Season tickets renewed. Of course.


You know me.  There was never any chance of me not renewing my season ticket.  I’ve been there for the nine, I was there for Oldco’s nine, so hell would freeze over before I would miss next season.  But even acknowledging that, I wanted to see what the deal was before signing up.

I renewed today.  From September or October, some of us could be allowed back into Celtic Park, it will be later before the stadium is full.  I know how important this season is.  When I review our finances, every year I note the importance of season ticket sales in allowing Celtic to plan and keep the lights on.

Watching on TV is well short of the real thing, but I can afford the tickets, and the consumer value of this year’s proposition is not really an issue, I just wanted to know what it was before putting my card details in.

The economy has skewed in the last four months.  While some have earned every overtime hour available and others have seen bank balances rise as they’ve spent practically nothing, others became unemployed or are facing that prospect.  If you are a Celtic fan who has lost their income having supported the club through two, or even three, periods of Scottish football being dominated by nine-in-a-row runs, missing out on next season will be an added indignity.  There will be many in this situation.

I know how important season ticket revenue is under normal circumstances.  With the collapse of retail, hospitality, and other stadium income streams, that has never been truer. For those of us who can, we are here for 10, be it at home, distanced in a half-filled stadium, or celebrating with 60,000 friends.

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  1. ‘Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pound and six, result bonuses all round’


    Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds and six, result, bonuses all round’







    Thanks for the card.



    I did not know Neil McGinley, but I had a classmate Michael McGinley from Helensburgh. From what I gathered he came from a large family and had lots of brothers and sisters. His dad was manager of one of the boys guild football teams for St Joseph’s Helensburgh in the early 60’s.



    Neil may have been an older brother or cousin.




    I have googled ‘Michael McGinley Helensburgh’ and found out that he died in 2018. However in his obituary in The Herald it also says that in his retirement he would visit his brother Neil now in Donegal.

  4. `Thank you for your purchase on 09 June 2020 at 15:55:07`



    Said purchase being ST Renewal.



    I have to say, it was incredibly much easier to renew than it was to claim a refund !!! Incidentally, I still haven`t applied for that ….yet?




    If you google ‘neil mcginley donegal’ you will find more info about him.

  6. I am torn about what to do with regards to renewals.


    When offered the refund I decided that I would leave the money with the club.


    I am lucky enough to be able to afford it.



    I have 2 tickets in club Celtic .


    At £1600 plus vat each ,that comes to close to £4,000 .


    Add to that European matches .



    It is a considerable spend .


    I also like to attend as many away matches as possible .


    Both domestically and in Europe .



    I support the club and Scottish football as much as I can .



    I realise that we need income to buy the best players.



    Therefore it was my strong intention to renew .



    But .


    £4K to watch the matches on a lap top is atrocious value for money.



    Especially when I’m getting no other facilities ,services or privileges from a basic season ticket at £600.



    If it’s football before family or famine .


    Then there is no choice .



    But I realise the club need our money more than ever.



    How do I , with good conscience ,justify spending £4K to my wife ,to watch the matches on a lap top?



    I feel as though I am betraying them .


    I also feel as though I am abandoning Celtic at their time of greatest need.



    Celtic need to come up with added value or further reward for renewing.



    This hasn’t been thought through enough .


    The message is poor .



    I feel like I am being black mailed ,taken for granted ,and having the piss taken out of me .



    But I still love Celtic.



    Whit to do?



  7. St Tams



    Where is it ?



    I’m that pissed off with Celtic that I might reclaim .


    Having previously decided not to .




  8. celtic1member1vote on

    Celtic PLC current ownership model is Morally and Financially Unfair and Unjust.



    Here are the reasons why :



    Celtic currently have approx. 50,000 Season Ticket Holders and 30,000 small Shareholders.


    There will be some supporters who are both, so I’m estimating 15,000 (50%) of small Shareholders will also be Season Ticket Holders.



    The combined amount of income this group of Supporters and small Shareholders have given to the club since the formation of the PLC is in excess of £750 million.



    It is probably a fair estimate that the amount of £750 million or more, will equate to approx. 50% of the total income of the PLC over the years.



