Scott Brown, Great Scottish Runner


You seldom hear football people speak as unguardedly as Peter Grant did to The Herald yesterday about Scott Brown.  “If somebody had offered us £4m (in 2010)?  I would have driven him down the road myself”.  The tone of Peter’s piece was supportive, though.  Our former assistant manager affirms Scott is a vastly improved performer since.  I agree.

You never really know what is going on inside a squad.  Footballers play with injuries, many find the distractions of wealth all-consuming and some are simply deployed incorrectly.  At the #19 game last week I recalled the form of Stiliyan Petrov under John Barnes, he was lost, especially when playing right back.  Bobby Petta also looked out of sorts under Barnes but within weeks of playing for Martin O’Neill both were among the most valuable assets at the club.

Neil Lennon told us last week that Scott Brown was unfit during last season’s Champions League campaign.  It’s clear that he is an incredibly more effective player when fit, but Peter Grant suggests Brown has also learned positional discipline, a subject he has previously been criticised here for.

A lot of Scott’s contribution is off the ball.  He closes space, filling the park with a presence, which is defensively important, especially on Champions League duty.  I’ve never seen Celtic’s yardage stats on players but you have to think he’ll top the list most weeks, he is the Great Scottish Runner, but all that energy needed to be harnessed correctly, which is perhaps what Scott is learning from former midfielder, Neil Lennon.

The next achievement to look out for from Scott is a marquee performance on a European stage………

Which leads us onto the Great Scottish Run.  You can still sign up for the run, and if you’ve registered already, or are still to register, you can participate in the 1254125 campaign.

The heart and soul of our community is something we cannot take for granted.  It has flourished because you, and countless thousands before you, have decided to improve the lives of those around you by getting involved in the name of Celtic.

On Sunday 6 October there is a 10k and Half Marathon.  If that is beyond you. There are family events taking place the day before.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for the Great Scottish Run, or here for one of the family events.

Once you’ve done that, you can register for the 1254125 campaign here.

Then you can create a donations page here.  Click Start Fundraising, search for Celtic Charity, setup your My Donate account).

Email me and let me know if you are having trouble signing up or need any more help, celticquicknews@gmail.com.
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  1. Peter Grant .



    Scored an absolute belter of a goal v Hibs [ Goram in goal ] at Easter Road .

  2. Masty ……………. Re Sarsfield Brake Club. I have a photograph of that banner taken at a social event in 1954 with Sean Fallon and my late Mum sitting together enjoying a meal in the small hall above the Tavern Bar corner of Ballater Street and Florence Street. My Dad was the bus conveyor for donkey’s years ( indeed when he died the Sarsfield changed it’s name to his out of respect for the service he gave to the club – and Celtic- down through the years) and to my knowledge the bus ran out of that spot even in the years before that photo was taken.


    I am aware of how the banner came to be in the club’s possession because one of the ancients was fond of recounting the tale of how they had liberated it from an Orange Walk that had set itself the task of marching thought he Gorbals. I was also present at an animated club meeting when there was a discussion to have one of the old Celtic players portrait painted over and replaced by a then current star. That was a very animated session. My brother Gordon can add the historical facts once he gets back from his planned successful trip to Milan.

  3. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    Think of the job Neil Francis has of selecting 11 men to represent us tomorrow night for a moment.



    What an awesome responsibility and one that Im glad I dont have .



    the great thing for us is the gaffer just loves and thrives on it.



    As BT said the other night when we reached the last 16 all my CL dreams for this season had been met.



    At 44mins and sitting at 0-0 (step forward Kris Commons) I was starting to doubt my own confidence that we would be where we will be tomorrow night.



    Sooooooooooooo every single moment from here on in is a bonus to me that I will try and take in and enjoy one game at a time,always remembering that special thing happen when celtic appear.



    Sit back and enjoy the journey bhoys & ghirls we are in where we belong among the elite being lead by a young Lurgan lion who is learning and growing into the job in a way that makes me very very proud to be part of.



    Till later meeting night



    Hail Hail

  4. ernie



    “You seem to think that Peter Lawwell was involved in some kind of sinister attempt to undermine Scott Brown, and will be embarrassed by this revelation. The article doesn’t suggest anything of the sort.”



