

  10. Anyone know if any outcome came from this story below ?



    Link was posted on downfall so I copied and pasted link.





    Sport Home Headlines Football Cricket F1 Boxing & UFC Rugby U Rugby L Golf Racing Tennis NFL Other Fantasy Football Login


    Find a Job M&S Wine Feedback


    Tuesday, Sep 17 2013 12PM 12°C 3PM 13°C 5-Day Forecast


    Police raid three clubs in corruption investigation




    Last updated at 07:55 17 July 2007



    Football’s bungs inquiry took a dramatic new twist yesterday when police swooped on three leading clubs.


    More than 40 plain-clothed police officers carried out co-ordinated raids on Newcastle United, Portsmouth and Rangers starting early yesterday morning.


    Scroll down for more




    Read more…


    Arsenal confident Wenger will stay after ‘lengthy’ contract talks


    Yeung seals Birmingham deal as Golds, Sullivan and Brady share out St Andrew’s


    England fears as Galaxy plan to take Becks on world tour


    Sam rules out ‘galactico’ signing


    What the Stevens report said


    The homes of two individuals, whom police did not name, were also searched. Computers were seized from Newcastle and Portsmouth.


    The raids started at St James’ Park just after 7.30am and by yesterday lunchtime officers from the City of London Police and Premier League officials had visited Portsmouth’s new offices near Fratton Park and Ibrox Stadium.


    Earlier this year, former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens and his Quest organisation refused to sign off in their independent report for the Premier League on the transfers of Amdy Faye and Jean-Alain Boumsong which involved all three clubs.


    Privately, City of London Police admit their inquiry stemmed from the Quest investigation ? a fact confirmed last night by sources close to the Stevens Inquiry ? although publicly they say the probe is separate.


    Lord Stevens’ investigation into football’s bung culture was quickly followed by the arrest of a 61-year-old man from Manchester on suspicion of money-laundering.


    All three clubs issued statements last night saying they were cooperating fully with the investigation, and Newcastle implied they may have been the victim of a crime rather than the perpetrators.


    A club spokesman said: “Newcastle United can confirm that it was visited by City of London Police. The club itself is not the subject of the investigation. If the investigation by the City of London Police, or the ongoing internal review of operations by the club’s new owners, show that the club has been the victim of any criminal activity, the club will take appropriate action.”


    Billionaire Mike Ashley took over the club from the Shepherd family last month and quickly started a review of all aspects of Newcastle’s business practices.


    Police visited Portsmouth’s new offices in Rodney Road and stayed for several hours, dfuring which time club spokesman Gary Double also issued a statement.


    He said: “We can confirm that the police arrived at about 10am this morning. We have cooperated fully with their search and will not be commenting further.”


    Rangers, meanwhile, say they will give all the help they can to the anti-corruption investigation.


    “Rangers Football Club was asked to co-operate with the police investigation and have done so, extending every cooperation. We have been requested by police not to comment further while the investigation continues,” added the Glasgow club.


    It was after search warrants were executed that a City of London Police spokeswoman claimed the Quest inquiry was independent of their own probe.



    Raid: computers being removed from Portsmouth?s offices yesterday


    She said: “We can confirm that search warrants were served at three football clubs and the homes of two individuals in connection with corruption in football and its impact on owners and shareholders.


    “This investigation is a totally independent inquiry. It has not been influenced or informed by the Quest inquiry in any way. As this is a live investigation, it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”


    In his report, Lord Stevens said there were payments made to agent Willie McKay from the transfer deals involving Faye and Boumsong and despite “a degree of co-operation, the inquiry is still awaiting clarification in relation to various documents provided by him”.


    McKay, 47, also acted for Auxerre in the transfer of Benjani Mwaruwari and for Portsmouth in Aliou Cisse’s move from Birmingham to Fratton Park.


    McKay said he was oblivious to the police investigation and the surprise raids. He told Sportsmail: “I know nothing about this. I’ve been watching the racing all day.”


    As well as awaiting clarification from McKay, Lord Stevens wants to know more about the role played by Kenny Shepherd, son of Newcastle’s former chairman Freddy Shepherd.


    He said there were “inconsistencies in evidence” provided by former Newcastle manager Graeme Souness over the transfer of Boumsong for £8million in January 2005.


    Like Lord Stevens, and many employees of Newcastle United, Souness later admitted he had no idea of the official role played by Kenny Shepherd, who has never been employed by Newcastle United.


    Lord Stevens was first asked by the Premier League to look into the murky world of football transfers after former Luton manager Mike Newell claimed agents had offered him money during transfer dealings.


    He examined more than 300 transfers and deemed 17 suspicious, including the moves involving Boumsong and Faye.


    One of the 17 was also referred directly to police and details were not included in his report.




    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-468810/Police-raid-clubs-corruption-investigation.html#ixzz2f9Fss29u

  11. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Yes Lustig is a possibility but if others are fit I’d be inclined to go for Mulgrew.