    For the amount of £750 million given to the Club, the Season Ticket Holders and Small Shareholder are actually the Moral and Financial owners of the Club.



    But for the £750 million given to the Club, this only gives Supporters a voting share of about 10%.



    However worse still is that under the PLC ownership model, Season Ticket Holders don’t even have a Vote. This in my opinion is totally Immoral.



    Again to highlight how Immoral our Ownership model is, take the example of venture capitalists LIndsell Train, who have over the years purchased approx. 20% of Ownership of Celtic for approx. £20 million.



    So Celtic Supporters put £750 million into our Club, and own approx. 10% voting share of our Club.


    Yet, LIndsell Train put nothing into our Club, but have bought approx. £20 million of shares and own approx. 20% voting share of our Club.



    Now of course my figures are best estimates, but hopefully they will explain in principle how the current PLC ownership and funding model, is grossly unfair, undemocratic and frankly is need of complete change.



    Imagine a different ownership model.



    Imagine a Membership Ownership Model where all Supporters owned the club together.


    Imagine all existing Shareholders large and small gifted there shareholding to the Club for free.


    The Shareholding value of Celtic is approx. £100 million, but remember Supporters have put in £750 million.



    I could write a book on the Benefits of a truly World Class Membership Ownership Celtic Football Club, where we don’t take shite from anyone and we Rock football from its foundations up.



    We could have one of the best Football Clubs in the world, run by truly incredibly talented and world class Celtic members to make this happen.



    Where as currently the PLC just continue to treat Celtic Supporters as 2nd class Customers.



    As I said earlier Celtic Season Ticket Holders and Small Share holders are really the Moral and Financial owners of the Club, based on the Physical and Financial Support given to the Club over the years.



    Fergus had a vision of Celtic Supporters owning the Club.



    Morally and Financially we already do, but legally we don’t.



    Will the PLC change to a Celtic Membership Owned Football Club.



    The current Covid situation just highlights how important Celtic Supporters are to the Club and to the PLC.



    Change will only evolve, if enough Celtic Supporters want change.



    This isn’t about denying Celtic Season Ticket money for next season, as the current PLC ownership model dictates that Supporters if they can afford to pay, will have to continue to fund and safeguard the Club next season, not only to survive but to prosper and win 10 IN A ROW.



    However, hopefully after this coming season, the PLC will listen and recognise that change is needed, and that change can evolve in a good way, and in a way that safeguards the future of Celtic Football Club, for future generations for years to come.

  9. Why are people equating the total cost of a season ticket against BCD matches only?



    Surely the chance to attend the park, in person, in this momumental season, is still part of the offering, maybe even before the end of the year?



    Can’t pay? Won’t pay? Then don’t pay. It really is a personal choice. Hand the ticket it on to someone who will.

  10. I’m no accountant p, but how much has this Pandemic cost Celtic ?


    So we know at end of Dec we had nearly £40m in the bank



    We have lost 4 home games at end of season, how much money would we make over and above season ticket money, for these last 4 games ??


    On the flip side, we have not had to pay for Policing, Stewards etc to cover such


    We can also still buy online through the Celtic shop


    We have a semi final and potential final money ?




    Based on Celtic handling of this situation, it would be fair to assume 35000 of the 55000 fans will claim their refund


    £5m ??? Reclaimed ?


    Celtic have furloughed a huge amount of Staff, so how much are we saving on outgoings through this scheme, for non football playing staff


    We will always burn money during a close season.


    We have also released several players, so player costs have reduced slightly



    Season ticket money is going back into the coffers, later than normal, but still going back in


    Again due to Celtic handling of this VST for your season ticket renewal – Celtic have lost a huge amount of goodwill from many fans



    Back to how much have we lost ??


    Guestimate we still have in excess of £35m in our accounts, and will not be far behind where we expected without this pandemic ????



    I actually think, now we have engaged with this new TV production company, we should be looking at getting out of this Sky deal, and run our own TV show, as suggested a few days ago


    50000 fans at say £30 per month = £1.5m per month, would suggest 0.5m profit ?? Or £6m per year


    We will only get around £4m from sky for winning the league


    Get 100000 fans on our TV channel, and we can double this profit, not even considered advertising on this TV channel yet



    PS – like many Celtic handling of this, plus RES12, has triggered me to claim my refund


    I will renew but this refund will help fund my 2 tickets, or reduce the impact of costs for the VST.