    Now that’s a bit better! straight to the point and there’s room for agreement.



    If PL never argued against Scott Brown’s appointment and if there is nothing in PL’s past statements that cause him any embarrassment with Scott Brown, then my point falls.



    It would still have been wise for Peter Grant not to reference PL at all in his depiction of events.

  5. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on

    Re Peter Grant



    I saw his debut v Rangers,I think he was 18 at the time.



    He did well,gave us hope that we had unearthed another gem.



    Hard and fast in the tackle,the rest of his game will improve wi experience was the general opinion.



    We were all happy to see a young Celtic man,dyed in the wool,perform so well against Rangers at Ibrox,helluva place to make yer debut.



    That may explain my opinion of him over a fifteen year career at our club.



    That he didn’t become what his early performances suggested.



    IMO,he retreated into a comfort zone. When we needed him,when his colleagues needed him,when the quality around him dropped…..






    Last word for me on this-I don’t like having a pop at former players,tbh.



    But hagiography isnae a pastime of mine.

  6. masty is neil lennon and both of us are supporting wee oscar on




    my old da told me the teachers on the corner of lawmoor st and rutherglen rd was were he left from when with club…

  7. Sftb



    “It would still have been wise for Peter Grant not to reference PL at all in his depiction of events.”




  8. “Garcia



    was your da’s initials JC?”




    And yer grandads initial ‘G’!!!???




  9. Philbhoy - Bring it on!!!! on

    Tiny Tim



    I need to take people the way I find them and despite what you say i still do not hold him in any esteem.



    He’s still talking about the O** F***!



    He is saying things in public best left alone, in my opinion.



    Remember, Eva Braun said Adolph Hitler was a really nice guy too.

  10. BlantyreKev-thoughts and prayers with Wee Oscar and family on

    TinyTim has probably said what I was going to say but to add to that I also wonder how many of the comments were made from the quote in Paul’s article not having read the article. It’s an overwhelming endorsement by Grant, the comment on driving Brown himself was made simply to accentuate the point on his progress. How many disagree with that? Not many I imagine, 3 years ago Scott had far fewer fans.



    A positive story by an ex-player and a man who gave everything he had is his heart and soul for Celtic generating some pretty nasty criticisms is a real shame. Raise your game CQNers, that’s you on a yellow card.





    The Pointer Sisters

  11. It is being reported ,by the Newsies..



    That.. The Milanese , hiv only.



    Thirteen Players.. available fur Team Duty..in the Game Agin the Celtic.



    And..that Number..



    Kin be reduced tae






    If..a fellah by the name of.. Poli?.. is Declared tae be Unfit fur purpose… and there, is a


    strong possibility that that may happen.



    Twelve Players.. available..



    Dae Ah believe It?



    or. tae be mair tae the Point..



    Diz, Neil?






    Ah believe it.. as.. Ah only know whit the Media Informs.


    so.. Ah hivtae.



    But, regarding Neil..



    If Ah wur HE..









    Still, Laughin

  12. For all of Peter Grants faults as a player there’s one thing about the guy you could never fault and that was his love of the club,


    If he wasn’t on the park playing he would have been on the terracing supporting just as the great Tommy Burns would have been.


    Brown was shit when he first came and that’s all grant was saying everybody thought the same so what’s the problem ? HH

  13. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on

    Quick one before I hit my cot



    Any Ayrshire Tims who fancy a curry night at The Maharani in Troon next Monday,23/9, drop me a line please at






    Should be a pleasant little evening.



    Canny speak for the company,but guaranteed the food is excellent!

  14. Murdochbhoy supporting Fearless Oscar on

    Everybody just be aware – I received an email (with an attachment) today purporting to be a message from DHL about a package they were unable to deliver and a associated storage charge of $9.99 per day.



    Although it had DHL heading the return address was at yahoo which raised my suspicions, that and the fact that I hadn’t any outstanding deliveries.



    My security system warned it could be malware and I immediately aborted it.



    I replied asking for details of the package and received a message informing the delivery of the email had failed.



    Almost immediately I received another email, this time purportedly from Fedx with the same Yahoo return address and the same attachment.



