Scottish Cup has historic importance this season


After three weeks catching sunrays and getting some recuperation in, Celtic are back in action tomorrow, in the Scottish Cup against Brechin City. The Angus club are enduring a torrid season, bottom of the Championship with four points from 21 games, so I would not expect them to venture too far from their only penalty area tomorrow.

While Brendan Rodgers will take the game seriously, in the bigger picture, it offers a good opportunity to get the legs stretched before the challenges over the next four weeks in the League and Europa League.

With the League Cup already secured and a commanding grip put on the seventh successive league title, Celtic are five cup ties away from an unprecedented second consecutive treble. There will be more financially rewarding games ahead, but our Scottish Cup ties have an historic importance.


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  1. Saw an article yesterday re Rodwell who plays for Sunderland and is not getting a game. This is the guy who they bought from Citeh, for 14 million poond. He is desperate to kick start his career, has full England caps and is a centre half.


    Worth a look?????????????





  2. Alasdair MacLean on




    Thanks very much for the advice / info to my questions early this morning on the last article.



    Much appreciated.



    And, clown that I am, had to copy and paste this again after posting it at the end of the last article!

  3. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    It was on the same block as the Tramway Vaults, which was at the corner of Hopehill Rd.



    The one condition my father made before he married my mother, was that she ceased to work in the café and when her father sold the business (and assets ! ) to a guy called Thompson, he came to live with them after they married.





    Or organise a photographer-a good pub crawl provides no memories otherwise!



    We used to have a good one in Saltcoats/Ardrossan years ago. A pint in every pub from which you could see the sea. Twentyone in total,surprising how many of us complained they couldnae see the sea as the night went on(!)



    I reckon about a dozen of them don’t exist now. Shame,really.


    Sean Murphy getting dive-bombed by a wasp at the snooker,how it’s still alive at this time of year beats me.



    If it was a bloke attacking him,Sean could have hit him with his cue. A snooker cue is no use against a wasp. What you need is a bulldog.

  6. South Of Tunis on

    THOMTHETHIM @ 2 11



    Thanks for the additional information . He’ll be 98 soon . His memory can be a bit random .. He has a habit of phoning me on a Sunday -I will ask him -assuming conversation is possible over the habitual Art Tatum — Here’s Art Tatum Lp . Played loud -he’s hard of hearing . He lives in a detached house but even that doesn’t stop him noising up the neighbours on either side.



    I remember the Tramway . It was still there when I left in 68 but my memory thinks it shut in the early 70’s . If my memory is right Hopehill Rd is where Saint Columba’s Of Iona is .

  7. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Hopehill Rd began at the junction of Maryhill Rd., North Woodside Rd and South Woodside Rd.


    The Seamore cinema was at the corner of NWR and M Rd,



    St.Columba’s was at the top of Hopehill Rd. and the junior and Secondary school was behind it.



    Myself and Macjay1 went to St. C’s primary school, though I am a bit older than him.



    My mother had a gramaphone installed in the café, in the days before juke boxes. She had an eclectic collection of 78’s, including everything that Bing Crosby recorded, along with music from the dance bands of that era. Bert Ambrose, etc.



    Her father had recordings of the Italian operas.



    Unfortunely, none survived my brother and my childhoods, between prototype frisbees and melted into vase like shapes.

  8. Adding to the list of cafes in Glasgow.



    There was a cafe on the corner of Parley Rd and Black St. I think it was called Valeries or Valieris or something similar. A relative, Romy (Romeo?) had the wee shop on Black St just down from Kennedy St.



    I used to to pick up 1/6d’s or 2bobs’ worth of ice cream with my older brother and watch their big telly in the lounge while we waited. He carried the Pyrex bowl.



    They didn’t do chips as I recall but did do hot peas and ices. I have a lingering memory of the cafe’s strong coffee smell, which might explain my addiction to double expressos to this day.



    Anyone have any more info on this or Gizzi’s, another cafe at the top of Parliamentary Rd towards Castle St.





    TALLYBHOY’s Dad used to sit in their house in NW Italy,listening to Led Zeppelin.



    Turned all the way up,and then a wee bit more!



    Canny beat the vinyl,mate. Warm,mellow,powerful,all at the same time. A decent system and speakers,oh aye…

  10. My take on the international appearances of the Lisbon Lions. Part Two.


    Ronnie,Wispy,Stevie,wee Bobby,John Fallon, Willie O’Neill, Joe and big Yogi gained 37 caps whereas IMHO it should have been closer to 67.


    As for Jim,John and wee Bertie just maybe the arrival of Big Jock worked against them?


    Jim Craig,one cap,was asked to become an overlapping fullback,alien to the national team at that time.He was up against Greig and Tommy Gemmell who played on the right because of McCreadie at left back.Probably deserved at least ten caps.


    John Clark,four caps, was our sweeper,again a position not in vogue.Ten caps would have been about right.