    I also note Celtic stated, there will no seat changes etc, pity, I was looking to upgrade to Club Celtic, they could have got more from me



    Hail Hail

  11. Tiny Tim said:



    ” But I still love Celtic.



    Whit to do? ”



    I know how you feel and, for a while, I was the same.In the end, heart ruled head and I have renewed.


    Also like yourself, I had no intention of claiming a refund but I didn`t like Celtic`s way of handling the matter. Grubby, I called it in a previous post and I feel Celtic are beginning to realise that.


    I still haven`t decided whether or not to reclaim.





    `… like many Celtic handling of this, plus RES12, has triggered me to claim my refund…`



    As I said, I haven`t reclaimed yet but, if I do, it will be for those same two reasons .

  12. celtic1member1vote



    Fine post! That said didn’t season tickets holders have the opportunity to watch Celtic over the years. That was what the season ticket was for no? Using your figures ST holders have contributed around £15,000 each over the last 20-25 years, and helped contribute to our success over that period. In return you got to see the Bhoys.


    You don’t now though. Time for change? You are right on the money there. Or a return in time to the status quo?

  13. I see the French courts has ruled that the relegation of both Toulouse and Amiens from Ligue1 was illegal, that’s certainly let the cat among the pigeons en Ecosse por cierto

  14. Reading that Johnny Hayes is interesting Dundee Utd. Good move for him and his family, who I think are keen to return to Aberdeen to live. Mind you wouldn’t have happened in Wee Jims time at the Tangerines :)). If remember he wanted all his players to live in Dundee por cierto.

  15. Ms Elaine Knius on

    CELTIC1MEMBER1VOTE & NORRIEM – points worth considering!



    I applaud Paul and others’ faithfulness and commitment. However, each of us is free to express our opinion. Mine is that Celtic should simply do what’s right and just, not capitalise on 10IAR or an uncertain product. Why not take the money up front and, at the end of the season, refund the BCD games (or offer a discount against a 2020/2021 ST)?



    Fairness is about giving people the treatment they deserve. I think 30+ years as a ST holder merits consideration rather than disdain.

  16. fourstonecoppi on

    This whole can’t pay then move on attitude IMO really is very poor there are a 101 circumstances out there due to the current crisis . Folks losing jobs, being furloughed, rent/mortgage problems etc etc.


    Very PLC/TORY AND HUNLIKE TBH. Do we think the major shareholders are prepared to take the finacial hit?, i think not


    A club like no other…mmmm!!

  17. French Court Upholds Decision to End Ligue 1 Season but Suspends Relegation



    PARIS (AP) — France’s highest administrative court on Tuesday upheld the decision to cancel the rest of the soccer season amid the coronavirus pandemic and suspended the relegations of Amiens and Toulouse to the second division.



    The Conseil d’Etat issued its ruling after Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas and the two demoted clubs took the case to court last month in a bid to force the league to play the remaining 10 matches of the aborted season.



    The league was canceled with Paris Saint-Germain declared champion, while Lyon finished outside the European places in seventh.



    The Conseil d’Etat ruled that there was “no serious doubt as to the legality of the decision” to end the season prematurely. However, it suspended the relegation of Amiens and Toulouse, ordering the French league to rethink the format of the 2020-21 season.

  18. The club need to be upfront and try to come up with some other solutions.



    Ask for the money upfront fine. But try to come to a solution once financial stability is achieved. If we get some cup games at home we could add them to the books. A partial refund at the end of the season if it’s only a couple of games missed.

  19. My wife has just opened this mornings mail.



    A personally addressed letter from PL ,thanking me for not taking my refund and leaving it in the club.



    It’s a start .



    Small gestures ,but appreciated.




  20. Tiny Tim, well said.


    Im still undecided about renewing my 2 adult tickets .


    Cant justify paying over £1000 to watch on tele.



    Personally , i also think the refund has been handled disgracefully .