    My inclusion of Stokes isn’t based on any other reason than I think currently he is the best man for the job. Here’s hoping!

  12. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    No problem,glad you’re fine with it.



    I had hoped to get down yesterday-sticking very much in the background-but I had a meeting from 1000 to 1130.



    I hope he enjoys seeing his tribute in lights at Celtic Park….

  13. setting free the bears supports Celtic’s best fighter- Wee Oscar Knox



    11:58 on 17 September, 2013



    ”he reveals details of a view, which he attributes to Peter Lawwell, that Scott should be stripped of the captaincy, under Mowbray’s tenure.”







    That’s not how I read the article.



    It says that Peter Lawwell wanted Robbie Keane made captain but BTM gave the role to Scot Brown.



    There’s no suggestion Peter Lawwell wanted Scott Brown replaced as captain once he had been appointed.



    What is interesting though is that Peter Lawwell, on the face of it, seems to have thought he should have any say in the matter. To be fair he might just have chipped in with his tuppence worth then left it up to the manager- but I don’t know. The relationship between Peter Lawwell and BTM seem to get very sour very quickly and I just wonder if this might have been symptomatic of the breakdown in the relationship.



    The general drift of Grant’s remarks is that Scott Brown has matured as a player and as a person and has grown in to the role of captain. I find it hard to disagree with any of that.



    Grant also makes it clear that he was wrong and BTM was right about Scott Brown.



    As far as I’m concerned Grant, BTM and Scott Brown all emerge fairly well from the article.




  14. Peter Grant was a good passionate servant to Celtic, but a thoroughly unremarkable player.



    He needs a job as h’e currently out of work in his chosen profession as a coach, his crediibility was destroyed in my eyes instantly in his first commentary when he for no reason other than agenda, brought in the phrase ‘old firm’ from nowhere.



    Hope he finds a coaching job soon.

  15. tommytwiststommyturns supporting Wee Oscar on

    Larrybhoy (and also Starry from yesterday) – this place is at its best when supporting our own in their time of need, as I discovered when I lost my old man two years ago.


    YNWA bhoys.



    Take care,



  16. greenyinfurrafenian on

    Was told recently my great great grandfather james kirk (naw no’ the star trek guy) was involved in setting up the first celtic brake club. Have tried researching online but have found very little. I believe there is a photo of an open truck with metal tyres full of supporters and my relative is sat at the front. Sarsfield brake club maybe?



    Do any of our historians hav any info regarding this? It would be very appreciated if anyone could shed any light on this.



    Thanks in advance, greenyin

  17. tommytwiststommyturns supporting Wee Oscar on

    Henr1k – I seem to recall that A Stor had been tracking that story very closely, in the hope that there would be grounds for the City of London police to act as our plc had been the victims of fraud….allegedly!




  18. tommytwiststommyturns supporting Wee Oscar on

    Green yin – club anorak, Gordon of this parish is the very man to speak to!




  19. D. Record:



    ‘Former Rangers star Kenny Miller’s Canadian home attacked by a wild black bear’



    Apparently he tried to hit its ass with his banjo but missed.

  20. Paul.



    I think you are too easy on Peter Grant. Yes he was overall supportive of Broony but, within that article he revealed an “in-house” conversation with PL, which could cause disruption in our camp in the run up to the Milan game.



    I also think PG and you exaggerate the improvements in Scott’s discipline. Throughout his Celtic career he may have earned needless bookings but he has proved to be skilled in playing on a yellow to avoid a second. The occasions where discipline allegedly let him down were 2 red cards, one for being the audience in a Kyle Lafferty piece of street theatre, and one occasion where he got his second yellow in the 89th minute when we were beating and beat Motherwell.



    Two red cards in 6 seasons of football with us will, I think, compare favourably with many of our midfield greats. I do agree, that many of his yellow cards were needlessly acquired and brought him harmful suspensions.



    I posted on the last thread at 11.58 my thoughts on why Peter Grant was wrong.

  21. When Scott Brown first came to us I think the move was to big for him and he struggled big time but he has grown into being a Celtic player and is turning into a great Celtic captain the £4m was money well spent IMO, great leader on the park and missed when he’s not HH

  22. Ah,I do think the 14th of june (CVA Day) will be as equally important and signifigant as the 12th of july.



    Aye ‘(but)’ (fill in your latest cheat excuse)



    Good Luck to the Celts tomorrow night,keep it tight,keep organised.hopefully tomorrow I will watch pratti’s goal avenged.He hud me greetin fur days in 1969.



    The information war/media flatulence has started.



    It happened. CVA failed.anything thereafter is brogues in the bull****

  23. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on



    over on celtic minded they once had an excellent celtic photos thread (a sticky)


    anyway there was a few pics of celtic brake clubs, if you have the time to trawl thru



    i did download the majority of the pics a few years back (including two of celtic brake clubs) but lost the collection in PC accident. (hopeless!)



    a search for google images of celtic brake clubs has some pics too

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