    Bobby ,12 caps,obscenely underated.40 caps would not have looked out of place on his cv.


    Tommy,18 caps,was withdrawn a few times by Big Jock on the proviso he still received some of his ‘Scotland’money.30 caps is a given.


    Wee Jimmy,23 caps,a shocking indictment on all that was wrong with the management.Should have become the record cap holder at that time.65 caps.


    Big Billy,29 caps,when others of much lesser ability are picked instead ,well…..!A minimum of 54 caps would be the least expected on a level playing field.


    Based on my humble opinion,the Lisbon Lions should have gained an absolute minimum of 284 caps for Scotland.And don’t forget one for Charlie of Eire. Thoughts? HH.

  11. anyone remember the wimpy bars, loved going on a saturday morning and getting a kingsize wimpy with an egg in the middle, used to be one opposite buchanan st bus station, probably well gone by now.

  12. big packy


    wimpy aquired gourmed burger kitchen and have plans to open 10-15 units a year in the uk to add to existing portfolio, roll out around May I think

  13. Slabhoy - Duntocher is Green and White on

    Just had a request from CelticTV to answer a survey – gave them both barrels – dodgy log-in and browser support, unreliable streaming, poor commentary (colour commentators normally really poor), awful support for mobile platforms. etc.



    I did ask if they could get UK video access to games for us England-based folks who can’t get up to games.



    Anybody else had the survey?

  14. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 19TH JANUARY 2018 12:58 PM



    PF Sloan





    *Loved that song got regular spins on the old Station 242 – Radio Scotland. He also wrote the almost prophetical “Eve of Destruction.

  15. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 19TH JANUARY 2018 1:38 PM



    Cocozza’s Cafe which became Jaconellis.



    *Cocozza’s in Dumbarton and the Vale of Leven were reckoned to be related to the Great Caruso. There was a curate at Sacred Heart Cumbernauld in the 60s called Father Jaconnelli.

  16. The more I hear from Murty the more I want him to fail, he has clearly embraced the “Big Club” mentality and as he describes it the “culture” therein.

  17. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 19TH JANUARY 2018 11:50 AM





    She was lovely — but — tried ever so hard to convince me that I should love the Incredible String Band as much as she did



    *I recall a similar type of group that would often appear at Duck Bay Marina called String Driven Thing.

  18. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    Big Packy



    If you cannot wait, then there are currently 2 Wimpy’s in Scotland. One in Strathclyde Park (Food court at M & D’s) and one in Killie.







  19. WILLIEFERNIE on 19TH JANUARY 2018 12:19 PM



    Before the real football restarts may I make a few observations on the international appearances of the Lisbon Lions. Unfortunately, John and Willie did not earn any caps and Charlie only played once for Eire.



    *I take it that its John Clark and Willie O’Neil you are referring to. Correct about the latter although he did receive a League cap.



    As for Luggy, 4 full and 2 League caps. One of his full caps was against Brazil where he marked the great Pele out of the game, seemingly they bumped into each other in a New York Hotel when the great man (Pele that is) was playing for the New York Cosmos, and he remembered the Brush and started talking to him.



    Incidentally, after every game Pele would swap shirts with the player in the opposition that impressed him most, that night at hampden he made a beeline for Stevie Chalmers at the end, yes Stevie, he of the 5 games and 3 goals fame, this would be Stevie’s last cap (June 1966) and also his final goal in a 1-1 tie. You won’t read that in the smsm.



    I believe that Charlie got two caps playing for the Republic, Turkey in Ankara on the 22nd of February 1967 and a second against Czechoslovakia in Dublin on May the 21st 1967.

  20. String Driven Thing now there is a blast from the past, anybody care to c+p “It’s a Game” by them also believe the Bay City Rollers covered it !!!!! many thanks H H Hebcelt

  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Have you come across Farang, a Thai food restuarant in north London?


    It has been getting good reviews.

  22. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Tontine Tim,



    You are correct about the Pele-Stevie connection.



    In the morning papers the folowing day, Pele, as well as giving the usual post match quotes, said that he got Stevie’s jersey……and a Celtic badge.


    I never forgot that.


    The only downside was that we never saw the “real” Pele that day, as Bremner followed him everywhere and kicked him off the park.

  23. TONTINE TIM @4-50 PM


    Good post.


    Find it hard to understand why people would try to mitigate reason’s Lions received few international cap’s.


    The obvious reason is the same one that has Scottish football in such a poor state today.


    They would rather have no football than a successful Timmy.




    Tontine Tim, You are correct about the Pele-Stevie connection.



    In the morning papers the following day, Pele, as well as giving the usual post match quotes, said that he got Stevie’s jersey……and a Celtic badge. I never forgot that.



    The only downside was that we never saw the “real” Pele that day, as Bremner followed him everywhere and kicked him off the park.



    *the Magyars and Portuguese would do the same the following month

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