    Looks like to me , it has been made as difficult as possible to claim it back.


    That is , if you even know about it. No email or text from the club, nothing.


    Download form , print it off, send to post box and wait on your cheque arriving, then clearing.

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I wonder how many have went for a refund now,after the VST details have come out?

  22. Evening all.



    Tried to renew online. Didn’t work out again. So, decided simply to send the form back in the original envelope I received a couple of months ago, along with a cheque. I trust this is still a valid way of renewing. Roll on next year, when I can go back to the TO and do it the way I have done for long enough.



    A case of you can’t teach an old dog new tricks??

  23. Celtic like every other business have overheads and they need to be met. This is nothing new.



    Everyone is saying virtual season tickets should not be same price but the club are saying we are gonna try to get back into stadium asap so no plans to play bcd for a full season.



    If you share a house will someone else who has a season ticket give the access code to a friend, neighbour etc. If you dont want the ticket, dont pay for it.



    I will pay for mine and I will give the code to someone for others in my home who also have season tickets. That is my choice.



    I am amazed we have any supporters when I hear c#¥$’s on here talking about not getting their kids into celtic, discouraging it even, moaning about the big bad company, dont spend money on celtic etc but always find time to look at the wrongs, never the rights that happen.




  24. prestonpans bhoys on

    Just had a thought the HTS, now a lot of these games are on the telly anyway but you would go to the game for the enjoyment .Now your bank account will be debited and you can watch it with everyone else 😱




    What problems did you have? I have had them in previous seasons but it went very smoothly today.

  26. fairhill bhoy on

    We will be taking the refund but will also be renewing.


    But it’s good to have fans on who contribute nothing tell us supporters how much the team heads us to just pay up or fek of 😉

  27. Guys are trotting out great plans on how to maximise our TV Income but the reality is we can’t sell our games on TV in the UK or Ireland,


    We are not an island we are members of a League, the League negotiates a TV deal for all Clubs & we cannot just opt out and do our own thing


    Pedro no matter what you might say about him is a clever man, if there was a loophole or a way to do it, he would have exploited him.


    This virtual ticket for Season Book holders was a once off concession from Sky because of the dire danger of Clubs folding.


    I do have a contact who has connections within the inner sanctum at Celtic Park.


    He says the Club were surprised at the large numbers seeking a refund and that we are leaking serious money right now.


    The Club are seeking to add value to Virtual Season Book Package but there is little doubt that they should have down that from the very start and not taken Fan Loyalty for granted,


    The greatest mystery of the lot is how the F*** are Sevco surviving.


    We are lucky that we have come into this Pandemic in a position of strength and there is no doubt we will survive it albeit with a slimmed down Balance Sheet.


    There is still a lot of uncertainty out there not least in relation to European Football. It is extremely difficult to predict how our European cash cow will deliver, but the prospect of closed door European games & the loss of our 12th man is indeed extremely worrying,


    There is little doubt we will have to cash in one of our assets, Ajer, N’tcham and Rogic are all names in the frame, we will buy in as well but will be looking to make a net gain of circa 10 Million from Transfer Dealings.


    I’m speaking for myself here but I’m dreading these bloody closed door games, There is no doubt in my mind that the Celtic Support have driven on our Bhoys to victory in many tough situations particularly at away venues, we will miss that Support more than any other Club, we will probably have to make do with a Social Distance Huddle for God’s Sake.


    We need to stick together now like never before, it is a hugely significant Season, with both 10 in a row & 2 Scottish Cups to play for.


    Things appear to be improving on the Pandemic Front, obviously no one can be complacent but with the help of God we will have fans back in Celtic Park sooner rather than later,

  28. TINYTIM on 9TH JUNE 2020 4:04 PM



    ‘£4K to watch the matches on a lap top is atrocious value for money.



    Especially when I’m getting no other facilities ,services or privileges from a basic season ticket at £600.’






    What if the club were to throw in a comfy cushion and a box of pies (you’d have to freeze them of course, so they lasted the season)?



    And maybe some king of car sticker or something you could display so that people would know you weren’t just an ordinary fan?



    Would that swing it for you?

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