    Be very careful if you receive anything like this.

  15. Sponsored by Cheetah on




    Thanks for the kind words in previous post, must admit I stole it from my good friend Gerry McCarthy,uncle of James.



    Ambose 1-0 500 to 1, think I’ll have some of that

  16. VP KO'd by fearless Oscar Knox on

    Was never a Grant fan..but met him and his lovely family on holiday


    many years ago ,whilst he was with Bournemouth.


    He and his two boys could not stop talking of Celtic ,could tell


    they had wee liking for our team.

  17. We have never won a competitive game in Italy even with our great teams ; Milan will be like a wounded animal tomorrow tomorrow night ; a point would be brilliant

  18. BlantyreKev-thoughts and prayers with Wee Oscar and family on




    I would add to that HMRC never ever contact you by email. There are some very convincing emails about rebates due doing the rounds, with logo, hmrc email address etc.


    Never click the links, they just don’t contact the public by email nomatter what it looks like.

  19. Vinibhoy - Supporting Wee Oscar + Mackenzie on



    I think you may have hit the nail on the head.



    I believe that some of Milans players are injured but certainly not as many as is being reported.



    It’s the oldest trick in the book and one that is quite effective.

  20. glendalystonsils on



    16:01 on


    17 September, 2013



    Couldn’t agree more. Not only do the Italians know every trick in the book, they wrote the friggin book!


    It wouldn’t surprise me if there are one or two miraculous recoveries to their key players.

  21. Masty, Garcia


    Find your recollections fascinating, I was born in Florence street although


    my parents moved the family back over the bridge, and you will guess from


    my blog name where too, but I had lots of family from the sooside and even


    many years later when I was growing up my old granny would claim me as


    a soosider saying that I was born in Rose street, I might be wrong but that is


    where she came from and the name had changed to Florence street, I wonder


    if any of you fine gents can tell me if there was a pub called the Holly Tree


    or something similar I remember walking over the bridge to meet my uncles


    who would take me to the games, my memory is not great but I think that


    was its name.



  22. Vinibhoy



    At 16.13.



    Pre- Game Strategy, is Whit Ah call that kinda stuff.



    The Continentals ,are pretty good at it.. Always wur.



    Ah tell ye straight,pal..



    Ah Am no looking forward tae this Game..



    Ah wull be watchin it .. thru Ma Laced Fingers.. Fur the Whole Eighty Five Minutes.



    Eighty Five Minutes???



    Aye… Eighty Five Minutes..




    Because.. during…



    The First Five Minutes..



    Ah wull be in the Bathroom.. Staring at the Mirror..and Hoping that we Don’t gie away that Opening Goal.. Which Has Bin a Curse.. agin us in the Past..



    Although, Lately, we seem tae Hiv Goat past That..’



    But… Still……..



    Ach …Pay No attenshun tae whit Ah hiv wrote..




    Ah am kidding.. Laying it oan Thick..



    Ah am only Jokin…



    But,miny a Trewth is Said in…..



    well.You Know the Rest.






  23. Kojo @ 16 01



    AC Milan registered 25 players to play in the Champions League .



    3 of that 25 are goalkeepers .



    Injured /unavailable players = 9 [ Abate / Bonera / De Sciglio /El Shaarawy/ Kaka / Montolivio/ Pazzini / Poli / Silvestre .



    AC Milan fans certainly believe they have an injury crisis.

  24. Philbhoy – Bring it on!!!!



    Aye- same as Raith Rovers in 1994.


    Peter Grant’s performance in that game, regardless of opposition, ended years of hurt for our club and gave Paul McStay his first trophy as captain and Tommy Burns a trophy as Celtic manager.




  25. VP KO'd by fearless Oscar Knox on



    16:25 on


    17 September, 2013


    Nice pic on the official site of the fit guys who cycled to Cardenden through the wind and the rain.







    Mouldy at the back …yet still wastes the team photie :O)

  26. The players in our team will have to concentrate on Matri, Balotelli and the other 9 in Milan shirts. I don’t buy the injury stories.

  27. Rwe,



    Aye. Well done to the guys.



    Brilliant how they negotiated the bridge. :)





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